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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • I thought I was the only one with these problems. I have all the same problems that many of the 2004 beetle owners have, from the hard drive in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, "gear"; the brackets around the gears; the hesitation after stopping(a scary feeling). I have had the car at a vw dealership, one I really trust, and they also are not sure, but after diagnosis(which was wrong - sensors) they told me I needed a new transmission($5 - 6,000). I also called VW north america - they certainly don't want me to buy another VW!!! Absolutely no help - $750 towards a new car - I couldn't believe she told me this so seriously. So I have called the local AAMCO garage and I will be bringing the car to them next week - the fellow was very helpful and said a rough estimate(without seeing the car) would be probably between $2300 - $3500. I will post what they say. I will definitely join in a class action suit....a car with 88,000 miles should not need a new transmission. This is a recall issue and VW needs to deal with it - it is obvious that many of us vw owners will not be purchasing VW in the future!!!
  • I wish I read all of these posts before I bought a 2003 Beetle convertible. I bought the used car today, it is so cute and I thought it would be a lot of fun. When running cold the car was fine, after warming up, it started jerking and the transmission is slipping. What a shame.
  • vett77vett77 Posts: 1
    Good morning john

    I was reading up on what you wrote in regards to your daughters VW beetle , I purchased a new 2005 Beetle for my wife back in 2004 . And for a year now the car is really bad with the transition ( jerking , shifting etc ) I have taken it to the dealer and they told me the transition may need to be replaced the car has 62000 miles its pampered , not a scratch on it in and out it gets serviced regularly that’s why I’m amazed as to why it needs transmition work at 62k miles . Its really upsetting because my wife is in love with that car and will not get rid of it , She was almost rear ended 3 times in the last 2 month due to the car bogging . I wanted to contact an attorney regarding this because obviously VW does not care . Can you help as to what we may need to do or if we can petition something for VW to address this concern ? any ideas ?
  • I am so with you on this. I just took my 2004 VW Beetle into the shop and they informed me that I would need a new transmission as well and they tried to find me a new one but no one has any. I do have over 128K on my car but I don't think that I should have to replace the transmission my transmission was going to cost 7600.00 if I had that kind of money I would just use it for a down payment and buy a brand new car. I really like my car but I am not willing to pay 7600.00 not including labor for new transmission. My cousin works for Fox4 News in Dallas and I am going to print out some complaints and take them to her at lunch maybe they can get the word out on this. I'll keep you posted.
  • My service advisor told me that I have defective wiring internally and need a new transmission for 7600.00 if that helps any.
  • I too have become a victim of a faulty transmission. I bought a used VW bug for my daughter last summer...31K miles...I now have 56K miles and the transmission is gone. It breaks hard and has trouble going into 3rd and 4th gear. I also have the brackets around the gears, so it's obvious it doesn't know what gear it's in. My husband was taking the car to a mechanic when it stuck in 3rd gear. I've been given a quote from Greenbrier VW in Va, for over $7100. How can a car with 56K miles, need a new transmission? And what am I supposed to do? I can't buy another car, since I paid cash for this one. I saved for this car for her and now VW and the dealership have struck again...
  • ethanfethanf Posts: 2
    Went to the website for the National Highway Transportation & Safety Admin and filed a safety complaint. Slipping in and out of gear is certainly a safety problem. NHTSA can force a recall for safety reasons. File enough of them & who knows?
  • Thanks for the info. I just completed the complaint form on the NHTSA website.
  • I have 41k miles on my 05 Beatle and I am so pissed off that I am told my warranty does not transfer to the second owner. my transmission so they say is going out. Hard shifting and we had it serviced for 361 dollars. there was a code that came up however that said temp sensor not responding, or something to that effect. and a used transmission is 2500 to 3000 and who is to say if you wont have a problem with that one. I called a dealership to make sure about the warranty not belieing the service department I e mailed the finance department. I was called by the sales department asking me what kind of vehical I was interested in. I am pissed Green country has there head in there [non-permissible content removed]. I think I am still in warranty and I want my car fixed this is crap. :mad: ;)
  • hey so you went to the link and what did you buy to fix your vw. I have one and want to fix it. please tell us all. you cant just put a link up and not tell us what to do.
  • John R>
    Sign me up i am in. I have just begun to have this issue and my 05 beatle only has 41k miles. I would love to hear from you. I have posted a blog telling some of my story.
  • Dan
    I have replied to many and now you. My o5 has 41k miles on it and I am the 2nd owner and the service department told me that the warranty does not transfer to the second owner but it looks as though you bought yours used. so now I am pissed they just dont want to deal with it.
  • I too had a problem with my transmission 05 new beetle convertable. I took it in many times and they too could never duplicate the problem. It happened only once in a while. Then I noticed that it happened after I had driven it 5 miles or so. Drove the car around one day until it started happening and drove right to the dealer. Insisted that the service writer join me for a drive- the problem happened and my car was serviced- cost $2000. After 6 months the problem is starting to happen again!
  • Yep same exact problem. Took it in to dealer many times and they could not duplicate the problem and no issues in the computer system. It was getting really bad- shifting up from 2nd to 3rd and on, felt like I was being rear ended when the transmission finally shifted. I have an 05 Turbo Beetle Convertable. Finally took it for a drive and when the issue happened drove over to the dealer. Made the service writer hop in and took him for a ride. My car had only 65,000 miles on it-of course 5000 mile over warranty!!! The problem happened with him in the car and they diagnosed something within the transmission. $2,000 to fix. He told me with all the problems that I have had to buy an extended serivce plan to "protect myself" I did and 6 months later the transmission is beginning to do the same thing! Hopefully I didn't get screwed when I bought the warranty-it is supposed to cover transmissions at least. Good luck-if you are a beetle owner you need it!
  • Thanks for the link. I have also posted a complaint. This transmission problem is really becoming a concern and a safety issue with my car.
  • daisybdaisyb Posts: 1
    The transmission on my 2002 VW Beetle must be replaced. The car is in otherwise excellent condition and has only 31,000 miles. I have also filed a complaint with the NHTSA . I was told by my VW dealer that the transmissions are encased in steel and it is difficult to repair them. The car belonged to my late sister and I promised her I would always take care of it. From all of the messages I have read this seems to be a common problem.
  • I'm like everyone else sadly. I just finished paying my 2005 New Beetle Convertible off and now this. It's got 74,000 miles, is out of warranty, and likely needs a new transmission. I've spoken to two local VW dealers and they're quoting me $5700 to replace the automatic transmission. !@#$%^&;* dammit.

    My problem is that the transmission intermittently has trouble downshifting from third into second gear. It clunks and hesitates and then lurches forward. It doesn't happen all the time but often enough to be very worrisome.

    Please contact me about any class action suit. I'm definitely game. I will do the NTSB safety thing, too. THE WHOLE THING REALLY SUCKS.
  • I had the same problem and the dealership told me the fluid was "lifetime" when I asked them to change it. Then, one day, I hit a dip in the road and it bottomed out. I continued to drive but the PRNDL lit up on the speedo and the gear would not show. I have the service plan with the used car lot I bought it at so they towed it but before they did the I called the dealer and he said to check the electrical connection to the transmission which makes sense since I hit that dip and it was probably shook loose. I drove it right up on the flatbed tow truck and then test drove it when they got to the mechanic and everything seemed fine but then it started acting up again so I left if with the mechanic. I'll bet that it is just the electrical connection but they are going to replace it, so they say. They still can't find a used one to put in it... (btw I didn't upload my car's picture so I don't know who's that is next to this message).
  • :blush: I am so glad I read this post, I thought I was going nutz when I tried to check the trany fluid level this morning on my wifes 99 bug. The biggest problem we have had on it was loosing a trany at 56k due to the internal cooler failing putting water in the trany. The car has 70k now and I cannot get the check engine light to go off. Our mechanic has cleared the codes and fixed all the issues it listed. Light went off for about 20 miles and came back on. When it is warmed up it runs great. Good luck I just cannnot believe all the issues with these cars no matter what year they are..........
  • Original owner, started with hoses, then I had to replace Water Pump, timing belt, heat sensor, among other hoses....Car has been running rough. Sometimes so quiet I didnt even think it was running but as of lately its DRAMA! Feels like Ive been rear ended when it jerks! Recently did a transmission service that Obviously didnt help things. Only a matter of time before I have to park this car that has 72,000 miles on it, paid off and no warrenty! WOW This is my 3 VW in my lifetime, maybe my last. I did file a complaint with the NH..??? What is the difference in the class action lawsuit and what do I need to do to join in? I cant afford 6000.00 for a New Transmission that I hear from people on here doesnt last either!! Im so disappointed in this car!
  • I filed a complaint afew days ago with the National Hwy Transportation & Safety Admin.
    Maybe if we get enough complaints about this we can make VW pay for these repairs!!!!

    Here is the web site:


    Lets stop this unfairness!!
  • Just wondering if you filed a complaint, any word from them yet. I have also! Someone needs to do something about this!!
  • Did you file a complaint about this with the NHTSA?
    Web site : http:/

    What do you know about the class action lawsuit? Im feed up with this car that cant even make it to 100.000 miles without major repairs needed!! Thanks
  • I filed my complaint today. I agree... make sure you file a NHSTA complaint if you're having transmission problems with your Beetle!
  • I just purchased a convertible beetle and love it...50,000 miles...purchased it from Piedmont Honda Used cars in Anderson, SC suposely had a Palmetto Warranty... Their warranty is NOT ANY GOOD!!!! IT DOES NOT COVER ANYTHING!!!!! The day that I purchased my car we asked about the transmission looked at the car fax info.They had shown it was serviced but no problems..The saleman said.The Saleman is no longer at this site...Due to the service that we have received from this dealership...we have planned to go to Steve White in Greenville to have the transmission checked out. We have problems with it jerking and gearing down sometimes and like many of you have implied...very dangerous at intersections...I would like to join all of you in filing complaints ..I feel that our govenment should do a recall and replace these transmissions.... If this were an American company they would recall immediately and advertise it on the news.... It is a shame that this problem has not been corrected....The car could be the best car in the market place....Let us know what else we can do!!!
  • I have the same problem with my beetle that i purchased in 7/09.... Please let me know if the transmission sensor is your problem. My car does not act up all the time but definitely has a problem with the lurching and changing gears... from time to time.....thanks..khathcock
  • Hi khathcock, Please file a complaint with the National Transportation so that we can join together and FORCE them to recall this Garbage!! Im so mad! Look at previous posts to see the web site. You will need your VIN number on your car to input that too. Thanks for your help!
  • I have not driven my car in almost 2 months: it has been to a vw dealer - looks like the sensors need replacement - quess what - after fixing them, they realized it was nto the problem - $800 + - I got them to go half with me - it is the transmision!!! oh what a surprize...the car is now at a Aamco garage....very knowledgeable and has 88,000 miles...this is a recall problem. I have spoken with VW Northamerica - not helpful, however did get a call back from a different department - woman said make sure to save all reciepts! VW says $6,000+ for the transmission - Aamco it will be $4000....I find it interesting that they have just taken in an identical car to mine with the same problem!!! I would like to join in the class action suit if that is still happening. I will also email the transportation department; and the attorney general's office in the state of NH. I cannot afford this cost and can't even trade the car in!!! My expectation is that VW will recall all of these cars and will take care of the problem. good luck to all us,
  • Hi Krissy,
    I saw your posting on your bug and was wondering what ever came of the transmission problem/repair. Did you see someone on here talking about a Transmillion Control Module in the dash being replaced to fix the problem? We have filed a complaint with the National Transportation in hopes of a recall. You should also. Thanks
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