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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I purchased from BC. The forms are simple really. Its all about saving money and enjoying a short trip from WA.

    Let's see, you save thousands of $$$. You drive further. Compared to local dealer, you have haggle to lower a price that's much higher. You would also have to hear their wining about too low of profit will not put dinner on the table for their kids. Nonesense.

    Have some fun and make a mini vacation out of it. You'll enjoy the drive home!
  • I am requesting your experiences in the speedo switch. I brought my PF in to the local speedo shop that others have used here in WA.

    Wanting to make just one trip, I informed them I have a 2001 CDN PF SE; w/ Auto 4 wheel drive, Auto on/off headlights, and 2 trip odometers. I also gave them my VIN.

    Although they swapped out CDN PFs before, they say that my speedo was different. They stock many of the white plate speedos that would work.

    However it looks as if mine is a Titanium colored faceplate with a silver dollar sized darker ring in the middle. He has never seen that one before. I prefer to replace with one that matches what I have but for mileage rather than KM. For one, it would match the tach and the other 2 gauges. Secondly, I really liked the inversion of the colors when the electric eye switches on the auto on headlights. It's tricked out!

    Anyway, he's going to order the one part# that he does not have in stock. Hoping its the right one.

    Can anyone provide additional info?

    For those local to the NW. This shop is doing an outstanding job trying to meet my needs. Very customer oriented. He checked both CDN and USA Nissan websites. If interested I can provide info offline from this forum.
  • Thanks all for the help. Especially to lofquist!

    In fact, I'm starting vacation this Friday through Jan 2nd. I think I'm going to have to give this a go.

    Next step, find dealer and car. Anyone have good/bad experiences with particular BC Nissan dealers? Suggestions on how to handle the sale? I'm used to the back and forth underhandedness of US car sales.

  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    I bought my Pathfinder at River City Nissan in Kamloops, but have had two services at Victoria Nissan (on Vancouver Island), where I used to reside. The service department in Victoria is very experienced, and knowledgeable. River City became a new dealer in February 2001, so actively sought trades and spreading their name into the community.

    I am happy with my purchase, and wish the same of you.

    Woody in snowy interior British Columbia
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    My 01 LE had a creak in the drivers window that would occur immediately after the window rolled up. The dealer made an adjustment and used some type of silicone lubricant on the door window seal and problems has been cured for the past 3mos.
  • First off I just wanted to send out a public and HUGE thanks to Jon Lofquist(a.k.a. lofquist) for all of his guidance over the last few days while I am researching the purchase of a PF in Canada. THANKS JON :-)

    Gladiator, can you email me offline. I have some WA specific questions that I would like to ask you, if you wouldn't mind.

    I am going to head up to Vancouver tomorrow(Wednesday) just to check out the vehicle that I want. I will probably be buying in the next 2 weeks.

    BTW, have any of you had problems getting the MSO? I need the original for the DMV and I need a copy to send to my lender.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Well, it would probably be worse without them (a friend just lost his brand new Civic CRX Si R - as in gone without a trace).

    This is all from the 2001 Nissan Electronic Service Manual - ESM
    First, you can have up to 4 remotes programmed into the vehicle doorlock system. This can be done with the Nissan Consult II system (dealer service tool) or manually. The doorlock system also turns on and off the security system, either when you use a key in a doorlock, or the remote.

    You can have up to 5 keys programmed into the Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System (NVIS). This appears to only be possible with the Consult II device with the NVIS software loaded.

    On either the remote or the key systems, when you program a new device (key or remote), it erases the oldest device (if any). e.g. On a new vehicle (two keys), there will be three "blank" spaces for new keys - when you enter the forth new key, the first original key is overwritten.

    So, there are three separate systems, two of them talk to each other, and the third (NVIS) just talks to the ECU.

    To program a new remote, the ESM says to do the following:
    1. Get in and close all doors. I recommend always rolling down the driver side window - just in case you lock yourself out.
    2. Insert and remove a valid key more than 6 times within 10 sec. - hazard lamps will flash twice.
    3. Insert key and turn to "ACC" position.
    4. Press any button on the new remote.
    5. If you have additional remotes you wish to program, press door lock switch (LH side - drivers door in North America). If no additional remotes, go to 8.
    6. Press any button on the next remote.
    7. If you still have additional remotes, unlock the door and lock again. Proceed as above.
    8. To finish, open the driver side door.

    If you loose a key or a remote, the ESM recommends you have the code erased from the system and the keys/remotes you still have reprogrammed into the system.

    DO NOT LOOSE A KEY - they are very expen$ive.

    Sorry it took me an extra day to post - I forgot Monday night - too much happening right now.
  • The gauge that you mentioned sounds just the like the "two-tone" gauges that are (or were) standard on the SE in the US. As for the license plate, try double sided foam tape. Line the inside of the frame, then stick the plate on it. Then put some on the back of the plate to keep it from touching the paint on the PF (just don't peel off the tape on the PF side). Hope this helps, it's worked very well for me.
  • So the two-tone titanium was a std in the US? That sounds promising.

    Re: the lic plate. I have put the double sided foam type on the license plate frame. However, I had not put any foam between the plate frame and the license plate. I'll try that too.

  • hey ISGUY, what dealer in NH did you go to?
  • isguyisguy Posts: 13
    hi fossfate:

    I knew that would be coming, so I double-checked what I actually paid. I couldn't remember exactly at the time, but it turns out to be $119.00 under invoice. (Still a good deal, as far as I'm concerned).

    The dealer is Honda Barn / Nissan in Stratham, NH.

    Good luck!
  • I took my '01 PF in today to get the squeal in the passenger window quieted and I had the only vehicle in the service bay. Talk about quick service, they had 2 technicians working on it at once. I was out in 20 minutes.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142

    Thanks for your efforts. The Nissan ignition key blank is about $CDN 74.00, plus a $20.00 programming fee. As you indicated, you need to bring all the keys for re-programming.

  • Hi, just found this great group today. Been a Pathfinder owner since April and am very happy with this. Have some question hoping you guys can help me out. When I bought the PF LE 2wd back in April, the car was still in plastic wrap and only have 2 miles on the odometer (probably just got off the truck). After a test drive and I bought it with only 4 miles on it. It was my 1st vechicle purchuse by myself and I was kinda excited about getting a new car with only 4 miles on it. I didn't bother to get the detail list of what options it has since the car wasn't even prep to be on the lot, so no dealer sticker on it. At that time I only wanted leather and sunroof and I checked the price on these two options on verious sites and get the rough idea on how much it cost. So the 8 ways adjustable seat, memory seats and temperature guage on top was like an added bonus. Long story short, is there a way I can get a detail listing of what options my PF have with my vechicle VIN number? If so, where would a person go to get that list?

    Another question, is there a rear wing for the PF like the Euro wing from Jaos for 4Runner? Or the rear wings that is on the new RAV4? The closest I found was Elford rear wing, but that was on a Japanese site. How hard is it to get a wing like that imported? Does the rear deflector really helps at all to get a cleaner rear windows? Thanks for all the helps in advance.

    01 PF LE 2WD

  • If you haven't been to this page. Check it out. You'll see a very awesome pic on a QX4.

  • Jeff, I would contact the dealer and see if they still have your sticker on record. If not call Nissan of America with your VIN and they should be able to provide you with a list of standard options.
  • I have 2001 Path LE, what's the best and safest aftermarket hyperwhite bulbs?
    I mean, those bulbs from ebay are over wattage(85W or more).. Are they safe from burning harness and messing up the wires?
    Does our harness and wires are strong enough for high wattage?
  • isguyisguy Posts: 13
    Hi All:

    I purchased an 02 LE with leather, etc. and really love it. However, my dog slides all over the back seat because of the slippery leather. Does anyone know where to get a nice custom cloth (or other anti-slip) cover to use in the back seat?

  • Merry Christmas Everyone,

    So many new PF owners. Awesome.

    I've seen others request info regarding protecting the radiators. I wish I had time to protect the radiator prior to last week's trip over the pass. No real damage from the sand or gravel yet. Anyway, I have 2 roundtrips over 2 passes in the next 3 days.

    I found some wire mesh from the local hardware store. The mill strength is not what I preferred, but its probably sufficient. It was easier to install this mesh anyway. Cannot recall the mill, I think it was 23 mil? The mesh is 1/4 inch. Could not find anything smaller.

    I used nylon straps to secure it. I also moved my temp gauge. It used to be 6-8 degrees off. I moved it once and came within 2 degrees of reality. After installing the mesh, I moved the temp gauge again. Anticipate greater accuracy. Will test during my trips that are scheduled.

    I have taken pictures of the install of the mesh. If you're interested, I'll upload them from my camera to this board. I could also provide additional details of install. Let me know.

    Mother Nature, please dump more snow in WA. I want to see how it reacts in 4WD.

    Happy Holidays!!!
  • For seat covers, you may want to try Seat Covers USA I ordered a set of these for a F250 SuperDuty Truck, the things are custom made for the vehicle, they are wonderful. They are all made out of demin, but come in a large variety of colors, they fit perfet, are tough, and are washable. My dog also travels in our vehicles, so seat protection was a must with leather in both the ford and the pathfinder.
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    Does anyone know how to adjust beam on PF headlights? to raise it down or raise it up???
  • hi isguy,
    I have another question, did you have to jump through hoops to get this price? this was before the $500 cash back, right?
    what was your salesmans name?
    did you buy LE or SE? (seems like more SE's are marketed now)
    how about the rest of you, do dealers seem willing to give invoice pricing?
  • gutenguten Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2002 SE 4x4 tonight for $29,496(actually it was $500 less with incentive, but want to compare apples to apples). MSRP $31,633 and invoice is $28,672. I am satisfied with the deal, and I love the Bronzed Gray color!

    If you are interested in leasing, the SE's have a good factory lease special with a money factor of just over 3%.
  • isguyisguy Posts: 13
    Hi fossfate:

    1. Yes, it was before $500. rebate
    2. I let them know that I knew approx. what they paid for the PF (thank you, Edmunds!)
    3. I told them I had a price in mind already.
    4. The saleswoman checked with the sales manager and they immediately quoted me $32,000. ($119. under invoice).
    5. Since this was the price I had in my mind anyway, it went very smoothly.
    6. PF is LE with EVERYTHING except nav and ent.
    7. MSRP was $35,002.
  • Hi,

    I just purchased a 2001 LE 4x4 with Nav System.

    My problem is that I feel the car is working very hard from 25 to 40 mph and hear rattling underneath the SUV. I also had an experience this past weekend on the highway that is troublesome. I was going about 70 MPH and all of a sudden I could tell the engine was working extra hard to stay at 70 MPH - almost like the suv was shifting down.

    I brought it into the dealership and they insist nothing is wrong.

    Has anyone come across this type of issue?

    Thanks for your help.

    Losing my mind in MASS.

  • Just got a 2002 pathfinder LE, loaded except for the navigation system. I really like it, but the other day I was stopped on a steep grade (in drive) and took my foot off the brake, and the car started rolling backward quite quickly (doesn't stop- just keeps rolling). Did a little experimenting, and it rolls in both the AWD and 2WD modes. Service dept. said it is just the way Nissans are designed, but it seems odd to me that an automatic would roll at all. Anyone else experience it? Thanks for any help.
  • All automatics will roll backwards if you don't have your foot on the brake and are on a steep hill. If you read your car manual, it should mention this (it is mentioned in my Pathy 2000 and Highlander 01 manuals). Just because you have an auto transmission does not mean that you will not roll. Different vehicles will react based on how high the rev's are while in drive with no gas being applied.
  • Hi Folks -

    I followed this forum for a while but I haven't tracked it in a while. I tried a search but was unsuccessful.

    A while back, there was an issue (or issues) with the CD changer failing with CDRs and/or shuffle/random mode. Was there any conclusion or official word from Nissan on this? I haven't used any CDRs (though I'd like to) and I haven't used the shuffle/random mode before (though I'd like to) because I'm afraid to.

    If it matters, I have a 2001 LE.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  • skips2skips2 Posts: 52
    I purchased my brand new 2001 PF LE at the end of Oct. 2001 for $30,200 with an MSRP of $35,262. I love the truck but I do have a couple of issues;

    1. The temp gauge runs a few degrees too warm. The dealer says he hasn't received this complaint before, but will replace it. I'm concerned that a few sensor might be worst. Is the problem the location of the sensor? Is the sensor located in front of the radiator? If so, there in lies the problem. Perhaps the warmth from the radiator is making the temp gauge read a little too warm.

    2. I get water leaks through the rear hatch. Is anyone else having this problem?. Dealer will have his water leak technician look at it next Wednesday.

    3. I run premium fuel always (see my post #4060) and the truck kicks [non-permissible content removed]. It runs great. Nissan gives a lot of truck for the money. Nice job Nissan.
  • skips2skips2 Posts: 52
    I recommend getting the Nissan dog gate, which costs about $135. Sometimes Nssan will mail out coupons for a 10% discount, making it even cheaper. Dogs' paws will eventually damage the leather seats. I had my dealer throw in a free dog gate when I purchased the truck. The Nissan dog gate fits perfectly. It allows me to still load long objects into the truck because it does'nt go from the ceiling to the floor like after market gates do. (The rear seat back prevent the dog from going under it.) Nissan did an excellent job in designing this gate. Now I understand the difference between geniune Nissan parts and aftermarket parts. I'll only go with geniune Nissan parts.
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