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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • no they did not but I have a different issue. Yours might but the warranty ids 5 years 60000 miles. I recommend pulling a car fax and if you can prove that there has been a pre existing condition it may be covered get it to the dealer right away. don't put another mile on the car and take it in. you just may get lucky
  • thanks for the tip! I've now filed a formal complaint!
  • mz_mayramz_mayra Posts: 1
    I just took my car to the local VW dealer today and I made sure I told them I spoke with VW corporate prior to dropping the car off. VW does warrant the powertrain, which includes the transmission. The warranty is 10 years/ 100,000 miles. I have a transmission leak and it is under warranty. Call VW @ 1-800-822-8987 if you have any questions.
  • Maybe in 1999 the VW warranty was better than in 2004. I just looked at my warranty booklet for 2004. It states that the powertrain warranty is 5 years or 60,000 miles. :sick: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Agreed. Mine is a 2003 convertible, 5 years or 60000. Sigh.
  • speedbump1speedbump1 Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    I'm the owner of a 2002 VW Turbo Beetle. I purchased this car 3 years ago from my sister. At that time it had 38,000 miles. She took meticulous care of the car, having it serviced at the local VW facility as recommended in the owner's manual. I have also done the same taking excellent care of the vehicle. It currently has 54,000 miles. Last week it was serviced at the local VW dealership which included an oil change, tire rotation, fluid check, etc.

    Yesterday I drove the car out of town approx. 40 miles. While returning home last night I stopped at a grocery store. As I was leaving the store my car started to make a very weird noise which at first sounded like something was dragging underneath it. I stopped and physically got out to look under the car but saw nothing hanging down. I started to drive away and heard the noise again. I drove the car for 1 mile and stopped at a friends house. I had a friend come out and look under the hood to see if they could see where the noise was coming from. He asked me to put the car in reverse and it would not go in reverse. At that point I knew something was terribly wrong. To make a long story short I called a tow truck and had my car towed home. The next morning I had my car towed to a reputable foreign auto repair shop only to be told later that day that my transmission had gone out. Her words, "Inside the transmission box were pieces that I could hold in my hand." It literally broke into pieces. Now I'm being told that it will cost approx $3,600 to replace the transmission. I was told that they called the local dealership to inquire about similar problems in other VW Beetles. She was told that there was no recall at this time on VW Beetle transmissions.

    Something about all of this just doesn't seem right. This car has very low miles and has been well maintained. What would make a transmission disintegrate like this. What do I do????????????
  • cbahalocbahalo Posts: 5
    My 2005 turbo is on it's 2nd transmission and it's acted weird from day 1. Of course whenever I take it into the VW dealer (the only place it's ever been serviced) I get this "we can't duplicate the problem". Then they pretty much blow me off like I'm making it up! I'm at a loss of what to do. Wish I never had bought the damn thing.
  • Basically you are screwed. I would recommend getting a rebuilt transmission from a place like millennium transmissions out of Gilbert A.Z. they range from 2000 to 3000 and can be warrantied for 2-3 years. I would no recommend rebuilding that transmission but you might think about throwing it through the v.W. America corporate window. Ha Ha . They will ship the new one to the repair facility and as long as they are qualified it will have a warranty probably better that the shops if they were to rebuild. The catch is that you have to send the old one to them but I think they pay for the shipping.

    On another note transmissions don't usually go out like that. first you should experience shifting problems. I would check the serial number on the transmission to see if it matches because there may have been a switchero. These Transmissions are very expensive and people will go to great lengths to get there car going again. all it takes is about five hours if you are good maybe less. hopefully your car was secure but you never know.
  • call V.W. America and tell them you are pissed and need to take your car to a different V.W. dealer because you are not getting the help you deserve. I have posted previous blogs with contact info. Yours 2nd transmission should be covered under warranty. Don't let them break your balls. You are the customer. Take the service manager out with you for a ride as long as it takes to duplicate the problem. Do not Back down. It is under warranty and they don't want to pay again. A new one is 6000 dollars and they don't want to pay. Be tough and take it back there drop it off and tell them you are not coming back till it is fixed and get the regional rep involved to kick the service managers [non-permissible content removed]!!!! Oh yes he or she has people they have to answer to.
  • What do I match the serial number to? During my last service they had my car for approx. 5 hours. The wierd thing about it was when I picked it up my battery was dead. They tried to tell me I had a bad battery but I didn't go along with that crap. I told them that someone must have left something on. Would they have to disconnect the battery to get to the transmission?
  • I have a convertible that began hard shifting. I had a business trip a few weeks ago so I dropped it off at the dealership. They called me a few days later and told me it was seeping transmission fluid, (I never saw any, it was always parked in the same place) but never the less they said it was going to cost me $475 - so I told them to do it. When I returned they called and told me the transmission was all messed up inside and would need to be replaced at a cost of $5k. First, I was told that the transmission was sealed and should have not been opened. I called VW America and they said there was nothing they could do except offer me $1k towards the purchase of a new car - but that was a joke - they wanted to give me $5k as a trade -in due to it needing a new transmission. I bought the extended warranty that conveniently expired three weeks ago. The car has been plagued with warranty issues, I have replaced at my cost all four of the window motors. I have the ability to get this story out to the public...let me know your stories.
  • Ok. Mine is a 2003 convertible, 4 cyl, 6 speed tiptronic. 80,000 miles. I was noticing hard shifting as well, took my car to the dealership. Incidentially, they are the ONLY people who have ever serviced my car. New transmission, they say. $6,000 they say - so you are getting a bargain. LOL. And, to add insult to injury, I need my 80,000 maintenance to the tune of $1,800. Blue Book value is $6,000. I say, no thank you. Took the car to a local mechanic who is a family friend. He drove it with me, pointed out that the car shifts fine as long as you use the manual option. I agreed. No metal noises, it actually shifts fine in normal mode until the engine gets warm. I truly believe this is a computer related issue. There is something electronic going on. I've been driving it for quite some time shifting manually, but things are beginning to get quite quirky. Still no metal noises, but I'm beginning to wonder if whip lash should be on my list of concerns. My "ESP" light came on yesterday. What's that you ask? Well, it tells me there is something wrong ELECTRONICALLY and "I may experience a change in engine power". You think? Like I might get stuck in 3rd gear? On the interstate? Well, I'll watch out for that. Fixed it by popping the stick back into "D", then continuing on my way. Scary? You betchca. My mechanic informs me he can't attempt a repair because VW doesn't release parts to the after market. I have purchased a manual for the car, but it's written in code. LOL VW USA offered me $1,500 towards a new car, they owe you $500. I haven't even attempted to trade because I don't think I want another one - research shows that this issue crosses all of their models. In a perfect world, I'd like my paid for car to be fixed. However, if you read this thread, many have fixed them only to have the issues resurface.

    Recall, recall, recall. For the life of me, I don't know why they don't research the problem and fix it. Wait.....that would cost them money......

    Please post your email and I'll be glad to forward you the letters I have sent to VW USA as well as what I've drafted to send to Germany.

  • cbahalocbahalo Posts: 5
    Toyota still won't admit there's a problem so we don't have a prayer to get a recall from VW. I'm afraid all we have is each other to talk to.
  • Call Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you. File a formal complaint.
  • shaunnalshaunnal Posts: 27
    Please file a complaint with the NHTSB I think thats right, see other posts!! Please
  • sad_bugsad_bug Posts: 3
    So the VW Dealer told me it was the tranny....and the small dealership I got it from decided to rebuild the tranny instead. I got my car back and the invoice said they bought a new VALVE BODY... which the VW Dealer said tht could be one of the problems...So dont replace ur whole transmission...see if its the valve body first.

    The total cost for the job was $1,050.00 ($795 Valve Body + $255 Labor). I didnt have to pay it...thank goodness...cuz the dealership knew they shouldnt hav sold me the car like tht.
    It drives well....hope to keep it for year and trade it in. I learned my lesson :)
  • I bought a 2005 VW beetle convertible brand new and today at 97,000 miles I found out that the transmission only lasts 100,000 miles!! So, for only $4,900 I can have used one put in, which is only guaranteed for $12,000, then I still need to do a tune up which is between $500 to $1000! I wish I had done my research because I NEVER would have bought this car!! Believe me when I say I have a big mouth and will spread the word....NEVER....EVER BUY A VW!!

    PS. I was told buy my mechanic to take it in and trade it without telling the dealer. apparently this happens quite a bit....imagine that!?!
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Boy do I feel for you. When I heard you say "hard shifting" I knew exactly what you meant. I bought a 2006 NEW Beetle Convertible. At around 10,000 miles if the car became hot - say I had to sit in traffic which is constant in NJ, the car would not shift AT ALL, became disabled because you had to force it into gear, it would smell, then I would panic, stop it and get pushed to the side of the road. Now I should also say I have been a painfully loyal VW owner ALL my driving years - say 35 now. Well those "boogers" shall I call them to be nice told me I simply did NOT know how to drive a 5 speed and I was riding my clutch you see. WowEEE. Now why was THAT? Funny how the 8 or 9 before this one I didn't SET on fire this way? If I would've only given them about $3,000 at that time (oh yes indeed it was under warrantee) they would've given me a new flywheel assembly). Well I said NO. You see, VW doesn't consider the clutch part of their drive train so it is not eligible for the 100,000 warrantee. At least that is what I was told. So I've driven it since, waiting for it to formally die on me. I've complained to everyone in VW about it. I smiled when they stopped making 5 speeds. NO shock there. Now they don't make the beetle at all. Sounds to me like YOU have a "flywheel problem", too. Oh I could SHIFT all right initially - BOOOM BOOOM clang clang. Quite a little music maker it was. If I had had a monkey we could've joined the circus. Now it is sitting at a Foreign Car Dealer's because even I couldn't shift it anymore. Now it HAS to be fixed. $3,000 PLUS a towing bill of $150.00. NO MORE VW for me. I would walk first. Good luck to YOU.
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Oh I didn't know you were getting whiplash in the tiptronics, too? Gee, did you pay for that as I did in the 5 speed? I don't know - do you have a flywheel in that? Because my flywheel assembly "went" at about 10,000 miles and they were ever so helpful with me. It was about my 10th 5 speed and they were kind enough to tell me about my "riding my clutch" and how I was responsible for the sucker getting too hot and generating all those towing bills BACK to the dealer. Well, hey they had such great coffee and all. Couldn't go on ANY hills or it would CLUNK. GOD forbid ANY traffic and that's ALL Northern NJ is. Boy I had to work some hours to accommodate that 5 speed of mine because I never did figure out just HOW to drive it and not disable it if it "became hot". Now it could be "cold" and it doesn't work anymore at it's 90,000 miles. VW is the ONLY dealer who says the CLUTCH is NOT part of the drive train. Please - someone - TELL ME how do you drive a car without the clutch. ERGO it IS part of the drive train. But since they've been making so many defective clutch assemblies - apparently even in the tiptronic - well heck better take them OUT of the consideration. Yes, mine has been a rregular Bumper Car, too. Last VW for me. Generations have driven them in my family. Frankly it's THE only car anyone ever drove. NO MORE. Not only are they garbage but VW doesn't take care of you as they once did. This is a clunker. Even they know it. Not making it anymore - ARE THEY? Case closed.
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21

    I want them to pay. This is NOT my problem. I don't have the money for this. They MADE it defective. There are THOUSANDS of complaints out there. WHERE ARE THE COMPLAINTS WHERE IT MATTERS?

    I just filed with them. THANK YOU.
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Wow. I'm so sorry. Mine's a 2006 and I have the same problem. I saw somewhere in these messages that the ONLY thing to do is lodge your complaint with the NTSB. Everyone here has complaints but VW should've recalled these cars a very long time ago. Mine started clanging and banging at around 10,000. They had the balls to instruct me on how not NOT ride my clutch. Can you imagine? How insulting. I've been driving 5 speeds for about 35 years now. The internet is FILLED with complaints about these vehicles but the only thing that will prompt a recall is a formal complaint to the NTSB. RECALL RECALL RECALL. It makes sense that even their replacments can be B.S. Mine finally rolled over and died. I would NOT have VW fix it. OH NO. Wouldn't trust them again. This is all a disgrace. Took the day off to see what was going on with VW and I am HORRIFIED. There are so many of us. WHY NO ACTION? Lodge your complaint NOW.
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Sorry I just found you and your message is from 2007! You described exactly what happened to me. MY relationship with VW has spanned 35 years, though!! No, they do NOT care. Mine had 10,000 on it when they told me their moving coffee percolator had no issues - the issue was that I was driving the clutch - but they would remedy it if I gave them about $3,500. This is after I don't know how many VW's to my credit. I asked aloud, "why didn't I ride THOSE clutches, gentlemen"? At any rate, I told them where to put their $3,500 and decided, since the problem started if the car became warm AT ALL, that I couldn't drive it in any traffic, on any inclines or hills. Pretty much I accommodated the car. And I decided that MY relationship with VW also was over.

    HOW INSULTING!! And how stupid of me, anyway, to think they would stand by their vehicle or maybe even be a little bit nicer to someone who had blown so much money on VW's and been so loyal over the years. NO way. Couldn't care less. So me and my fair-weather, horizontal only VW stayed out of traffic. Only experienced that awful smell you referenced a few more times when I got in traffic and once again sat there for some time. The car could not idle AT ALL. You couldn't simply go from first to second. Anyway it finally died it's valiant death. And it was the original problem, the clutch assembly.

    I helped them sell a LOT of VW's. The converse will be the same as well.

    Sorry for your experience. Hope it helps you a little to know that my experience was just like yours. And they treated me just the same as you. At least in THAT they are consistent.
  • meinbugmeinbug Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 VW Beetle Convertible and just hit 75,000 miles.

    Around 52,000 miles the CEL came on. The code was for the coolent system 2180. I replaced the coolent sensor, thermostat and eventually the water pump as my mechanic could not figure out why the code wouldn't clear (I had always taken it to the dealer for servicing before the warrenty was up at 50K). VW make such crappy cars now - the water pump had PLASTIC propellers and had started to crack. Thought it was fixed, but two years later the damn light is still on.

    About 2 months ago I noticed that the car wasn't running right. I noticed that when going in or out of 3rd gear it would jerk. I see from this thread that a lot of you have had this issue. My mechanic checked it, but couldn't find anything wrong. Since the tranmission is sealed, of course, it would have been $200 just to see if the fluid was the issue. I took it into VW yesterday after I got a letter saying that my car may need a new catalitic converter - anyone else get this? At first they said that the transmission sensors just needed to be cleaned. I was so relieved - until they called back later saying, nope, I need to replace the transmission.

    I don't know what to do. I love this car, but I can't keep putting $$ into it and then have something else go wrong. Aside from the CEL light that won't turn off, I had to replace the rear right window as the gear for that broke. I haven't even gotten the quote yet for the whole shebang, but I can imagine it's more that what the car is worth!

    Am I crazy to think that a car should not have tranny issues after 75K miles???
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Meinbug, of COURSE it shouldn't have transmission problems AT ALL - never mind at 75,000 miles and VW's NEVER DID!! Do yourself a favor and just put in "VW transmission problems" in the internet search engines and you'll be SHOCKED as I was. Of course, in my case, mine and THOUSANDS of others were manufactured DEFECTIVE and THAT is the OPERATIVE WORD. MY FAILED at 7,500 miles!! I smiled when SUDDENLY you could NO LONGER GET A 5 SPEED VW BEETLE!! no KIDDING!! I thought maybe it was just MINE? THEY KNEW AND KNOW!! To just stop making them they had NOTHING but problems.

    I've driven VW's over 35 years BECAUSE they were "ISSUE FREE". Drove them into 250,000 and beyond WITH NO NEW CLUTCH, NEVER a transmission. THEY MADE THEM DEFECTIVE. PERIOD. UNTIL they just stopped making them at all.

    I JUST got mine back - AGAIN - and with all the playing with the transmission they screwed up the headlights. THAT had already happened before so I hope they already know how to fix it. My compressor WENT on the A/C as it has with many others but mine is out of warranty. Another $1500 or so. ANOTHER documented problem.

    NO - 75,000 on a VW transmission is UNHEARD OF. NEVER NEVER happened. THEY ARE DEFECTIVE. MONEY PITS. and VW knew all about it.

    I wasn't shocked when they no longer made a 5 speed in the Beetle Convertible. And NOW they just no longer make that dog at all. NO KIDDIN' VW.

    TIME to buy something else FOR SURE. You put money in a savings account or IRA. NOT a car.

    Report your complaints to the NTSB. They ARE listening.
  • buggedout2buggedout2 Posts: 1
    I bought this car used with 59k miles a year and a half ago after turning in my Lexus IS to drive it until I paid off my debt and could get back on even pavement again. Approximately 24 months. Well, that is not the situation as you all know. I have had every problem known to plague these little buggers; broken plastic water pump ($1200); crazy headlights ($250 still not fixed); on again off again dash lights including the passenger seat belt light; window issues; back window coming away from top; heated seats that will cause bodily harm if you are not careful. But, the biggest and most expensive problem has been the transmission (automatic whatevertronic). It started to manifest it's slamming down and slipping up at around 70k. I had the fluid changed ($250) and problem continued...maybe worse. Well, it finally totally jammed up in "limp mode" at 85k and the CEL made it's appearance. I took it to AAMCO since VW had already told me they denied anything was wrong with the car in anyway after a letter writing campaign to them and that it was out of warranty...of course. Grand total $4900. :mad:

    I have put in a complaint. I have written to VW of America numerous times and I will again. This time I'm going to include printouts of blog entries and I going to cc every d*** body I can think of. With this economic turn down, I don't know about everyone else, but I do not have the money for this so I am now $4900 further in the hole if they let me finance the job and give me the POS back. Absolutely, NO ONE buys a VW to pay Mercedes repair bills. This is absurd. VW did not give this car to me as a gift. I paid good money (my last cash) for it. I expected to have to make some repairs...not to rebuild it.
  • elenewlifeelenewlife Posts: 21
    Boy do I hear you. I just received a copy of your letter as I get updated with each new entry. PLEASE - don't just update this site. Take the moment and let the NTSB know about your "dog". They are THE only ones who can authorize recalls/settlements on these "buggers". Funny they were always called "bugs". Hey - mine went with 7500 miles on it and they KNEW they had problems with the transmissions. Why do you think they stopped making them?

    I've DONE my due diligence on these vehicles. Driven VW exclusively my entire driving career and I am now as old as dirt. My lights are an ongoing issue as well. Heading into my THIRD set - now possess the "winky-dink" model where only ONE side work. Thank GOD I haven't had the issues with that window falling out the back. Well, I just knocked on something hard. Maybe next week.

    Take a moment or two and scan the internet. You will see we are NOT ALONE by any stretch. Perhaps a CLASS ACTION SUIT by ALL OF US will make a difference. I am unemployed (accountant) at the moment and did NOT have the $3,000 plus the towing plus the time. And I am NOT close to having this piece of you know what fixed even yet.

    They stopped making them, DIDN'T THEY? Enough said.

    File that complaint NOW with the NTSB. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!
  • meinbugmeinbug Posts: 2
    I called VW of America to complain. One that my transmission shouldn't be going out at 75K and second that I'd had so many other problems. The water pump started to crack right after my 50K warrenty was up and that we STILL couldn't get the 2180 coolent code to go away. They said they'd look into it and get back to me. They called the next day, I wasn't even expecting a phone call, and they said they believed it was the valve body and not the entire tranmission that needed to be fixed. And get this - they offered to pay 75 PERCENT of the fix! I said we'd take it. I cannot afford a new car, but there was no way I was going to pay $6200 to fix the tranmission (my guy could do it for less, but it was still $2700).

    I ended up paying $486 for the fix and so far, fingers crossed, it seems to be working. I think what got us the deal was how much else is wrong with the car and that my husband remained calm on the phone when explaining the situation. Like he said, we spent $25,000 for a car that in the past was built to last. Not to fail 1000 miles after the warrenty was up.

    So call VW of America and hopefully they can help with this fiasco.
  • girlcopgirlcop Posts: 6
    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT ABOUT VOLKSWAGEN. My transmissionwas giving me problems in April. When I brought it to the ORLAND PARK VOLKSWAGEN DEALER for repair, the service tech was more interested in fixing the B.S. recalls than listening to the problem with the car. The dealer was more interested in pushing me to buy another car then fix the problem the first time. NOT ONLY IS THE TRANSMISSION COSTING ME $3,000 NOW BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO THEIR JOB, BUT THE ENGINE IS SCREWED UP. WHEN I CALLED VOLKSWAGEN CORPROATE THEN APOLOGIZED AND SAID THEY WILL SEND ME A VOUCHER FOR $1,000 TO BUY ANOTHER CAR. I DON'T THINK SO, I WILL NEVER BUY OR REFER ANYONE TO BUY A VOLKSWAGEN. I AM DONE!! WE SHOULD ALL FILE A CLASS ACTION AGAINST VOLKSWAGEN FOR THE MONEY WE PAID OUT TO REPAIR OUR CARS :sick: .
  • girlcopgirlcop Posts: 6
    Who has knowledge or information of a class action against Volkswagen for faulty transmissions and it costing over $3,000 - $6,000 to repair? :sick: Please forward to Thank you

  • I bought my daughter a near new 2005 Beetle convertible and from day one it would occasionally make a loud noise when it downshifts. Not just a noise, it would knock you forward when this happened. Of course the VW dealer could never replicate it. It still does this today at 35,000 miles. Here's the rest of the story. All of the power windows have failed, the top liner has drooped by the rear view window, the tail lights stop working and the bulb is still good (this is a poor contact design) and the car is a rattle trap. My daughters dream car has been a nightmare car. VW should be sued and have to reimburse every beetle owner the full cost of their car. It's the worst car we have owned and they should be barred from selling cars in the US until they clean up their act! Creeps!
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