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Cadillac SRX reliability, maintenance and quality



  • badsrxbadsrx Posts: 7
    I have had many of the same problems...mirrors that curb and then do not return, water in storage places, radio failures, coolant pump failure and sunroof problems.
    Trust us folks....nice concept but there is simply too much (questionable) electronics and other issues to consider this vehicle. Additionally, GM is in such a pickle these days that they have done NOTHING to even acknowledge that I have a lemon...that is the worst part. Buy an Acura/Volvo/Mercedes and save yourself the heartache. We do not have lemon laws in Canada (at least not ones that do not require that you become a part time lawyer and take a month off work) so my only recourse is to inform all who are interested about my experience. I have warned many off of ever buying a Caddy.

    After all...fair is fair. I gave them 3 years to make good and they ignored me at every turn.
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 46
    My 2008 SRX (V-6) became disabled last week. The car suddenly stated running very rough, including knocking and pre-ignition backfire. Had it towed to dealer. First report was that it was a timing chain problem. Once that was replaced car still ran rough and they determined that a valve spring in the #1 cylinder was broken. Once that was fixed, they test drove the vehicle at which time the "check engine" light came on. This was reset and it happened a second time. The tech checked the fault code and determined with Cadillac Tech service that the crankshaft needs to be replaced henceforth they have to pull the engine from the vehicle to start this major repair.

    Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? I feel very uncomfortable with a new car that has had to have the engine pulled. It is leased, what are my chances of getting another vehicle to replace this one or of Cadillac letting me out of the lease? I have called Cadillac Customer Assist who have assigned a case # and I am awaiting their response within the next 24-48 hours.

    I would appreciate help from anyone who may have uncounted similar problems or has experience with Cadillac Customer Assit dealing with issues like mine.
  • While I have not had major engine issues with my 04 V8 I have had every manner of other issues. The response I got from GM was that they would fix it under the terms of the warranty. They have showed no consideration whatsoever for my time or the aggravation caused to my wife and I. Our Cadillac ownership experience has been poor and I will never buy another GM product as a result of how I was treated.

    I wish you luck with GM.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Engine failures do not happen often, but they do fail on a small number of new cars. I would guess that the crankshaft was damaged when the engine started to run rough. Since you are leasing, I assume that you will be under warranty (5 years - 100,000 miles on drive train) till the end of the lease, so you have no real reason to worry except that something may go wrong again. However, something may go wrong with some other new car too, so....
  • Sorry for your SRX. With the major issues you have make sure you get names of who you talk to, and make copies of everything. Even these posts. Don't rely on some official to tell you what was said at a later date. Make sure that you get some type of language that states you were not at fault.

    Good Luck, Jim
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 46
    I just picked up my 2008 SRX which had been disabled and in the shop for about three weeks. It turns out that the diagnosis went from timing chain, to broken valve spring to crankshaft (some type of ring on the front of the shaft). Bottom line..Cadillac decided to replace the engine rather than risk more problems and a longer wait. The car is only four months old and has only 3500 miles. I have to say that service reps from Morris Cadillac of North Ridgeville, Ohio (I did not buy the car there, but it was the closest dealer for the tow truck) were very professional and accomodating, calling me at regular intervals to keep me posted on their progress. They supplied me will an Enterprise Rental Car (Cadillac DTS) free of charge as well. The customer service reps from Cadillac Detroit were supportive in every way and are sending me a check equal to one months lease payment as well. Although I was upset that a new car could have this type of problem I have to say that all from Cadillac from dealer to Corporate Customer Service were more than fair and very responsive to my needs. I have read time and time again about customers who were not as blessed as myself and I felt I needed to acknowledge my thanks to those at Cadillac who were involved.
  • I just had my battery replaced today on my 08' SRX by GM roadside, in my driveway. Car was completely dead this morning, with only 10 months on the battery. Service guy told me this was the second battery he had to replace this morning, the first one being on a 08' CTS, which also has the same one in it.
  • ;) I own a 04 SRX and had Cadillac roadside assistance replace my battery twice.
    The service man said that GM, for a number of years, has had a bad run of batteries.
    I'm looking to get an 09, and I think I'll replace the factory battery with a Die Hard right off the bat.

    Happy motoring
  • Maybe that would explain the bunch of replacement batteries he had in his service truck, when he came to my house.
    If i was out of warranty, and didn't lease the vehicle, i might look into a Optima battery, rather than a Diehard or Delco.
  • Hello tomy3
    I have a 2007 SRX and recently had some of the same problems. Oddly, I had just picked my car up from the dealer for another matter when my check engine light came on for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I contacted ONSTAR, and while I was driving they were able to tell me that there is open GM bulletin on this car that affects the timing chain and the crankshaft. I was advised to take it directly to the dealership. I was told today that it would be at least a week before I am back in my auto. I am also concerned about how my vehicle will be after it is has been taken apart for the repair. The bulletin # is 2002963.
    I have not had any dealing with Cadillac Customer Assist, but I will be making a phone call today!!!
  • srxmansrxman Posts: 6
    :confuse: Typr in "SILENT RECALL" into your browser. There are a number of sites that list recalls.
  • We have an '07 SRX with 35,000 miles on the clock and it has been extremely reliable. My wife selected it after test driving several crossover vehicles including the Acura MDX. Her take on the MDX was that it was nice but lacked get up and go! Incidentally the SRX has the 8 cylinder engine and delivers 27-28 mpg on the highway.

    We have also been pleased with the local Cadillac dealership.
  • As a former owner of an 04 MDX I somewhat agree with your evaluation but it was a wonderful car overall.
    We bought an 05 SRX with 25k and it has been a reliable vehicle although the differential was replaced on warranty.
    However I can't believe your mileage stats. We too have a V-8 AWD and we're lucky to get 15 around town and 18-20 on the road. Very dissapointing.

  • I have a 05 srx that is still under factory warranty until march 09 should I purchase the extended warranty and is it actually worth it ?
  • My suggestion is based on my experience with an 04 SRX.
    We had serious and ongoing problems with the vehicle. Had we kept it we
    would have faced ongoing service issues that would have cost a lot.
    We got rid of the vehicle and purchased a Mazda CX9 which is far superior
    in every regard. The SRX we had was a lemon and GM did nothing. When we
    returned the vehicle at lease end the person that handled the inspection was
    embarrased and basically agreed that we had been treated poorly.

    That was the first and last GM product we will ever own/lease. They get what they deserve in this case. I hope your experience is better. When they work right they are a very nice automobile.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I also find that hard to believe you get 27-28 on the highway. My 08' SRX V6 is lucky to get low 20's on the hwy, and thats with a good wind on my back.
  • Wow you really had a bad experience but at least now you have a reliable vehicle. So far my car has not given me any problems knock on wood. I called to get a price quote on an extended warranty and its about 3k for a 3 yr. warranty. I don't know what to do. My husband thinks we should buy the warranty because cadillac parts and labor can be very pricey. Good luck with your mazda its a very nice vehicle I thought about getting one. It was between the mazda, srx, and murano. I feel I made a good decision but when I here stories like yours it makes me extremely nervous.
  • Question, if GM does not get bailed out and files for reorganization Chap 11,I wonder if the warranties will be null and void. So far I have 1 for each vehicle but this situation is not encouraging
  • That's true I didn't even think about that, will the dealers still honor them, they better those warranties don't come cheap. Well I have a lot of thinking to do I'll just say a little prayer that my srx doesn't let me down. Luckily my car is still under factory warranty until 3-09. Thanks for the reply
  • help23help23 Posts: 1
    So, how has the Cadi been since the repairs? I received the terrible word yesterday that the timing chain and crankshaft need to be replaced in my 2008. I have only owned this vehicle for 6 months (purchased used with 19,000 miles). I thought I was making a good desicion to purchase this vehicle when my 2005 Durango constantly stalled while driving and the dealer could not fix it. I think the purchase of this Cadi may have been a big mistake. It rattles worse than my husbands 1991 Honda commuter car... I am very nervous going forward with this vehicle after the repairs. I do not trust the mechanics at the dealer and understand this is a major engine overhall.. Is it recommended that the engine just be replaced?
  • trans66trans66 Posts: 2
    Just FYI re timing chain defect.As many have said on this forum this repair has been to common on the SRX.I had the chain replaced in late Feb. on my 2007 with 29,000 miles.My dealer had the car for a total of 3 days,provided a car to use and the vehicle is back as new.Overall quality since new has been average- but I do like the way the car performs.
  • jwoodiejwoodie Posts: 16
    Timing chain replacement for v6 or v8? Just wondering since I have a CPO '07 V8. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  • trans66trans66 Posts: 2
    My 2007 is the V6-not sure if the same chain defect was common with the V8.Check on this site for any mention of V8 problems.
  • looking for positives and negatives about the 06 srx. am headed to the shop for the 2nd time in a month for sunroof issues. Also, the engine seems to work hard with the slightest hill, automatic shifting seems rough. the car has 25,000mls and the paint has already began to show chipping.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Hello. After researching "crossovers," I am likely going to buy a USED SRX. I have read many message boards and various websites to try to determine potential future issues with the car and to determine a year to buy. I want the year that seems to have the fewest problems and I would like to know the potential "life expectancy" of the car, so I can determine what odometer reading to not exceed. Can someone please give me their opinions on the following?:

    1. '07 and '08s seems like the year with the fewest problems with the SRX. Or is this because they have less miles, so it will be a few years before the complaints come in on these years and later years are just the same as the '04. I read about power steering issues for '04-'07. Have the later years worked out the kinks? I have read comments from people who think the SRX is the best car and they have zero problems to comments from people who have had one problem after another. Does anyone have a general, rule of thumb on the best year to buy along with what odometer reading begins any issues that seem commonplace?

    2. What is the "life expectancy" of a cadillac SRX? I know there are many factors - like what kind of driver and do they keep up with maintenance. But, assuming that the driver of the original vehicle was average and the car wasn't made on a Friday (ha ha), how many miles can a car owner expect from a cadillac SRX? This will help me decide if it is worth it to pay a little more for a low mileage vehicle, which I think is smartest. But, what if an SRX has a life expectancy of 150K? Then, I can be more flexible with the miles. Most used SRXs from '04-'07 have about 45K. My instinct is lower, but what do you all think? I am trying to buy American - even if it is used - as I have only ever driven Japanese cars, and I just don't know.

    Sorry for the wordiness, but I wanted to be clear.
    Thank you to anyone who answers these questions.
  • jwoodiejwoodie Posts: 16
    I had the same concerns - that is why I bought an "07 CPO (loaded) with a 100k bumper-to-bumper warranty. I am not too worried about the N* engine or trans, but all the other goodies (dvd, nav, etc) can be costly when they go out. If not under warranty, your safest bet might be a V6 model without the extra equipment (still a very luxurious car!). The only thing that would worry me about the V6 is the timing chain...LOL
  • Hello i was wondering what was done to resolve the issue where water was getting into the rear storage area becasue i am getting the same issue.
  • mskatzymskatzy Posts: 3
    The first thing that stopped working was my cd player, then the check tire pressure would come on when pressure was fine, then check air bag came on, rear windows will not go up. I had the motor replace in one rear window, it didn't last 90 days. Then my check engine light came on, change gas cap, the light went out. Now it is on again, do you think that these problem are caused by an electrical problem? Need a little advice. I hate this car
  • Picked up the "brand new car" only to find out the surround sound radio did not work. Dealer was very helpful Cadillac was horrible. I was told by the rep at Cadillac that there was a problem before the car was shipped to the dealer.
    It turned out that the factory never set the speakers nor the amps so the radio was never really on.The service department was great but the Factory was terrible. nasty person from GM they will not stand behind their product all I was told was there is a warrenttee not to worry. Thank goodness the Dealer is great and does whatever they have to to fix the problem and keep the customer happy. That cannot be said about the Manufactuer at all. They are terrible and if there was the return policy in place it would have been returned.
    So purchase a "Brand New "Cadillac they will do nothing for you at GM but take the money and run. It is the same old thing they do not care and that is why they will be in trouble again as they do not care about customer service nor quality.
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