Ford Escape Hybrid Nav System Questions

bratton1bratton1 Member Posts: 2
Hi folks -

I purchased a 2007 FEH with the Audiophile Navigation System and have had problems with it since day 1. It turns itself off intermittently and reboots - but the radio never shuts down. We have had the system replaced in its entirety twice, replaced two receivers, the antenna and the CD set. Nothing seems to work - and we're squarely in CA Lemon Law territory now (5 different work orders, 12 trips to the dealership, almost 30 days without the car since the end of August). The car itself is great, but the system cutting out intermittently is frustrating and distracting, to say the least, and I can't rely on it when driving - which is the reason I bought it in the first place!

Has anyone else ever had the problem? If so, how was it fixed? Ford Corporate is trying to repair the problem but has said that they won't replace the vehicle because the Nav System is considered a "Luxury Item." Please let me know what your experience has been - thanks!


  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    "Has anyone else ever had the problem? If so, how was it fixed? Ford Corporate is trying to repair the problem but has said that they won't replace the vehicle because the Nav System is considered a "Luxury Item." Please let me know what your experience has been - thanks!"

    I would suggest contacting a lemon law attorney. I think the law says 30 days without the vehicle qualifies, and I haven't seen anything that indicates that "luxury items" are not included in that 30 days. Or just mention to Ford that you are going to pursue a lemon law case in CA and see what they do.

    Also, don't the HVAC controls go through the Nav display? I don't think anyone would consider A/C controls or heat controls to be a "luxury item".
  • bratton1bratton1 Member Posts: 2
    The HVAC doesn't go through the Nav display - it's a really kinda cheesy unit (my husband has a TOM TOM ONE and it's a much better system!).

    I stated to Ford that I was invoking the CA Lemon Law and that's when the whole back-and-forth with Ford Corporate started - they've had a tech out from their main office looking at it and he can't figure out what's wrong either.

    If we do decide to sue, we have a completely open-and-shut case - below are the three situations under which CA Lemon Law is applicable:


    1. The same nonconformity results in a condition that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven and the nonconformity has been subject to repair two or more times by the manufacturer or its agents, and the buyer or lessee has at least once directly notified the manufacturer of the need for the repair of the nonconformity.

    2. The same nonconformity has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents and the buyer has at least once directly notified the manufacturer of the need for the repair of the nonconformity.

    3. The vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of nonconformities by the manufacturer or its agents for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar days since delivery of the vehicle to the buyer. The 30-day limit shall be extended only if repairs cannot be performed due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer or its agents. The buyer shall be required to directly notify the manufacturer pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) only if the manufacturer has clearly and conspicuously disclosed to the buyer, with the warranty or the owner's manual, the provisions of this section and that of subdivision (d) of Section 1793.2, including the requirement that the buyer must notify the manufacturer directly pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2). The notification, if required, shall be sent to the address, if any, specified clearly and conspicuously by the manufacturer in the warranty or owner's manual. This presumption shall be a rebuttable presumption affecting the burden of proof, and it may be asserted by the buyer in any civil action, including an action in small claims court, or other formal or informal proceeding.


    So we meet the second stipulation and will meet the third by the middle of next week. I can't see why they're fighting us on it.

    By the way, the dealership has been phenomenal. They're doing everything they can and they want to see it fixed just as much as we do. It's Ford Corporate (or Regional) who decides which cars get replaced, so their hands are tied. Thanks!
  • grover5grover5 Member Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I purchased an 07 FEH last year and am also having problems with the NAV system. IT doesn't shut down but it constantly miscalculates where I am. I've had the unit replaced twice and a new antenna put on. Have you resolved your issue yet and if so what was the solution?

  • highdeserttriphighdeserttrip Member Posts: 1

    I recently started experiencing problems with the VNR navigational system in my 2005 FEH. When the system boots up, it starts with the correct location. However, as I drive, the system falls further and further behind my actual position (ie. It reports that I'm four blocks back on the map and haven't even turned left yet.) Has anyone experienced this problem?

    My first impression is that the navigator is not updating its position using the GPS often enough. It queries the GPS for the initial location and then estimates the current position based on heading and speed. There's a function in the system menu to "Adjust vehicle location." However, once I adjust the location manually, the navigation just falls behind again.

    If the problem is a failed GPS, why does it give me my initial correct location? If it's the nav computer, what's the failure rate on these things? Can I assume that the FEH VNR system simply reports information - that it isn't responsible for anything to do with running the vehicle? I don't have to worry about other problems that might result from this VNR computer failure? If so, I'll just stick with my Tom Tom that I bought for another vehicle.

  • cso683cso683 Member Posts: 2

    My Navigation system works wonderfully, but my Disk 1 (Pacific NW - Utah), has become damaged.

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement CD rather than pay Ford $200 for the WHOLE pack.

    I strongly doubt I will drive my vehicle anywhere but on this disk and California.

    I would be willing to trade ANY of the other Navigation CDs with anyone rather than pay the money for a pack of ALL the CDs.

    Please contact me via this forum if you are interested in a swap.

  • sparks500sparks500 Member Posts: 3
    When I bought my FEH, it had been a lease or a demo as it had 12,000 miles on it. They could not find the original set of discs so they copied a set and gave them to me. I later found the originals tucked in the spare tire compartment. You are welcome to whatever you need.

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  • cso683cso683 Member Posts: 2

    I e-mailed you at the e-mail addy you left. Maybe check your spam folder. If I don't know someone, it often goes there.

    My e-mail address should be public now also, not sure if mine took either.

    Thanks again,
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    Hi All

    Looking for someone on the East Coast who wishes to trade any one of my East Coast CDs for a California CD. Mine is damaged and I don't wish to pay $200 to Ford for an entire new set. Don't plan to take this car back East so figure I can afford to give up one.

    Thanks for any help,
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    Are you willing to trade any East Coast Ford Escape NavTech CD for the California CD (I'm looking for a new Cal. CD)?
  • awdwagonawdwagon Member Posts: 3

    My midatlantic disc is ruined. Would like to buy one or trade for another disc in my set. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • awdwagonawdwagon Member Posts: 3
    Yes, I'll trade California for Midatlantic.
  • mshirmanmshirman Member Posts: 2
    love to i really need an East Coast CD, are you still looking if so we can trade right away,thanks
  • mshirmanmshirman Member Posts: 2
    would you have an East Coast CD willing to trade?
  • awdwagonawdwagon Member Posts: 3
    no, I am looking for a midatlantic cd too
  • jojo26jojo26 Member Posts: 1

    I did see where there is a full set of 12 on ebay... don't know if they will work on the FEH or not, but I think they would... I think version 3 though and the newest are version 4...
  • lkammlkamm Member Posts: 3
    We just purchased a 2005 Ford Escape Htbrid with the Navigation but there were no Navigation Discs.
    Ford advised but they no longer support Ford NAV and advised to go to Ford Parts. I went back to Ford and they advised me to go to EBAY.

    Does anyone out there know where we may get a copy of these discs? :confuse:
  • lkammlkamm Member Posts: 3
    The new disc from ford would not load. We thought it may be the wrong version.
  • lkammlkamm Member Posts: 3
    Map updates for your Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Navigation System

    Dear valued Ford, Lincoln and Mercury consumers. Please be advised that NAVTEQ is temporarily not selling any Ford-branded map update products at this time. For more information on the availability of Ford-branded map update products, please contact your local Ford, Lincoln or Mercury Dealer.
  • sewi_escapesewi_escape Member Posts: 4
    I've got a 2006 Escape with the Navigation system and am missing the Upper Midwest CD (need Wisconsin). I would be happy to trade you the Mid-Atlantic disc from my set for the Upper Midwest.

    Please let me know if you still need a Mid-Atlantic. Frankly, anything on either coast I'd be willing to trade for the Upper Midwest CD.
  • marcella2marcella2 Member Posts: 1
    I also need a Mid Atlantic Navigation Disk. My Ford Hybrid is a 2007
    and it came with a Southeast (Map 10) disk - NAVTEQ Version 3V
    which covers NC, SC, GA, AL. I would trade this for VA. MD. DEL.PA.
  • steve76063steve76063 Member Posts: 5
    I'm considering a 2009 or 2010 Escape Hybrid with the Nav system, but was unaware that it (still) used CD based maps! Is this still the case for the newer models? This is a BIG disadvantage in my book!
  • sewi_escapesewi_escape Member Posts: 4
    I'll trade you a mid-atlantic for an upper Midwest (includes southern Wisconsin). Let me know. Thanks!
  • steve76063steve76063 Member Posts: 5
    I'm strongly considering a FEH with the Nav package, and was wondering how well the navigation system works--especially if anyone has experience with it's Traffic system.
    I've got a TomTom that gets traffic through my phone connection, and I love it. As much as I'd like to have an in-dash integrated system in my next car, if it doesn't work as well as my $400 TomTom, I see no reason to spend $2000 or more for it.
  • sewi_escapesewi_escape Member Posts: 4
    Marcella2 - Please contact me (I've updated my profile to include my email address so you should see it when clicking "reply"). Please provide your mailing address and I'll do the same so we can exchange the Mid-Atlantic for the Upper Midwest.
  • taw2taw2 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone need to trade a central or east coast CD for the Pacific Northwest map for the 2005 Navteq on board system?
  • sewi_escapesewi_escape Member Posts: 4
    Willing to trade any other CD to get Upper Midwest (Wisconsin). Please email me if interested.
  • rshoemakerrshoemaker Member Posts: 2
    Hi - we just moved to Minnesota and found that when we were driving from Washington that when our Expedition was broken into last year, they stole our Navigation disks, so we are here in MN and are getting lost - I'd like to trade my Pacific NW Nav disk for the disk that covers Minnesota.
  • taw2taw2 Member Posts: 2
    I was able to make a successful trade, hopefully there is someone else out there who could make a trade with you-- if not I'll reply via e-mail with my info so you don't get stuck out there lost! You are looking for Map 4 - North Central.
  • amgreenamgreen Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Ford Escape and need the 2005 version navigation CD #10 for the Southeast. I am willing to trade anything other than on the east coast.
  • drnlj1drnlj1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Escape Hybrid and need the navigation CD for Colorado. I will trade any other disc in the set.
  • amgreenamgreen Member Posts: 2
    I have Colorado and will trade for Southeast,
  • drnlj1drnlj1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi amgreen. That sounds great, let's trade. Can you send me an email at [email protected] and we can exchange addresses? Thanks, Nick
  • norcalblondenorcalblonde Member Posts: 3
    Are you still looking for the Colorado CD?
    I have it and need the California/Nevada CD if you have it to trade.
  • lostincalostinca Member Posts: 2
    Still looking for the Minnesota CD (Navteq version 3v for Map 4 "North Central")? I'll gladly trade it to you for the CA/NV cd. Email me at [email protected] to exchange addresses. Thanks!
  • vanzantenvanzanten Member Posts: 1
    We got the whole package of navigation cds with our 2005 ford hybrid but are missing the southeast. We live in florida so that doesn't work too well. Will trade for any of the others or willing to purchase.
  • lostincalostinca Member Posts: 2
    I'd be more than happy to trade. I have everything but the CA/NV cd. Southeast for CA/NV? Please email me directly at [email protected] if you're interested. Thanks.
  • jnelmsjnelms Member Posts: 1
    I have them all except the one that has Texas in it. Somebody sat on it. I will trade anyone I got for TEXAS. Thanks
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    Yes, I do have several East Coast CDs to trade. Sorry to take so long to respond; hope you're still interested. Have the following East Coast CD's and will trade any one of them: New England (incl 1/2 of NY state), Ohio Valley (incl the other 1/2 of NY state), Mid-Atlantic, Southeast.

    In return wish to receive the California,Hawaii,Nevada CD.
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    Would be happy to trade my Southeast Ford Escape Hybrid GPS CD (Map 9) for your California/Hawaii/Nevada (Map 1) CD.
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    OK, so how do we do this? Can we take this offline?
  • adomin0adomin0 Member Posts: 1
    i am in need for the navigation disks for a 2006 expedention, i do not have any of these disks.
  • parkay1parkay1 Member Posts: 7
    Trying to communicate with vanzanten who wants to trade his/her 2005 Ford Escape NAV system Southeast (Map 9) CD for my California CD (Map 1)
  • escape5escape5 Member Posts: 1
    I will trade my Cal CD for the Mid Atlantic CD, Map 8. Do you still need it?
  • malibuskymalibusky Member Posts: 15
    About 1 month ago my disk began to sound funny and now the drive cannot read the the disk. I had never removed the disk prior to this occurring and it does not appear to be dirty or scratched.

    Has anyone else had a problem with the cd drive not reading a disk?

    I am out of warranty...any one else had a similar problem?

  • lgarcia451lgarcia451 Member Posts: 1
    I have all the others that I have never/will never use, but need the Southwest, which is where I live.
    My daughter took it out to put a music CD in and doesn't know what she did with it!
    Willing to trade or buy.
  • speedman82speedman82 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same prob on the 2006 I just bought luckally I figured it out under the certified warranty so it was replaced by the factory I wish you luck I did not get a bill for the replacement but I bet it was not cheap.
  • speedman82speedman82 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 nav in an escape hybrid I have no :( discs for mine I just bought the unit and it did not come with discs. I live in SC and would be interested in your SE USA maps if you would like to get rid of them. [email protected]
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