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    anyone interested in purchasing a 2008 tribeca limited,dark grey,3200 miles.I'm retired and the $4/gallon is killing me.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Gas prices are only a tiny hit compared to the depreciation you'd take on a nearly new vehicle being sold used.

    See if your dealer will trade for another very-slightly-used Subaru, perhaps a Forester or something.
  • mike1944mike1944 Member Posts: 16
    tried the dealer route, I was told they couldn't give me a trade-in value since the car is relatively new.

    because the car was new, they couldn't do a swap, for an outback, or a forester,which were my first choice.

    I'm not in a panic to change the car, but hybrids are becoming non-existent on dealer lots. the camry hybrid will only be available as a special order,with a 3-6 month wait. wish subaru had a hybrid,read that they have one in japan, but it's not awd.Nissan coupled the toyota system to their 4 cylinder engine, to get a hybrid out, I thought subaru was doing the same.the escape hybrid doesn'y offer stability control with 4wd, and the highlander hybrid is too expensive.
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    I believe that the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, which will be out soon, will have stability control with 4wd. There are a lot changes to the 2009 Escapes, both Hybrid and regular models.
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    Wait a year or two until Subaru offers the GTP program for a model you like.

    Under the Guaranteed Trade-in Program, people were getting close to new prices on 1 and 2 year old used Imprezas when the 2008 Impreza came out.

    It's not worth taking an $8000 depreciation hit to save maybe $20 a week on fuel. It would take 33 months to make up that amount.
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    The Escape AWD Hybrid also stickers at $35k. That's outrageous for what it is. We have one here at work and it yields 25mpg, but has the power of a 1992 Hyundai Excel, and is almost dangerous to drive in suburban areas. At $35k you could buy a less efficient vehicle and the $ you saved on the initial purchase could be put towards your gas bill!

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    The Escape AWD Hybrid also stickers at $35k.

    That's if you tick off every option - just like most vehicles, you can add plenty of extra coin to the base price.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Our $30k AWD Hybrid Escape is pretty spartan (No Navi, No auto-dimming mirror, No-Sat Radio, heck not much of anything that I don't expect in a basic car). They had told me the sticker was $35k, but I just optioned it out as we have it and it came to $30k, still a lot of money for a relatively small, spartan, car with the interior and performance of a 1992 Hyundai Excel!

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    Don't hold back, mike! :D

    I actually took a look at a Mercury Mariner hybrid. It was well equipped, and the price with discounts was set at a no-haggle $30k or so.

    Not too bad, but the thing is, at $30k that interior falls short. There are lots of hard and shiny surfaces and the leather seats look like vinyl to me.

    It would be a deal at $25k, maybe a bit more, but for $30,000 I expect a much nicer interior.

    Plus, at about $5000 more than a Forester LL Bean (or Limited), I'm not sure that you'll ever break even on gas savings. By the time you do, you'll need to replace the battery pack, which ain't cheap.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    OK, I checked.

    Per the EPA, you save $579 per year.

    So it would take about 9 years to break even, and recover that $5000 up front investment, even if we ignore the interest you may pay on a loan, or the opportunity cost of not having that $5000 available to invest. When you account for that, it's probably more like 10-11 years.

    By then you'll need new batteries, if you even keep your Mariner (or Escape) for that long.

    Financially, it doesn't make sense. Buy the Forester, it's got a much nicer interior.
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    Financially, it doesn't make sense.

    For many buyers, it doesn't have to. It's about image, doing what they feel is right and perhaps getting other benefits like tax breaks, use of carpool lanes with only one passenger, et al. For many companies, using hybrids is about showing corporate responsibility and being do-gooders.

    Paisan - I know you hate hybrids. Heck Subaru could offer one for $5K that got 90 mpg and spewed hundred dollar bills from the tailpipe and you're still bound find something wrong with it!! :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    So true.

    Around here I think the car pool lane access in VA expired already. MD and DC never had those perks.

    Tax breaks can offset some of the extra cost, I suppose it depends on your tax bracket. I don't pay income taxes, though. :P

    As for doing good, get the PZEV Forester. That's what we did.

    We also got special tags that not only will match the color of the car (Newport Blue Pearl) but also raises funds to help preserve the Chesapeake Bay. :shades:
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    Paisan - I know you hate hybrids. Heck Subaru could offer one for $5K that got 90 mpg and spewed hundred dollar bills from the tailpipe and you're still bound find something wrong with it!!

    Yeah, it wouldn't pull his gigantic cigarette boat as well as the Armada would. :P (Just givin' ya a hard time, Mike. :) )
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    Hello eveyone. I'm interesting in buying a new car and I have narrowed it down to a 2008 Subaru Tribeca or a 2008 Subaru Legacy GT. I know they are two totally different cars but I love them both but I was wondering about the gas mileage. The Tribeca takes regular gas and averages 21mpg on the highway. The Legacy GT takes premium gas (I believe) and averages 24mpg highway. Now my question is am I better off with the Tribeca or Legacy in terms of gas mileage? And I have never owned a car that uses premium fuel. Do you really need to put it because I heard of people getting away with using regular. Let me know what you guys think please. I have driven the Tribeca by the way and love the smooth ride. Have never drove the Legacy GT yet but I heard it's fun. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    I had a normal 2.5 Outback, and now I have a 2008 Tribeca, but before buying it I drove the XT. I personally think that if you can live with under 18 mpg and need the 2nd row, the Tribeca can be a more pleasing and relaxing ride. The XT feels (is) faster and of course funnier, noting that my Tribeca usually sees 90 mph and is a hoot to drive too. I averaged 16.5 mpg on the city, and now 18.5 mpg in highways on my Tribeca.

    The 2nd row in the Outback (Legacy) is adequate, just adequate for a 5'8" person. Check well.
  • nickelnickel Member Posts: 147
    If you want a Ford, buy Ford and not Mercury. In 2012 is supposed to go down the toilet as a brand, so you'll get a big hit on whatever resale value you'll get. That 2009 Forester looks really compelling.
  • ylzylz Member Posts: 45
    Ok well I decided my next car will be a 2008 Subaru Legacy and I have a question. Do I go with with the GT Limited or 3.0? Someone told me the 3.0 was a smoother drive which is nice. But the GT has more torque which is also a bonus, plus that hood scoop just looks cool. Has anyone driven the 3.0? Impressions? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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    Financially, it doesn't make sense.

    For many buyers, it doesn't have to. It's about image, doing what they feel is right and perhaps getting other benefits like tax breaks, use of carpool lanes with only one passenger, et al. For many companies, using hybrids is about showing corporate responsibility and being do-gooders.

    Paisan - I know you hate hybrids. Heck Subaru could offer one for $5K that got 90 mpg and spewed hundred dollar bills from the tailpipe and you're still bound find something wrong with it!!

    That's exactly why we have an Escape Hybrid in our group, our company (an Electric Power Utility) is "going green" so all the new vehicles are supposed to be hybrids. Our group of course inspects power lines on Right of Ways, so we'll see how well the Escape does on those, or we'll just skip those inspections.... :)

    But yup that's why they forked out $30k for an Escape Hybrid to show the public that they care. Of course we just raised their rates 12% so they make out in the end.

    As for me and a hybrid, I would actually consider one if it were the same price as a non hybrid and/or got some kind of crazy milage. I may look into an all-electric plug-in Electric commuter car when/if they ever arrive here.

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    It really depends on whether you prefer a bigger engine or a smaller engine with a turbo.

    I think I'd pick the turbo for a Legacy, it just fits the car's character more.
  • ylzylz Member Posts: 45
    Ok, now I'm REALLY torn between what car to buy. I'm buying one next month and I was set on a 2008 Sub. Tribeca 5 passenger limited-that was before I test drove two Mazda CX7's yesterday. Man, they are fun to drive! That four cylinder really moves and to top it off, this year it uses regular gas instead of premium. I have read in many forums about the CX7's load of recall problems and I'm hoping they addressed those in 2008. Ok, so here is my take. The Tribeca offers a very smooth ride, comfortable interior, that great AWD system, and Subie reliabilty. The exterior styling is nice but nothing to write home about. Now the CX7 has a really sporty looking interior, comfortable as well. The ride was a lot of fun as that turbo kicked in early and I didn't really notice any turbo lag. I wonder how the AWD version of the CX7 would handle in the snow and rain. I'm guessing pretty good but not like the Subie. I love the CX7's looks and its about 4 grand cheaper but am worried about Mazda reliablity. This next car will last me for another 7 years or so. So what do you guys think? Which one would you go for?
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    For the long weekend, my family made their first long trip in the Tribeca, from the Twin Cities to Chicago. 926 miles in total. We were 4 adults plus my 5 year old daughter. At the end of the trip I just can say that for those long trips the Tribeca is better than the 06 Sienna (my other car). The most notorious notes were:
    - 21.9 mpg on highway, mostly @ 65 mph
    - 20.3 mpg total. showing how much the slow pace of the city affected fuel economy.
    $192 in fuel. In the Twin Cities gas is $.50 cheaper than in Chicago!!!
    - Great utility from the Nav and the DVD.
    - The seats are just enough to withstand the 6.5 hours trip. Subaru definitely will have to work on it (preferably partnering with Volvo on that regard).
    My biggest surprise came when I opened the 2 back seats (3rd row) for my daughter and an adult. She is at least 4 years away of having any concerns seating in the 3rd row, and the adult was ok for the not so short trips we took in the city. So now is when I started seeing the utility of the vehicle, what gives me some room to talk my wife in 1 or 2 years about changing the minivan for a sports car.
    The other surprise came when I sat for 2 hours in the second row (3rd row folded). Space is more than enough for anyone this side of Shaquille.
  • nickelnickel Member Posts: 147
    If you lease a car, you can buy anything, but when you buy a car for 7+ years you get to think that after the 3rd or 4th year some costs came into account: depreciation and maintainance. So the $4,000 at the beginning maybe are not that much at the end. But the Tribeca is much nicer. From the forums, the CX7 fuel economy goes just a notch better than the Tribeca, so, all in all, I think the Subaru is a better decision.

    But, if you like the fun part, plus the reliability, try the Forester XT. Don't buy the Mazda without trying it. For sure a better price/reliability/performance index.

    Good luck
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I like Mazdas (own a 93 Miata to this day), but the CX7 doesn't quite do it for me. It's small inside, and not really that quick, nor is it that fuel efficient.

    The Tribeca is bigger and more comfy, so it's easier to justify, IMO. In fact the Tribeca competes probably more with the Mazda CX9.

    If you like 'em small, what about a Forester XT? I think it's actually a tad bigger inside than the CX7, and both quicker and more fuel efficient.

    We got an 09 Forester for the wife and she loves it. Not the turbo, though. From those 4 choices I think I'd go with the Forester if I wanted something small and didn't need the 3rd row.
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    No kidding! Wife and I are looking to replace our 2001 legacy for something a bit larger - considered the Rclass till we visited the MB dealer. There were 10 MB sitting in the drop off bay on a sunday evening! Not to mention three flat bed tow trucks came and went during the 20 min we were there checking out a n Rclass.

    The new diesel mb are cool engines but MB needs to deal with their reliability issues more than pumping their cars full of gimicky do-dads that apparently don't work very well.

    We test drove an 08 Tribeca this past weekend - it wasn't on our list due to its mpg issues. After returning home 9hr drive doing 80-85mph in our old legacy with 150K on it - we decided the choice was pretty damn clear. In the process of shopping for a tribeca - which will replace the old legacy and our 3rd vehicle an Old land cruiser. So the Tribeca has big shoes to fill and will no doubt see abuse and use that goes beyond average use. It's a fair guess the Tribeca will be way - way better than the MB.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Plus remember, the new 3.6l runs on regular fuel. Many competitors require premium fuel.
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    Juice, the Tribeca competes with the CX-9? Sorry, but I must disagree, from a interior space perspective, anyway. I thought tribeca was top on my list when I started looking for upgrade from my 05 Outback XTL, until my wife, son and I tried it and sat in it several times. I was told it was based on Outback platform, and whether it is or not, we all noticed how small inside, especially after having sat in several competitor models like the Veracruz, Highlander and CX-9. . 3rd row on Beca is completely useless because to make any space, the 2nd row becomes extremely tight. Now in Cda, you have to get the 3rd row if you want ltd version.

    I like the beca's interior, exterior is okay, and I do like the fact that it is a Soob, but space is my priority, so now it is off my list altogether. Looking seriously at Highlander and Veracruz, the former likely being the winner. But coming back to original point, CX-9 is probably most spacious of all 4, but I just don't like the styling and it can get rather pricey once you add in some features.

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    It's a bit smaller, sure, but I still think they're competitors - mid-size crossovers with 3 rows.

    As for those 3rd rows, I look at them from a minivan perspective so I'd say both are still too small to be truly useful, so again, still in the same class. My Sienna has about triple the space of the beca's 3rd row, but about double the space in a CX9 as well. Here's a pic:


    Head room is not really adult-sized, plus there's just no room for my size 10 shoes. The foot well is not deep enough either, so even if the 2nd row slides way forward you still end up with your knees in your chest.

    It's better than the 'beca but still for children only, and even then you have to ask the 2nd row folks to slide forward a few inches at least.

    I did test drive a CX9 before I bought the Sienna, but to be honest all of the big crossovers make major sacrifices in the 3rd row, especially foot and leg room.
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    Charlie...I have the same problem with my new 08 Tribeca. Dealer still hasn't been able to locate the rattle from the rear hatch area ...I'm bringing it back for a third's frustrating cause I really like the way the car rides and handles. I can't believe Subaru has not fixed this yet. Alot of people seem to have the same problem!! Before I bought this car I research it with Consumer and they gave it high ratings. Have heard of any fix to this problem yet?

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  • northolypennortholypen Member Posts: 6
    Searches of the forum have returned no relevant information so I ask it here - has anyone converted the switched 12V outlets to unswitched? The outlets do not work when the ignition key is in "accessory" or "off".

    My GPS has no internal power source and every time I shut down the Tribeca, the GPS goes off. This resets some of the GPS information which is very annoying when on a trip that involves stops.


    Dave M.
  • ponymobponymob Member Posts: 4
    eyepod...did they ever resolve your rattle in the cargo area? I've had my tribeca back to the dealer several times...seems adjusting the cargo latch helped but I still have a rattle that is coming from the rear seat (when knowone is sitting in the rear). They recently installed a "factory fix" that did not resolve the problem. Any success from your dealer?
  • tneesetneese Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up my 08 Tribeca from the dealership for the 4th time to fix the rear hatch rattle. Still there! They fixed about 75% of the problem, but it still sounds like the rear hatch is loose on bigger bumps. For the money, this vehicle sucks!
  • garyphilipgaryphilip Member Posts: 2
    I will also be bringing my 08 tribeca back for the second time to address rear seat rattle, as well as rattling in the dashboard. This is annoying. :sick:
  • tribeca69tribeca69 Member Posts: 2
    I just bougt an 2008 Tribeca and got a really good deal. I really am pleased with it. In the back of the dealers lot away from the public eye were at least 10 2006/2007 B9's. Lease returns and used cars they coud not get rid of. I got to drive a 2006. It is almost a differant car. Just my 2 cents.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    I have over 27000 km on my Tribeca.
    From the day I bought it new, to the present, I have had a hesitation in 5th gear when climbing a gentle grade of as in passing another vehicle. It feels like a misfire....but it only happens in 5th likely the transmission.
    Subaru dealer and local rep have looked at the car and have not been able to find anything wrong. They have even changed the torque converter and reprogrammed the computer several times, but to no avail.
    I was advised on this forum that it was likely that it was an overtightened torque converter. I provided Subaru with that information, but they showed no interest.
    Any suggestions? This vehicle should really have a lemon law applied... :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    My suggestion is simple - hit the gas! :shades:

    Why would you want to climb a grade in overdrive? You're lugging the engine.

    Floor it and get 4th or even 3rd gear for an uphill climb.
  • aleksvadaleksvad Member Posts: 1
    Just got 08 Tribeca 2 weeks ago with 47000 on it and extended warranty. Not sure how the previous owner managed to put so many miles on it, but it still runs and smells like a new car. Like it very much. Gas millage is a minus, but from what I understand the previous model wasn't much better (loved older body style better). Very smooth and powerful. Who needs Lexus RX...
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    The grade I am talking about is a very gradual one on the freeway....we are doing over 50 MPH. It is not a grade that one would normally have to gear down on with only one person in the car a freeway sp :confuse: eeds.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587

    martin: I'm sure overdrive was chosen for fuel economy, not power, and there's a lot of weight to pull in these.
  • birdyloverbirdylover Member Posts: 3
    So I have been doing a lot of research on the internet and reading everyone's experiences with the rattle in the rear hatch. My Tribeca was rattling so bad it was irritating me and I didn't want to drive the vehicle anymore. After reading everyone's blogs I was apprehensive to take mine in but I did and I am glad I did. My dealer found multiple problems and I wanted to share them with you in hopes that maybe it will help someone else. The mechanic adjusted the striker for the rear hatch and could still hear the rattle. Then he removed the lower rear panel on the right side of the vehicle and the rattle from that side went away. He then removed the lower main hatch panel and the rattle from the hatch went away. They ordered the parts and installed the new panels and at last, no more rattles. However, I started having another problem with my Tribeca. If I come to a complete stop and then go to a fast acceleration there was a high pitch whine noise from the engine area. The mechanic confirmed a rattle noise on acceleration around 3000 rpm. The problem: Exhaust Heat Shield is coming loose. Also found that the transmission cooling line clamp is starting to leak. I've already had the transmission wiring harness replaced and the mechanic told me that the transmission speed sensors can intermittently go open and cause irratic shift selinoid problems. I think I have a lemon here.
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    Interesting, and thank you for your entry.
    I just got my Tribeca 2008 back today after taking it to another dealer for service as my original dealer seemed no longer interested in helping me with the transmission problem. The mechanic at this new dealership agreed with me that the vehicle missed in 5th gear when under power, and talked to Subaru. Subaru tolk him it needed a new torque converter, as the one that was installed last time has been found to be faulty.
    Now after two new torque converters, the vehicle is still having the hesitation in 5th gear, when under a bit of power, such as passing or climbing a very gentle grade.
    The problem is back with Subaru. Subaru told this "new" mechanic to check the engine over!!! Wonder if the wiring problem you describe could be the cause?
    I have had this problem from day one!!!! and it has never been corrected! LEMON!!
    The last mechanic I took it to said he did not know how I have put up with the problem so long!
    I have a hatch rattle to , but the problem pales by comparison to my "hesitation" problem.
    I would love to hear from others with similar problems. :lemon: :confuse:
  • km888km888 Member Posts: 2
    I hear you. I am so frustrated with these issues and the dealership acts as though they've never heard these complaints from other Tribeca owners. There is something wrong with the car, period. It shouldn't slam when coming out of a stop. my clients decided to follow me in their car while looking at property because the jerking was so uncomfortable. I step on it to merge, and I think it kicks down, but doesn't catch. The RPM's jump to 6000, but the car doesn't respond. It feels the same as when a clutch goes bad on a manual transmission. There is a drag, like my brakes are on, I don't think it's shifting. I was getting 12 MPG. They can't seem to fix the problem, just improve the performance a little, but never for long.
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    I have finally found a Subaru Mechanic who admits there is a problem with the Transmission... Torque converter changed again per Subaru Tech. suggestion.
    No improvement, and the local tech was very upset. He wanted the car back and again contacted Subaru Tech. They suggested changing the plugs.....No change!!
    Subaru Tech then suggested empty the gas tank and fill it with Premium......
    I will find out tomorrow.
    The Subaru Dealer in Nanaimo, BC has been great! :D Much more helpful and knowledgeable than the dealer in Langford. :confuse:
    I am, however, on the verge of trying to get Subaru to buy the vehicle back!
  • toboggantoboggan Member Posts: 283
    Well, any resolution???
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    NO! The dealership in Nanaimo has been great, but the problem continues to elude them. SUBARU had the tech change the torque converter and try new plugs then empty the fuel tank and use high test fuel. None of these helped. Then they suggested that I drive the car in sport mode for a few days without shifting manually to see if this would reset the computer. THis did not work either.
    I am on my way back to them in a couple of days and SUBARU has now suggested that the tech access the antiknock sensors ??? About a four hour job to get at that!
    I am ready to give the car back. I have had enough!
    Regards. :cry: :mad:
  • toboggantoboggan Member Posts: 283
    I can understand your frustration. One of the problems with modern cars is all the electronic stuff. It's too bad there aren't error codes on the computer. If the knock sensors aren't the problem, they should give you another car. Gotta keep you in the Subaru family, ya know. :)
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    They have the car now, and I wait to hear what they have found.
    I will post as soon as I get an answer.
    If they were to take it back I might consider an outback 2010, so long as they can tow about 3000lbs.
  • sept2martinsept2martin Member Posts: 28
    Well I am off to get my Tribeca back today. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
    The dealership have been working on this since Dec 3rd. They have done everything that Subaru told them to do. I am on my third Torque converter, incl. the original one.
    Knock sensors changed. an I do not know what else has been done. The mechanic advised me that the problem still persists, Bles him, at least he is honest and wants to help! Cannot fault this dealership!
    They called me today and told me that Subaru has advised them that the car is normal and there is nothing wrong with it......That is just the way the Tribeca is!!
    They are not going to do any more with it! Dealer was MOST apologetic!
    So now what??
    I am going to work on getting Subaru to take it back. Will keep you posted.
    NO MORE SUBARUS FOR ME!!!!!! :mad:
  • toboggantoboggan Member Posts: 283
    Bummer. Sounds Like your dealer should really beat on Subaru for a true resolution. IMHO, Subaru should take the car back, giving you a replacement Tribeca. That way their engineering staff could get to the root of the problem.
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