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Acura MDX Extended Warranties



  • politico1politico1 Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    I have 2010 AcuraMDX Tech/Ent and dealer was quoting over $2k. thoughts?
  • pkewlpkewl Posts: 10
    I am currently shopping for a 2010 MDX Tech and have a quick question about Curry Acura Care/Bernardi Extended warranty...

    1st Question: Is it okay (legal/permissible/usable) to buy these warranties? In recent days, I have been doing quite a bit of reading about extended warranties and have not found a 'clear' consensus one way or the other about these online/phone warranties... and now I am little more worried since one of the Sales/Finance guy (I m not sure which department he really worked in) at a local Acura dealership mentioned to me that there is some kind of pending litigation/lawsuit between some two parties.. not sure if he meant between Acura and Curry or whoever.. unless he was trying to scare me into buying warranty from them... but I dint ended up buying MDX that evening so warranty was out of question that day.. :)

    If I have a choice to buy either, which one should I pick?
    So far I have gotten extended warranty quotes from Curry Acura Care AND Bernardi and wanted to check if current MDX owners recommend buying one over the other or if one has better reviews than the other. In light of what I was told at a local dealership, I am especially interesed in this answer..

    In terms of price comparison, for a 7 yr/100k extended, Curry Acura Care is about $125 ($1810) MORE than same Bernardi waranty ($1685).

    Again, I wanted to check if we can indeed buy either of these warranty and if I should go with one over the other?

    Any thoughts/suggestions/comments?
  • vik209vik209 Posts: 1
    Pkewl - I'm having the same decision right now. Any advice on what you decided?

    I'm leaning towards the Acuracare no-deductible policy as it appears markedly better than the fidelity warranty services contract I initially received at the dealership.

    The best quote I've gotten thus far is 1685 - not sure if you saw anything better out there?

    Thx mate!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Just got this from my HR dept:

    Save Cash by Avoiding Auto-Repair Service Plans
    (Increase your financial IQ – think green)

    Did you know that according to Consumer Reports Magazine, extended auto warranties usually don’t make financial cents? Consumer Reports notes that a five year old vehicle today had one third fewer problems than a five year old vehicle in 2005. The bottom line – cars are becoming increasingly more reliable and serious (more expensive) problems, such as engine or transmission repairs, are actually quite rare.

    Many service plans are sold by marketing companies that don’t provide the coverage themselves. Plans can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and have various coverage options. They all sound good until you file a claim. Most contracts include a lot of fine print that can usually be used to deny your request for payment. According to the Federal Trade Commission, auto-service contract fraud was the number one complaint in 2009! That just about says it all.

    Whether a service plan is offered by a broker, car dealer or manufacturer, the experts recommend that you skip it. You’re better off redirecting that money into your TSP account!
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Purchased the Acura Extended Care for 3yr/36,000 for $1,300.00 after shopping the price at three different Acura Dealerships and walking out on the last one who wanted $1,600.00 finally agreed on $1,300.00, plus state sales tax when I lost that argument. One dealer wanted $2,300.00.

    I have had service work done by all three in the past 7 years on my Acura's and purchased two new Acura's from them.

    I am as concerned about the electronics as with the drive train. Amortized over three years, its a $435.00 per year insurance policy on big ticket repair items.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    My 2007 MDX has 49k miles and is about to go out of warranty.

    We haven't had any major issues with our car, but have had a handful of small trim issues - all were fixed to out satisfaction by the dealer - except the fact that the leather seems to be wearing too fast....

    i'm curious what it would cost to buy an extended warranty through Acura. If it's not terribly expensive, it might be a nice thing to have, but if it's going to be $2000+ to get it covered for the next 50k miles, I would probably be; better off to just save the money and pay for fixes as I go...

    i'm going to contact my local dealer and get a quote, but I thought I'd post here - a great source of info - and see what others are paying , so I get a good idea as to what the actual / lowest / competitive price is...

  • singlasingla Posts: 2
    I got following quotes for extended warranty 60months/60000miles [starting now] on MDX (2007 MDX /w sport+entertainment, currently has 32K miles)

    bernardi $1975 (0 deductible)
    acura $2175 (0 deductible)
    costco $2166 ($100 deductible) - offered through century warranty services

    Do you any opinion of relative comparison of the coverage / quality of the warranty offered above?
  • I am in the process of purchasing a 07 or 08 MDX from a Acura dealer in North Jersey and wanted to get some prices for extended warranties.
    Both vehicles have less than 50k on them and I was looking to extend the bumber to bumber warranty to 150K if possible. Any info on purchasing Acura's extended warranty vs. a warranty from a third party would be appreciated.

    Thanks. :)
  • I just purchased 2008 Acura MDX with 29.5K miles on it. I bought 7 years/ 100K miles warranty from original first date of purchase for this vehicle. That leaves me with 4 years and 70K miles. I paid $1000 for this.

    I happen to see their price sheet and it has following three options and dealer cost.

    7 years/ 100K for $600
    8 yeras/ 100K for $1650
    8 years/ 120K for $2100
  • brhinobrhino Posts: 2
    I am just planning to get an MDX 2008 with 33K Miles on it. Was wondering about this extended warranty. The dealer is quoting $930 for 7y/100k. So if I take this the MDX will have B-B warranty till 2015 right? If that is the case, where does the CPO warranty of 1 year/12K miles go? Can you please explain me this.
  • brhinobrhino Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum and this is my second post.As I have said in my previous post, I am planning to buy an MDX, 2008. The car fax report is clean, says its was owned by CORPORATE. The AutoCheck says that is was owned by
    Rental/Fleet or/both lease. The dealer says, it was used by a doctore, who bought in his company name and many does that. Do I need to be concerned about anything here. Please help.
  • CPO Extended warranty will be superseeded by 7Y/100K warranty. So you will not be using that. You can not combine these. They will ask you to sign that all claims will be thru AcuraCare using 7Year/100K warranty.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Sounds plausible. However, if you want to be sure have them give you the name of the S.C. (the Dr's service corp) or his name and you can check further.
  • gchaogchao Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Guys, need some on Acura Care extended warranty. Last month I bought a 08 base MDX with 4Yr/48K Acura Care. Dealer charged $2350 for it with $100 deductible. After reading on the forums, it seems like a ripoff. My question is since it is less than 60 days can I cancel it and buy it again from other dealer? Thanks in advance!
  • mattmommattmom Posts: 6
    I just bought a new 2011 MDX last Friday. I was quoted a price of $2280 for an 8yr/120k miles from Curry Acura. It's lower than what the dealers are quoting, but is it the best price that I can get for the Acura Care extended warranty?
  • jessie12jessie12 Posts: 6
    Guys...i am new here...I have a 2007 MDX and am looking to get extended warranty. one of the dealer's is selling a 5/120k warranty for 2390 ( 0 deductible). He claims that the 5 years start on the date of purchase of the warranty but the miles are cumulative miles. has any one had similar experience.

  • jessie12jessie12 Posts: 6
    Guys...i am new here...I have a 2007 MDX and am looking to get extended warranty; have 45000 miles on it. One of the dealer's is selling a 5/120k warranty for 2390 ( 0 deductible). He claims that the 5 years start on the date of purchase of the warranty (hence would go to 2016) but the miles are cumulative miles, i.e. once you hit 120K warranty ends. My fear is that the warranty my be valid for 5 years from the date of purchase of the car; hence, I would have only 2 more years from 2011 since I bought it in 2008.

    Can anyone shed light on this.

  • mattmommattmom Posts: 6
    OK now I have a quote of $2080 for the 40 deductible, 8 year/120K miles new Acura Care warranty. Does anyone know if Plan Code D82 matches that? I've looked around and sometimes, it looks like that is the code for the $100 deductible plan.
  • jessie12jessie12 Posts: 6
    The price seems very good. which dealer did you get it from?
  • mattmommattmom Posts: 6
    Norris Acura in Maryland.
  • rastrosrastros Posts: 3
    Have a 2002 Certified MDX, bought in 2006. Was sold a 7yr/100,000 mi extended warranty from Honda. The fee also included 3yr bumper to bumper coverage. Today, car has 86,000 mi and I have owned 5 yrs., and transmission has failed. I assumed coverage was there. But----despite contract saying in BOLD at top---7yrs/100,000, the fine print at bottom implies that for certified cars, coverage is retroactive to in-service date. That was not made clear at sale time. In other words contract seems "split"---with bumper to bumper good from date of car sale (2006), but powertrain good from car in-service date (2002). In addition contract indicates in fine print that a "pre-owned" Honda has coverage from date of sale, while certified is from in-service. Since my car is both pre-owned and certified, do I have a case? Both Honda and local dealer say No. Any thoughts? I feel deceived. Thanks.
  • I bought a 2009 MDX with Tech package in November of 2009. I bought the 6 yr. 120K extended warranty and it cost $1,650 from Acura of Brookfield in Brookfield, WI. Just an FYI to all.
  • I'm in the exact same position as you, 07 MDX 45000 miles and my orig warranty expires 09/28 so I have 8 days to get a good price on an extended warranty. What warranty did you end up buying and how much did you pay?
    Suggestions from others on a good price is most appreciated.
    I'm looking to extend for 5 yrs 100K (I realize that leaves me 55K miles of warranty or 5 yrs whichever comes first). I prefer fewer miles longer duration to more miles for a shorter duration as I don't plan on going above 100K in the next 5 yrs.

  • Can these now be bought in California? Curryacuracare gave me a quote but I just want to make sure that it would be valid in California if something were to go wrong?
  • If it's Acura Care it should be honored in every Acura authorized dealership, as k for a sample contract or ask curry directly. b.t.w what model and year is your car and how many miles do you have on it, what quote did you get?
  • I am in the market for a MDX used. I just want to make sure that Acuracare bought out of state would be valid in California. I read that California and Florida may have restrictions in that the warranty has to be bought from the dealer thats sold you the car.
  • midwestuser1 That price is cheaper than any I can find elsewhere for Acura Care. Was your warranty issued by Acura Care or a 3rd party warranty company?
  • I have shopped around and can get an Acura Care 8 year 120,000 mile extended warranty from American Honda Finance Corp. on brand new 2012 MDX with Tech package for $2080. Since we drive about 15k miles per year, the original warranty will expire in 3.3 years, so this is extended warranty will cover us for approximately 70k miles and about 4.7 years.

    Are expensive repairs on MDX common? Does the sophisticated tech package justify buying extended coverage? Should I be concerned about the electric motors for seats, power liftgate, sunroof etc - all of these whiz bang features include lots of moving parts.

    Has anyone had good or bad experiences trying to get Acura to cover repairs under their Acura Care extended warranty?
  • I purchased an AcuraCare 7yr/100k warranty for $1710 on my new 2012 Advance/Ent
  • That pricing is consistent with other quotes for that term/mileage, plus or minus $100. The question I am trying to determine is if we are buying what is supposedly a reliable car, is it even necessary to also buy an extended warranty?

    I kind of doubt the engine or drive train will have many big issues, but do the fancy electronics make it more necessary to get a warranty?

    And does anyone have any good or bad experiences at trying to make a claim? Warranty only adds value if Acura stands behind their product. Many 3rd party warranties seem like a scam as there are a lot of loopholes the insurer uses to deny claims. Hopefully Honda Finance is more reputable at paying claims, but surely someone on this board has experience dealing with them and can add some insight.
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