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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • abiyoyo2abiyoyo2 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 Mercedes ML 320. I am extremely happy with the car but am interested in adding onto the car. I have always loved the look of the chrome grills on the ML 55 AMG. Not wanting to have such a fast SUB and not wanting to spend $65,000, I went with the ML 320. I still love the look of the "less van like" 55 AMG, and I have included the sport package on my new car. Not included in the package, however, is the chrome grill that I love on the 55 AMG. If anyone knows where I can purchase an after-market chrome grill for my ML 320 please let me know. I love my new I class for its safety, comfort, and room, but I still want to disguise the "van like" appearance that so many complain about. Please let me know if anyone has any information for me. Thanks a lot.
  • My 2000 ML stalled over a week ago. After 8 days in the service dept. they determined that I filled it with "bad gas" which damaged 3 injectors (even though I always use Premium BP or Citgo). Since it wasn't Mercedes fault, it's not covered under warranty and they are asking for $1100!!!
    Has anybody heard of anything like this before???????
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    To those of you who do have the info on the MY2002 M-class...please don't go around broadcasting it to everyone or this information will be even harder (or perhaps even nearly impossible) to come by for the future models. As Frank (aka thor3) mentioned, that is what is great about this forum. "It is a group of dedicated MB fanatics getting info. from various sources ahead of the main stream. All the info. posted is more than rumor but you won't get MB to talk about it yet. Consider yourself lucky for being part of this great forum and getting information way before anyone".


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  • nabzynabzy Posts: 29
    Well it seems the new models are coming in earlier than ever. My salesman at Clair Motors, Rick, passed on to me a newsletter that states the following:

    2002 models will start production as of the 3rd decade of MAY, in other words from about May 20th onwards for cars coming from Germany. This means we shall see the new models here in July.

    The 2002 SL's (last year for this body) are already being produced and are available as standard and the special silver arrow package that has been widely publicised. 1400 silver arrow SL 500's will be made only 100 SL 600 silver arrows will be made.

    2 color changes to report - as of sept 1st glacier white changes to alabaster white and aspen green changes to everest green. Whether this means there is no glacier white or aspen green form the start of MY 2002 production till sept 1st or there is until sept 1st is not clear as yet.

    designo - for MY 2002 slate blue on the CLK is no longer available, at this point it does not say what the replacement will be. Also, Goldenrod and copper packages are scrapped on the SLK, again no replacement news yet.

    There are already productions slots showing for 2002 E class 4matics, these are being built as of the 2nd decade of may. They get built earlier as they are shipped to Austria I believe to have the 4 matic installed.

    ML 430 is replaced by ML 500, I have the option pricing on the 2002 but not the standard changes as yet. The 2001 MY prodution ends mid June on MLs and the MY 2002 production starts up July 1st.

    Dealers will start getting produciton slots on MY 2002 cars as of tomm, thus, full product ordering guides will be coming in any time now. Rick will pass on to me any info he gets and I will post immeadiately.

    By the way he has a 2001 silver/charcoal CLK 55 he is selling at MSRP, the car is brand new. It was something to see my 55 next to that one, 2 CLK 55's next to each other, a rare site indeed.
  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    I've found a great place for the chrome grill. The website is I suggest that you call Erv at 1-888-787-3626 because on the web site the grill is sold only as a set (with the bumper insert), and please tell him that Jerry Huang referred you. The part no. is SCH1631002 - 163 Chrome Grille With MB Star lists for $149 (this is by far the cheapest I've found any where and it is a good quality product too). If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can also visit their show room in Van Nuys. The staff there was very friendly and very helpful. I installed the girll in less than 5 mim., and it looks great. I also bought the chromed temp. control rings and chormed side turning light surrounds. Good luck!
  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    In case that you are interested in the chromed headlight rings, don't order them yet because appearently the '01 ML's head light is shaped differenly (the rings they did stock did not fit on my ML). Erv told me that the new headlight rings will be avil. in approx. 2 weeks. I think the rings were $99 and I believe they are made in Germany.
  • nabzynabzy Posts: 29
    Unlike Thor I dont have the standard changes, seems however he posted those. I am not sure if the option pricing has been posted, but I will post thing I will say, over a year ago I mentioned the ML 500 was coming and it received some sceptic responses..oh well :)

    ML 320 -

    1. Metallic paint - $495
    2. Bose with CD changer - $1200
    3. Xenons with washers - $875
    4. Parktronic - $1,015
    5. Rosen rear seat Entertainment system - accersory
    6. Integrated motorola digital timeport - accesory
    7. heated front seats - $635
    8. M1 - $1,635
    9. M2 - new feature memory feature for power external mirrors - $1,275
    10.M5 - new feature power rear quarter windows -$1295
    11.M7 - with cloth $975 with leather $1,180
    12 M6 - $3,350

    ML 500 -

    1. Metallic paint - $495
    2. Bose with CD changer - $1200
    3. Xenons with washers - $875
    4. Parktronic - $1,015
    5. Rosen rear seat Entertainment system - accersory
    6. Integrated motorola digital timeport - accesory
    7. heated front seats - std.
    8. M1 - N/A
    9. M2 - N/A
    10.M3 - ML convenience (memory feature power front seats, rain sensor, power folding exterior rearview mirrors, memory feature for power external mirrors - $800
    11. M5 - sunroof, power rear quarter mirrors -$1,295
    12. M7 - $1,180
    13. M6 - $3,350

    ML 55 -
    Parktronic is the only new option at $1,015


    1. Parktronic available starting Sept production
    2. new colors - alabaster white (starting sept production, no white before that), Andradite green (starting sept production), Capri Blue (starting august produciton), Orion blue
    3. No white or orion blue on ML 55 or sport packages.
    4. Still only charcoal leather on ML 55
    5. designo cognac 4,100, mystic green 4,100 (no ML55)
    6. MY 2001 production ends mid june, MY 2002 production starts first decade of july. Planned release sept 2001.

    Hope this all helps,
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Could you post info on option pricing? That would give us a hint at what is included as standard equipment.

    p.s., for folks who asked me to email the 2002 info, I'd have to agree w/ Drew. It should be treated as confidential so the sources are protected. I will say that most of the rumors are true, but Autoweek is wayyy off; they're mixing in the MY2004 changes.
  • jmcdowelljmcdowell Posts: 13
    Maristella-Do you save your gas receipts or can you show them on your charge receipts? IF so, you might be able to pit the dealer VS the Gas station to see who repairs your truck. We had an incident here where one of the service stations had a delivery of diesel pumped into their gas tank-needless to say it messed up a lot of cars and the gas station had to pony up the cash for repairs. It seems that if you did indeed get bad gasoline, repairs should not come out of your pocket!
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    That's rediculous, I wouldn't pay it. Ask them for documentable evidence.

    Better still have them submit the bill to BP.
  • scramiesscramies Posts: 3
    I have been following the discussions on the forum for a few month's, BTW it's great information. I'm getting to point where I would like some solid pricing information for the Canadian market. It get's a little confusing trying to price out new and used vehicles particularly with the rate of exchange changing on a daily basis. I'm particularly interested in late 1999 and 2000 pricing in Canada, can't afford new at this time, too bad. Anyone knows a good dealer in western Canada or had experiences good or bad?
  • wjraywjray Posts: 2
    Anyone else had this happen? My 2000 ML320 has now had two episodes of "check engine light" on. Both times it happened right after pulling out of my driveway and heading up the street. RPM's came up to about 500, tried to upshift, but instead stumbled on its face and light came on. Dealer said both times the computer told them a spark plug failed and they replaced it. I hope this does not happen 10 more times!
  • jmcdowell; Yes, I do save my receipts because I use my credit card to pay for gas. I will try my best to get some money back.

    ctic; a friend of mine said the same can they tell when gas is "bad"? Well, they said they emptied the tank and filled it up with new gas and voila the car worked. Don't know if they would save any for "proof". I don't see how I can get my car back without paying. I'll write to MB, BP and hope for the best.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Bad gas is bad news for injectors, they are very precise, for instance in a big diesel truck the spray holes are smaller that the tip of a needle, one needs a magnifying glass to see them, cant imagine in something more delicate like an ML.

    On the other hand I would put the pressure on the dealer like this;
    If the gas was indeed bad prove it to me and state so in writing because I will take legal action against the gas retailer and I will use your findings in court if I have to.
    My lawyer wants (Bluff) your findings in paper so we can take action, if they produce, well you have a start, if they don't you have a case against the dealer,(by the following proposition; you are sure enough to charge me, but not sure enough to put in writting, which one is it) is a win win proposition if you present it like that.

    How much gas you had in the tank, very little? did the vehicle started to hesitate shortly after?
  • dt77dt77 Posts: 232
    drew, did you post a pic of some ML that was used on some police force here in the states ?

    the ML used for the Lancashire Constabulary police force has interesting 'black' accents instead of our wood. graphite almost ai ? hehe


  • Andrew's advice is superb. I would do exactly as he said.
    From a scientific standpoint by a non-mechanic guy, I would ask: if the gas is bad, why would only 3 injectors fail? The car could be running now because the faulty injectors that came with the car have been replaced and they just happen to put in a new tank of gas. In other words, I'd like to know how they established the cause-and-effect linkage between the gas that Maristella has been using and the faulty fuel injectors. Retrospective speculation does not hold a lot of water and usually leaves a lot of room for reasonable doubts.
    Good luck, Maristella , and keep us posted.
  • dietmikedietmike Posts: 7
    My upgraded Bose stereo on my 2001 ML320 Sport seems to have a reception problem. Most of the major stations in the Dallas, Texas area come in "weak". It sounds as if the treble cuts in and out just a bit. The CD works fine so I know it has something to do w/the antenna/tuner.

    Where is the antenna, in the windshield? .. and has anyone else had this problem?

  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    wjray, This same thing has happened to my wife's Volvo XC, but not with my ML. It appears that with the new OBD II system when a stumble occurs it will trigger the on dash light and require the dealer to reset.

    Both times on the Volvo it was the same error message that a plug misfired or was bad. The good news is it hasn't happened again since the car was over two months old.
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Your dealer is hosing you. You have a 4yr 50K factory warranty.It would be no problem for them to put it through as warranty. It was not intended negligence. I agree with earlier posts, ask them what was wrong with the gas, did they send it out for analysis? Was it watery, etc. Many tank pickup up water anyway through condenstation, "bad gas" etc. Is is to be expected to some degree. that is why they produce drygas. Why didn't the fuel filter clog first? If so, the filter may have been defective, or the scheduled maintenance or the computor is to blame. Worst case scenario, pay on an American Express (better holdback policy) or Visa to get the car out, then immediately call the credit card company and ask for a holdback, they will hold off paying the dealer until a resolution is made. Ask for the area rep's phone # and address, send him a written correspondence along with the copy of the billing and cc your dealer and MBUSA. Follow this up with a call to the rep. You are caught in the middle, let them and the gas station fight it out.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Anybody know the HP and torque numbers yet? If not any educated guesses? I see the S500 is 302hp/339ft lbs, if the ML has those numbers that would be outstanding!!
  • sduff1sduff1 Posts: 11

    Could you send send me a copy of the '02 information file too? I have a 2000 ML320 with all the options, plus some chrome add-ons, that I love, but someone wants to buy mine. So I think I'll wait for a '02. Any info is appreciated..
  • buck45buck45 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where I can get a good price on the 4 yeay 100000 mile extended warranty?
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Looks like the vote is in.

    Tell your dealer and MB if necessary that many ML owners are behind you in this. You could probably gather a bunch of electronic signatures from here to back you. I'll be willing to write a protest letter and you can e-mail, probably so will others and you can e-mail them all to the dealer and MB.
  • norge003norge003 Posts: 11
    I have a quick question that I hope someone can answer.......This may seem obvious to some but this is the first vehicle that I have considered buying with cash plus a trade in vehicle. How does taxing the vehicle come into play with a trade-in? For example, if the MSRP is 40K and I get 5K for my trade in does the tax apply to the 35K or is the vehicle first taxed at 40K then minus my trade-in? I am going to make a decision on a ML 320 in the next couple of days but I have confused this issue to a point that I feel brain dead!! (must be my mba night classes!) Thanks for your help...
  • macbestmacbest Posts: 55
    In California, when I bought my ML in December, tax is based on the entire purchase price of the new car. It is not reduced for trades or down payments. I'm pretty sure it is like this across the US. Good luck!
  • rich96rich96 Posts: 37
    When I bought my ML320 last November here in Mass., the sales tax was based on the difference between the new car and the trade in. I don't know if it's like this in other states, though.
  • macbestmacbest Posts: 55
    In California, when I bought my ML in December, tax is based on the entire purchase price of the new car. It is not reduced for trades or down payments. I'm pretty sure it is like this across the US. Good luck!
  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    I agree with macbest. The taxable amount is the purchase price of the truck. The trade-in value is only a part of how you elect to pay for the purchase. Therefore, the trade-in amount has nothing to do with reducing the tax base. Good luck!
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    Talking about Bad Gas, if you are using the same gas for your other car, that car should have the same problem you are getting right now isn't it,like clogged injectors as what your dealer said. I agree with fellow that suggested get a written diagnose to your ML then take it to BP gas. This is my share to your agony.
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