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Ford Escape Hybrid Nav System Questions



  • taw2taw2 Posts: 2
    I was able to make a successful trade, hopefully there is someone else out there who could make a trade with you-- if not I'll reply via e-mail with my info so you don't get stuck out there lost! You are looking for Map 4 - North Central.
  • I have a 2006 Ford Escape and need the 2005 version navigation CD #10 for the Southeast. I am willing to trade anything other than on the east coast.
  • I have a 2005 Escape Hybrid and need the navigation CD for Colorado. I will trade any other disc in the set.
  • I have Colorado and will trade for Southeast,
  • Hi amgreen. That sounds great, let's trade. Can you send me an email at and we can exchange addresses? Thanks, Nick
  • Are you still looking for the Colorado CD?
    I have it and need the California/Nevada CD if you have it to trade.
  • Still looking for the Minnesota CD (Navteq version 3v for Map 4 "North Central")? I'll gladly trade it to you for the CA/NV cd. Email me at to exchange addresses. Thanks!
  • We got the whole package of navigation cds with our 2005 ford hybrid but are missing the southeast. We live in florida so that doesn't work too well. Will trade for any of the others or willing to purchase.
  • I'd be more than happy to trade. I have everything but the CA/NV cd. Southeast for CA/NV? Please email me directly at if you're interested. Thanks.
  • I have them all except the one that has Texas in it. Somebody sat on it. I will trade anyone I got for TEXAS. Thanks
  • Yes, I do have several East Coast CDs to trade. Sorry to take so long to respond; hope you're still interested. Have the following East Coast CD's and will trade any one of them: New England (incl 1/2 of NY state), Ohio Valley (incl the other 1/2 of NY state), Mid-Atlantic, Southeast.

    In return wish to receive the California,Hawaii,Nevada CD.
  • Would be happy to trade my Southeast Ford Escape Hybrid GPS CD (Map 9) for your California/Hawaii/Nevada (Map 1) CD.
  • OK, so how do we do this? Can we take this offline?
  • i am in need for the navigation disks for a 2006 expedention, i do not have any of these disks.
  • Trying to communicate with vanzanten who wants to trade his/her 2005 Ford Escape NAV system Southeast (Map 9) CD for my California CD (Map 1)
  • I will trade my Cal CD for the Mid Atlantic CD, Map 8. Do you still need it?
  • malibuskymalibusky Posts: 15
    About 1 month ago my disk began to sound funny and now the drive cannot read the the disk. I had never removed the disk prior to this occurring and it does not appear to be dirty or scratched.

    Has anyone else had a problem with the cd drive not reading a disk?

    I am out of warranty...any one else had a similar problem?

  • I have all the others that I have never/will never use, but need the Southwest, which is where I live.
    My daughter took it out to put a music CD in and doesn't know what she did with it!
    Willing to trade or buy.
  • I had the same prob on the 2006 I just bought luckally I figured it out under the certified warranty so it was replaced by the factory I wish you luck I did not get a bill for the replacement but I bet it was not cheap.
  • I have a 2006 nav in an escape hybrid I have no :( discs for mine I just bought the unit and it did not come with discs. I live in SC and would be interested in your SE USA maps if you would like to get rid of them.
  • I have an 05 ford escape hybrid and I have alll of the navigation CDs exept for the California/Nevada CD, which is basicaallly the only one I need. Would love to trade for some East Coast CDs, but I am willing to trade anything or even purchace this CD from anyone if possible because I really need it.

    my car will not be :confuse: (lost) anymore...
  • I need the Escape Hybrid 2005 CaliforniA nevada CD!
    I am willing to trade any other CD for the CA one.
    you can email me at if interested.
  • rocktopperrocktopper Posts: 1
    Wont play music cd, put nav cd in and display constantly resets. Cleaning CD does not help. How do I remove the unit and try to look at the cd mechanism? :mad:
  • zephyr_boyzephyr_boy Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    First time post:

    I bought a used 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid (FEH), 78,000 odometer. So far, everything works great (2days ownership), however my Navigation CD used for my area (Map 1) failed to work. I get a load screen for about a minute or so, and then the unit would reset the whole radio.

    So, I popped in the Map 2 CD , loaded up fine, got some GPS functions, to my relief: if the unit is okay, then Map 1 CD must be damaged. Visual inspection of the Map1 CD has a one inch scratch (going with the circle) and what I thought, a small smudge that is permanently etched (close to the end).

    I read on the web that some people can make back-up copies of their CDs to protect the original CD they own, thus preserving vital GPS functions for the FEH. I tried to copy Map1 CD using Nero (V 7.11) but I had no luck. It couldn't recognize sectors, kinda went through a loop. see below for my computer spec:

    Intel Quad core 750
    4gb Ram
    Windows XP Pro
    Sony dvd/cd Burner

    I Googled "CD repair" and I downloaded a free program: "CD Recovery Toolbox"

    "...use it to restore information lost as a result of some mechanical damage of the disk (scratches, chips, different spots on the surface) or as a result of incorrect recording. Thus, the program can recover data that was considered lost..."

    After I installed the program, a couple clicks later (I enabled the ALL check-box) the program started to scan my Map 1 CD. It scanned pretty fast until it hit the 24mb (550 mb total) mark, then the program must have encountered the damaged area because it crept up very slowly. :sick:

    It took a long time to scan my Map 1 CD, I say about 30 hours total. Thank goodness I own a quad core, so I can multitask while the program scanned in the background, it bogged down my computer (took under a minute to open my web, and a few minutes to open more intensive programs-but all worked with no problems).

    I did encounter one major problem, my automatic windows update must have restarted my computer while I slept, :mad: when I checked my computer in the morning, it looked refresh with no programs running. I opened the folder where the program was saving my CD, and it was incomplete(only 4 folders out of 9). I noted the name of the last file inside the last folder that the program worked on, then I restart the process again. I checked "ALL" again, crossed my fingers that it would resume from the last file, but it didn't. :(

    Before the new process started, I was prompt to replace the older files saved in my folder, I click the "No" button (not the "No To All" button) until I got to the last file that I noted earlier, then I clicked the "Saved to All" button.

    I ate some breakfast, then I checked my computer, and the whole process had finished. :surprise: I then started my Nero program- I picked CD (not DVD)- picked CD-ROM(ISO)- copied and paste all the saved folders that the "CD Recovery Toolbox" saved. (default location). I burned the CD at the slowest setting (8x). I went outside to my FEH, popped the copy into my NAR system, and it worked perfectly.

    I got a working copy of my Map 1 CD from my original CD that came with my FEH. :) Very happy (you can't order just one map CD from the Navteq website, you have to get the whole package-$200).

    good luck.


    p.s. I shouldn't say perfectly since I just did an initial test in my FEH with no problems. I don't know if all the files are saved, but it feels good so far.
  • stella9stella9 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased an 06 Mariner hybrid and it had all the nav CDs except the one covering Indiana which is where I live. Would trade for either coasts.
  • parkay1parkay1 Posts: 7
    Yes, am still interested in trading. Do you still have your Mid Atlantic CD? Will swap for California CD
  • tevyetevye Posts: 4
    I will gladly give you my Midwest CD for your California CS
  • Don't know how best to do this.... My email is jpickering95 @ if you want to send your mailing info and then I will do the same.....
  • Hello all seems like these discs have a problem with the california disc as mine as well is damaged.. If anyone from the east or midwest would like to trade i am will. as i do need a working california/nevada me a thanks Randy
  • Hi everybody.
    I need the 2005 ford navigation cd map1 for california. i have all the other cds. im ready to trade in. so just let me know which one you need and well make it happen.

    contact me on
    thank you very much!

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