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Exploding Sunroofs!



  • I just heard about this. Up until now I never heard of such a thing. Leave it to W.L. There was a post about defective tempered glass that sound like it could be a very possible cause. Hope everything turns out OK with the car.
  • nett2002nett2002 Posts: 2
    I had this happen to my car Saturday morning. Clear roads, newly paved in the last year so no bumps all of a sudden we heard a boom and my sunroof was gone. Pulled over to make sure my kids who luckily where sleeping where ok, and contacted my Dealer. Took it in and just got a call they will not cover. The reason because it is shattered. Nothing hit it, there where no cars around and no over passes. It just exploded. I opened a claim with Kia expecting them to honor their 100,000 mile 10 year warranty. They said it will take 48-72 hours for a review. Not happy with Kia, especially since this seems to becoming an issue with sunroofs, from what I am reading.
  • heidijheidij Posts: 3
    edited March 2011
    Yesterday, my husband and I were driving our 2011 Hyundai Sonata on the interstate at 65 mph when we were jolted by a loud explosion that sounded like a shotgun blast over the top of us. We immediately pulled off the road where we found our sunroof shattered. It appeared that the glass had buckled upward in the middle. The weather was clear, 78 degrees, no bumps, and no trucks around us. It just happened. We immediately took it to our dealer. They said it wasn't covered under the warranty. It seems like the glass was defective and Hyundai should cover it. They said "no". The paint on the roof behind the sunroof and top of the trunk was damaged from the flying shards. I have a $250 deductible, so I'm not happy about this. I would be interested to know where the glass in these sunroofs is manufactured. Any attorneys interested in looking at this?
  • winky80winky80 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 subaru legacy. Today while driving in light snow on the highway my sunroof exploded. SO scary!!! Until now I never heard of such a phenomenon. I called my insurance co. & they'll cover the glass under comprehensive BUT if damage is done to the track I'll have to pay the deductable. I called Subaru to have it fixed & they referred me to a local glass place. Being the first production of a new legacy generation, I researched any known issuse's. What was your end result???
  • heidijheidij Posts: 3
    I'm still waiting for my insurance adjuster. My car is still at the dealership. I will have to rent a car for at least a week. I hope that those people who experience this "exploding sunroof" phenomenon post it on car forums such as this one. Perhaps the glass manufacturer or car company will only take notice when someone get seriously hurt or even killed.
  • nett2002nett2002 Posts: 2
    Hyundai's & Kia's are made by same company I believe. Did you call corp & place a claim? I am still waiting on mine to be resolved now they are telling me 6-8 weeks not the original 48-72 hours.
  • thornt4thornt4 Posts: 2
    This JUST happened to me last night! I have a 2011 Kia Sorento..driving along, heard pop (sounded like gun shot), glass fell around me and the one side of metal frame fell in car too. Tried calling Customer service; not open on Saturday! Have you gotten any more news for Kia??
  • mcelestinomcelestino Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    There I was…April 17, 6:30 PM. 72 degrees – late afternoon in Los Angeles…70 MPH – and then, BAM!!! Sounded like a gunshot to the roof of my car followed by the whooshing sound of wind above my head. Thankfully my car was NOT the target of some random shooting (…hey, it could happen). Instead, my sunroof had just… exploded! Yep. E X P L O D E D. Weird, right? Cause unknown; I’m comforted somewhat by learning from these postings that I’m not alone in this experience. Thanks to you all here. So – this happens.

    Not due to dramatic changes in temperature; not for too tight of an installation; not sure about anything in particular that could cause this freakish event. I’m just wondering what the common denominator is with those of us – I mean, what was “true” about the sunroofs of our respective cars? Do all of us have retractable power roofs? Similar construction and installation? What could possibly be causing this and what is it exactly that might keep this from reoccurring in the future? I’d love to know this one.

    BTW, this is a very expensive repair (2007 E350) especially since at 70 mph the aerodynamics of shattered tempered glass efficiently chops away at those beautiful deep layers of black lacquered paint. (Ouch…)
  • Today my wife was driving on I-55, normal speed. It was clear, about 90 degrees, so she had the sunshade closed. She heard a loud pop, opened the shade to find the moonroof gone, with shattered glass pointing upward. It was after 5pm when it happened so I couldn't get in touch with anyone. She had the state police do a report. I will be trying the dealership first. I wish everyone that this happens to would post their experience. This seems like a defect to me. I will update when I find out how this will be handled.
  • mylilmulemylilmule Posts: 2
    I have had my 2012 Focus HB for about 5 weeks. Within the first week my sunroof stopped working. I took it to the dealer and they said that it was just stuck and they fixed it. Well, fast forward 4 weeks and I'm driving down the interstate at 70mph. It's about 95 degrees outside, the windows are up(all tinted by the way), A/C on, music up, sunroof shade closed. I'm almost at my exit when the shotgun blast happens. Scared the crap out of me!! I pull over to find my sunroof had exploded. All of the edges were pointing outward so I knew nothing had hit it. I took some pics before I touched it and then called the dealer. They told me to bring it in before they could say if they were going to cover it or not. I'm still not sure if they are going to cover it, will find out today I guess, but I've never had this happen with any cars I've had. I've actually never even heard of this happening before. Now I'm wondering if the original issue of being "stuck" was the cause of this! Crazy stuff!!!
  • jennasesjennases Posts: 1
    This happened to me today!!! I was on I-10 and had just pulled out of the Welcome Center, driven a few miles and "BOOM!!" I immediately contacted Roadside Assistance and they drove my car to the nearest dealership. I am having to stay in a hotel as I am out of town and wondering what will happen. The dealership indicated that this doesn't just happen and they are not sure how they are going to handle it. I am glad to know I am not the only one this has happened to.
  • mylilmulemylilmule Posts: 2
    **UPDATE** Well, it's now July 8th and my car is still in the shop. Apparently, the manufacturer of the glass is not making any for service, only production!!! Luckily, Ford is covering it under warranty and they have provided me with a rental car. But, the owner of the dealer is involved and has contacted Ford but there is no ETA on when they might have a new sunroof for my car. :mad: So I sit here, driving a Mazda CX9 SUV rental, until they get one. My only issue, I'm paying for a car that I haven't had in the past 4 weeks and that I have no idea when I get back!!! But at least Ford is owning up and taking care of it, it could be much worse!!! I'll post updates as I get them!!
  • So I was driving down the freeway in auburn today its about 65 degrees n sunny. I have a hyundai sonata 08 and we jus got it used at the end of I was on the freeway and my sunroof exploded and it was super scary..... it sounded like someone threw a firework on my roof. I would like to kno more about ur situation. If u can email me at only signed up for this to talk to u bcuz ur sitiation matches my exactly....
  • kmaishkmaish Posts: 1
    My 2010 Ford Escape's sunroof just exploded today. Just driving down the road doing 35 mph, warm out. Hopefully Ford will pay! :)
  • sally35sally35 Posts: 1
    While driving 75mph on the interstate yesterday, suddenly a huge explosion (like a bomb) goes off above me. The sunroof exploded into a million little pieces all over me and the car. I literally was in shock! Pulled over to the right and called my husband who told me to drive the rest of the distance (15 miles) to the VW dealer. Pieces of glass continue to fall on me as I drive to the dealer. They said it will be covered by warranty. That's good, very expensive! The temp. the last few days has been very hot, not sure if that was a factor or . Never want a sunroof again!
  • My's son's 2011 Kia Optima had the same thing happen. Kia warranty would not cover - even though car was only 3 months old. How did you come out with the dealer? He is in Colorado by the way.
  • Have been reading on different sites that Kia may be selective on what it covers under the bumper to bumper warranty. Any experiences with a problem they say isn't covered?
  • heidijheidij Posts: 3
    Hyundai wouldn't cover my sunroof repair either. The glass as well as the framing needed to replaced plus body work on the roof, sides of the car where shards of glass cut up the paint. My insurance covered the cost but my deductible was $500 which I'm mad that I had to pay. I really think it's defective glass.
  • There is a news story about an exploding sunroof:
    I think if there is a defect in the glass, it will explode or shatter under pressure. I think it should be covered by the auto dealer - if it will shatter as they say from being hit by a rock, then it's an accident waiting to happen. Can you imagine getting caught in a hail storm? I would hope the glass wouldn't automatically just shatter - should be stronger than that.
  • This Just happened to me I too
    have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited. I was traveling on tollroad 90, no overpasses, no truck around, NOT HIT BY ANYTHING!!!!! All of a sudden I hear this LOUD explosion and the next thing I know I am covered in glass. I was doing 70 miles an hour and must of had an angel on my shoulder cause I didn't CRASH> My husband called roadside assistance and they put him in touch with the Hyundai consumer line which said "they never heard of this before" BULL_ _ _ _. U know they have and they are covering something up. THIS IS A DEFECT, and someone is not going to be as lucky as you and I. If my grandson was in the back he would have been hurt and then , well OH MY just imaginne.
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