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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Actually sales tax in the State of Virginia is a flat 3% for a vehicle. Some localities however have added what they are calling a "use tax" that may bring it up higher, check with the Commissioner of Revenue in your locality to find out, it was a new one to me also when I purchased in Henry County. But the actual sales tax charged by DMV is 3%.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I bought a PF in July 2000. At that time, I got a great deal without any incentives like $500 discount or 3.9% financing. If I had waited a while and bought now, I would have saved an additional $3,300.00 on interest costs alone (3.9% vs 7.75%). With the availability of more options (Navigation + Entertainment System) and All-Mode AWD, plus the state in which the automotive market is in, this is absolutely one of the best times to buy a PF if you are in the market for one. In addition, it seems that dealers have more inventory available so buyers have more options in color.

    One last advice...this weekend is the last weekend of Februaryand is a good time to buy. It is always good to buy a car at the end of the month. Dealers are more likely to give in to your wishes. Good Luck.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Ok, could be...but is it possible to put the CD in when it says 'wait' and the light is red? I pushed lightly and it wouldn't go in...didn't try to push hard...any chance, Mbunting or pespringer that you did this? I doubt it, but if it's true then we could avoid this.
  • The CD that I inserted was not even a homemade type. I checked it out from our local library. I am pretty certain that I didn't load it with the red light on. I'm also wondering if the player even would accept a CD under conditions when the red light is on.

    I'm going to try and contact Nissan today and see what they say about this. I can't believe that they expect me to foot the bill for a new CD player. I'm sure glad I've got that warranty (sarcasm) on my $30,000+ vehicle.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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    Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

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  • duperduper Posts: 127
    My '99 dirty Sierra Silver SE with side molding, side wind deflector, bug deflector and roof deflector; 39,000 miles and no problems (knock, knock) :) Average 15-16mpg 50/50

    A snow field near Lake Tahoe. The OEM Grandtrek tires performed pretty good on snow with 1/2 thread left.

  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Edmunds listed a regional incentive effective 2/15 to 2/19 of $1,000 customer cash in addition to the 3.9% financing for customers in the Northwest region. Nebraska was listed as one of the states listed as covered under this incentive. I stopped in to my local dealer on Monday to test drive a PF and asked about this incentive. Neither the sales person nor the sales manager knew anything about it, and showed me a fax from Nissan showing only the 3.9% for the "south central" region. Who am I to believe? Does anyone know where I could find out which region Nebraska is really classified in? I suppose the Edmunds data could have been incorrect, so as a side question, can anyone recommend sites for getting the most accurate and updated incentive information? Thanks.
  • Is it OK to use Dexron III Mobil 1 synthetic ATF on a 01'PF? (Tranny & Transfer).
    Thanks in advance.-CM
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Ok, I looked up the right fluids from Redline with the equivalent generic numbers:

    Manual trans:...GL-4 75W-90..............Redline MT-90
    Auto trans:........Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good)
    Trans case:.......Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good)
    (for both part-time and all-mode)
    Differentials:.....GL-5 80W-90..............Redline 75W-90 gear oil
    (for both regular and limited slip, front and rear)
    Pwr steering:.....Dexron III / Mercon.....Redline D4 ATF (Mobil 1 ATF is also good) has been recommended to me as the cheapest place to get Redline oils. I have previously ordered from Summit Racing. Redline also has a dealer locator at their web site

  • lofquist,

    Thanks for taking the time and for the detailed info. I have another question, can you use the 75w-90 gear oil instead of the recommended 80w-90?. Thanks again.-AW
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    >> can you use the 75w-90 gear oil instead of the recommended 80w-90?. Thanks again.-AW <<

    I just knew that would come up. Based on my experience with synthetics I am not worried in the least. At below zero temperatures regular gear oil is like molassas. Synthetics are still free flowing. And of course the first number (75W or 80W) represents the low temperature quality.

    But just for kicks I did some checking a while back. Redline sent me a few technical brochures. Now I'm not going to necessarily believe all that I read, but the graphs do show that the synthetic 75W-90 has a much better flow (4x better) at 0degF than conventional 80W-90. Put both in a freezer overnight and try to pour them out in the morning. You will have to agree with the flow statement.

    I hope I don't sound like a mystery oil salesperson. I just believe in the synthetics. Probably any of the brands will have the same characteristics. I use Mobil 1 motor oil. But for the other fluids Redline seems to have the widest line of products and a large number of followers.

  • I bought a 99.5 PF se. I am very happy with this vehicle and I am a very proud owner. Smooth, quiet ride, very comfortable and PF are supposedly known for reliablity. I have noticed a few things that concern me and maybe someone else is finding the same things.
    1. Windows are slow to slide up in dry conditions and don't always go in all the way causing a whistling sound a highway speads
    2. Little rattles inside such as creaking plastic and rattle glove compartment handles
    3. when turning corners and I hit a bump the steering feels loose or rattling.
    4. passenger seat back has some play in it.

    Has anyone else experienced any of this and do you have any remedies?
  • I just called Purolator at 800-526-4250 and was informed that the new 01 catalog will show oil filter L14610 for the 01'PF. A PureOne version for this filter is not yet available. I was also advised NOT to use the L14620 listed for the 2000 Maxima. Cheers.-CM
  • I'm in the market for a smaller SUB for a growing family, and cannot spend more than $95- hundred with trade included. I've seen a sharp looking '95 Pathfinder for sale at a reputable
    used car dealer. It's an XE Wagon 4X4. Dealer asking price is $9900, but if I talk him down,
    would this be a good value for at least 4 years? (Has 69K miles, and is "Clean", as described by Edmund's' standards.) Input from owners of models from the same year are desperately
    sought by this "hands off--let my mechanic fix it" owner before 2/23/01. Thanks.
  • Have any of you bought, or know someone who has bought, a used, certified pre-owned PF from a Canadian dealer? Thanks in advance! - Eric
  • I had the CD changer err2 message. It took quite some time to get a new changer. The BS your dealer is giving you is wrong. They exchanged mine at no cost. It is impossible to load the cds before the green lights come on. That is BS. The truth is it is a poor design or build by clarion. I had the same type of changer in my Honda Accord for over 1 year and never had a problem with it. I even put home made cds in it all of the time. I had the same cds in my player for over one month before it failed. DON'T let NISSAN OR CLARION TAKE YOU ON THIS. TELL THEM TO PROVE THEIR THEORY. THEY CAN'T BECAUSE IT IS ONLY A THEORY. WE KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.
  • Anybody have the nav system in their PF? I am interested in feedback from other users of the system. I just purchased my PF on Friday with a NAV system in it on friday. I love it. I just wish that the entire country was on one CD. You need 9 CD's to cover the entire country and that will cost you an additional $ 1300.00...I find that I little crazy! Also wondering about a remote start in the vehicle. I know that it can be done, but do you think it will void any part of the warranty from Nissan? I am planing on having a local Circuit City install one...THey said they can hook it up using my factory remote..I like that idea...Let me know if anybody else has one and how you like it...
  • I've just finished updating the FAQ.

    If you're new to this board, you might want to check out this latest version before posting a message. Here is the list of questions included:

    1) Buying a Pathfinder
       a) How much can I expect to pay for a Pathfinder?
       b) How do I buy a Pathfinder in Canada?
       c) How does a Pathfinder compare to the...
       d) What's the difference between LSD, 4WD and All-mode 4WD?
       e) Okay, so which one should I get?
       f) Should I get 4WD at all?

    2) Engine, Drivetrain and Performance
       a) Do I really need to use Premium gas?
       b) Should I use synthetic oil?
       c) What is the shimmy that occurs around 60-70 mph?
       d) What other size tires can I put on my Pathfinder?
       e) When does the low fuel indicator light? How much farther can I drive after it lights?
       f) Why does my mileage seem to decrease when the weather is colder?
       g) Will my mileage improve?

    3) Options and Accessories
       a) Why does my outside temperature gauge read higher than it actually is? Where is the sensor located?
       b) What is that line in the center of the windshield?
       c) How do I replace the in-cabin microfilter?
       d) How can I reduce wind noise?
       e) Where can I find accessories for the Pathfinder?

    4) Care and Maintenance
       a) Where do I get the shop manual?
       b) How do I remove that dealer's sticker?
       c) What are the fluid capacities?

    It's a good starting point to join the discussion.
    Veterans of this board: please check me for accuracy and by all means let me know if you have any additions, changes, or suggestions!
  • bdk4bdk4 Posts: 3
    We recently purchased a used '98 SE with 32k miles on it. After adding another 1k miles, I can safely say we are very happy. The truck acts and drives differently than the German engineered Jetta I had previously, but it is a truck.

    Regarding your concerns, we haven't had any window troubles - they are slow however. No noticeable interior squeaks or rattles and no problems with the steering either, although it took some getting used to. The manually adjusted leather seats also seem to go where you want them to.
  • I firmly believe that it is the build quality of the Clarion unit. What I am curious about is: The units that are getting the ERR2 message, what are the build dates of the trucks? Is this happening to newer Pathys or older '01 Pathys? Or does this happen to the 99.5 Pathys as well (if it was offered that far back)?
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    nismofreak, I believe mbunting's PF is about 2 months old. Would be interesting to know when it was built, though...or what the serial number is? (last 6 digits of VIN)
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    I have a '99.5 I bought new. It now has 28,000 miles...about 1,000 of which were mild to moderate off-roading (not including smooth dirt roads).

    1. Windows - they are slow. I don't have any whistling problems at highway speeds, though.
    2. Little rattles - I haven't noticed the glovebox rattling, but I do have a fair number of squeaks and rattles...although I'm not sure how many of them can be attributed to the stuff I've got crammed in all of the cubby-holes versus the truck itself. The noises are definitely worse in the winter than in the summer.
    3. when turning corners and I hit a bump the steering feels loose or rattling. - I'll occaisionally feel this. it's been doing it since I bought the truck, but it hasn't gotten any worse. I don't notice it most of the time, though.
    4. passenger seat back has some play in it. - I don't know what to tell you on this one. My seats are tight...I think. When the going gets rough, though, the passenger seatback will shake some.

    Overall, I've been extremely happy with my truck. I've never had a truck that didn't have at least a little "personality."
  • Everyone seems to have some type of trouble with there stock tires on there new Pathfinders. Some people have talked about the Michelins, and how great of a tire they are. I'm moving to the Oregon and everyone knows how much rain they get. In consumer reports they graded the BFGoodrich the best tire. Has anyone used this tire? and what other recommendation does anyone have. thanks
  • Thanks BDK4 and smithmd for your replies
  • I'd like to go off-roading in my PF. Where can I learn more about off-roading for beginners? Anyone know of any sites on the internet? Where can I find locally (Boston) designated areas to do so? Thanks in advance.
  • I have 2 questions.

    1. Does this sound good? Lease an SE 4X4 (I/micro filter & mats) MSRP 31,116 for 36 months. 368 per month (in. tax) and $1,000 out of pocket, which include 1st month + fees.

    2. If I end my current lease early, is there any way to get out of paying my last month?
  • mtt999mtt999 Posts: 15
    I would like to know which factory installed of tires is the best for 01 PF.
    a. Dunlop
    b. Bridgestones
    c. Toyo
  • gmcintosh,
    I have a 97 SE and have the BFG Long Trail tires on it. I live in Victoria B.C. where we get a lot of rain, and I havent had any problems with them hydroplaning or anything like that. I went skiing a few weeks ago, and even at 120+ kmh in driving rain, the truck felt very stable
  • I have a "97 4-Runner SR5 five speed and do moderate off-road travel in the summer (i.e. for those of you in Colorado the South Colony Lakes road to Crestone Needle, etc.), and I am considering moving up to a 2001 Pathfinder LE. While looking under an LE at the local dealer, I was surprised to see no underbody protection. When I asked about skid plates and a transmission cooler (I plan to tow a 4000 b. trailer), the salesman looked at me like I was an alien and was clue less. Does anybody have a lead on aftermarket items such as these. It seems a shame that the "4X4 of the year" in one of the off road magazines is really not set up for any moderate off road excursions. I do understand that sales are probably more geared to those who do little off road travel and like a comfortable ride in a SUB. Thanks
  • To Jambazi or anyone else that may know

    If reference to the Premium or reg gas. At the top you mention no less that 91 AKI but at the end you mention (and noticed myself) that the manuals say minimum of 87 AKI.

    Does anyone know which one it is?
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