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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You might get some ideas from messages in the In-vehicle DVD movie systems discussion.

    Steve, Host

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    BMW offers a dealer-installed DVD system for the X5. I don't know if it's a viable DIY proposition.
  • Hello fellow X5ers,
    I'm stuck between a rockchip & hardplace. I just picked up my X5 from OPEN ROAD BMW service center in Edison, NJ due to leaking rack n pinion, blanking NAV system (4th time & still no resolve, xenon headlight, condensation & blown out fog lights.
    So im at the dealership and get in to drive away, only to notice a 5-inch crack in my winshield.
    I speak to the service supervisor and he says it was caused by a rock chip, not by them.
    I was appalled! I told them i dropped the vehicle off with no windshield chips whatsoever. The inspection paper when i dropped the vehicle off also didn't indicate a crack in the windshield.
    He spoke to the tech and produced a handwritten statement on some paper stating that there was a crack in the windshield. This is just absurd!

    To make matters worse, the condescending supervisor said I'm lucky they even performed warranty work on the NAV system considering i had aftermarket wheels on my X5 this summer. I shut that down real quick when i mentioned i had already had the car serviced 3 times prior to having the new wheels for the NAV problem, which still isnt fixed.

    Isnt there anything out there legally that protects owners from having to put up with this? Ive been told NJ lemon laws apply to any new car that has problems that cant be remedied by dealer after 3 tries. I'm sure this counts. Im so frustrated with BMW and Open Road BMW that i'm even willing to walk away from my lease if possible.

    I've been verbally harrassed by my service advisor for giving him a less than favorable score on the bmw follow up call.

    I've called the 800 bmw cust service # and rambled off all my hopes that something will be done...

    Can anyone give me any advice?
  • Jammyling,

    Since you seem to be having service problems with Open Road, and your X5 is still under factory warranty, why not try to have the problems serviced at another BMW dealer? I have had several new BMW's and have been very pleased with JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ. I have friends who also have had service problems from Open Road, and I have never felt comfortable at that dealership when I was trying to purchase a vehicle. I would be curious to see how BMW customer service responds to your requests.

  • I have an appointment to see the service mgr @ Open Road Monday morning, but BMW cust service rep told me she'd call the manager prior to me coming to speak on behalf of my complaints.

    I feel like i'm in grade school again, like telling the principle that a bully is picking on me, then having to go back to class and confront that bully...not a good i feel i shouldn't be placed in...
    definitely not what i consider the ultimate bmw experience....

    thanks poloman for the suggestion, i may have no other option but to go at least 30 minutes out of my way for JMK...something the cust service rep advised me to do...which i can't believe...
  • i know these issues have been posted did owners who had these problems get them resolved? Again, Open Road dealership states those are bmw issues and cannot be fixed by dealership. dealership states air smell blamed on environmental air quality and headlight condensation due to housing unit. Again, thanks for the explanation but what is bmw going to do about it?! i find it hard to believe that EVERY BMW in the metro NYC area is driving around in a foul smelling $50K+ car and not making a stink about it!!
    Is this true? Can anyone help?!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Cracks don't always appear immediately after a windshield is struck. I had one appear before my eyes more than an hour after my windshield was hit by a pebble. Earlier I had heard the pebble strike and I did notice a tiny pit and some rock residue at the impact point. I just happened to be looking directly at the damage while parked when the crack formed.

    So it is possible the dealer is innocent. If there was no possibility of your windshield having been hit within, say, a few hours before you took your vehicle in then press the point!

    Good luck.

    tidester, host
  • bgiiibgiii Posts: 1
    Thinking of buying the 4.4 X5 and wondering if current owners would purchase this car again? Consumer Reports gave it a very poor rating on reliability - wondering what others experience has been?
  • I have a 2001 X5 3.0 with over 26,000 miles and am very happy with it. As I've read with others, I've had several minor problems, but have been able to get all fixed to my satisfaction except for one thing: an intermittent high pitched whistling noise that comes from under the vehicle, near the back. Sometimes it's a "pulsing whistle" and other times it just stays on. Happens when engine is running whether in Drive or Park. We've checked the engine and it is definitely NOT coming from there. The frustrating part is that this noise doesn't happen once I'm at a dealership! I've had them check for it 3 times and they cannot replicate.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks for any help!
  • I've had the same problems, and they are fairly common on X5s. I get the condensation after washing the X, but it evaporates. You could also try turning on the lights to help dry it more quickly. If, however, it does not go away after a few hours or if there is water in the housing, they should replace the housing. Try another dealer.

    That the smelly ventilation has anything to do with environmental quality is pure B.S. If it smells like mold or a smelly sock, I believe it's related to condensation in the A/C system. Try turning off the A/C a minute or two before your destination and just run the fan to help dry up the lines. I've also heard of some spray that you spray directly into the vents.

    As far as the lemon law goes, the three strikes rule normally applies to problems where safety is compromised, i.e., more serious problems. Nevertheless, consult a lawyer if you feel you have a good case. In the meantime, try out the other dealer.

    Good luck.
  • This happened to me twice, both times after going through a touchless car wash. Cleared up after I parked it with the lights facing towards the sun. As bluetooth says, if there's WATER and not just a little condesation get the housing replaced.

    Lots of vehicles have the A/C problem, and I'm no lawyer but your lemon law claim doesn't look very good to me. I'm gonna go with the crowd and say "check out the other d(St)ealer".
  • A: If it were MY X5 (that is, practically flawless) then ABSOLUTELY. If it were an X5 that intermittently died in traffic, no way. Too bad there's no way to tell ahead of time.

    But, if you happen to get a bad one the good news is they're easy to steal if you park it in the wrong part of town :-)
  • I have had an X5 3.0d on test all weekend and was sure I would want to buy it. In the UK this is a seriously expensive beast at £42,000 (nearly $60,000). There are some problems with the car that I knew about (small luggage capacity and rather poor mobile phone system)but the one that has taken me by surprise is the very "choppy" ride quality. The car behaves really strangely on many road surfaces as it seems to set up a rapid (but slight) bouncing above the front axle. The bounce is very shallow (no more than a couple of inches) but it is enough to be felt in the driver as a chin jerking, lower back "pogoing" sensation. As I have a lower back problem this is really irritating and causing me to seriously doubt whether this is the right car for me. I can only find the effect mentioned in one road test but the vast majority of road tests praise the car for great road manners. Is this an issue you current owners are aware of or is it possible that this is a set up problem on the particular vehicle I am driving ?
  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I live in the DC area, and I noticed that in the last few days, I am getting some minor rust around both tailpipe's. I have the 3.0. Not sure if this is cause for alarm. I noticed it after the first storm we had last week.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I test drove both the X5 and Volvo XC90 and have to say I prefer the X5 3.0. It handled much better. I just wish the X had more cargo space. I have two kids, but when we go away for a weekend, we pack our Passat wagon to the point of overflow. Does anyone who owns an X feel too cramped?

    BMW's web site mentions something called Select financing. It gives a lower rate w/ balloon pmt at the end. Anyone out there go for this? Is it similar to the residual on a lease?

    Lastly, what the real mileage owners have been experiencing? I drive 60%hwy/40%city and am curious. During the test drive the trip computer displayed 11.9 MPG and I just couldn't believe it could be THAT bad!
    P.S. I test drove @ open road in Edison NJ. Saw the earlier posts about service there. Won't be buying from them. How's Flemington or JMK in Springfield
    Thanks for the advice!
  • Cargo space is obviously lacking in the X5 compared to similar vehicles. Whether it is enough depends on your own needs. I have two kids and it has served our needs well. A stroller and bags of groceries is easy. For road trips it does get packed in the back but we can still manage. The simplest solution would be to try and pack less.

    With the seats folded down, I've put items such as boxes of laminate flooring, a coffee table, mouldings, or a twin mattress without much problem. You could probably fit a 27" TV as well. For some items you may want to open the hatch. For the average DIYer the X5 should be adequate. Carrying 4x8 plywood, however, would be a problem. All in all, make an assessment as to how often and how much you would need to carry things and perhaps compare it to figures on the maximum useful length, width and height for the X5 (sorry I don't have the numbers). If you're overly concerned about it, you probably want to consider other vehicles.

    As far as mileage, my Feb. 01 X5 3.0 (13k miles) falls in line with the official figures (15 city/20 hwy) calculated using the miles driven between full tanks. It's *much* more accurate than the numbers from the trip computer. From what I've seen on mileage polls at, you can expect similar results.
  • Has anyone tried to have their X5 Xenon lights re-aligned? After 6 months of not being able to adapt to the sharp cut-off I had them adjusted upward just a bit. They are now fantastic and I do not get "flashed" by on-coming traffic. Just to be sure I had someone drive my car while I approached from the opposite direction - they were fine. I think the factory alignment might be a bit low and is over compensating for the extra height of the vehicle. I really hated the way the lights cut off about 100' - 150'down the road and frankly thought them to be unsafe over 40mph.
  • Bearmj - we have been experiencing the same ill-adjustment of the lights and were also thinking about re-adjusting them. Did you have the dealer re-align or some other mechanic type?
  • Hi all,

    X5 with so many complaints.... Having second thoughts.

    Has any one bought the X5 or any BMW vehicle with BMW's Performance Loan?

    I would like to know if you would recommend to others?

    Anyone had any good buying/Leasing experience in any of the Long Island (NY) Dealers?

    I have been told if you lease your payments should not exceed 1.25% of the MSRP Taxes included....
    X5 4.4 Fully loaded... Premium Pkg, Xenon, Nav, Cold Pkg, Rear Climate, Adjust Ride Height.... without Sport Pkg = Dealer Price 54195.00 (MSRP= 56495)
    Lease Payment should be $677.43 (706.18)

    I will try to apply this when leasing. For now I'm exploring Finance option.

  • After having two other BMW's in the past 5 years my wife and I decide to try an X5 with "comfort seats". I've had four vertebrae fused 18 months ago and couldn't drive/ride more than 30 minutes in either my '01 Honda Accord or '95 Chevy Tahoe. We just did a 1200 mile round trip from Northern Calif. to LA and the car was superb!! 4.4 engine got 17 mpg at 85 mph and I could stand up when I got out of the car!! Yes, it's a little tight when it comes to storage but it's just the two of us so no big deal.

    About snow, the X5 came with "Sport Suspension" and 19 inch wheels. A little stiff when empty but smooth as silk when loaded and as secure at 90 mph as it is at 60. Got home in a snowy (less than one inch) storm and skid all over the place. Even hydro planed a couple of times in the heavy rain. I'll be buying a spare set of 18 inch wheels and M/S tire soon.
  • I complained when I first noticed it and asked for them to be adjusted at 2000 miles - at 10,000 miles I insisted that they adjust them upward. I complained that the dark spot was inside normal stopping distances and that I felt the lights to be unsafe. The dealer finally adjusted the left beam upward. The effect when shined on a wall is that the left light pattern sits just above the right light at about 10 feet distance. On the road the difference is like night and day. And as I mentioned there is no problem with glare for oncoming traffic. I am sure there is a fine line between just right and too high so I don't suggest doing this without having the proper instructions/equipment.
  • I just spent a few days reading every post (the majority talking about leasing and everyones "deal"). I am confused as to why people buy a X5 knowing that you will be in the dealer within a few months trying to get a problem fixed. What sane person does this? Really, I know the X5 is fun to drive ( I drove a 4.4 & a Lexus LX470 today), but, I do not know if "fun" is worth the aggrevation. Now your thinking I'm bashing the BMW name because I have never owned a BMW (wrong !, in fact I've had a 97 528 & 95 M3). Loved to drive both, except the problems with the 528 led me to trade in for a 98 GS300 and the M3 made way for a 96 LS400, no problems with the M3, family situation changed. Looking now to replace the 96 LS400 for a SUV/SAV. Mercedes - yuk, Range Rover - box & yuk, any domestic (GM, Ferd, Cheby, Dudge) - XXX yuk, Nissan/Infinity - to close minded about this brand (my problem), Volvo - maybe, haven't looked, not sure about getting a 1st yr model, Volkswagen - maybe, hate the name "Toureg", but I can take that chrome piece off, no problem. Lexus - LX470 nice equipment, like being able to have auto headlights and a sun visor that extends to the places the sun ALWAYS seems to shine, underpowered though in comparison to the 4.4, of course it weighs a lot more. Well, enough babbling, lets hear the reasons why hard working Americans are buying a known problem SUV.
  • jvmaxjvmax Posts: 5
    Well I'm back again after balking at $43,500 on a 2002 demo 3.0 X5 with auto, premium pkg, xenon, and rear climate with 900 miles. No it wasn't a CPO either.

    So I am now intrigued with a CPO 2001 X5 3.0 with 33k miles for $35,900. It also has auto, Premium Pkg, Rear Climate. I guess it is a Year End Blowout at one of the BMW dealers in Northern Florida. I think this is a great price as most of the CPO's I see in the Orlando area are at $40K.

    What does everybody else think? And is there any special CPO financing on 2001 X5's through BMW?
  • I consider 33k kind of high mileage for an 01 X5. That's probably why it's so cheap - you looking at Fields? I got my 01 3.0 X5 new from them, I just hit 9k miles after 14 months which I consider low mileage. I'd say average would be in the mid 20's.

    I haven't had a single problem with my X5 by the way. I've got premium, rear climate & xenons, fantastic all around vehicle - I need to drive it more.
  • jvmaxjvmax Posts: 5
    Yes, I realize 33k miles is above average, but I did see an X5 with 64k miles going for $33,000 with no warranty. Fields does have some preowned, but they tend to be in the $39K to $42k range with anywhere between 19k and 30k miles. If i am going to spend $40k, I might as well buy New.
  • Bluebeast:

    If you look at the other message boards, you'll see that vehicles of every make and model have one problem or another. That's one reason people post questions. Of course, there are folks out there who are perfectly happy with theirs and aren't posting at all.

    True, the X5 has had its share of growing pains, and some have been quite serious. And fortunately, the more serious ones have been taken care of with recall campaigns. But with the X5 entering its fifth year, a lot of the problems have been worked out. For sure, there are still some issues and areas for improvement. And it's still quite possible to buy a lemon. But I don't think it would be correct to automatically assume that "you will be in the dealer within a few months trying to get a problem fixed" by just reading a few posts.

    People get the X for various reasons. For me, the reasons were: performance, power, styling, safety, roominess, faithfulness to brand ('92 525i), interior, nifty options (rear sunshades, parking distance control) and a maintenance program. And of course, there's that feeling you get when driving a bimmer - which I'm sure you know well. Cargo space is a bit small but adequate for my needs. Oh, and I have a 2001 with a few minor problems.

    You've listed other models and reasons why you didn't like them. You realize that no single vehicle fits everyone's needs. You can put together a pros/cons list for every model you've mentioned. So what attracts you to the X5? I think once you've figured out exactly what your top priorities are, you can start narrowing down your choices. Whether you choose not to give it further consideration because of "known problems" is up to you.
  • The following article (attached link) in detroit news suggests that a small business can get an accelerated depreciation tax break of $24,000 if you buy any SUV that weighs 6000 lb or more and BMW X5 qualifies for it. But when I checked in edmunds, X5 weighs only around 4500 lbs and I was wondering how come it is qualified. Does any one used this tax break before or have any thoughts on this article??


  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    The X5 qualifies. The GVWR weight is not just the weight of the vehicle, but the vehicle plus its rated payload capacity.

    If you test-drive an X5, you can confirm this for yourself by looking at the plate on the inside of the driver's door jamb. The X5 qualifies.
  • kaitsukaitsu Posts: 41
    The new Volvo XC90 qualifies for the tax break as well, but you have to get it with 7 seats.
  • In the NY Times it did mention that X5 does qualify.
    BTW, Good point wmquan!
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