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Subaru Tribeca 2008



  • You got that right, over $10000 more after taxes and stuff. :mad: Although Subaru Canada has made a few things standard that are optional or not even available :confuse: for the U.S model Tribeca. I only wish they had given us the option to upgrade to last years "limited" edition chromed rims. I think they would look great with the Diamond grey metallic colour scheme.

    I did see that "my" vehicle has arrived at the dealer this afternoon. Should not be too long a wait now. I figure I should have possession sometime next week. Yay!! :shades:

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool, I'd be excited too!
  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    Congrats, David. We've had our Tribeca (7 passenger Ltd - gold metallic) since late September (just before we left on 5 week trip). So far, we have gotten just over 2,000 miles on it. But our '98 OBW has 113,000, so we wanted to keep the miles from accumulating too fast (it's also our tow-behind for the motor home). We got the 7 passenger so we could haul the 3.5 grand kids. Also got the factory installed tow package.

    The 3 speed heated seats are great! Plus it is a great road car. Loves to cruise at 80mph. Not sure about the tires and deep snow (we have a winter storm warning). According to the weather guessers we'll probably get at least a foot of snow by Sunday. If we get lake effect snow (east wind off Lake Superior) there will be even more snow. In that case we can "crank up" the OBW with the Blizzaks if we need to go out to the store. :P

  • I'd love to know how she handles in the snow/ice as we get a decent amount of both during the winter. Does the AWD get fidgety? Are the tyres half decent that when combined with the AWD and TC, they compensate for not being winter tyres? Or, am I going to have to take the GrandPrix out with the Nokian Hakkapeliitta's?!

  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    Well, it has been snowing since 10AM with an east wind (not very strong). Looks like about 3+" so far. We put the middle row seats down (the back row is always down unless we're hauling the grandkids) and loaded up a set of 4 Blizzaks for our old Jeep (we gave the Jeep to our son). After delivering the tires, the recycle stuff - cardboard, cans and plastic jugs - were loaded in and taken to the local recycle center. Then over to Sam's Club to get gas and some other stuff.

    During this time it was snowing pretty good. The stock Goodyear's seemed to work OK. But you could tell the road was getting slippery here and there where other vehicles were spinning their drive wheels. Felt really controllable. Even broke the rear end loose for fun several times. The only big problem was that the snow was piling up on the wiper blades, even with the front defroster turned on (the temp was 18 degrees F.).

    When we got home had to work on the wiper blades to get the ice removed. The rear wiper blade was one chunk of ice (rear defroster was on). Checked 1st Subaru parts and couldn't find any winter wiper blades for the Tibeca. Guess I'll have to check NAPA on Monday. Not going to go out in this snow unless I have to. But then I'd then use my '98 OBW which has the Blizzaks and winter wiper blades.

    Would really like to get a set of winter tires on separate wheels. But the TPMS seems to be causing Tire Rack problems. They'll sell you tires but no wheels. We'll have to work that problem.

    The weather guessers are saying a foot plus of snow by tomorrow morning. Whee!

    MNSteve (there used to be a lot of Steve's on here)
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    Picked up my new 5P Ltd diamond gray yesterday. Much better than the 06 but the most noticeable improvement is in the motor and trans.

    Disappointed that the nav does have my street. Disc is dated 2006 for an 08 car.........what's up with that??
  • We just got dumped on last night and this morning. Everything from inches upon inches of snow followed by Freezing rain. So there I was wishfully thinking out loud that it would have been good if we had the Tribeca so that we could test it out in such nasty weather, at which point my wife very vehemently procalaimed, "We are not going to take the "new" car out in weather like this!! You take the old one out when the weather is bad." Doh!! ;)

  • Hey Charlie, Congrats on the new car. I hope to have possession on mine sometime this week. Dealer has to finish the registration and addition of the accessories I have requested. I did not opt to get the Nav system as I have never used one before. If ever I get the urge to get a nav system, I'll probably just pick up an after market one that is portable and can move between the cars. I did request the auto-dimming mirror with compass though. :)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Hey Charlie, congrats on the new 'Beca! Did you trade the old one?

  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    Hi Bob,

    The old one was on a 2 year lease.
    This one is on a 3 year. I still need a family hauler until my younger one starts driving.
    I wish I had a chance to evaluate the new Forester-It's looking real sharp. I particularly like how it now shares design cues with the Tribeca.
  • dcabdcab Posts: 101

    I bought the recommended winter package from Tire Rack without the TPMS. You can either purchase them for $152 or have the tires mounted and balanced without them. If you buy them with the sensors, you have to have them set by the dealer in both the fall and spring.

    The TPMS light doesn't even flash when I'm driving around town; only after 10 miles or so on the highway, and then it's off again the next time I start the car.

    The Blizzaks performed great this weekend-big difference from the Goodyears.
  • css1css1 Posts: 247

    Good move on the Nav - My home street is not on the disk - it's DVD based and apparently they're 2 years behind. The disk is a 2006. Your better off with a portable.

    I still have the backup camera and other features which I like - calender, service/repair record and reminder, calculator etc.

    What do you think of the "elephant ear " side view mirrors? It doesn't bother me but I'm not used to mirrors that large.

    Good luck - You WILL enjoy this car.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    08 /5 pass lmtd/ after 2 fill ups /avg 18 MPG/ mix of hwy and around town

    not bad! Wife loves it !
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds nice.

    We may end up with a similar one if the wife doesn't like the Forester (though early signs are she does).
  • Hey Tom, Congrats!! What colour did you get? I'm getting a feeling that the Diamond Grey Metallic is going to be a very hot selling colour. It just looks so good. I've been told by my dealer that my car will be available for pickup on Thursday, but I told him I'll be by on Friday morning (I have the day off!) to pick it up. That way I have the whole weekend to get used to it. Can't wait!!

  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    Yes, just talked to a guy at Tire Rack yesterday about winter tires. He recommended the 17" package. Said they could add the TPMS for $35 a tire. Not excited about having the dealer resetting it twice a year. Guess I'll check out the recommended package again. Not sure if I want to spend any for $$ right now.

    The tractor that the snow blower is mounted on decided it didn't want to go forward through the snow. Since the tractor is a 25 year old orphan, I'll be getting an ATV with a 60" blade (and other goodies). That means I'm going to be tapped out for a while.

    BTW, ordered Trico teflon winter blades from Seems they have an automotive section. Got a 26" for the drivers side ($25), 19" for passenger side ($12), 15" for the rear ($10). The regular sizes are 26", 20", and 14". Figure those should work OK.

  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    David, so far the Goodyears seem to ok in the several inches of snow we traveled in today. Plus the ABS works ok too. Boy, I thought a Ford pickup behind us was going to wack us, but he finally stopped. Then I saw a white step "van" suddenly take the shoulder/sidewalk behind the pickup. Whew, too close for comfort.

    But with all this snow, the non-winter wiper blades are getting loaded up with snow and are freezing up. Even with the extra windshield defroster on. See my other post with winter blade info. Seems my dealer (only one in the Twin Ports area) doesn't have winter blades for the 2008 Tribeca.

    Today we're supposed to get up to 4" more of snow. On top of the 14.5" we received this past weekend. Winter has arrived! Gotta get the ski pod installed and loaded with the skiis and poles. Whoopee!!

  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    Well, it seems the Tire Rack updated their web site over night. Their recommended 18" package was $1660. After rooting through the web page looking for a 17" package (supposedly a narrower, taller tire), came up with some Blizzaks (DM-Z3, 235/65-17) at $108 each and wheels (Sport Edition F2 - 17x7.5) for $104 each. The TPMS addition would be $38 per wheel. But my wife is telling me we have spent enough $$ for now (money tree is looking a bit ragged :cry: ). Maybe we'll try the stock Goodyear's for a season (we'll see how long this lasts :P ). It looks like a snowy winter so far. :D

  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    We got the Black , but she really like the Diamond Grey Metallic too
    You'll be happy! Enjoy
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Not that I really look to Consumer reports to pick a car for me- as I usually have different priorities.

    But- here's what Edmunds reported today:

    "the news was not all positive for Toyota. Consumer Reports also said separately that the redesigned 2008 Toyota Highlander did not earn the organization's Recommended designation, although it received top scores in a test of four midsize three-row SUVs.

    "The Highlander is the first model to feel the effects of a decision by Consumer Reports that it would no longer automatically award Toyota its Recommended designation because its Annual Car Reliability Survey showed several other models had problems," it said in a statement. Only the Ford Taurus X and Subaru Tribeca earned Recommended designations in their group."

    So, FWIW, at least we're not the only people that think that the 'beca is an amazing vehicle.
  • But they also did not put 2008 Tribeca as easy pick because of some negative points: cramped 2nd and 3rd rows, limited driver's leg room, average mpg, long wet breaking distance, etc.

    Actually, my feeling is that CR is just barely passing 2008 Tribeca as recommended because of the strong reliability across Subaru's fleet.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think CR realized there is that release knob to move the 2nd row back another 4 inches.

    Note that they complain about 2nd row leg room but specify that's only on the 7 passenger models, not the 5 pass.

    Guess what? Use that release knob and leg room is the same for both!

    So it's not so much a complaint as it is their own failure to RTFM.

    I like CR, but they messed up big time on that one.
  • toboggantoboggan Posts: 283
    One thing that should be on the Tribeca is an adjustable (in/out) steering. I get the seat adjusted for leg comfort, but the steering wheel needs to be about an inch closer to the chest. Of course, if I had orangutan arms. :P

    IIRC the '08 Outback has the in/out adjustable steering wheel.

  • I do think they realize the button for sliding the 2nd row further back: they also complained that it is hard to reach.

    See, CR takes approach from the general consumer point of view, and the general consumer don't RTFM. What I mean they expect things to be easy to figure out.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That doesn't explain why they only complain about the 7 pass model when it comes to 2nd row leg room. Maybe it was just poorly written.
  • I think we can fully expect to see a telescoping steering wheel as well as bluetooth functionality in future iterations of the Tribeca. I for one could care less for either, but that is just me ofcourse. I also did not care for the Nav and the DVD options. Who knows, the U.S models may even get an HID upgrade next year :P (Just joking!)

    I love how the vehicle is setup right now, and I am very curious to see what they have in store for the future.

    Good times ahead, I'm sure.

  • dcabdcab Posts: 101
    I bought the 17" package without the TPMS. I think that Tire Rack is now recommending the 18" package because they have only 2 of the 17" Blizzaks in stock.

    I'll change the tires over myself and put up with the flashing light if and when it comes on.

    I made it through a winter with the Goodyears, but didn't feel confident stopping or in turns (I live in Syracuse and see a fair amount of snow).

    The Blizzaks are great. We've had maybe 18 inches since Saturday and have no problems.

    I figure that since I'm only using the Goodyears from April to November I'll keep them for many more seasons than I would dare if I were using them year round.

    If you decide to spend the bucks, I'd recommend the Dunlops or one of the other 17" tires.
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    I like how the car is set up now too.

    Yet, if you go to the U.K. site where they are still selling the 07 model, some of the standard features and options are:

    Motorized retractable side view mirrors. -standard
    19" 5 spoke wheels with or without tires. - option
    8 WAY POWER PASSENGER SEAT! - standard!! (they benefit because of lower than expected US sales)

    It's frustrating to know that these parts are sitting in a warehouse in Indiana and we won't see them in the USA Tribeca any time soon.

    The future is already here - we just have to get Subaru to put it on the assembly line for the USA.
  • MNSteve
    Measure both front wiper blades (they might be different sizes) and try a nearby WalMart, KMart, carwash or auto supply store. I'm sure you can find winter blades some near there. I don't have a Tribecca, but have a 2007 small SX-4 AWD car & found winter blades at WalMart for $5.88 each at a WalMart near to me. If you haven't ever replaced blades yourself, this might be of help, it shows the usual styles of wiper arms, and has videos:
    Good Luck with your snow. upstate NY is is also getting lots.
  • hdutyhduty Posts: 5

    I just leased a 2008 Tribeca 7 Passenger Ltd. I got it because my wife loves it and I got the right price. There are a lot of things about this vehicle that I like but others that I don't. I'd like to list the ones I don't like to see if anyone else has made the same observations.

    1. Need Telescoping Steering wheel.
    2. Arm Rest on doors need to be a few inches higher.
    3. Console arm rest needs to be higher and also slide.

    The reason I've listed the 3 items above is because I can't get a really comfortable in the drivers seat. I'd like to rest my left elbow on the arm rest on the door and hold the steering wheel in my hand. The arm rest is too low for this, and even if it was higher, if I have the seat in a position thats gives me the leg room I need, the steering wheel it a few inches too far forward.
    4. The diameter of the steering wheel seems small. If it were a little bigger it wouldn't crowd out the view of the instrument cluster. Plus it feels small to me.
    5. Change the gearing so that it that engine will turn 2000-2100 RPM on at 75mph instead of 2600. This would do a lot to improve the mileage on this vehicle. I'm sure there are several ways this could be accomplished: add a 6th gear, change the ratio of the 5th gear, change the gear ratio in the differentials. I think right now it's got 3:45 gears. Maybe go down to a 3:16 or even something in the high 2's. I'm sure it would still be plenty quick with a 3:16 gear. I can see that others might disagree, so it would be nice to at least have this as an option.

    From the sound of the engine when driving at speed, I'm always thinking that it needs to shift up to a higher gear.

    Just my opinion. I'd be interested in hearing others on these items.
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