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  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    You can go to the BMW website to figure out leasing options

    My lease wasn't typical - I had a paid off 97 5 series I traded for my X. Got top dollar for the trade, got them down $1,500 off MSRP and I applied most of the trade to the lease, they stroked me a check for $6k and my total lease payment is only $206 a month 12k a year for 36 months - I'll definately be buying the X at the end of the lease for around $25k (I do that a lot when I lease a BMW).

    I didn't do the Spartanburg thing with my X but I have been there for one of the Z3 homecomings (2000 M Coupe) I highly recommend going, that is a fantastic facility. There are all sorts of things they offer - I don't know what's included in the X5 delivery. They may let you drive any of the M series cars on their track. They have an X5 specific track as well.
  • I'm buying a new X5 and debating some option choices. The adjustable ride height seems attractive since it also LOWERS the vehicle so it might handle better with a lower center of gravity and improve highway gas mileage. Does anyone have this option and find it useful these ways? Any reliablitity issues? Thanks.
  • I've read the old reviews that discourage the Sport suspension as too rough a ride, but would be interested in anyone's more recent experience. The 4.4i now comes standard with the 18" all-season tires, and perhaps it is just the lower profile wheels that caused the jarring ride referred to in the review since through 2002 BMW included the 19" wheels on the 4.4i sports package. Anyone have a comment on the ride of the 4.4 with and/or without the sports package?
  • One thing I'd like to do sometime is do the Spartanburg thing. If the delivery center trip includes the X5 offroad trail and performance driving school it'd be worth it. The X5 is a unique animal with a performance envelope different from anything else. It'd be great to have somebody teach you where the edges of that envelope are.

    From what I've read of adj. ride height it's not worth it. It doesn't (2002) lower automatically at stop and it moves to standard(?) position during normal or high speed driving, not the lowest position. I believe standard is the same height as an X5 w/out adj. ride height. If I'm wrong somebody will correct me.
  • We have been shopping a 2002 model X5 3.0. We are getting quoted around 45.5K, with Premium, Rear Climate, Cold Weather, Xenon, and Auto. The VOB dealer here in Rockville MD, has 10 new(2002) on the lot. Any thoughts on this price, or when they lower the price with 2003's starting to show up. I hate take a full year depreciation as soon as I drive it off the lot. I've heard people on this forum say that December is a good buying time, is this true?
  • I just purchased a 2002 x5 3.o premium,climate,cold pkg.,auto, xenon. msrp $47,270. I paid $45,000 got free mats and 2.9% finance rate from bmw (special rate just started 11/1) I also got about $1500 more for my trade than I could get from any other dealer. So far I found one map light doesn't work but the ride is incompareable. If you want one buy a 2002 now. In a few years at trade in time you wont get much less than a 2003 but will pay much more for 03 now. to start they are $850 more than 02's. Take advantage of special fin. rate.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Is that only avail on new X5's? 2002 530?
    Do you think they gave you more for your trade-in because they needed to move the 2002 to make room for the 03 or what?
  • I think the rate 2.9, is available on all 02 models. I don"t know why they gave me so much more for my trade. The x5 had to be gotten from another dealer so it wasn't like they had to get rid of their inventory. I would definitely play one dealer against the other though. Tell them how much you'd rather do business with them than their competition. It seems to go a long way.
  • I'm trying to get a 02 X5 3.0 with auto, Premium, Cold, Climate, parking distance control(which I don't care about) for $44K. No trade-in. The seemed to have conceded on 44.4K, but that is all over the phone. I'm sticking to 44K. I'll keep you posted. Oh, are the prices people quoting including shipping, or not?
  • the vehicle you described is the exact one I purchased. I neglected to mention the parking dist. which I do have. I also have xenons which is a $500 OPTION SO i ACTUALLY PAID $44500 COMPARED TO the 44.4 you were offered. My advice...take the deal see if you could split the difference, maybe 44.2. Dont wait because you'll be back to paying the increased msrp for a 2003. You'll love the car and make sure you get the pick up service when you need service. good luck! Almost forgot...take advantage of the 2.9% fin. rate.
  • pswlpswl Posts: 3
    Dealer asks for $200 "advertising fee" in Virginia and claims it is part of cost. Is this true or it's just another dealer trap?
  • pswlpswl Posts: 3
    Spfrancis: your first post said VOB quoted you 45.5K, how did you get the 44.4K quote later for the same equiped 02' X5? From another dealership?
  • hopefully I'm just repeating what people know. 2002 models lower base price may be offset by higher residual value on '03 models at lease end.

    DZUBA - w./CPO's, my opinion and experience is that you are better off leasing a new car rather than leasing a used one, especially when resale prices are so high on used. Higher residual values, combined with longer maintenance program will probably mean less cost of ownership for an '03. If you're looking at CPO's (I have a Starmaked ML as well) I'd say buy, but for a lease, you've got to be better off with a new X5. Double check your dealer's rates (both residual and lease) to make sure he's being straight with you. Most dealers major profit centers are in their used vehicles, so watch out. Before I bought my used ML, i went to a friend whose a wholesaler and found out what they were going for at the auctions and ended up buying mine for about $1,000 over wholesale ($5,000 under asking price!).

    Just make sure you explore all the numbers and have all the facts.
  • When I was in my final phases of negotiations on the phone I was down to 44,580 for a 02 x5 3.0 auto, climate, cold, zenon, dimming mirrors. I just went in yesteday, and I got 44.4 for the above vehicle, and I took it. I think I could have dickered for another $100~, but taking the wife there, always makes it more diffcult. I would recommend not doing that. I did buy from VOB. They also threw in mats, cheap key chain, and rubber mats. I hope that helps.
  • That did include premium, which I forgot.
  • I own a 2000 528 and I love BWM engines, performance and everything BMW stands for, but the X5 feels like a poor job of what all BMW stand for, yes is probably the fastest SUV out on the market but that is all you get with the X5, So I opted for a Discovery 2003 with 217 HP. a V8, 4WD all the time, double transmission, leather, double cargo space vs. the X5, feels stronger, feels like truly utility vehicle with a lot of class. Yes gas consumption is bad on the Discovery but I think that when you buy luxury vehicles gas consumption is not a priority, rather comfort and satisfaction should be the priorities.
  • I am looking to lease the '03 X5 3.0 (MY first BMW). I went for a test drive the other day and simply loved it. Which dealer in ATL is offering the best deal? Does anyone have advice on negotiating the lease? I would appreciate any thoughts.
  • I've been trying to decide whether to buy a new Volvo XC90, Toyota 4Runner Limited, or even wait for a VW Touareg. About a month ago, I test drove a used 2001 X5 3.0 w/ 5sp. manual at the local dealer. I was interested, but got turned off by the comments in this thread about the 5sp. I didn't consider a new X5 since my plan is to pay cash for my next vehicle by selling two of my existing four cars (which generates enough $$ for a new 4Runner or XC90, but not for a new X5).

    Well, I went back today to drive the used X5 one more time and found the 1st and 5th gear issues really didn't bother me much. After negotiating a deal for $38k, I even talked the sales manager into taking the 18" wheels off another X5 (with too many miles on it) in the lot and putting them on mine (which had 17") - which he agreed to. So, I just drove home a blue 2001 X5 w/ 18" wheels, 5sp. manual, and 21k miles. I love it!
  • yagit1yagit1 Posts: 11
    pls let me know what ur thoughts r on this , i will be buying a 2002 x-5 3.0 demo car with about 10000 miles on it w/ prem package, cold package, rear pkg, xenon, self-dimming mirror for 44000 is this a good price or am i being taken????thanks
  • Taken. 44K for a used Manual? I spent < 5 minutes on auto trader and found much better prices for X5s with lower miles. Walk away.
  • I'm sure you're busy waxing it up -- remember to wax the rims as they are painted and regular waxing will make it easy to clean off the brake dust.
  • yagit1yagit1 Posts: 11
    greenlatern, i forgot to mention that it is an auto transmission, so do u think the price is still bad, i never had an experience buying a used car so i really don't know...thank you!!!
  • If it were me I'd start looking at both ebay and autotrader for similarly configured '01s and '02s (there are a lot of low mileage '01s out there) and see what the asking price is and what the winning bid is on ebay. Use that info to get a picture of what the actual market price is, not what the $tealer thinks you should pay.

    Even with the auto I think it's pretty high.
  • yagit i just bought a new no miles x5 02, prem.,climate,cold,xenon,auto,parking dist.(which u really need)for 45,000 plus i got about 2000 more for my trade than it was worth(dealer never actually checked trade for options and such till too late)so I guess i really paid $43,000...that said what do you think about your deal? oh yeah, i also got 2.9% financing.good,ll love it even if you do pay too much.
  • yagit1yagit1 Posts: 11
    thanks 4 all ur input guys, i should b meeting with the dealer any day this week so i guess i do have an idea of what people r paying 4 an x-5 (my dream sav) i'll let u know what comes out of it 'cuz i might end up getting the '03 with nothing on it except 4 moonroof & auto transmission 1050 below msrp, by the way on the '02 he's giving me a 1.9% financing, i don't know if it matters...
  • I see many people mention about 2.9%, can some one give me the terms for that? Is there a minimum down payment to qualify for that rate? I do not see any special financing in Edmunds or BMW web site. Thanks in advance.
  • Now that I have an X5, thought I'd need a webpage to along with it - with pics and links to general info and reviews... it's a little dated since it mostly includes reviews of MY vehicle. Still has some nice pics for the rest of you.

    Thanks greenlatern for the tip on cleaning all that brake dust from the wheels. Went right out and did it :-)

  • klwsklws Posts: 7
    Hi -

    I'm considering an X5 among several other SUVs. I have a 525i so anything from BMW is a strong incumbent.

    However, with 2 small kids, my wife requires this next car have a DVD player.

    BMW doesn't offer one as an option, has anyone had luck installing an aftermarket system or one through a dealer?

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