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Nissan Pathfinder



  • You can find out everything you want to know about PIAA at there web site:

    You can do a PIAA dealer search in your area at

    A couple of places to buy PIAA on the web are:

    I believe the PF uses H4 style bulbs in 55/60W. I would not "overwatt" on the vehicle. I would imagine the same thing would happen as if you put too big of a bulb in a lamp. The wiring and fixtures over heat and could fail or burn.
  • Before buying the PF I was considering buying the Mazda Tribute. Right before they were released I started hearing all these problems that were occuring but that is was "only on the sister model from Ford" (Ford Escape). Well, looking at some the posts on the Tribute/Escape board I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that I went with the PF. I actually stoped at a Nissan dealer on my way back from a Mazda dealer that was giving me the run around. One drive in the PF and I was hooked (more importantly, so was my wife).
    I wish all the Trib owners luck, but their problems make our "issues" pale in comparison. Cheers.

  • Actually, the head units in PFs, Maximas, etc. are Clarions with Bose technology, so the changers are going to be Clarion units as well.
  • I have my PF since the beginning of April (an '01 LE) and have had CDRs in it (heck most of my cds are cdrs) and have no problems with it. I have used it on random for just the one cd as well as for the all 6 cds, still no problem.

    I have used the cds from the burner at work (HP 9100 series) and from home (Sony). Occasionally one won't play and I just toss it. I think you just got a bad changer. Good luck with the new one.
  • Has anyone been getting lousy mileage..

    I Picked up my SE4x4 auto last week and all I am getting his 15mpg and this is mostly all highway driving except when I get off the highway for 3 miles... I been doing 55-75 for an average..
    I was getting more 17-18 with my 94 Pathy. driving the same route.. or is it just breaking in and will it get better...

    Stats on Pathfinder
    Cherry Red all options except leather including tow hitch..(No Nav or Entertainment) Leasing this baby for $329 with $2000 down. 3 year 45000 miles I think I got a good deal.. I have had it was a week..and it rides great..Whats the deal on a $30,000+ truck and no 10 cent cigarette lighter. sheesh.. :)

    No problems with the cd-changer either on my cdr's.. Temp monitor is seems accurate when the car is moving.. and No SHIMMY's..

  • lopro1lopro1 Posts: 13
    Why don't they put the changer under the front passenger seat? I find that much more convient than the cargo bay.
  • couimetcouimet Posts: 130
    If FORD is involved (particularly on the drivetrain), I stay away ...
  • We have a 01 4x4 SE , Leather, Video ent sys, LSD and a few other options. I noted around 14-16 miles/gallon durring the first 1k miles. I now have 1500 on it and the last tank I measured was over 17m/g. This was cruising hwy around 85 mph. I am fairly happy with that. I imagine if I take the speed down to around 65-75 it should get a little better mileage. I also did an oil change at 1K, maybe that helped improve the mileage also.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Some questions for those of you that have the Entertainment system:

    1)What kind of inputs are on the monitor? I would like to add a portable DVD player of some type, instead of using the VCR that comes with it. Does anyone know if it has S-Video or RCA inputs that would allow this?

    2) If I were to add a portable DVD player, would I get sound coming thru on the Bose speaker system like I would with using the existing VCR?

    Thanks in advance!
  • 1500 miles on my ‘01 PF LE and I love it! A huge improvement from my previous truck, a 99 Blazer that was a complete disaster. The fit and finish of the PF, and especially the engine, is so much better than that of other trucks in its class. One question for anyone with the leather package: There seems to be a ½ inch gap between the seat back and seat cushion of my front passenger seat, so that if you put something small on the seat, it will slide back through onto the floor in front of the back seat. The seats are power, and I noticed that the passenger seat bottom only adjusts front and back, not up and down like the driver.

    Has anyone else noticed this gap and is there any way to fix it? Thanks in advance for any reply.
  • I recently saw a vehicle where someone had put the "blue" bulbs (say that 10 times fast) in their headlamps but still had the standard bulbs in the fogs. IMHO, it looked like a half completed job. Am I off base on this? Have any of you, that have changed bulbs, also changed the fog light bulbs? What did you use?
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I also have the seat gap on my passenger seat. I noticed it only after losing a couple pieces of mail that slid onto the rear seat floor tray. I think it's normal.

    I have the PIAA super platinums (stock wattage) for my headlights and regular halogens for my fogs. I also noticed the difference (although it's not that bad). I decided to leave it alone for 2 reasons. 1. I rarely have both sets of lights on (I guess I'm one of those people that actually uses fog lights for fog):-) 2. Changing the fog lamp bulbs is a pain in the @&;! from what I've heard from other posts (and seen in the manual) and I don't want to change them right now. I believe they're H3 bulbs which are available from PIAA, so you can change them if it's important to you.
  • It's time to replace my 11 yrs old Acura. I am wondering if anyone can update me with your recent purchased price. The sells the PF w/navi for $100 over MSRP.
    I live in south NJ. Any suggestion regarding which dealer I should go first?
    Tks in advance.
  • are you sure it is over MSRP? Not over invoice? If it is over MSRP, don't do it. You can get a much better deal on your own. Most are being bought around invoice slightly above or below.
  • Wow all of you guys play home made Cd's without problems. I may get up the nerve to try it again. Sure do miss the personalized touch. Can those of you who play home mades in the 6 disc changer list the type of blank cds you use. Some of mine were Imation, others were TDK. Maybe there is one that would more closely mirror the size and thickness of a factory Cd.
  • I too have been using homemade CDR's since April in my 01 LE PF with no problems. I now ONLY use the Maxell Gold CDR's. I have tried the TDK, Imation and have had problems with them. The worst ones are the Memorex! I use an HP burner.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    My player is about half full of home-mades at any given time and I've never had an issue. I have heard it said that 80 min discs may cause problems, so I have stayed away from them.

    I mix and match brands as they go on sale. I do have to admit I'm anal when I'm burning.
    I copy all the .aif files to a special partition, run Norton DD on it, and then Speed Disk (optimize/defragment) the partition and files for CD ROM mastering. I works great, even on my wife's VERY picky Kenwood player.

    13,000+ plus miles
    Ave 17.75 mpg w/5spd
    lovin' every mile
  • Does anyone know if Pathfinder is due for a makeover any time soon?

    Thanks for your help.
  • Looking for a Factory Service Manual to do some repairs to my 97 Path...
    Need to repair the sunroof.
  • First time refill my SE4x4. It is 230 miles total on the vehicle and I have to fill the tank with 16 galon gas. If I assume that the dealer filled my tank at 11 miles(when I bought it), it averages out a little less than 14mpg. I am quite sure they filled the tank with regular gas though.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Can someone lay out the terms of the break-in period of a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE w/ AWD?

    My main concerns are for reccomended speed (MPH)and for how many miles that the break-in period consists of.

    Also: Is this stated in the owners manual or is this just a "in-general" break-in period that should always be used when purchsing any new vehicle, or is it strictly Nissan specific?

  • lzzzlzzz Posts: 4
    I am trying to decide between the SE and the LE model. Could anyone let me know how they decided between the two. Thanks!
  • My mistake. At, I got a quote for $100 over invoice.
  • lzzzlzzz Posts: 4
    The Pathfinder will have its makeover in 2004.
  • The dealership told me that the PF did not need a break-in period. Has anyone else heard of this? I was a little cautious so I didn't drive it too hard on my drive back from Canada.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    SE looked more sporty because of grill, accent colors, & rims. The biggest factor was the fact that you could only get a 5-spd in the SE.
  • see your owners manual. Your dealer is wrong. If my memory serves, it is 1000 miles break in period.
  • Izzz thanks for the reply. Is there any info available on the makeover on the Nissan site. I was looking for it, but I could not find it.

    Thanks again.
  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    What is the reccomended speed during the break in period?

    I'll be doing ALOT of interstate driving right after purchasing my PF, so I am wondering how careful I'll have to be regarding my MPH.
  • the manual says legal speed limit, I suppose it means 55 miles/hour
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