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Nissan Sentra Spec V vs Honda Civic Si



  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    Read this post visualizing without an angry tone; because I'm not flaming, just stating my opinion.

    I've read through your posts and I simply don't understand your logical fallacies spread all over this thread: anecdotal references, biased opinions, hypocrisy (you can beat someone stock in your '04 (I thought we were discussing '07s), no wait not stock because you've got I/H, wait you still think it's stock (color me confused???))... it all sounds like defensive posturing.

    Look, your opinions are fine, but remember this: straight-line performance isn't everything. You don't even know if torque understeer is good or bad? I have to really roll my eyes on this.

    Obviously you've not run twisties in an Si yet. I do. You would be owned. Badly.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    Yeah right sure uh huh. Typical Honda fanboy, overstating one's ability. I have way more torque than you're Honda will ever see in it's life so if anyone becomes "owned" it's you. The Si is heaver and slower nuff said.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    It's called Sapphire Blue, it's a pure blue that debuted in 2004. The newer sapphire blue isn't as nice as mine. They faded the color a little. I'd never trade in my Spec V, I'm the first owner of it. I won't let some people touch my car. lol. That lava read interior is alright, it is not my kind of taste though.
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    I feel you do yourself a disservice when you resort to these subjective statements. I mean, can you really attribute 'ownage' to a 0.3 second difference in anything? It takes the average person longer to sneeze.
  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    I guess I didn't make it clear enough I'm not flaming you; I'm simply pointing out that straight line performance isn't everything.

    Wait, did I make myself clear?

    straight line performance isn't everything

    How is that torque going to help you in a 60 bend?

    By the way, I did not resort to name-calling, only pointing out that the handling in Si vs. a Sentra, IMO is unequal weighted toward the Si. The Si has a brilliant limited-slip differential to correct for FWD understeer. This is the ownage I was talking about; in "real-world" driving on twisty roads (not racing, which I never said), the Si would trump the Sentra.

    For the record, the only modifications I've made to my Si is window tint. If that's the definition of 'Ricer', then you may want to go look for the Wikipedia entry.

    You've not given anyone a smidgen of objectivity regarding this comparison; just name-calling, subjectivity, and down-right hostility (even toward the mods!)

    Cripes, man. It's only a discussion.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    the Spec V also has (and has since the 2002 model i believe) limited slip differential for the twisties. plus a front and rear stabilizer bar.

    you can't really compare the two until you've driven them back to back on the same twisties one after the other.

    i drive in a spirited fashion, and in my '03, i always feel confident going through the twisties. i can't nor will i comment on the abilities of the Si because i have not driven one.

    -thene :)
  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    I keep forgetting to add the incredibly tight suspension (almost too teeth-chattering) of the Si...

    Also missed the opportunity to point out that there is almost no hand tightening nervousness of the Si's excellent three-spoke wheel when cornering; in fact you can punch it harder during a turn with utmost confidence.

    Don't take my word for it; go to a dealer and abuse one yourself.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    That never really stopped alot of people from comparing. The fact is no one has ever compared the two exclusively and probably never will. Yeah the Spec has the LSD and sway bars. Spec V is better nuff said.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It is your opinion that the Spec V is "better" and that's fine - you are entitled to that. But by the same token others are entitled to have differing opinions. That doesn't make them right and you wrong just as it doesn't make them wrong and you right.

    Let's leave some room for varying viewpoints in this conversation.
  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    You do realize the conflict (and obvious subjectivity) in your statements:

    The fact is no one has ever compared the two exclusively and probably never will.

    Spec V is better nuff said.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    What I said was no one as in magazines have ever compared the two side by side, the cars by themselves. They probably never will do that either. Why not agree to disagree and leave it at that lol. Rivalry never hurts.
  • iomaticiomatic Posts: 48
    Upgraded running gear on the Sentra SE-R includes firmer springs and larger wheels and brakes. The SE-R Spec V goes even further by specifying a retuned and lowered suspension, complete with a thicker front antiroll bar and a V-shaped reinforcement brace in back. The Spec V also has larger front brakes and stickier summer tires. The SE-R retrofits result in a better-handling car, but even in Spec V form, the econosport Sentra lacks the spark of competitors in this price range. From behind the wheel, it comes across as heavy and distant as opposed to lightweight and engaging.

    The all-new 2007 Nissan Sentra is no doubt a better, more refined car than its predecessor, with more capable engines and a more pleasant, flexible cabin. If you're looking for an economy sedan that'll give maximum interior room and versatility for your buying dollar, the Sentra is a solid bet. However, if inspired handling is your thing, you'll find your needs best served by the more athletic talents of the Mazda 3 or Honda Civic.

    (emphasis mine)

    I'll leave it at that.
  • I drove both the 07 Si & Spec V, & took both of them on the identical 270 degree Interstate merge. Both cars did just fine - again, I don't drive on the edge. The Si tracks a little better - I could feel the back end of the Spec V sliding just a tad. However, for my driving style, I wouldn't notice the small difference between the cars on the skid pad. Yes, I bought the Spec V, but it was close. Either car would have been fine for me - just like the Spec V just a little better. If you want to know the final deciding points, see my earlier post.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    That sounds very anti-spec v anyway so that can be debunked as biased. This from a car site that drives $100,000+ cars heh. I hope Honda pays them alot of money to write that mess even though that is a very poor quality review. Instead of boiling it down and saying exactly what they think is wrong with it they write that stuff. I don't own the new thing, don't care what they say about the frog chassis. Spec V is better regardless, nuff said. Get over it.
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    Believe it or not, most review sites are not into the whole conspiracy thing. They write the way they feel about the car at the time. It always amused me when I would watch videos on Edmunds' Inside Line when they started w/ the Buick Lucerne ads - because if you read Edmunds' review of the Lucerne, they basically tossed it into the discard pile as junk.

    Other than being convinced to review a model, editorials would lose all of their credibility if they were offering paid advertisements instead of personal reviews. And it would become grossly evident in this day and age when everyone is under scrutiny. If you want to see an example of users giving the 'what-for' against 'biased' organizations - go look up the HD-DVD key or the Dell "Confessions" incidents. And for the argument that car people might not be as technically inclined as nerds (as my previous examples may imply), I think the fact that we're all capable of using the internet and doing our own research should be good enough.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    They are biased believe it or not. This guy expects everyone to accept these dumbassed reviews blindly and go Civic. Get real. It's not good enough. Moving on to another discussion. Their reviews suck, nuff said.
  • vvileyvviley Posts: 46
    Then what reviews should we be seeking out instead?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Why, ones that praise the Spec V, of course! Those are the only ones that wouldn't be biased, doncha know. ;)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    first of all, wiley and iomatic; excellent posts.

    The one thing i think you are missing james is this; this is a forum for the NEW spec v vs THE NEW si.

    and since we have plenty of info of which car is the sharper handler, i guess that leaves that question answered.

    Will anyone ever compare your year spec v to the new si? no probably not. which means we can only go back and look at previous reviews for the nissan and compare them to the si.

    I'm sure the spec v is quick, there is not doubting that. But lets forget bias for a minute (since you think there is too much of it from anyone who dislikes the sentra, which makes no sense, seeing as how thats about the biggest bias i've ever seen.), and just gon on numbers/reviews.

    It seems pretty obvious that while styling is out the window, the new spec v's chassis is superior and puts out better HANDLING (notice i did not say acceleration?) numbers than the old spec v. If thats the case, how do you think that the old spec v would fare against a new si, which posts better handling numbers than even the new sentra se-r?

    You prefer torque, some prefer handling. and to you anyone elses opinion or facts mean nothing.

    i like the se-r, but the si is simply the better handler, and it has BEEN PROVEN. have you driven the si? i have not driven the spec v, but i'm not making assumptions that are as sure and intense as yours.

    james, no one likes a fan boy, but you can at least admit to it. Nuff said. :P
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618

    hilarious! :D
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    The one thing i think you are missing james is this; this is a forum for the NEW spec v vs THE NEW si. just says Nissan Sentra Spec V vs. Honda Civic Si. It doesn't say "New" or "2007" or anything like that...

    I would say "Nuff Said" but i hate that phrase...

    -thene :)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this thread was created when an article on edmunds about the se-r came out, and the reviewers made many comparisons on the NEW si.

    just common sense.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    They are biased believe it or not

    just mention the ford challenge where people perferred the fussion over the accord and camry and they'll agree with you :P
  • gersigersi Posts: 2
    Drove both got the SI. I found the shifting to be much smother. Liked the SI interior and fold down rear seats.
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    My rear seats fold down too.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    but they don't on the new spec v.

    which is what all these comparos have been about...something that you have yet to grasp apparently.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    that was a joke.

    awd vs 2 fwd cars.

    yeah, thats balanced and fair. why not compare it to a subaru legacy and see how well it fares?

    and just because THOSE reviewers preferred it does not MAKE it better. puh-lease. :blush:
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    jd - agree with a statement you made in another thread - its very apparent in many of the nissan threads.

    maybe, just maybe, the fusion is really that good of a car! why is that so hard to believe? because fords werent good in the past? believe me, i am not a ford fan at all, and don't plan on getting one in the next 30 years or so...but things do change, and cars get better/worse...

    besides, those people liked more than just the awd vs. fwd handling of those cars...

    my two cents...

    -thene :)
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