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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • :confuse: I have posted several times about the trouble that I have had with my beetle. I am hoping to trade it off this weekend because I can not take another day of wondering if I a going to get hit in this stupid car that I paid dearly for. But to my point. I live in North Georgia and I heard some news this morning. I believe the Beetle is going to be discontinued from VW in the next year or so. I don't know if this is good or bad for us beetle owners. But if I am not mistaken, they are only going to make 3,000 (1500 couple and 1500 convertiable) in the light blue (which is the color I have) when they discontinue them. Let me know if anyone else has heard this news.
  • You're right, they are discontinuing the car. It's all here at USA Today:
    USA Today.

    Maybe because of all the transmission issues?
  • Hello Everyone..

    I have a 2004 Beetle with 97K on it, auto transmission. The transmission is junk. The dealership is blowing smoke and I spoke to VW CS which is useless. I wrote VW a letter and told them that they not only have a coil problem, but they should do the right thing and fix all the transmissions. I am not spending 7K on a transmission. Luckily it is a third car for us so we are not stranded. I went ahead and changed the transmission fluid even though it has the so called lifetime fluid, ( what BS is that, and not even a dip stick to check level). My mechanic said that there was a lot of brass in there which is from the disks. Have not put any miles on it yet, but do not expect it to have fixed anything. I was a long shot, but for $250, we figured we would give it a try. I will be joining the fight here, count me in against VW. :lemon:
  • Well everyone I found the time to trade mine in. I found someone that was willing to trade it and opted for the 2010 car of the year Ford Fusion. I hope everyone can continue to fight the fight and get there cars fixed. I just could not continue to drive it and worry about myself and children in this POS. If I can still help with the fight I will. My bank stated that another customer was trying to buy one and I asked then to let the person know what problems they were getting into. Anything I can do to help someone else. My friends beetle is also setting because of her transmission. Good luck to all.
  • Also everyone. A thought. If the transmission cost more than what the car is worth can your insurance company not do something about it. Is that not the same as if it is totaled out. I know the value of these cars has dropped and mine was worth about what the transmission was worth. :confuse:
  • 8 months ago I bought my daughter a very clean 2001 beetle with 75,000 miles from a local dealer. It now has 80,000 miles and has had several issues. Come to find out all the issues are all very common. First the fuse box on top of the battery burns up. Then the drivers window stops about 20% from top. Now the check engine light is on and it was stuck in first gear. Dealer said it was speed sensor and charged me $500 to fix. Sensor is $50 and takes about 15 minutes to replace. Engine light is off for the moment but I am scared that they only cleared the codes and not actually fixed a dang thing. What if the transmision freezes again while going 70 mph on the hwy ? Somebody Let me know if I should file a complaint.
  • on your transmission not shifting out of park i would check the brake sensor because it is the one that releases the shifter when you press the brake check that maybe you have a faulty brake sensor or a faulty shifter lock sensor.
  • Just scheduled the estimate on replaceing the transmission in my 2003 Beetle. I have 59,500k miles. I have been reading about the problems everyone else is having with this product. I am planning on telling everyone I know, to never by a product from Volkswagen. The service tech was "shocked" that I was having problems with my transmission and even said it was " a bit early for that". I will see tomorrow what the number is to repair/replace it. I doubt I will...can't afford to throw that kind on money at it. What is the link to the NTSB.. so I can file a complaint. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I found the ntsb info in bloggs on this site. good luck
  • file a complaint asap we all have pretty much on this site. good luck. I have a daughter too and it totally sucks to have problems with a car that should not have any issues.
  • kclllkclll Posts: 2
    OK so now I see everyone is having the same problem I am having. I have a 2004 Beetle with a transmission problem the car only has 48,000 miles on it. When car is not warmed up for 15 minutes it will not move in reverse or even in gear. When warmed up it slips like crazy. Can this car need a new tranny already. Don't know what to do? Do i go to Volkswagon or try another repair shop. Any suggestions?
  • kclllkclll Posts: 2
    Where do you file a complaint?
  • I first brought mine to the dealer, since at 87,000 miles thought they should at least see what was going on. They diagnosed it incorrectly, after paying, I then took it to the local aamco...they were terrific plus about $2,000 cheaper. VW North America stated that I should save all case there ever was a recall. After two months of no car, I now have the car and it is running great! But that is after about $6,000 later....I would very much like VW to reimburse me for that???!!!! good luck. will never buy another vw...
  • Ok, my letter to VW USA brought a response of "we'll give you some money toward a new VW". Hhhmm. My car is "just too far out of warranty" for any other assistance. The nice lady was sympathetic to my plight, but I really needed VW to help me. My husband can handle the sympathy part. I guess a down payment is better than nothing, but my car is paid for. Realistically, I know that's probably the best I'm going to do but it still stinks. In the grand scheme of things, how much would it really cost VW to replace my transmission? Maybe some cash, but their return would be a very satisfied, vocal customer. Also, after doing some research on the VW brand, it appears they all have a similar problem. So why would I buy another VW? At this point a motorized scooter is looking pretty good. :)

    If someone were to file a class action suit, it would be YEARS before anything was accomplished. The attorneys would benefit more than the classes would. The safety folks won't force a recall until someone dies.

    I included a link to this thread in my letter, perhaps they will monitor it. Not sure what good that does, but I'm grasping at straws here. I haven't heard anything in response to my letter from the local dealer, but they probably figure the response from USA settles it.

    I really, really miss customer service. I'm waiting for my formal letter from VW before I decide how to proceed. VW Germany? Maybe give Chevrolet a chance to shame VW? Maybe rent a billboard to show my displeasure with VW?

    Dianne :sick:
  • The beetle convertible has been my biggest nightmare. Do not buy this vehicle! You will waste a lot of time dropping it off to the dealer for repair after repair. And it the same repairs over and over and over. VW will not acknowledge they have an issue with a part, it doesn't matter how many times they will just keep replacing a faulty part with another defective part. Window regulators will become your car's new middle name!
  • I also have a VW new beetle convertible and have reached a point that I just want to spread the word as to my dissatisfaction so nobody has to go through what I have. My transmission has been replaced, my window regulators 16 times, my convertible top 3 times, the brake lights, the trunk switch, the airbag faulty, need I go on? These issues have been an issue from the beggining (purchased brand new) and have contacted VW of America, they pretty much said "That's nice, how about a $750 voucher to buy a new VW?" Are you kidding me?! They do not stand by their product in the least! My vehicle has spent 115 days off and on at the VW dealer for repairs! And VW could care less! I just sumbitted a claim to BBB and am contacting an attorney. I wasn't able to get to your link/thread you put at the bottom of your post, but I would be happy to share any results I get through my claims.
  • 11jbjp11jbjp Posts: 1
    Purchased a used 2002 beetle turbo (automatic trans) for my daughter. had a few issues with the transmission. It was stuck in 3rd gear and I had a check engine light. I read the code 0748 Transmission solenoid pressure valve. If you manually shifted from 1st to 2nd to 3rd it would work normally.
    Took it to the dealer here in GA. explained the issue and told them it is not a transmission failure as it will manually shift. They called me the next day and told me the transmission is bad. I asked what they based that on and the service manager told me it was based on the dark color of the oil. I asked if they read the trans code or performed pressure tests or any other diagnostics and he said trust me the trans. is bad, he has seen this issue before. I picked it up and brought it home. Investigated it more, bought a repair manual and decided to replace the wire harness that goes into the trans case and replace one solenoid in the transmission control valve after removing the control valve and testing each of the 7 electrical solenoids on the trans. control valve. Found one with with different OHM value from the others. Put it back together and tested it. It still had the same trouble until I cleared the code, then it worked perfectly. Perhaps since it was a safe mode condition the code had to be cleared before it would function properly. It seems many people get burned with the cost of a new trans. because the dealer will not perform proper diagnostics. 5 hours labor and $280.00 in parts, instead of $5500.00?? I was fortunate to have the background to do this myself. Why do they get all that training if they don't use it??

    I finally broke down and took my Beetle to the shop. It had the same problems everyone else's car did: hard shifting with banging, etc.

    The mechanic put my car on the computer and said that the transmission wasn't reporting any errors, but that the valve body was broken. The valve body is PART of the transmission, but not the entire transmission. He warned me that if they took the transmission apart and it was broken, they would need to replace it, but he didn't think that would be the case.

    Fortunately, my only issue was the valve body. The repair cost me $2100. That sucks! But it's a lot better than having to replace the entire transmission to the tune of nearly $6 grand.

    A certified VW mechanic said online that many VW dealers are making people replace their entire transmission when it's just the valve body that's broken. If you take your car in for repair, make sure you ask the service rep whether it's just the valve body that is broken. This could save you $4,000. Shame on those VW dealers who are shystering their customers!
  • This is exactly what happened with my transmission. The valve body was screwed....that cost us (New Zealand dollars) $6500, just to replace that! That was actually more expensive than having the transmission reconditioned which would have cost around $4500...but it is very expensive getting VW parts in NZ.
    Finally managed to get an insurance payout as the damage to the valve body was (possibly) caused by an accident which damaged the pan and the filter. The insurance company paid out $3500 - they discounted the cost of the repair because they said that VW Beetle transmissions only last 100,000km before they will die anyway and ours had done close to that at the time.
    I have now, reluctantly put my beetle cabriolet on the market, it is running beautifully now, but I am worried that something else will go wrong....has already had a waterpump, thermostat, airbag sensor and the transmission die on us at a total cost of around $11,000. Luckily mostly covered by the mechanical warranty we purchased with the car, but that runs out in May and I don't think I want to own it after that!! While I love driving it, it is the most expensive car to repair that I have ever owned.
  • Interestingly Bug is a 4 cyl 6 spd automatic. I had no idea what that meant until today. :) After reading some of the recent posts, I decided to experiment. I have driven the car off and on today and experienced NO problems. I used the manual shift option (tiptronic part?), to the right of the normal gear shift gears. It's been fun, I've never driven a car with a manual transmission. So, maybe I'm crazy, but it would seem if I needed a new transmission the gears wouldn't shift easily regardless of what I did. Hmmmm. No hesitations, no jerking (expect for downshifting, but that's because I don't know what I'm doing).

    In any event, I've ordered a handy dandy VW repair manual, it should be here by the weekend. My husband (he's built several cars) is convinced he can fix the problem.

    I'll report back, am crossing my fingers and toes!! I truly love my car. :sick:
  • Hello fellow paper weight owners,
    I bought my wife a 2003 VW New Beetle CONV. MAY of 08. I went to a local dealer here in clarksville, tn. Gary Mathews VW. First thing the car had under 60,000 miles and they didn't give us any kind of warranty what so ever. But this was my wife's dream car so i bought it any ways. I am a jack of all trades I work on everything with a motor. Well first thing was had to buy tires the same month I bought the car. 2 A new battery 3months later 3. the little ashtray thing in the back was broken 4. The dealer tried to charge me for a crash sensor that was recalled to be installed 5. the passenger side window regulator on the top was broken causing the cable to break and bind well the window was stuck. Ordered one on Ebay thought maybe I would get a good one well no same problem i used it though cause i needed her window up well it broke too. Now i just ordered a brand new one from a vw dealers warehouse store which MAN they are WAAAAYYYY cheaper than the dealer or anyone else. VW wanted over 275 for it cost there 108 brand new and warrantied. Well needles to say they did a recall for the same problem the beetle is having on the Jetta. But not the Beettle. Now to 6. The Torreck B transmission switch is bad well that is what the dealer from my hometown in ohio said. The car will sometimes bang in to gear and also the car will get stuck in what ever gear it is in sometimes and the little squares will be over ever gear on the dash which indactes transmission malfunction. They said it is due to the trip tronic switch (toreck B switch) I ordered it for 30 from the same company but the dealer will have to install it cause i dont have any way to get trans oil back in it. 7. The water temp light (Blue) will randomly come on at times not all the time but sometimes for a while and will go back off at times, UGHHHH I traded my near paid off car that had no issues for this heap of junk :mad:
  • My only question to u. why did u ever buy the car without a warranty. sorry, but u
    have no one to blame but yourself. Besides it should of been checked out by a
    reputable vw mechanic. Sounds like u got it for low $ and took the chance u could
    repair yourself. Lastly, the dealer must give at least a 7 day warranty or u think
    warranties are for jerks.
  • LOL okay so I bought the car for my very eger wife. And reputable VW mechanic yeah right are you F***ing kidding me this is how good they are. I called to have my transmission flushed and new fluid 400 plus tax. Back in my home of record OHIO 275. WOW why dont you do what I should have done and read reviews on the place that raped me. And no I did not get it for the LOW as you would say i paid 14000 for it if that is low tell me where you work. I am in the Army and unfortunitly I do not just throw 14000 around. And a 7 day warranty what state are you from? I did not have any issues until about a week and a half later. We have two vehicles and I have only put 15000 or so miles on it in 2.5 years. O by the way today the check engine light came on saying the coolant system malfunction. Well anyways I posted to talk about my Junk VW like the others here did. Not to talk about others.
  • LOL okay so I bought the car for my very eger wife. And reputable VW mechanic yeah right are you F***ing kidding me this is how good they are. I called to have my transmission flushed and new fluid 400 plus tax. Back in my home of record OHIO 275. WOW why don't you do what I should have done and read reviews on the place that raped me. And no I did not get it for the LOW as you would say i paid 14000 for it if that is low tell me where you work. I am in the Army and unfortunately I do not just throw 14000 around. And a 7 day warranty what state are you from? I did not have any issues until about a week and a half later. We have two vehicles and I have only put 15000 or so miles on it in 2.5 years. O by the way today the check engine light came on saying the coolant system malfunction. Well anyways I posted to talk about my Junk VW like the others here did. Not to talk about others.
  • About 4 or 5 months ago a person sent out a message about filing a class action suit. I know at one time I sent a note saying I was interested in placing my name on that list, but I have yet to see anything. Has anything started? I have been driving my 2004 vw, with the new transmission, for a couple of months now, and it has been great.....when people stop me and ask I just say "it's cute, but don't ever think of buying a vw"....I want a bumper sticker that says "it may be cute, but ask me about the new transmision"....anyway, good luck to all of you out there....I certainly would like the $4400 check from VW for my repair work!
  • Had the banging into gear problem into the dealership repair over the course of a few years. Sometimes it would go away and then return. They kept putting me off. On one visit after I was told that it was OK I asked to take a test drive with the mechanic. We drove awhile and the dame thing was shifting fine! Then we went around a turn and it slipped and banged so hard that guy smacked his head on the rest. That was it new transmission under warranty…I was lucky. Now I have the electrical problems.
  • :lemon: My advise: get rid of this car! Not to be the bearer of bad news, but trust me, I have had 2 of them. The problems will continue, I also got a new transmission but the problems started a few months later and VW will continue to say there's nothing wrong!
  • I have had the same problem with my 2005nb. the dealer told me it needed a new transmission for the sum of $6900.00. Spoke to anyone who would listen at vw of america. they offered $1000.00 off of a new!!!

    anyway I went to a transmission shop and they changed the valve body on the trans for $2000.00. Still sucks to have to pay anything but it sure beats $6900.00. The dealer says they do not repair only replace. they make it seem like the trans is no good at all when it may only be the valve body. probably causing people to spend $4000.00+ to buy a new trans that may not be needed. what a scam!!! My car is running better than when it was new. makes me think the problem was there all along. Defenitely will not buy another vw since they don't have any product integrity. Hope this helps a little.
  • Thanks for sharing... wow, exactly my experience. Glad you got them to replace the valve body instead of the transmission. $2000 sucks - and you're right - trying to get someone to buy a new transmission when all they need is a valve body is criminal. My car runs MUCH better than it ever did. I agree with you... I wonder if the problem has been there all along. Even my friends have commented about how much better the thing runs. Interesting to hear that we had exactly the same experience with exactly the same car (mine was a 2005 New Beelte, too).
  • Yeah we did the same thing and I thought the same way you did. My triptonic worked well for a while but after a bout a month we began to have the same issues not going into gear or jerking when we shifted. please let us know what you repair and the steps you took. I have thought about starting with the sensors first then valve body if that doesnt work. we have already dropped the pan and had transmission flushed that didnt do [non-permissible content removed]. but we know that there was no metal in the pan or on the magnet so the trannie is good. any soulution would help there are a lot of people that post problems but not many of us here have solutions. I wish your husband the best of luck.
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