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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • I just got my letter today too, so I'm hoping I can be reimbursed for the repairs I had done last summer. Unfortunately, the letter specifically says the reimbursement and warranty applies only to the valve body and not the transmission. The valve body was cheap to fix compared to the transmission - and it was the valve body being defective that caused the transmission to fail!

    On a side note, I just got the car back from the VW dealer this morning - I had to have both front axles replaced, as well as the window regulator for the passenger side window.

    I think the best investment I made after purchasing this car was purchasing an extended warranty for it. It has paid for itself four times over so far. I paid about $3000 for the warranty. The axles and window regulator this morning would have cost me $2000, but I only had to pay my $100 deductible. They've also covered repairs I've had to have done to the catalytic converter (wtf?), the convertible top, the glove box, the other window regulator, the transmission, and the valve body.

    So all in all, there's no way I'd ever buy another Volkswagen. I was just attracted to the cute factor of a baby blue convertible bug. People compliment me on it all the time, and I immediately say, "Yeah, it's cute, but don't ever buy one. It's been nothing but trouble."
  • I will not be getting any help from Volkswagen with the hard shifting problem because my 2006 VW has just over 100,000. Also received no help or consideration when I had to put a new engine in it two months ago. Foolish me for purchasing a Volkswagen - never again.
  • I got my letter last week and just got back from the "DEALER" guess what it was a bait and switch! They found something else wrong with the Tray and said I would have to fix that first before they could do the warrenty work. The bill would be more than $500.00. So I said No, it still cost me $99.00 for their diagnosis and a free car wash!
  • I received a letter just today... It said that they will also repair the transmission valve body as well 7yrs/ 100 thousand miles. I already had my tranmisssion re-build cost me llots of $$$$!!! So car runs better but not the same as how I got it at first :( Im gonna call to see if I can get reimbursment.. Hope I do!! Other than that! Car is falling apart turn signals dont work! the handles to move the seats forward slip out windows dont roll down when I shut the doors, so the doors don't close properly! which is really fruastruating!!! The list goes on and on!!! Don't know what to do anymore..
  • What did you state in your letter? I am having the same problems and my husband is totally disgusted with the car. I cannot trade it in because I owe on it, but I can't drive it either!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • les24les24 Posts: 11
    I received the letter also and am gettiing my receipts together to send in for re-imbursement on the $4100 of repairs I had done. It took the transmission specialist 3 times and two valve assemblies to get the job done right and it is running great. the trade in value on this beautiful car is very low so if you can fix it and use it for a few more years, you should do that. I am done with it. I did not take it to a VW dealership for repairs and I am hoping I have enough records to prove I took good care of the car but it did not take good care of me. I wish you all luck. If you are in the Houston area Aplus Transmission Repair in Magnolia treated me very well.
  • The letter was a typical recall letter stating they would fix the problem if the car had 100,000 or less and 7 years or newer. My car has a little over 100,000.
  • I got a letter from VW five days ago. Immediately took my car in for the "warranty extension" repairs. The dealer agreed that the Valve Body is the problem with my car just as the letter states, however the original owner took possession of the car just a few days prior to the warranty coverage. That is crap!! I've filed complaint with the Texas OAG and now I'm on to other organizations. DON'T LET THESE THIEVES GET AWAY WITH THIS! IF YOU RECEIVED A LETTER LET'S FIGHT TO MAKE THEM HONOR IT!
  • emd1emd1 Posts: 1
    I received the letter and decided to take my car in because the gears have been slipping. The VW repair shop was sure they could change out the Valve Body under the warranty but the codes from my car were different than what they say the Valve Body fault is. VOA would not approve the change of the Valve Body so the repair shop says I have to change the entire transmission which will cost $5,200! Has anyone had the same experience? I am going to contact Customer Care at VOA. Imagine having to replace your transmission with only 58,000 miles on a car that has been well maintained and has had all the service checks, etc.!
  • just because you have over 100k does not mean it is out of warranty you need to look at the amount of mileage that was on the car the first day you bought it ie. if you had 200 miles on it then warranty is good for102k miles.
  • Now they have admitted that there is a problem by sending these extensions right. So now they are liable for selling a faulty product. They have admitted guilt by doing this. first off the dealers have ripped us off by telling us all we need new transmissions and now the company (V.W) admits that there valve bodies are faulty so they should have to pay for the transmissions that the dealers have talked us into. Also some of us have had to go through this more than once because a valve body replacement has not fixed all of our problems. It is the !@#$ing transmission and they need to pay. they are putting a band aid on a wound that needs fifty stitches in hopes that this will solve our problems and keep costs down for them. It wont and we need to stand strong. They know that they are !@#$ed now and now they are doing something that they claim will help. they need to recall all of theses cars and do this right before someone gets hurt in a serious accident. This is a safety issue. Do you want to be driving your kids around in a car that constantly has problems knowing that a faulty shift can happen at any moment causing an accident? How about your sister, brother, mother, dad, grandpa, grandma, nieces and nephews. !@#$ them this pisses me off even more. They should step up and fix them all. I dont care if they will go B.K. over this they deserve to not be in business anymore after what they have done to us. Its like a restaurant if you sell food that tastes like !@it then guess what no one will come and you will be out of business. If they would have done the right thing in the first place they may have been able to save their business but know the gloves are off because they did not listen and fix the issue and kept manufacturing cars with full knowledge of this hazardous defect. One more time. THEY KNOWINGLY KEPT MANUFACTURING CARS WITH A HAZARDOUS DEFECT. They have had complaints of this going back to before 2000 and did not listen. All they had to do was !@#$ing listen. All the ammo is there know this extension is a good piece of evidence in that they are now admitting they hav knowingly for a long time sold a hazzardous defective product. Sign me the !@#$ up for a lawsuit . those !@#$ards. !@#$ them!
  • I bought this car from the dealer and it had never been driven, I am well over the 100,000, and just hoping the transmission will last until I pay it off.
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  • I took my car to the dealer and they told me i needed a new transmission (5,000 dollars) i filed a complaint wit wvoa and they told me the extension warranty only cover the valve and thats it. Im in the same situation, i still owe 9,000 dollars to the bank and a new transmission is more that 5,000 dollars so im not doing that! its not worth it! im calling the bank to return the car, i cant use it and i cant fix it. vw sucks!
  • I think that you have two option s: Either trade it or try and get a warranty. If you go the warranty route, BE SURE that you research the company very, very well. (I bought one a few years ago, and it turned out to be a scam and absolutely worthless. It cost me $2,000. I found out it was worthless when I went to get my VW transmission problems fixed a couple of weeks ago.)

    I traded my VW yesterday. I was upfront with them about the problems (transmission valve just fixed, convertible top would not go all the way down, ac broke for the 2nd time, passenger seat broke for the 2d time.) I felt blessed that they took it as a trade in.
  • I also received a letter this past weekend about the Valve Body replacement. What worries me is that if the "codes" are the wrong codes, then they will not replace it. I loved my car (notice past tense), but I can guarantee you if it is the valve body and they do replace it, I will have one less vehicle in my yard as soon as I can get rid of it! More problems than with all the other vehicles I have ever owned! The door latch inside the door broke after about a year, the door - yes the door - broke! My husband had to take the mirror off and it would have fell to the ground - that was the only thing holding the door on the car! Now the transmission - took it at the end of the summer and they said the transmission fluid smelled burnt and the transmission was $5200. Who has that kind of money to put into a car you still owe on! Sick and worried to death I will have this car forever and never be able to drive it again. Not including having to replace the fuse box onto of the battery 4 times at a $100 a pot!!!!!
  • Well the mall in my town has a new VW parked inside it on display. You dont know how badly I would like to put a DONT BUY VW on that window when passing by. Whats all this talk about letters going around to replace a part of the tranny? Bummer thing is its 7 years or 100,000 miles. Well Ive owed mine for 11 1/2 yrs with 82,000 miles on it so Guess Im out of luck. Its been doing this for a year now. Feed up!! :mad:
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  • dslasersdslasers Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    WOW. I just got done reading these 397 posts, and all I can say is :mad: ...

    My story summary: 'Hard-shifting' started in ~ Oct, '10. Took it to a 'non-dealer specialist'.. (I've learned that much... ;) to check it out...Figured I was 'alone'... he tells me 'No, it's rather common' (!) He discusses my 'options', and leaves me trying to figure out 'how in the world to come up with $1800. for a 'Valve-body job' - 'IF that is the only problem' (!!) ...Then I get 'the letter' in Nov. offering the 'warranty-extension / replacement-offer' from VWOA... Great news! ... BUT, I have to bring it to a dealer for an 'evaluation'... Ok, (grumble grumble) fine, I'll do it...

    So, I bring it to a 'reputable' dealer, in the area, only to have them charge me $60. to tell me 'well, the 'computer says' it's not the valve-body - but an 'incorrect gear ratio', and therefore, an 'internal, mechanical problem' with the transmission, and since my bug ('04 Turbo Conv.) has ~77K miles - sorry, no dice on the warranty-extension on that from VW'....but, a 'rebuilt tranny is *only* $5400. and would I like to schedule that?' ...Yeah, sure! I'll be right back... >:(

    I barely managed to restrain myself from saying: "Ya know...when it comes to in-depth car knowledge, maybe I *was* 'born yesterday', ...but guess what? I've been 'up all night doin' my homework', so let's skip the horse$#*!, ok, pal?!!.." ;)

    So I do some more online 'homework' and find some helpful posts, think: 'I'm gonna try and go the route of investigating' this "transmission control module", and I also read some posts on other sites about these 'error messages' coming from seemingly unrelated-things, like the 'incorrect installation of a new battery' - hah, guess what? I *did* replace my battery, in like, August '10... and the "hard-shifting" wierdness *just* started in Oct!! Anybody else had a recent (and by that, I mean *before* the problems started) battery-replacement? (see Post #1 (!)

    Also, I read one post about 'uneven-tire wear' possibly causing 'misinterpreted' tranny-problem messages to the ECM... I also saw at least one post where someone suggested that it might even be just the 'solenoid pack', which makes prefect sense, especially seeing all those whose problems worsen once 'warmed-up' / with heat, etc.. (mine, too... )

    BUT - you know what?? *Since* the dealership 'evaluation' - my passenger-side blinker is 'mysteriously' out - and the CAR SHIFTS FINE!!!! I'm sure it will probably 'come-back', but what that tells me is that this is *quite-possibly* either a 'secondary-component' issue or some sort of 'communication' / electrical-problem, relating somehow to the 'TCM', *rather-than* my actual tranny, somehow all 'chewed-up suddenly out of nowhere'...

    Don't get me wrong - I'm *not* suggesting that all of these transmissions are 'fine' and it's 'all in the computer' - *clearly* the Bug transmissions are problematic, at-best...but if many of these problems are even *possibly* related-to / born-from 'component factors', and a) dealer-service depts are not *investigating* them (ie: "the computer told me and the computer is never wrong" vs an actual pressure-test / dropping the pan / examining the fluid, etc), and b) neither is VW...undoubtedly, not calling-out / fixing something relatively 'simple', could very-well lead to further complications - and actual damage! - (ie:...anybody remember the 2 Space Shuttle disasters? (rip...)) So, that when some finally get it checked-out - yeah, their transmission really IS shot!!

    And their 'top-recommended "solution" is quite-conveniently very 'self-serving': 'Oh, uh, *sorry* the warranty-covered repair is not what's really wrong with your car - cause the COMPUTER told me so...' ...How 'convenient'!.... '...but I can offer you this very fine $5400. enema, if you'd like?' Pthptpth!

    MY POINT IS - YES! we all need to *FLOOD* VW with complaints (so there's *lots* of documented proof that there *are* many, many problems), file the reports / complaints with the 'ODI / NHTSA' and sites, there, so that VW can't *possibly* say 'we didn't know this was such a problem....' Really, VW?? This *one* thread is 20 PAGES LONG, spanning over 3 YEARS!! *Why* do we have to hear about someone *dying* over this, before something really gets' done??!!

    Yeah, ok, I'm a little 'passionate' in my posting, here - maybe cause I transport my WIFE and DAUGHTER in this car!!!!

    ...So, I'm definitely *in* for any movement towards an certain 'unmentionable course of action', as a 'group'... sign me up!

    Meantime, if I have any success with checking out the 'TCM' / solenoid-pack / battery, etc suggestions others have proposed looking-at, I'll post here...

    Sleepless in Los Angeles
  • dslasersdslasers Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    Hi mybeetlesucks -

    :confuse: Not sure what you were trying to say - I see no text on your reply, just fyi...

    Anyhoo, here's what I said to the NHTSA ODI:

    2004 Volkswagen 'New Beetle' has serious design / OEM-component flaws in the transmission and/or transmission control module, creating very-dangerous and unpredictable 'stalls' (step on gas, motor revs, but transm. does not engage - immediately) in traffic. VW is aware of this, because they have sent a 'warranty-extension / replacement offer' letter for the valve-body of the transm., however, dealer 'computer' says it's not the valve-body, but rather a 'mechanical issue due to an incorrect gear ratio' and offers a complete transm. replacement for $5500. (!) Not a very 'helpful' solution for a car worth that or less. It would seem there is an 'electrical / electronic' problem with one of their OEM components (ie: transmission control module and/or solenoid-pack) as there are *thousands* of owners with such problems, across this country, and IMHO, VW needs to recall these cars and fix / replace the transmissions / OEM-components - Here is a link to a 20-page thread detailing others' experiences: - Clearly, this is *not* a 'single-consumer' or 'personal periodic-maintenance issue', and may have grave consequences for someone / some family(ies) if not recalled by VW - Please, help us!

    Let's all keep this up - just maybe they'll 'hear us'... we will not be silenced! After all... THIS.... IS... SPARTA!!! ;)

    - Bugged in LA
  • Once again the NHTSA will NOT do anything unless it is Life Threatening so they personally have stated!! So unless you feel that you Beetle could perhaps stall in the middle of the road or whatever causing someone to crash into you, then good luck!! LIFE THREATENING....When you post to them!!! Got it? FYI :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I don't know if you've ever driving in Los Angeles, especially on the 405, but trust me. When my transmission locked up in 2nd gear on the 405 during rush hour, it was most definitely life-threatening. :surprise:
  • Add me to the list
    VW has no conscience
    The problems are all related however this warranty extension temporary lets them skirt the issue.
    I'm very upset
    I don't like being misdirected with no recourse
  • Just returned from dealer who denied "valve body" claim because of seepage around pan.

    The tech was able to duplicate my problem with the hard shifts, but after dealership contacted VW for authorization of repair, VW denied claim because of minor seepage. So I asked dealer to fix the leak and they told me they are not authorized to open the transmission cases, but I could give them $6000.- for a new one. How convenient for the dealership

    I contacted VW Care and lodged a complaint. Awaiting a return phone call from regional case manager.

    Based on my reading of this thread, I don't expect VW to fix my problem without some kind of legal action.
  • Nateliemac,

    I wasn't saying this isn't Life Threatening. I own one of these POS So I know it can be. What I was trying to stress to EVERYONE on here is how Important it is to List it AS Life Threatening so that we can have action taken!! I bought this for 26,000 and although it is 10 years old it has LOW miles so I shouldn't have to buy a New Transmission at the cost of the actual value the car is Today let alone a car that has under 85,000 miles on it!! Especially when every little plastic piece is falling off this damn car and the suspension obviously sucks too. As you may have already read on here how peoples cars a really squeaky underneath. It's too bad V.W. only wants to recall the stupid crap!! Just sayn :mad:
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