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Nissan Pathfinder



  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    When temperatures are close to freezing, I'm still using a wand wash. When things get colder (or I get lazier), I'm using the newer touchless (not brushless) washes. The only thing that touches the truck is water or soap. They work best when the truck is not too dirty (otherwise they leave a slight residue), and I've never seen any damage (and I watch closely for that). I always choose the option that adds an undercarriage wash as its important to me to keep the undercarriage free from salt and built-up road muck. Nothing does this as well as an old-fashioned wand wash, but this is a good alternative.

    One thing to watch out for is those damn dryers. Some are so badly designed they can blow the bug/rock guard right off the front of the truck (or damage it badly).
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Here in Edmonton we have indoor hand car-washes (run by Hughes Petrolium). You may be able to find one like that. I use a mit (and keep washing the mit to keep sand etc. out of it) and dry with a cotton bath towel. Once done, I spray all rubber door seals with silicone spray (I use LPS brand as it is harmless - even approved for use in food processing). This prevents the door seals from freezing the door shut as the silicone chases the water off the seals. Kind of important.
  • Z~

    I have been going through a soft cloth drive thru car wash. I used the touchless the first 3 weeks I owned the PF, and it didn't get the dirt off completely after a while and left a film. I went through the drive thru ever since, and it's been fine. I hand towel dry it afterwards, but in this NE cold weather it is usually ice by the time I get the towel out. So I just drive down the road fast and hope the excess the dryer didn't get flies off... streaks somewhat, but not bad if you find a GOOD car wash. I recommend the soft cloth.... good luck! It hasn't scratched or anything on my '01 BLACK PF LE and I have owned it for 7 months now.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    If you've been happy with a soft cloth wash on a black truck, I'm willing to try one, especially when my truck is very dirty (which is when the "touchless" are useless and I usually resort to a wand wash). Are you saying that they don't even leave that light "spidery" scratching?


    I agree totally with using silicon spray. If applied a couple times during winter, it eliminates problems with doors freezing shut after washing (l live in Calgary so I understand your pain!).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
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  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Hi folks,
    When I start getting emails asking "what's this Americans buying a Pathfiner in Canada all about?" I know it's again time to put a little note out here. This new Edmunds format doesn't have search (does it??) so it's harder to find the info I've posted before. You can look above at post #1 in this forum - it has much of the basics outlined.

    But a quick summary… The strong US dollar makes Pathfinders in Canada much less expensive than in the US. So just go up there, bring one home and save the cash! Me and about twenty others have done it in the last few months. Most people have told me they figured they saved $3000 - $4000. There's a little paperwork, but it's not hard at all. Many people are surprised how close to Canada they really are. Anyone from Chicago to D.C. to Maine is easily within a one days drive of Toronto or Ottawa. And much of the west coast is close to Vancouver. Some dealers say they might ship too.

    I have all the details documented and know reputable contacts at dealers that will sell close to cost with no hassle. I'm glad to help anyone out. Just email me.

  • Phil47,

    I have not noticed any of the "spider effects" that you speak about. I used to own a black acura a few years back, and I could notice on that, but the paint on the pathfinder seems to be different. I had gotten overspray from a bridge painting in Maine the first week I had the car and had to have it detailed by a professional to remove it. I could not get it off myself and did not want to ruin the paint finish. At that time, he put on a sealant which I think helps the car too. I will have it done every 8 months or so, once in the spring, once in the fall. I hope you can find a reliable car wash that maintains their equipment. I have been to some that are dirty and disgusting, but there is one in my town that is impeccable.

    I am going to buy the silicone spray this weekend and wash and clean the car and apply it. I need to remove the salt/sand from the roadways. Thanks for that advice!!

  • rkjrkj Posts: 4
    How does pathfinder perform on the snow and ice?
  • Does anyone one know the capacities of the differential & auto transmission? I am looking at replacing the rearend fluid and having the tranny flushed. I have a 2000 SE auto 2WD.
    S. Lf
    70 Degrees here
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I have about 2600mi. on mostly snow and ice going sking. The awd
    works great in the packed snow and ice. Use the 4wd in soft snow.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I have a 2001 auto trans with AWD. The rear diff. holds about 3 qts.
    Fill with lube until it runs out the filler plug. I use amsoil in both front
    and rear diff. Be sure and check if the rear is limited slip or not! It might
    have a sticker on the diff next to the fill plug. The trans holds about 9qts.
    In the Nissan Service manual it recomends the best way to "flush" is
    drain the oil through the drain plug,install the plug,fill with oil until it full
    on the dip-stick and start the engine,shift the trans though all the gears
    then drain the trans again then refill again. If you want to flush the system?
    Look in your owners manual for the viscosity. For warmer areas 80w90 in
    diff ect. I use Durablend in the trans and transfer. Works good!
  • lspanglerlspangler Posts: 102
    I put a K&N Air cleaner in my '01 PF and I noticed the stock filter is a pink, oiled filter of some kind. Does anybody have any idea what kind of filter construction the stock filter is?

    Also, the little drain spout under the oil filter is a nice touch and much appreciated.

    I noticed that you can see the amp for the stereo behind a vent on the left side in the back. Does anybody know if you can tap into the line level side of the amp to drive aftermarket amps?

    Things have been quiet in here lately
  • highuphighup Posts: 31
    2001 LE. I just did this to add an infinity beta 100 Class D (400 watts rms) and an infinity perfect 12.1 subwoofer/box. I tapped into the pre-amp wiring for low-level signals and also tapped the amp-on wiring for the sub amp. The curious thing about the amp-on signal is that it is "on" when the key is in the ACC position and not affected by the radio being off. I also used a crossover because it is only the sub frequencies I needed. For those considering this upgrade, be advised that my setup is bordering on overkill. I think an amp with 200 watts rms and a 10' sub would be sufficient.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    ...will damage paint. Like phil47 said, the spidery scratching will become evident after a while. Touchless washes are OK, but do not really wash the car extensively. The only thing that I recommend is a handwash using either two sponges or mitts. I've been able to keep my PF spider scratch-free using two wash mitts, california water blade, and the absorber. Of course, Zaino keeps it shiny. Just washed it yesterday, I might apply some of that Zaino for good measure.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    It's embarassing, I'm becoming a fanatic. If you wash and wax with fore/aft motions only on horizontal surfaces and up/down only on vertical surfaces the scratches you do leave will be much less noticeable (anytime you touch the vehicle you will leave a scratch, they just may not be obvious). Of course the first time I take my Pathfinder off-road the bushes will scratch it up nicely, but that's life.

    I agree with what you posted crikey. I haven't tried the water blade though - I'm conservative and use the cotton towel as per the Zaino recommendations.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041 good because it speeds up the drying process. The Absorber finishes it off. Cotton towels soak too much liquid. But, I agree that it's safest to prevent scratches.
  • lspanglerlspangler Posts: 102

    Is there any chance you could give me a quick wire code if you happened to write them down. I think I am going to do the same thing. I am assuming you tapped into the pre-amp side and converted the wires to an RCA cable to plug into the amp? I am only looking at amping the front speakers and adding a subwoofer. How did you wire the Sub in? Did you just take parallel connections off the front output?

    Thanks for the info, I am looking forward to a little bottom end being added. The underfloor storage looks to be perfect for the amps.
  • I don't understand why Nissan integrated the rear window defogger and the outside rear view defogger on the same circuit on the '01. Driving home last night the switch would switch off prematurely because the rear glass was always clear but side rear view windows remained foggy.

    On my '91 300zx TT, there is an individual switch for the side rear view windows. Perfect every time!
  • highuphighup Posts: 31
    All the wiring work I did was at the rear amp wiring harness located in the left rear quarter panel. I didn't need to get to the wiring behind the radio. If you feel confident enough to pull the radio, (actually it's the fake wood surround that looks tricky) there are some companies (Audiolink) that make plug-in wiring harnesses to do exactly what you plan to do.

    To wire the subwoofer, I tapped into the rear left and right pre-amp signal wires. I used 18 guage wire and soldered rca plugs to the end of each pair and then plugged them into a Coustic XM-3E crossover (again overkill but good piece of equipment for future upgrades, also has a remote bass level knob which is now tie wrapped to the base of the hand brake lever). This crossover filter is set for 80 hz and then the signal is sumed mono which is then routed to the bridged Infinity amp. I have the color codes at home so I will be posting them later.
  • arodovarodov Posts: 1

    I am hoping you can steer me in the right direction on what are my options.

    In February of last year I've purchased a '97 Nissan Pathfinder LE. Almost
    immediately I noticed that it was consuming much more fuel that my previous
    Pathfinder ('93 SE). It is consuming 28 liters/100km (or 13 MPG). I went to the Nissan
    Dealership where they ran all the diagnostics (for big $$ of course) and
    concluded that everything is fine and that many other Pathfinder owners
    experience the same problem. They've also suggested that this should
    improve during the summer time and recommended that I monitor and keep the
    log of my mileage and fuel. However, they said, no matter what - they
    cannot do anything.

    Well, it has been almost a year and I am averaging 350 km on an 80 liter

    Perhaps you can suggest what are my options.

    Thank You very much.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    The almost unthinkable just happened Saturday night: a cracked windshield! :-( Hardly broken in and having to replace the windshield already. Just my luck. I've been driving all these years and never once had to replace the windshield on my own vehicles. I did have to replace one on a company rig but someone else did the damage. Question: Can anyone recommend a reputable windshield company in the Puget Sound area?

    Here's a dumb question but I'll ask anyway: can this be under warranty? Reason I ask is because I didn't see much of a ding. Usually a crack starts from a ding and propagates out. I know what the dealers will say but has anyone tried for a warraty repair on this?

    Thanks much
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    A friend of mine had a cracked windshield on his 99.5 with 13k on it. Fortunately, it cracked all the way to the edge and there was no large indenture where a rock hit it. The dealer couldn't tell that it was hit by a rock. Got it fixed under warranty. Unfortunately for most, rocks usually leave an indenture. The dealer did question him extensively about the crack.
  • Being a dealer employee for many years. About the
    only time I have seen a windshield warrantied is
    from a stress crack which would start usually from
    an outside edge and continue toward the center or
    from a defect such as waves in glass that would
    distort your vision. GOOD LUCK!!!
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Here in SC, if your windshield cracks, the insurance companies cover the entire cost of replacing it. They usually try to talk you into "patching" if appropriate. The final decision is yours. The deductible does not apply, and no rate changes either.
  • Well since my wife gets to drive the '01 pathfinder, I'm getting jealous and am thinking of getting rid of my accord for a four wheel drive vehicle. Anybody now how well the earlier model pathfinders hold up ('93-'94). I like the lines on these models and have seen several for sale I/ 100,000+ miles for around $3,000-$6,000.
    Are they worth it?
  • Thanks for the info. I'm planning on putting Amsoil (synthetic) in the rear end and Amsoil (synthetic) in the tranny as well. There is a new system that actually flushes the transmission fluid system, out with the old & in with the new I've used it in my Suburban and it works quite well. Any tricks to get the drain holes loose in the rear end? They are on pretty tight I make have to take it somewhere to have the loosened.
    S. Fl
    70 degrees & sunny
  • suvluvsuvluv Posts: 7
    I put in an Alpine MRV-100M 150 watt amp and a MTX 10' sub in my '01 LE. The gain is only half way up and it sounds great. There is more than enough power and I've got all my bass down and treble up. It even surprised my sales rep how good it sounds.
  • Has anyone found a custom sub box for the Pathy. JL audio makes a fiberglass one for $450.00 och! Q-Logic has one for everything but a Pathy. Any other ideas I am trying to take up minimal space.
    Bob S
    70 degrees here
  • pathy57pathy57 Posts: 25
    Can someone please tell me what a water blade is and how it is used. I am also very particular and do not like anything washing my vehicle but me. I do however use the brushless car wash when I have to.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I don't think I've ever run into a situation where the sideview mirrors fog up continuously while driving. Here in Calgary, we usually suffer from a bit of frost buildup on the mirrors (and windows) which is very quicky cleared up with the defroster (works within 30 seconds on the sideview mirror, very impressive). Once clear, the mirrors don't freeze/fog up again while the truck is moving, only when it's been stopped for many hours. What conditions were you driving through?
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