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Toyota Tundra Real World MPG Numbers



  • tank5tank5 Posts: 10
    Hi: Does any one have real world experience with putting a 2" front, 5" rear lowering kit on a 2007/8 2wd Tundra? I beleive that with a less large profile to the air the truck should get better gas mileage.

    Any info"

  • i have an 07 with the 5.7 4x4 and just recently took it on a trip to virginia beach from pa. once on the highway i was keepin a an average mph of about 85, with the occasionall race against some poor sports cat i got 19.2 on two tanks. i drive in the mountains alot and on average there i get around 14.4. ive been checkin it every fill up just to see if babying the thing will help. the only advantage ive seemed to find out is to very slowly get up to speed, that saved 2.5 on the mountain driving. i also tow a 29' toy hauler camper wieghing in around 75lbs. loaded. the truck doesnt even know its there. now the gas mileage dropped to around 12ish but whos counting.. im just now gettin ready to hit 10,000 mls.and the only thing i dont like about it is that the rear tires are already shot and they suck badly in the snow!
  • you wont even know that trailer is behind you if you get an 5.7 eng. the truck just pulls like no tomorrow. i your gas mileage is alil rough, i get around 12.5 on a good mixture of highway and backroads on the mountains. it will hadle very well and stop even better. i haul a 29' toy hauler and it weighs around 7500 lbs loaded . there is nothing i can complain about except the need for a larger gas tank...
  • Having owned several Silverados, I was pretty disappointed with the 16mpg I'm getting with this Tundra. I still own the 2001 Z71 Extended Cab with a 5.3 Vortex, which gets the 16mpg in the same driving conditions. For what I gave up in cab size, I'm not sure I made the right choice unless someone can tell me what can be done to get the Tundra's mpg up into 19-20 range. Any help is appreciated.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I recently purchased a 2008 Tundra D-Cab, SR5 w/ the 5.7 liter V8 w/ the 6spd. auto. tranny. 1st tank of fuel went fairly quickly. I averaged 13.8 mpg. Now that the truck has some miles on it and has broken-in. The truck has been averaging 16.9 mpg. I drive some back roads and then some highway getting to work daily. If I take it easy on the highway the mileage goes to 20 mpg. Getting stuck in traffic takes it's toll on fuel economy. (as to be expected) I took a 60 mile round trip on the freeway the other day and got 19.8 mpg. average w/ the cruise at 65 mph. I live in New England and we have plenty of hills. The highway has a lot of changes in grade.
    I towed my snow machine the other day and the digital read out was at 16.4 mpg. Not bad for towing a 600 lb. trailer and a 400 plus pound sled in 4x4 through slushy snow. Also of note I plow my driveway and my neighbors down the road with my new Tundra. Believe it or not the fuel economy did not suffer much. Even with the truck in 4WD the whole time and the steel blade Fisher attached to the front.
  • car25car25 Posts: 7
    I am getting 14.4 mpg for driving hilly mountains and country roads PA w/t 2008 Tundra 4x4 DC with 5.7 engine.

    Worst I have seen was 13.2 mpg, but that was enjoying the 381 HP. Hope get´s better when further broken in, currently at 2500 miles.
  • goduckgoduck Posts: 1
    :sick: :sick: i have a 04 tundra that i got new in aug 04 and i have always kept track of my mileage the very best was15 mpg on i-5 between sac and the grapevine on c/c the whole way each fill-up on that strech was the same no better . now inthe city 11mph tops .it sucks the dealor says its the gas, its the way i drive, its this its that well i have tried every thing to get 12 mph no way no how . any ideas out there before i get rid of it ? i really like this truck put cant aford to feed it. :cry:
  • 08 2wd Double Cab 4.7ltr / 5spd auto.
    Worst mileage: 15.3
    Best mileage: 21.2
    Average (over the past 13k miles). 19.2

    I have a K&N Air Filter in it and change the oil every 3k with Castrol 5w30. Usually use Texaco or Chevron fuel if it is available.
  • 2008 Tundra Double Cab 5.7 L

    3000 miles

    Just completed 360 mile trip all highway with a few on & offs Avg speed 70 mph.

    19.4 MPG
  • The most effective way to improve gas mileage is give your engine all the air it can handle and the fastest way of getting rid of exhaust.

    Cold Air Intakes, RAM Air Hoods and CAT Back Dual Exhausts.

    Do your research and you won't sacrifice your quiet ride but, you'll have a very noticeable HP increase and higher mpg only if you can keep your foot from the thrill of stomping on the gas.
  • mikonmikon Posts: 7
    I have two Tundras; viz, a2000 4x4 SR5 Access Cab w/shell & cattle guard and a 2006 4x4 Double-Cab Limited (no shell). Both have the 4.7 liter V8s (first at 245 HP/315 ft-lbs, second at 271 HP/345 ft-lbs). I have tracked every tank of gas since purchase of both.

    The 2000 consistently gets 16.6 on E90 and 18.0 on 100% regular gasoline. I do a reasonable amount of off-roading in the CA Sierras with it (my GO-TO truck). A 6,000 mile trip in 2006 yielded 17.7 mpg overall while working a ranch for two months of hauling and towing, and I cruised cross-country at 95 mph for over two hours (w/no trailer) during the trip.

    The 2006 has averaged 18.3 mpg overall since purchase on regular E90 gasoline, but is getting better mileage as it ages. I use full synthetic oil in both trucks.
  • I find that extremely hard to believe. I have a 2007 double cab with a 5.7 l engine and it has never even once exceeded 15 mpg regardless of what kind of driving (highway or city) and how hard I have driven it. How exactly did you calculate your mpg?
  • lwittorflwittorf Posts: 96
    Just bought a 08 tundra crew with 4.6 the 4 tanks I have ran have been 18.2 high 15.8 low the thing has 16k on it [it was a lease rig] am thinking of puting in a K&N filter and going to mobile 1 but I don't look for any better but I can always hope. I keep track of all the gas I put in so will report back after I have put more miles on it.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    Our new '08 DC, just 1,200 miles on the odometer when we started-out from Iowa for a round trip of northern Wisconsin with a 4,200 lb.-loaded hybrid travel trailer, 2 adults and 200 lbs. of gear. After 1,250 miles over 8 days we averaged 12.51 MPG highway mileage on 2/3's interstate and 1/3 good 2-lane with the usual slow-downs for small towns. Pegged the cruise at 57-58, left it in automatic and did not use 'tow-haul mode'. This is actual mileage based on starting with a full tank when leaving town and filling-up as we rolled back in, not 'calculated' by the vehicle computer.
    I'm happy.
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    On a roadtrip that was 98% interstate running 77-78 MPH for 99+ % of that, the rest 55 MPH secondary highway driving on our '08 4X4 DC with a total of 500 lbs. of passengers and light cargo, got 17.92 MPG based on actual gas usage, not by the computer. :)
  • uh1cruuh1cru Posts: 1
    have a 2008 Crewmax with a 5.7l average 14 anround town 18 on the highway and 10 towing a 8000 lb travel trailer. Awesome truck took a trip tp Pomona CA last year for the drag races passing diesels going over the grapevine, took another trip to Oregon 8000 lb trailer wife 2 kids 100 deg outside A/C running over the Siskyou Mtns temp gages never moved. not to mention it's a real hot rod. :) :) :)
  • eharri3eharri3 Posts: 645
    5.7, 4x4, SR5 with 18 inch wheels.

    I broke her in with my first 800 mile road trip with 500 miles on the clock back in march. Got 18.7 all highway, going no faster than 65-70 mph, with no heavy throttle application. Incredible when I consider my 04 Dakota Quad Cab with 4x4 and 4.7 almost never beat that number and the truck was 1000 pounds lighter, 3.55 rear end as opposed to the Tundra with over 100 fewer horsepower.

    Of course I haven't driven it like that or seen that mileage since. The other day some idiot stopped in front of me on the merging lane with 65 mph traffic flying by. I just floored it when I saw a small gap and the next car flying towards the on ramp never even got close to my rear end. Can't drive a truck that's capable of that for ultimate mileage, no matter how hard I try.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I own a 2008 Tundra 4x4 Double Cab SR5 4x4, currently has 27k on the clock. Summer driving my Tundra avg.s around 19.4 mpg, winter it drops down to 16.9 to 17.3 according to the handy little computer on the dash. I also use my Tundra to plow with. When I am plowing snow it avg.s 13.5 which isn't bad considering the 7 1/2' blade on the nose and the Blizzak snows on the truck. I use 87 octane fuel and "treat" the Tundra to 92 octane once in a while. ;)
    The sweet spot for fuel economy seems to be not going over 70 pmh on the interstate and keeping the truck at an avg. speed of 40-50 mph on numbered routes that allow such speeds. If I get stuck in traffic all bets are off and fuel economy suffers as you would expect. I also tow with my Tundra quite often getting up to the 10,300 lb. max. rating. My fuel economy when towing around 10k lbs. avg.s 13.1 to 14.4 mpg. Which I think is reasonable given the amount of weight being towed. :D
  • Being retired I've seen lot's of changes in auto and trucks ! Some are good,some are not ! Owned 5 new trucks & 5 new cars pluse used ! Never used syn. oil or k&n air filters,never had to rebuilt motors or trans.! Had a new 68 toyota corona, a new 78 ford f100 with a 6cy 300 motor,it got 19mpg ! Pulled a travel trailer all over the mountains with it (three speed on colum) (had 140,000 mi.when sold)! Had a 98 tacoma 4x4 ext. cab. 4cy. pulled 3000 lbs. boat with it ! Had 194,000mi. when i traded in (did'nt burn a drop of oil)! Have a 09 frontier crew cab 4x4 that gets 22.5mpg going 65mph in 70%-30% driving! 21 going 70mph on Int.(20 at 78mph)! Blessed ! pulled a 27' travel trailer for over 8hrs. in upper 90's! Looking real hard at 2011 tundra,but 1st review 17mpg with 2wd ! "Come On" Myths: your auto will get better gas mpg after break-in,syn. oil will give you more mpg !
  • I use a fully calibrated "ScanGuage." At 55 mph the Tundra gets 23.0 MPG and at 65 mph it gets 20.0. I get a lower MPG when there is alcohol in the fuel , 10 to 15% lower. The best MPG seems to be when name brand fuel is used with Shell gas the best. Hills have no effect as long as I start and finish at the same elevation, ( I have an electronic altimeter). I drive very gently - for example The front brake pads have been changed once and now at 190,000 miles i will replace the rear drum brakes soon. Timing belt was changed at 160,000 miles.
    (K&N air filter and Full synthetic oil and transmission fluids from day 4)
  • oke3oke3 Posts: 2
    here is a link to a great site for real world mpg.
  • so is it worth it to add a dual exhaust system?
  • I had 9 toyota's plus 2 for the kids,never a issue with any of them.I had 2003 tundra 4 8 traded for a 2006 diesel dodge,they gave me 22K on the trade with 65K on clock for the clodge. I just got my title and a week before the trans burned up.3300 clams.Now the ball joints.Diesel is 3.35 to 3.55.Iam sick of putting anymore money in it.I have a 5K TT,I know the tundra can handel the task.Can't wait to purchase my 28 veichle in 45 years of driving.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited March 2011
    My father in law left his at my place in Vail. I use it to get wood.That's too bad what a waste.Around Eagle,Vail area staying off I 70 I get 12mpg, Highway maybe 20mpg.No wonder it's only has 5k on it and only 1 yr. old.
    The oldman is a right wing wingnut and covered his NRA sticker with a sign sayin' 12mies a gallon.
    I left it in Vail with a tarp over it as we are back East. He could of bought 2 round trip tickets to fly into Denver .I put 31 gallons in it and it cost me $105.24 @$329.9 just to go 380 miles. :sick:
  • tundra13tundra13 Posts: 1
  • seanportseanport Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    I have a 2000 Tundra 4.6L with a K&N and have used full synthetic for the past 50K, I have 108K on the truck now. I was getting 17.5 in mixed driving (mostly highway at 70-75 MPH). After I had the timing belt changed and new plugs, my MPG have gone down to around 16.5 on average with the same driving conditions. The engine feels like new, runs like new, but I am just not happy with the MPH after the "tune up" which feels like a tune down to me...that was around 18K ago...
  • solerisoleri Posts: 4
    Come on guys, all you tundra owners need to quit lying to yourselfs. I accepted & came to terms with the mpg my Tundra gets. Here's the figures driving it like theres an ege between the gas pedal & the floor. 11 city 14.7 hwy. This is horrific! I thought something was wrong till I talked to a Co. worker that had same truck. SAME MPG numbers. And dont go by that dumb computer on the dash. Toyota put that there to make us feel better. Calculate at the pump. "miles driven divided by gallons of gas used". Only way to get tru figures. Im going back to my 86 toyota 4 banger. Never let me down and get 23 on the hwy all day long, and is a lot funner & easier to work on. Accept what you get, you'll feel better after. Id sell while you still can before gas goes up anymore. Mines worth less than half of what I paid for it after only 55,000 miles. Just my 2 cents worth guys.
  • todyodatodyoda Posts: 2
    C'mon MAN !
    Did any one here by a 5.7 V8 because of it's stellar fuel economy ? Nuh !
    Don't get me wrong i wish my Tundra got 25 mpg and still hauled butt like it does but I never bought this truck for it's econmical milage. I bought it 'cuz the engine is AWESOME and it's a Toyota , my 11th and nairly a problem yet with any of them . And if there ever was they were on it like flies on smell!
    My buddy bought the new Silverado and thought he was going to get 22 mpg as advertised with the 5.3 VCM engine and he is doing no better than me on mpg and i have 100 more hp and way more GRUNT. And mine hasn't brocken down like his has 3 times in the first year.
  • todyodatodyoda Posts: 2
    Can anybody tell me ( for certain ) if there is a tire size i can increase to that will work on my stock 20' rim to get rid of the miniscule sidewalls it has without lifting the truck?????
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