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Reverse Warning Systems & Cameras



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    trash. The substantial difference in quality and design of products are obvious when compairing the two. I bought one of these and couldn't be happier since. BTW, dirt and debris don't affect this one as compared to the other one.

    Course this is my opinion after having owned and installed both.

  • frulefrule Posts: 82
    Would you elaborate on the differences?Especially on the accuracy.Thanks!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    built more solidly, wasn't affected by weather and could be mounted in a place not detectable thus affecting the appearnce of the auto or exposing it to damage by mounting on the bumper.

    The rostra system filled that bill. Accuracy is determined by several factors for the other manufacturer including weather and cleanliness of the sensor. None of these affects the rostra. The downside to the rostra is that they don't offer a digital display which would tell you exactly how far from the object you are. I weighed the trade off cause in my opinion everything is built heavier duty in the rostra which I thought more important since it is exposed on the exterior of the vehicle.
  • I've installed my Poron 37,000 miles ago. It seemed of flimsy construction but it has never failed. Now I am addicted to it.

    I mounted it with the display above the rear window of my van. That way I can see it while looking back. I rely more on the beeping than I do the actual distance.

    2 days ago, I saw a better installation than mine on an Excursion. Apparently, they ran the wires under the plastic for the rear bumper (or drilled the bumper) and the sensors were mounted (silicone glued?) to the chrome bumper. It looked like it belonged.

    I wouldn't hesitate getting another Poron. I haven't tried the other unit but I will look into it as an alternative.
  • I recently bought an SUV and am looking for a backup warning device. My new car dealer only installs factory authorized parts but gave me a referral to an independent who installs after market equipment. He installs Dolphin EchoMaster equipment. Info on this product is at the website -

    He doesn't install Poron or Rostra.

    Does anyone have any feedback on Dolphin EchoMaster??

    Thank you to all prior posters - it has been very informative reviewing the discussion from the beginning.



  • My SUV already has a reversing sensor. It turns out to help with parking I would like a forward sensor (hard to see over the big hood :-). Does anyone know of an aftermarket front-only sensor (that obviously is only enabled for slow speeds).

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I used the same type I used for the rear warning system. Kmart sold them for 35 dollars.
  • Some systems warn of the shortest distance just below 1.5-2 feet, which is too much. I would need a better precision than that, like Poron's +/-1 inch tolerance, for parallel parking in tight spots like downtown or side streets. We all can guess 2 feet. But now I learn of poor customer service, I guess the best is go with a local retailer where you can return the product conveniently.

    I drive a Windstar, so backing up is easier than with a sedan, but up to a 3 feet distance to the other vehicle. A rear spoiler helps in a sedan though. So a real system makes sense if it tells you the distance, while the alarm makes the driver a bit careless, like "ok people, hear that? I'm backing up! so watch out!" and poles and shopping carts can't hear that and won't move.

    But why 90% of the people drive-in directly into the parking spots anyway, and don't back up ? I prefer that, I move towards something still that I know where it is, like a wall, a fence, or another PARKED vehicle, and I don't need to take the large turn, even with a sedan, with the front corners close to the nearby parallel vehicle. Then I can exit seeing everything and everyone and not jeopardizing anyone's safety wondering what this van is going to do, can he see us? A large sedan's visibility is even worse (like an Intrepid) because of lower driving position. I can see through the minivan like an aquarium. Sometimes I need to open the door to watch the back though.

    Did you notice that almost always people step off the brake, roll the vehicle a bit out of the spot, THEN look and stop? Watch your kids in mall lots while walking behind any idling car, I saw an old lady once hit by her husband's Grand Marquis, she wasn't injured but screamed a lot.
  • Any one know if it'll detect toddlers behind an RX300? When I back up, I can't see under the rear glass hatch line and it would be terrible if I ever hurt a child. Any info re the Backup Alert system or something similar would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!
  • If you really want to know what is behind you, why not go with a video system. I believe that JCWhitney has one for around $400.00 which consists of a very small video camera that mounts in the trunk and needs just a small hole in the back panel to see through and an inside rearview mirror. The video screen is in the middle of the mirror and blanks out to a full mirror when not in reverse. I believe the viewing angle is something on the order of 120 degrees or so. This would let you see what is back there rather than watch lights, hear beepers, etc.
    Not sure if the size would let you install the camera in the liftgate of a van or SUV......
  • See threads 45 and 62. I have had the Poron unit since June of 2001 on my 2001 Toyota Sienna. To date, except for the occassional repositioning of the sensors after a car wash, I have had absolutely no problems with the unit, it has performed flawlessly for 3 years.
  • We want to add visual backup safety device to our 2005 Avalanche. Have checked out Consumer report but would like to hear 'real' experiences and choices. Thanks
  • ttcttc Posts: 17
    Andy¡¦s Top Lites and Accessories (

    Backup-Sensor (

    CrimeStopper (

    DesignTech International, Inc. (

    Donnelly VideoMirror with ReversAid/BabyVue (


    GDP Parking Sensors (

    HitchCAM (

    Magnadyne RB-06 (

    MAXVision (no Web address available)

    Parking-E (

    Poron Micro3, Poron Mini3LV (

    Roldan Products Corp. (

    Rostra Precision Controls (


    Sonar Vision (

    Speed-O-Tach, Inc. (

    Taurus Electronic Security (

    Trilogix Wireless Backup BAT-2W (no Web address available)

    Ultrasonic Back-up Alarm (no Web address available)

    VizuaLogic (
  • mcaltamcalta Posts: 3
    My husband was looking into the kind that you stick onto the rear bumper (no wiring required). Will these work as well?
  • kinzuakinzua Posts: 44
    Does anyone have any information on the Audiovox sensor system? I have a quote to install the 2 sensor system for $229. :)
  • wiseguy1wiseguy1 Posts: 3
    I just got a license plate parking sensor from Reverse Backing Systems that works really well.

    It only cost me $30 to have someone install it and there are not any holes in my bumper. Check it out if you don't want to have a permanent installation.
  • wiseguy1wiseguy1 Posts: 3
    I had those on my ford ranger and they were knocked off. I was doing a lot of work with it so they might be okay for light duty.

    I ended up getting a license plate system from Reverse Backing Systems that I really like. These do not require permanent installation (ie - no holes in the bumper).

    hope that helps :-)
  • patobrianpatobrian Posts: 2
    Yea, i just got the license plate system from reverse backing systems too and i have been very happy with how it works.

    The one I got is:

    - Pat
  • patobrianpatobrian Posts: 2
    I just found the license plate system I bought on ebay - right now it is only $2.25 (I paid like $170 for it) 9

    thought i would help someone out :-)

    - Pat
  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    Making a long story short, my girlfriend just bought a new Ford Focus about a week ago. While sitting in the batters box with the F&I guy, she was asked if she wanted to buy "The Protector" paint protection program. After listening to his presentation, she went ahead and purchased both the paint and cloth interior protection packages. :cry:

    My questions are what did she buy, is it worth $600.00+, and could some other similar product be have been used instead? :confuse:

    After reading some of the posts here at, I'm starting to think that the girlfriend bought an expensive was job. :sick: True?

    Any thoughts or comments on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I think you meant to post in a different discussion, like Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair or Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts).

    But yeah, that's wax and Scotchgard and $600 sounds like a rip-off to me. Try one of the discussions linked above for more.

    Oh, this discussion may be of interest too (search for mop and glow in there):

    Dealer's Tricks - bait & switch, etc.

    Steve, Host
  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    Thanks for your reply, Steve. I've reposted my message as you suggested. ;)
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    as above i had it installed (cost $50) but i got it for 129$ at

    i got the audio alert only (easier install--put the speaker on the back edge near my rear seats)

    i think it's tilted a bit, the instructions say you may have to adjust the angle a bit using spacers provided. works great. even not adjusted. you can get alert from an angle as well as directly behind at about 3 feet goes constant at about 1ft. it "sees" my 2 yr old toddler(can't see from the rear view mirror) so tha't why i got it, i wan't to "see" someway when i back up not just for parking. the cameras are great too but too$$$$$
  • here are a few pics of the install I had done. I had someone else do the actual installation (it was $39) so I can't help much with instructions if anyone needs them.

    I think you can call Reverse Backing Systems and they will talk you through it though.

  • masksavmasksav Posts: 13
    I fairly new to this forum so be gentle. I have just purchased a 2006 Toyota Solara Convertible with the Toyota navagation system. I've read several places that you can add an Eclipse backup camera (BCE104) to this system and that the camera is plug and play. My problem is I have yet to find anything that says yes this is the correct camara,here is how you install it, here is how it works, here is where to buy it etc.
    I see references to this on the Solara page but no real answers. So any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • I am in a similar position, watching the posts for clues on installing a camera on a '06 Solara Convertible with Nav. One thing I can offer is that the BEC104 camera is available from Crutchfield--I just ordered one.
  • I just finished installing a backup camera in my 2006 Camry Solara and can now confirm, and perhaps add to, the helpful information that has already appeared in this forum:
    --The Eclipse BEC104 camera, available from Crutchfield and others, has the right connector and pin-out to plug directly into the back of the Solara’s Radio/Navigation unit. (I would guess that the BEC103 and BEC105 are also suitable.)
    --Since the Solara navigation unit already has a Reverse signal, the electrical installation is indeed plug and play.
    --The Radio/Navigation unit, ATC, their common bezel, and bracket must be removed as an assembly. (Don’t pry at the Radio/Navigation/ATC bezel looking for mounting bolts!)
    --To access the upper two mounting bolts for the Radio/Nav assembly, the panel at the upper center of the dash containing the A/C vents and three small displays (MPG, clock, and temperature) must be removed. The clips are released by prying the panel toward the rear of the car with one or more plastic blades. (On my vehicle, there was adhesive in addition to the clips and I almost gave up before working it loose.)
    --To access the lower two mounting bolts, the top of the console surrounding the shifter must be removed, then the CD box assembly below the ATC. (The clips for these two assemblies weren’t glued and released easily.)
    --I strongly recommend that anyone doing the installation invest $10 in a day’s subscription to Toyota Lexus Service Support at and print out all the relevant information. (On this website, even after you turn your pop-up blocker off, you may have to hold the CTRL key down as you click on your selections.)
    Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Thanks for the post; you may want to cross-post it over in 2004/2005 Toyota Solara Convertible to make it easier for other Solara owners to find.

    Steve, Host
  • masksavmasksav Posts: 13
    I've read somewhere that the BEC105 is smaller then the 103 or 104. I can’t put my hand on where I read this. Does anybody have any info on the BEC105?
    In this case smaller is better.......
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    If you have a backup camera or sensor in your car, you're just an early adopter for a bunch of stuff to come.

    "While the best known application for automotive image sensors is rear view assist, there are several key emerging applications, Stith said, including lane tracking or lane departure warning, 360-degree view around the car (no blind spots), parking assistance and adaptive cruise control."

    Micron rolls out second generation auto image sensor (EE Times)

    Another blurb:

    "Cameras used to replace side view mirrors might also help boost fuel economy in some vehicles, such as trucks where large amounts of aerodynamic drag are created by relatively large mirrors."

    Chipmaker Sees Big Picture for Cars (PC Magazine)

    Steve, Host
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