Mitsubishi Diamante Timing Belt

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Can anyone please help...I'm a US Soldier stationed overseas in Germany. My first problem...I am trying to find out what parts must be changed when changing the timing belt. A mechanic told me that there are more parts besides the belt itself that needs to be changed. I'm not sure what parts the mechanic is talking about. My second problem is that they don't make Diamantes here in Germany. I have to order all my parts from the U.S. Does anyone know of a good place to order parts from. I Love my D...I refuse to sell it for a more practical car. Plus she drives nice on the autobahn. I appreciate any help. Thanx


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    We need to know the specifics on the vehicle, like year, whether it is an ES or LS and what engine.

    I will say that when you replace the timing belt on the 3.5L, if that is which engine you have, you should replace the tensioner along with the belt, you should really consider replacing the idler pulley and water pump.

    More often than not, if you don't replace the idler pulley and water pump when you replace the timing belt, you will end up replacing them later, which can be a royal pain.

    To give you an idea of what parts are involved, Here is the parts breakdown.
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    Thank you so much for your response...My car is the 1999 mistubishi Diamante LS model with the 3.5L
    Now that I have the info I can order the parts. Is there anything else that I should know. Once again thanks a million
    GOD bless!
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    How important in it to change at 60,000 miles? I'm at 75,000
    and am looking at what to do. Givio....where at in Germany?
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    I typically have my timing belts changed between 90-100K. But I'm not suggesting that you do that. If you follow Mitsu's interval then you'll be in good shape. But I've never had a problem with the belts making it 90K - 100K.

    The following websites are surprising helpful for parts ordering.
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    How many sparkplugs does a 98 diamante require and is it easy to change?
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    HI, I also have a Mitsubishi Diamante GDI that I imported from Japan. I order all my parts from autoterminal in japan.

    I have a problem that my car is idling and the machines in England cannot read the data to correct the idling. If you know of anywhere in England I would appreciate it.

    Many thanks
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    The engine is a V-6. This strongly implies that there are 6 spark plugs!! :surprise:
    The front 3 plugs are easy to replace.
    To get to the back 3 plugs, you must remove the upper intake plenum. Just remove the bolts (Several hoses must also be removed and the throttle-body intake hose must be slid off the throttle-body.) and pivot it backwards over the firewall and secure it there while changing the plugs. Use an new gasket when reassembling.
    It's not too bad, maybe an hour. :)
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    Another GOOD location for parts is :)
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    My old mechanic replaced my water pump and unfortunately due to an unseen issue he was unable to finish the repair of my car. I have another mechanic whose expertise is good but he is a little blown out of the sky when he noticed the last mechanic did not mark the timing belt before it was removed causing the new mechanic to complete the repair. We have had a problem locating a repair manual to reset the belt for me. Where can i obtain this info to assist my new mechanic please. It is nerve recking to share a car. and, that is the only thing he needs to complete to get my car back on the road.
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    After R&R timing belt on 3.0 L SOHC what some one installed wrong way ( cams 180 off). This engine has no interference.Now I have timing marks on cams and crank in position and #1 piston is in TDC , distributor rotor is in #1 position and engine is still not running on all 6 cylinders .
    Any one know where could be the problem ?
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    I just replaced a timing belt on a 2001 Mitsubishi D,3.5L V6, you will need to replace the water pump as well.The timing belt drives the water pump.
    Manufacture suggest replacing water pump!
    Also look at your tensioner,it may need replacing also.
    Make sure you adjust the timing belt tensioner correctly,or it will cause premuture
    belt failure!
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    Someone set the timing wrong, go back and reset the timing using the #1 spark plug!Run the #1 piston to Top Dead Center,and then install the timing belt!
    It sounds like someone set the timing using the #4 plug!
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