Land Rover LR2 Lease Questions

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  • ajoagajoag Member Posts: 4
    Kyfdx or anybody else,
    I am looking to lease LR2 - 24 mon/15K per year. Do you know what is the Residual and money factor for that?
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    It appears LR is selling LR2s but there is nothing on their website about lease prices and the dealer I talked with doesn't know. Does anyone have any information at all? Thanks.
  • txlablovertxlablover Member Posts: 8
    I am looking to lease a LR2 for either 24 or 36 months with 12K miles per year. Do you know the residual and money factor in Texas?
  • ajoagajoag Member Posts: 4
    I went and got a LR2 test drive. I loved it. Here is what dealer offered for 24 months/ 15K miles per year lease.

    MSRP: 36400 (Cold Weather & Lighting package)
    Selling: 34900 (Discount of 1500)
    MF: 0.00216 (5.18%)
    Residual: 68% (64% with tech. package)
    Acquisition: $610

    Can I do better?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Don't even bother leasing the LR2 right now. The leasing programs make no sense at all and someone screwed up.

    You were quoted the exact right residual and money factors but that program equals out to a stupid high lease payment.

    I was playing with the leasing programs yesterday and depending on the car and leasing term I got payments between $775 and $575 a month. Someone screwed up because that is much to high for a sub 40,000 dollar car.
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    My dealer and I had a brief discussion about lease price, which LR has not released yet. He said he expected it to be about $450/month with 12,000 miles a year, minimum down, 24 months. That's just about where a loaded BMW X3 is, a car that is $43,000; it leases for $490/month for specs above. Has anyone actually gotten a lease price in writing from Land Rover that is firm; if so, how much per month for specs quoted above? Thanks.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    i got today, 618 mnth all taxes included

    71% residual
    1500 down
    only cold package, no lighting or tech
    24mnth lease
    10.5k per year.


    its an LR2 or an X3 for me..on the fence
  • txlablovertxlablover Member Posts: 8
    I agree someone really did screw up with the leasing packages. They are absolutely awful!!!

    Here are the quotes I received based on MSRP (dealer in Frisco, TX will not negotiate a dime off the MSRP).

    LR2 fully loaded (cold, lighting & tech pkg)
    $39950 MSRP
    Residual 66% (2yrs - I didn't receive the one for 3yrs)
    Money factor .00297 (24mo) and .00313 (36 mo)
    2yrs/24K miles with $0 down = $910/mo
    2yrs/24K miles with $1000 down = $866/mo
    3yrs/36K miles with $0 down = $813/mo
    3yrs/36K miles with $1000 down = $783/mo

    LR2 (cold & lighting pkg only)
    $36450 MSRP
    Residual 70% (2yrs - I didn't receive the one for 3yrs)
    Money factor .00297 (24mo) and .00313 (36 mo)
    2yrs/24K miles with $0 down = $782/mo
    2yrs/24K miles with $1000 down = $738/mo
    3yrs/36K miles with $0 down = $721/mo
    3yrs/36K miles with $1000 down = $690/mo
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    Thanks; if this is actually what a 24 month, 12,000 miles/year and mimimum down lease will be ($910/month) then they will sell very poorly. When you say 24 month, 0 down what is actually due at signing? In other words, there is always a minimum due, aquistion, taxes and other charges. Usually zero down means you don't pay anything you don't have to pay and fold everything you can into the lease. Paying anything over the minimum is foolish because you are just basically paying them your lease in advance if you do that and artifically lowering your monthly payment.

    The BMW X3 lease on a loaded $43,000 car is $490/month, that's with 24 month 12,000 miles/year and minimum due at signing (BMW's minimum is $2,800 and that's all "charges" that can't be folded into the lease.) That's a great lease price and that's why they sell tons of them.

    You know, when the RR Sport came out the lease price was $1,000/month for a similar spec. I though that was a terrible deal for a $58,000 car; if you are right about your numbers and LR doesn't offer a lease incentive by summer, they are going to sell very few LR2's. But it wouldn't surprise me, because they didn't sell a lot of RR Sports because of the high price and unattractive lease, and still after almost 2 years have not lowered the price or the lease, and they seem to be okay with that.
  • crazyyakoocrazyyakoo Member Posts: 13
    Just got the word back from my dealer. Looking at the fully loaded LR2 - originally talked to them and they thought that we'd be expecting around $450/mo with nothing down. Fair for the truck...

    First numbers were insulting!
    $3624 due at signing
    36 months/15k miles

    He assured me that Land Rover Capital would come back with a better program because they were determined to compete with the X3.

    Just heard back - a whopping $15/month less! Unbelievable that they are offering LR3s for $400/month but LR2s for $700 (and this was with X-Plan pricing, FYI!)

    I don't know how they will ever compete with BMW on this at these numbers. Too bad though - the truck seems great. I would be inclined to buy it but very unsure of the maintenance record (especially the first few vehicles off the line).

    Does anyone know a human being that's actually leased one of these???
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    Has anyone leased an LR2? Can you tell us your deal? Hard to believe LR would charge that much more for a car that is less expensive than the LR3. Can you actually get a 43K plus LR3 for $400/month? Then the LR2 is $700/month? Not believable.
  • tawanghartawanghar Member Posts: 1
    You guys should be very happy with the lease prices you have recieved, I actually contacted my LR dealer, and this is what he gave me:
    LR II Basic, No Options Just plain
    Color Flame
    MSRP $34195
    Lease 2 years 15000 Mile $785.00

    I can drive a brand new Mercedes E350 Convertible with this price. What are these people thinking. Is there any lease reduce coming out on LR 2, please confirm
  • vegasrphvegasrph Member Posts: 47
    Hello everyone! Just wanted to put my 2 cents in here. First, my wife and I tried to lease a 2006 Land Rover LR3 SE V8 a few months ago. Basically, we went round and round with several dealers and got nowhere. Thankfully, I subscribe to several car magazines and a test (shootout) involving 8 (eight) SUVs was in the recent issue. The LR3 came in DEAD LAST (8th place) and the LR3 showed 12 MPG during the test and was called "junk" basically.
    As far as this new Land Rover LR2 is concerned, I would wait a few months and let some road tests be conducted by the popular be sure it doesn't follow the LR3. I admit, it looks good inside/out, but $40,000 for a dressed up Ford Escape?? Land Rover is still selling some vehicles to people because of a certain cachet the brand still holds......but Land Rover is in financial trouble.
    $600+ a month for this thing?? Come on people....seriously. My wife and I leased a BRAND NEW 2007 Infiniti FX35 with ALL the goodies (MSRP $45,000) for $483/mo + tax with only $1400 due at signing last month. You can lease a BRAND NEW Cadillac Escalade for $700/month!!!! A Mercedes GL450 is around $650-$700/month!!!! Both these SUVs go for $60k!!!!
  • verdugoverdugo Member Posts: 2,286
    Here we go again. The LR2 is *NOT* a dressed up Escape.

    Agree on the high leases though.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    Gosh we are bitter and twisted. Really if you were in the market for an Infinity, why did you even look at an LR3. Come the Sun you can cruise the highstreet and look cool, come the snow we will see you in the ditch. Horses for courses. One thing people seem to miss on here is that Land Rover leases INCLUDE ALL TAX, sales and excise. So stop dropping lease number everywhereHaving just spent a while assessing all sorts of cars and lease plans I found Land Rowver to be the most honest and transparent if nothing else. As regards the LR2 they are selling a bundle of them, certainly up with expectations. So they don't NEED to lease. It's a fabulous car inside and a proper 4 wheel all terrain vehical. Up in the NE I regularly see supposed 4WD cars in ditches. Not LR's or RR's though.

    I ended up with the LR3. But for those who want to know here was my LR2 quote..ALL TAXES INCLUDED.

    $626 10.5K 24 months 4k drive away.

    I went for a bigger vehical.

    But look, until they NEED to drop the lease price, they won't. It's simple economics. If you want one but can't afford's a classy vehical and selling well.
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    If you pay over $600/month, much less $650/ month for a $39,950 SUV, you are getting ripped off, period. If you say that's okay because of the Land Rover cache, you are deluding yourself because the LR2 is not the RR Sport or the Range Rover and doesn't carry that level of cache. Is this not obvious?

    The old Freelander: an okay ride, relatively inexpensive, lots of problems with reliability. No true or lasting "Land Rover" cache.
    The LR2: a nice small/mid size SUV, very expensive lease. RR Sport wanna be; cache imagined, sorry.
  • vegasrphvegasrph Member Posts: 47
    Sorry to have come off "bitter and twisted", but my wife and I really did try to work with Land Rover (several dealers) and to no avail. Basically, I was told over and over that Land Rover builds the BEST SUVs and I should be greatful to pay the outrageous lease price to drive one. No thanks, when in comes in 8th place of 8 was a blessing that we turned away from the LR3 V8 SE. Now, it doesn't snow or rain much here in Las Vegas, so we didn't need a 4 wheel drive with Terrain Response (who does??) and the Infiniti FX35 is more G35/350Z than SUV. It flies and handles very well.....we love it. The LR2 looks like it has what it takes to match BMW/Acura/MB.....except on price for a lease......way too high. Oh, by the way have you seen the 2008 Ford Escape?
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    Las Vegas....yup nice car and good place to have it. Up in Boston in the Winter you need a bit more traction. And terrain response is very useful.

    As I Said before. People are missing the point of the LR2 lease price. They do NOT want to lease you an LR2. At this stage they want you to BUY an LR2 and they are selling well. Same with the new X5.

    Sure it's way over priced.....its a brand new shape AND maybe it is a poor mans RR Sport but hey if that sells it then who are people to complain.

    This is all simple economics. For those who feel very pleased with themselves saying how LR have "messed up". They I am sure don't think so because they are forcing people into buying.
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    I disagree, I think it's opportunism as opposed to profit motive; both being an aggressive, natural force of the free market; but one being slightly more negative and cynical. Here's why: LR positioned this car as 1. small 2. economical 3. (sort of) a replacement for the Freelander and they hit every note perfectly except the price. Opportunism or greed? I think it's a fine line. Do people with money to spare care? Of course not. Do people who thought LR was making an economical entry car for their brand, feel... manipulated, well, yeah, of course.

    Cars like this, and the car market in general have a lot in common with the housing market. Everybody who could raise the price through the roof and not suffer for it, did. Now even the lowliest of the low is shockingly high. Cheap, basic houses are now sky high and somehow everybody is okay with that, or at the very least, secretly shocked and complacent (it was commonly referred to as "sticker shock" once but now it's all so over priced that no one uses that term anymore).

    It ends up being such a subjective notion after all about whether you consider LR is overcharging for a basic SUV; most people who want it and can pay would probably pay $10,000 more if LR asked for it (ironically, with some of the loan and lease deals you actually are paying $10,000 more for it after all the interest payments); and people who can't afford it are so turned off they don't care anyway. It's a super luxury car to many with a super high price tag; only the people on the fence who would have to stretch to afford it really care, and obviously, I'm one of them. Not angry, just disappointed.
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    Hello everyone! I am it sure how I got here, but when I read the discussion, I fell in line with all of the other disappointed LR2 customers and felt compelled to respond.

    In December 2006, I put money down on a loaded LR2. It was to be our 3rd LR product. I anxiously awaited the arrival of the vehicle and checked the website daily for updates. I kept all of my LR teasers that had been mailed and talked to my LR sales guide weekly as we tracked the status of the vehicle I had ordered.

    Low and behold, it finally arrives!! I spent a couple hours at LR checking it out put the sold sign on it for them.

    So now you must be wondering........The day of the lease package announcement, the day of my dealerships launch party, and the day my LR2 was to be delivered to me.......disappointment hits!!

    I could not believe they did not do something 1/2 way aggressive with the leases. I would have been perfectly satisfied putting minimal down and driving out of their with a $650 lease payment.

    Well, as we all know that didn't happen. The night of the launch I asked for my deposit back and wished them luck as they had just had 20 LR2's delivered to them the day before.

    A few days later, I found that all but 1 person (23 total) had asked for their money back from the 2 local LR dealerships. Since then, btween the 2 of them they have moved about 6 trucks. The truck I ordered is still sitting at the dealership.

    I hope this is the success LR had hoped for. I am truly a disappointed customer and am considering getting something else and not waiting for them to have to move this stagnent inventory.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    You're truely disappointed because you could not afford it. If the lease is so expensive in your eyes, why not buy the car?

    You put a deposit down assuming a lease price that they do not need to deliver yet. It's a new shape.

    More sour grapes
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    It's funny how many people reading this lease thread suggest that you buy the LR2 if you think the lease price is too high. Funny 1st because this is a lease forum so advice would pertain to leases, that's why it's a lease forum, so people can learn how to get a good lease deal. People who lease usually have a good reason to lease and a good reason not to buy. Funny 2nd, because buying an LR2 results in a far higher monthly payment even if stretched over 5 years. People who lease are willing to not own the car at the end of term in exchange for having a low (compared to buying) monthly payment; that's the attraction of a lease (buying is never an option for a lease person).

    Suggesting people buy the car is not a solution to a super high lease price. Telling Land Rover "I'm cancelling the deal because your lease is too high" is the smartest thing you can do. If enough people walk away from the car Land Rover may lower the lease price dramatically (doubtful).

    They have always been the kind of dealer that tests the market by starting pricing as high as they can; it's one of the tactics of exclusivity. Unfortunately, LR has also shown themselves to be the kind of company that never lowers the price no matter how bad sales are in the US; they always have the UK and Europe to fall back on. Too bad for the people here who like the brand but also respect and appreciate a good deal when they see one.

    It also surprises me that any consumer would defend an overpriced car for the dealer; of course dealers may post here also, who knows. The only reason I can think of for defending a high price is when you think the car is worth it and you are proud of being able to afford it when others can not. That's a fine and expected attitude if you own a Ferrari; but not if you own an LR2, it's a mid sized average SUV that's clearly overpriced. That's nothing to be proud of owning just because you can afford to pay the price.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    There again, it could be that given the discussion is about leases, that one gets fed up of the "I want something for nothing Brigade".

    It's nothing to do with being proud. Its being fed up of people climbing on their soapbox having a go at a company when effectively the reasoning they are basing their complaint on is not the actual reason for the complaint.

    In this day and age of lookalike SUV's from Asia, it is very wise marketing to make the cars "goods of Ostentation" and not decend into the averge auto mass sale.

    Chances are at a lower price they would sell no more.

    It's also interesting that people think LR have done no analysis into their market and have dreamed up their sales strategies on the back of a drinks mat in a bar and that they know better
  • muddyymuddyy Member Posts: 60
    Then how do you explain the fact that my LR dealer, who I had bought a Land Rover from before, was hopeful that the lease price of the LR2 would be "around $450/month", a quote he gave me about 2 months before Land Rover announced the real lease prices? I suspect a lot of dealers are shocked and disappointed though they would be the last to tell you.

    Who said "never underestimate the intelligence of your audience"; something Land Rover dealers should think about. There was a time car dealers had the reputation of being smarter (slicker) than their potential customers; I think those days are over, though apparently, not for you.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27

    How do I explain it? They are sales people. They knew you were interested and did not want you to buy anything else....

    Dealers I know are not disappointed because they are selling repeat, selling, pretty well.

    As regards your last comment. I think you are still a little bitter and twisted about it all.
  • timslr2timslr2 Member Posts: 11
    Hi All!

    Just picked out the LR2 I want. Thankfully, I know someone at Ford and got an X-Plan PIN. Couple of things make me wonder if the dealer is still trying to screw with me. First, he never asked for the PIN. Second, he wants to charge a doc. prep fee of 379, destination of 715, acquisition fee of 595 and a RAG fee of 300. Does anyone know which of these is legitimate for X-plan pricing?
  • verdugoverdugo Member Posts: 2,286
    I don't know about the others, but destination fee is a legitimate charge.
  • hugo5hugo5 Member Posts: 68
    anybody know what the residual and MF is for a 36 month / 10k lease?
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    So Britman. Did you even really read my email? Can't afford it? Not the case. This would be my third LR. I just can't justify paying $750 a month on a lease for a $40,000 LR when you could lease a $50,000 LR and have a lesser payment. Can you? The purpose for not purchasing it makes sense for me.

    The deposit I put down was so they would order the vehicle I wanted. Not just assuming a cheap lease price. I did assume it would fall in line with a higher end LR3 though..... so the [non-permissible content removed] was made of me.

    No sour grapes, just reality. I am waiting to see what they do with their leases in July. If LR heats it up, I drive an LR2, if not then it is something different.
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    It depends on the package you want. The risidual is less if you get the tech package. 55% to 58%, I think. The money factor basically equates to about 6.5% interest.
  • jmanerikjmanerik Member Posts: 3
    I wanted to know if anybody is aware of June Incentives on LR2. Also I wanted to know Residual and MF for a 2 Yr LR2 lease with 15K Miles/Yr as well as 12K Miles/Yr. Are they different than the one provided earlier in this thread? Thanks to all in advance for your help. :)
  • jmanerikjmanerik Member Posts: 3
    A bit of detail that I didn't mention in my previous post is that I'm looking for LR2 with Cold Climate package 2 yr lease with possibly a-plan and either 12k or 15k miles per yr. Thanks in advance to all for their help.
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    Wait until July 5th. There is supposed to be a new program coming out that should save you some $.
  • bmk007bmk007 Member Posts: 27
    If anyone gets any hint of the July LR2 lease incentives, please pass them along.

    My LR3 lease is up in a couple months, and I am very anxious to switch to an anxious that I am contemplating switching now, but that will cost me more to get out of my LR3 lease.

    I'm hoping the July incentives are good. I still have yet to see an LR2 on the road in Northeast Ohio, so I hope LR has a good program and gets more people interested.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    Don't hold your breath. Car sales recovered last month and interest rates are going up. In the last month the 10 year bond has gone from 4.62 to 4.98. So although in some ways they will try and reduce the lease, other things are out of their control.

    If anything, leases may go up from here.
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    Keep in mind, Land Rover Fianacial can set the money factor at what ever they want, which is what will drive the payment of the lease. Also, they can set their own interest rates, i.e a 3.9% rate on the Acura RDX for 37 to 60 months. Go to and see exactly this. Also, expext to see WoW type lease offers on MB product in July too. They will be coming out with their summer event to remember.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    They could do that but in general they don't. Land Rover does not subvene leases unless it is the very end of the model year.

    Even with their whole dealer network screaming at them to offer competive leases on The Range Rover, LR3 and Range Rover Sport for the past two years they have not done it.

    I don't see them doing it on the LR2 either.
  • lizardking1972lizardking1972 Member Posts: 6
    My connection over the pond says yes, but i am not holding my breath either.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi hugo5. Land Rover Capital Group's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Land Rover LR2 SE without the Tech Package with 10,500 miles per year are .00248 and 58%, respectively.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi jmanerik. I don't believe that this truck's lease program has changed since early April. According to the latest information that I have seen, through July 9th Land Rover Capital Group's buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2008 Land Rover LR2 SE without Tech with 15,000 miles per year are .00216 and 68%, respectively. The money factor for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be exactly the same, but the residual value would be 2% higher. As an alternative to the special lease program, Land Rover is offering 4.9% financing for up to 5 years on the LR2. I don't believe that it is currently providing any cash incentives on it.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • k8yk8y Member Posts: 4
    First of all, I am loving my LR2! It exceeds my expectations, the more I drive it, the more I love it and know I chose the perfect SUV for me! (after looking and test driving almost everything under 50K)

    I HIGHLY recommend the Internet Manager/Fleet Sales Manager at Hornburg Land Rover in West Hollywood.

    I sent out 6 requests for dealer quotes in the Los Angeles area through and only 2 send me back actual numbers (the rest seem to want me only to come and visit in person....):

    Land Rover South Bay promptly sent me a spreadsheet and was really helpful with additional information and reconfiguring numbers, but didn't seem to have the exact options I wanted and location was too far away.

    Hamid (Internet Manager) from Hornburg West Hollywood got back to me a little later, but it was worth the short wait. He gave me by far the BEST deal! He was very low-key, no pressure and made the transaction a wonderful experience! Their finance guy walked me thoroughly through the final deal and answered all my questions with patience and kindness. I walked out of there completely confident & knowledgeable about my decision & the deal I got!

    (Enter the keyword "HORNBURG" into "Search Land Rover LR2 Discussions" and references to him come up, with great feedback several times)

    P.S. I've noticed on some Land Rover dealer's websites: (end-of-month) lease deals...But you have to look for them...Usually under the "specials" link...note: all deals are "On Approved Credit" and usually dealer stock...
  • bmk007bmk007 Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for your feedback and conrats on your LR2.

    If I may ask, what kind of deal did you get on your LR2 lease?

    How many months? How many miles? What is the payment? which options did you get? How much did you have to put down?

    Thank you.
  • k8yk8y Member Posts: 4
    Hi bmk007,

    24 months / 12,000 miles

    Narvick Black
    Technology Package
    Lighting Package

    Added Walnut Wood Fascia Kit (about $800 installed) & Wear Care Warranty ($650)

    $7000 down (voluntary large down to keep payments low & because my credit is so-so)
    $ 449 per month (including tax)

    Hope this helps you...
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    So if we assume 1500 was costs involved, you put down about 5500. Equates to about $690 per month. 717 if you spread out the wear and tear.
  • bmk007bmk007 Member Posts: 27
    Has anyone heard what the Q3 Lease programs will be for the LR2?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Not out till tomorrow.
  • tony411latony411la Member Posts: 17
    I'm curious too. The lease on my X3 is up next month and I'm leaning toward the LR2...if the lease price has improved.
  • bmk007bmk007 Member Posts: 27
    Are the new lease program details available for the LR2 yet?

  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Yup about the same as the old ones. Land Rover doesn't do leases sorry.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    Well they probably did improve them in one area but Interest rates went up.

    I would love a Bentley Turbo. I wonder if they will reduce the Lease deal so I can afford it.

    If the LR2 Lease prices are too expensive then get a Murano. I am sure LR will not lose sleep over it.
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