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Acura MDX Extended Warranties



  • I just bought a warranty for my 2008 MDX from Bernardi. I received it this past week in the mail from Acura Care. The price was great, anyone would be foolish to buy one from their dealership with this available.

    the price went up $100 dollars since JAN when I bought it still a great deal
  • aja3aja3 Posts: 4
    Thx balla!!! With your past experience do you suggest I should go for Bernardi warranty and they will cover as they mention in their contract. Do we have to take care anything additional other than the regular oil changes and scheduled maintenances. thx,
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I bought at Bernardi also. The price was great, but more importantly, you can pay for it over a year for only $25 more, or so. Now, can someone explain to me why the Honda Pilot warranty is 1/2 the cost for a vehicle that is 90% the same?? Marketing is a mighty profitable thing . . .
  • aja3aja3 Posts: 4
    Thx dms9, quick question are they reliable enough so buy warranty from them and have peace of mind for the next 4 years!
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Yes, it is an Acura warranty. The same one you buy from your dealer. Once you buy it, you never have to deal with them again. You get all the warranty information from Acura (American Honda) directly.
  • mmedicmmedic Posts: 15
    Looks like so many different warranties out there at a significant cost difference. Are all these warranties the same in terms of coverage, deductible, etc.?
  • teeitup2teeitup2 Posts: 6
    What types of problems are most common to develop during extended warranty periods. Am thinking about purchase, but see little information about typical failures on newer MDX's. Any responses are appreciated.
  • scuba01scuba01 Posts: 29
    That is what the extended warranty is for. The unknown and security of having the car covered past the regular warranty. I just purchased the Bernardi warranty.
    Their website says prices are possibly going up in April.
  • scuba01scuba01 Posts: 29
    received the new warranty information today straight from Acura Care.
    Purchased through Bernardi ($1,749.06 8 yr $120,000)
    Much better deal than going through my local dealer. They would not match the price.
    This is on their website:
    NOTICE has learned that Honda may, as of April 1, 2008, prevent us from offering Honda Warranties at ‘rock-bottom’ pricing through the economies of internet marketing. To take advantage of Bernardi's low internet prices we urge you to purchase before this deadline!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710

    Help me out here, I called Bernardi regarding an extended warranty on our '07 MDX. It has 18000 miles on it. Their longest warranty w/ $100 deductable is 60 months/84k miles. The way I understand it is those numbers get tacked on to the current numbers 19 months and 18000 miles = 79 months and 102000 miles of total coverage. Does that sound right?
  • sdkarsdkar Posts: 4
    What if I just bought a new 08 acura with an extended warranty and I found a better deal online. I just bought it about 36 hours ago. Can I cancel my local dealer warranty and get one from Bernardi or anywhere else?
  • scuba01scuba01 Posts: 29
    Cal your local dealer about a cancel policy. There should be some time to get out of the warranty.
  • Just bought a 05 MDX w/Navi and purchased the 7 yr/100k mile warranty.

    We have one on our 2004 Accord also. Twice a year (before winter, after winter) I take the car in and say something sounds funny from the transmission, or the engine, or the wheels. It is a used car, and they always find something to fix that doesn't cost me money. I was actually recommended this VERY SAME THING by the Acura dealer I just bought the MDX from.

    The warranty doesnt cost the dealers money to fix the car. Just take your vehicles in and ask them to check it out. They will usually find something.

    That is my reason for buying the warranties. Is this wrong to do?
  • I am going to be buying a certified 08 mdx with 19000 miles on it. It will come with the rest of the 4 year 50000 mile coverage plus they throw in an extra year. If i buy one from Bernardi for 6 years 72000 miles does it kick in after my original expires or does it just make it 6 years from the original in service date? Any help would be great and i will call Bernardi tomorrow too.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I don't know anything about Bernardi, but with the way the economy is, I think I'd wait until closer to when the Acura warranty runs out before buying an extended warranty.

    Check out the Extended Warranties discussion too.
  • Well if you had bought from an Acura dealer you could have had the Certified 100k mile warranty like I got on mine bumper to bumper. I wouldn't buy any extended warranty except from Acura with so many companies going out of business nowadays. I use to work in the service department for processing warranty claims at Toyota and Honda and their were so many that gave me trouble and wouldnt pay. Pay the money, which is actually cheap for a highline car compared to like Ford ~ and go with Acura Care
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    What is the cost for the 100K mile warranty and the cut off term in years?
  • mjfloyd1mjfloyd1 Posts: 378
    I'd call Bernardi to verify.

    If you buy a used vehicle warranty, it is from the date of purchase and adds miles to current (48 month/ 48,000 mile warranty). I bought one of these from when my 05 mdx had 49000 miles on it.
  • mjfloyd1mjfloyd1 Posts: 378
    this is a 7 yr from original in service date warranty, I believe. Check pricing on Bernardi warranty.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Hi Cargirljenn,
    Do you know what are the difference to purchase warranty from Acura dealer and Bernardi which all other people refer to? I purchased from dealer and found price way higher than Bernardi and thinking about to cancel it. Also, Do you know the full reimbursement guarantee if you don't have any claim during the extended warranty period. This is what my dealer to got me and sale to me for so call "win-win". Please help...will call to cancel if no hurt to buy warrant to close to warranty period end.
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    My understanding is that the full reimbursement is a sales ploy for the dealer's own warranty and is not a feature of Acura Care. AFAIK, once you buy Acura Care, there is no refund whether you ever use it or not.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Thanks much. I did verify from Acura Care and got the same answer.
    It's dealer's sale marketing tool. It's also some kind of dealer incentive. But I am wondering whoever could get the money back is really rare and looks like a long process. Need Acura to issue comformation of non claim letter which sounds Acura Care didn't deal with that before. I will try to cancel service contract from dealer.
  • My 2006 MDX is out of manufacture's warranty due to 52,000 miles and I need an extended warranty that will give excellent coverage. I just bought the vehicle on 8/21/09. Does anyone know of a reputable company with good rates. Help!
  • You may be out of luck...
    I tried entering your info at the Bernardi warranty website and the car has too many miles. There are other companies though...
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Does anyone know Honda had notice all dealer to terminate their online warranty sale by November 1, 2009? If I purchase from them now, any problems may occured?
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Bernardi is shut down as of 11/1/09, as I tried. Print out the selected warranty information you want from their web site for your particular vehicle. Take it to the Honda dealer(s) and deal with them on the price before 11/1/09. If they will not be somewhat competitive, go to Bernardi. I just did so with two Acura Dealers, who almost doubled the cost initially.

    Apparently, when dealerships in general cannot sell vehicles or make enough profit on the selling vehicles, they stoop to the lowest possible level to get into one's wallet. Acura, Honda, makes no difference. Even when you have a long term servicing relationship with them.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Call several Acura dealers, they can sell you the Acura Care warranty if they want. However, the price may be prohibitive. They have to make a buck off you even if you will use their service facility down the road.
  • jyao888jyao888 Posts: 32
    Thanks for suggestion. I did purchase extended warranty from my dealer when I buy my MDX. I cancel it when I found from this site mentioned Bernardi. It is the best price and almost $800 cheaper than my dealer. I just found out Hohda requested customer to pay additional $135 for whom chaneled warranty before from Bernardi website. But Bernadi mentione don't worry because their price is still much better after this additional fee. Anyone know if this fee is true? I did call Acura before, they didn't mention it if I purchase again after I cancel it.
  • Could someone help me with extended warranty. What's the best price I can expect for an 8yr/120,000 mi. extended warranty from an Acura dealer?
  • grandzugrandzu Posts: 25
    edited March 2010
    It depends on the year of your car and mileage.
    Check here. Bernardi has the best price.
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