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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



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    This is what the error looks like. It is triggered by interference from iPhone, Droid and another smart phones. Honda still does not officially acknowledge the problem. When this error occurs the TPMS is disabled automatically. No tire pressure monitoring sounds like a big liability issue for Honda.
  • SOLVED! Two months later, with no solution, but no issues in that time, it happened again. Same clicking sound, same smoke witnessed and the next day, the same dead battery. This time, I took it to Frank Ancona Honda in the Kansas City area. They saw the same issue with the release valve and also found no issues that should cause a dead battery. But unlike other attempts, they called Honda support to see if this was part of a known issue and got an answer. There is an issue that has been reported multiple times of a stuck A/C clutch relay. The result is a compressor that doesn't turn off when it should, causing the excesss pressure and a battery drained of power over night.

    I would like to mention my extreme satisfaction with the dealer and their willingness to go the extra mile to find the answer.
  • Im having the same problem with my 2004. None of my power locks are working. I already checked the fuses and disconnected the battery and connected it again. Do you have any advice because i really dont want to spend alot of money for someone to tell me it was a simple fix.
  • Great. Just picked up my 2011 EX-L. Drove it twice (the first time being on the way back from dealer). The TPMS light came on. Any further word from Honda Corporate or your dealership regarding this issue? Just wondering before I bring mine in for service. Agh...I hope they even know it’s a similar issue, and not tell me I’ve done something wrong or something.
  • Manfrotto,
    I am sorry to hear you are also having a problem with your new Honda but I have to admit it is a small relief to see that someone else is having this TPMS trouble. I wonder if you are having the same problme as me? Do you have a smart phone? They will initially think it is just a real tire pressure problem - and that might be correct. In my case, I have a TPMS error, which is not the same message you get for a true tire pressure problem. My phone is an ATT LG Quantum. If I go to the dealer and allow them to clear the error i can re-trigger the error by having someone call my cell while I sit in the driver seat. Honda still does not acknowledge this as a "known issue" and last week i found that the dealer was mistaken in thinking that a fix was on the way. I told them i was going to give Honda another couple weeks and then i am bringing it in for service. AAAAAAAGHH!!!
  • ldub1ldub1 Posts: 1
    The screen in my 2011 Ody is frozen, stays on all night, can't switch the radio, do anything with the DVD entertainment system and the reverse cam doesn't work when I put the car in reverse. This is the second problem I have had with this 2011 Odyssey in the 4 weeks that I've owned it. The first problem was the windshield wipers breaking and I was told 3 other Odys were brought in the same day as mine to have them fixed. I had a Honda prior to this Ody and had absolutely no problems, so I decided to buy Honda again. I will NEVER do so again in the future. Prior to buying Hondas, I bought Swedish and after the repairs I went through with Saab, I said 'no way' even though the car was superb to anything I have driven. Now, I'm stuck with this hunk of crap Odyssey 2011 for approximately the next 10 years. I am so dissatisfied I would persuade anyone to go the route of Toyota, BMW, Subaru or the Scandanavian vehicles. At this point, after paying $37 K for an automobile, I feel like I've been fleeced by Honda. It can no longer stand by the old motto "Honda is forever" in the context that the vehicles are well built and durable and reliable. The new context is that one will forever remember how much $ one spent on the crap that is manufactured today and reminded every day upon driving the sub-standard vehicle. In retrospect, I'd give up the 15 cup holders and ample space for a reliable vehicle that delivers on performance for my whole family. The Honda reputation is fading.
  • I have witnessed the same thing. Completely dead battery, jump started, loud clicking noise, smoke and electrical smell. Then car wont start. Replaced battery, took to Honda, said everything is fine, two weeks later dead battery, jump start, loud clicking noise, smoke and smell. Does this sound the same as your experience. Did Honda cover the costs of it? If not, can you tell me around how much the cost was? Thank you!
  • Just an update on my battery situation described in #92. I mentioned my husband took the ignition, steering wheel parts apart. He also cleaned the battery terminals AGAIN after many experts suggested. I was all ready to call the tow truck. I turned the key and it started. My 17 yr old daughter drives the car to school so I'm not aware of any weird symptoms it might have. I'm glad it started but I don't really know why it happened. And yes, I don't trust it. BUT, I did learn this...... DO ONE thing at a time and try to start the least you might know what made the difference!
  • Spoke with my dealer again yesterday. My dealer insists that they have sold several Touring Elite's with reports of the same TPMS problem. 6 cases in Evansville, Indiana area. Honda Corp still does not acknowledge the issue. They tell me the dealer service center should be able to repair the issue (likely by replacing the TPMS receiver which connects to the ECU). But my dealer says they refuse to start throwing money at the problem because they believe Honda Corp will eventually acknowledge the problem and provide the best fix.

    What shocks me is the lack of reports on the internet about this issue. It makes me wonder if this is really the epidemic that my dealer says it is or if it is a random defect like Honda Corp says it is.

    We need for everyone who has the issue to report it at so the US DOT can put pressure on Honda Corp to acknowledge the issue. I am starting to believe that Honda's answer to the problem will be "do not carry a smart phone into this vehicle - driver or passengers".

    Here is the link to the complaint that I have filed: QuickSearch&summary=true&refurl=email
  • bmwx5mbmwx5m Posts: 9
    We're having the exact same problem, '11 Elite. No resolution in sight, service visit (for this and other reasons) this week.
  • I urge you to file a complaint with the DOT using the link above. Honda needs to start feeling the heat and acknowledge the problem and help the service centers with resolution.
  • manfrottomanfrotto Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    Probably not going to be the end of this problem, but see the messages as reported on the OdyClub Forums here.
  • scdgoofyscdgoofy Posts: 27
    For what it is worth, my 2011 Odyssey EX-L had the TPMS light come on within a couple days of having it home. My wife and I both have iPhones and we paired hers to the car via bluetooth on maybe the 3rd day of ownership. (Today is the 7th day!) Don't know if the light went on when she used her phone, her bluetooth or some other time, but I know we don't have tire problems. Orange TPMS light is on, doesn't blink or flash... just stays on.
  • zombyzomby Posts: 1
    Bought 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring last week. Yesterday, the TPMS light came on and remains solid. No issues with tires/pressure. Taking it to the dealer on Monday. I did pair it with my iPhone and used it in the car. The light came on just yesterday. Lets see what the dealer has to say.
  • Hello,
    I have the same problem with our 07 Odyssey. How much was the repair and did u have any other more issues with the same problem?
  • Took my Odyssey in last Friday to service center and they performed a "procedure" on it that was prescribed by Honda Techline. Said it was a bizarre series of actions they had to take including completely deflating each tire among several other things. They were not sure why it would ever resolve a cell phone interference problem but said they had luck on the first van they did about a week before. So far, so good, no TPMS error anymore but it has only been 3 days.
  • My 2011 Honda Odyssey battery died the day we were buying it before we got it off the lot. The guy told us he left everything on for too long when the car was off. They charged it said it would be fine . So before I turn the engine off I turn off all the power first. Well every the van tells me the battery is low as soon as I turn off the engine and before I start it. The dealer told me everyone one is calling about this but have nothing else to say or anything to to to fix it.
  • HI! I have the same question about the auto sliding door on my 07 Odyssey. It has 45,000 miles on it. The problem is intermittent but I think is a little dangerous. When using either the button on the dash or the remote to open the door, occasionally the door will open about 8-12" then stop and close again. The door is free and does not have the same symptoms as the other person had. Brought it to the dealer and they did not see it do it. At first I thought it was because I would open the door and then open the drivers door because it seemed to sync with the slider closing but now it is happening when we are outside the vehicle. My 5 year old's head almost got caught in the door today. Like I said, manually the door rolls just fine and works 90% of the time. But it does happen about 2 times a day and we open and close it at least 6-10 times a day. The dealer pulled the fuse to reset the door.
  • Will add my voice to others about the electrical defect causing the 'Low Battery - See Manual" warning light and alarm that goes off even when van is being driven in a very normal way without excessive battery drain.
    Have taken the van to the dealer twice, and again told battery charge is fine, alarm shouldn't be going off, presently no way to repair defect etc.
    For us, this most annoying loud alarm goes off as 10 beeps virtually every time we open the driver door or turn off the ignition. Why on earth there is such an excessively persistent frequent loud alarm for such a trivial problem defies logic.
    We are praying for a recall to fix this. Otherwise I can guarantee we won't be owning this van for long.
  • battlowbattlow Posts: 3
    A HUGE issue with the new 2011 Honda Odyssey. Owners can't get Honda to address or even acknowledge it's a serious problem. They don't want to spend the $$$ to fix apparently and yet they keep selling the Odyssey with the design defect in place and raking in the money. Call American Honda customer service to report your problem and get a case number. Also tell them how frustrating this is and ask why Honda isn't fixing this problem??? You can track a lot of details regarding this 2011 Honda Odyssey low battery warning design defect here:
    2011 Honda Odyssey low battery defect
  • thukuthuku Posts: 2
    I had the same issue today. The van died after driving off Alignment lamp. No single light on the dash, could not start unless with a jump start. I bought a battery cleaner i.e. the one that can scratch of collision. I cleaned the battery terminals and tightened the connection properly. The Van resurrected immediately. May be this can help.
  • minivan561minivan561 Posts: 23
    Hi All,

    I have a 2005 Ody EX. My hi beams work but lo beams don't. Fuses have been checked and all are okay, but I am not getting any voltage to the lo beam socket. I hear the relay click on in the underhood box when turning on the lo beams but still no voltage for the lights. Does anyone know where the headlight auto-off timer is located?

  • hovanhovan Posts: 2
    It started many months ago with new battery going dead after sitting a couple of days undriven. Cause found-constant 0.4 AMP current draw with nothing on. Problem was intermittant but occurs all the time. I have to keep a small battery charger on the battery when left parked for more than day. This is a list of electrical symptoms also occurring at same time.
    1) no load battery draw=0.4 Amps (already stated)
    2) Alarm system will not set
    3) Drivers side (only) sliding door will not open automatically
    4) Rear window wiper will not operate
    5) Rear dome light will not go on when tailgate is opened (switches correct)
    6) When driving at night with headlights on, dash lights flash between dim and bright.
    Otherwise vehicle drives properly. All these problems are somehow related but I cannot figure out why. Any ideas?
  • riddlemethisriddlemethis Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    did you get an answer? i have the same problem.
  • Driver side power window is working fine but passenger side front window and th rear windows do not work. I hear a click noise but the windows would not work. I have checked the window lock switch, that does not seem to be the issue. Any idea what the issue might be?
  • footesfootes Posts: 1
    We purchased an Odyssey touring on April 22nd 2011. It is a 2011. It had 3 miles on it when we picked it up. The TPMS light came on on the way home from the dealership and it is still on.
  • minivan561minivan561 Posts: 23
    It turned out to be the Relay Control Module. I bought it from Bernardi Parts for $218 or so. Not cheap so I would make sure to check the fuses first, and then use a meter to see if any power is getting to lo beam socket itself.

    If no power to lo beams and if you hear clicking in the Relay Control Module (under the hood by the passenger side) when you turn on the lo beams, then your headlight/turn signal combo switch is most likely good. Problem would be the lo beam relay in the RCM. There was a related TSB (05-034) (

    Note: It is difficult to remove the bottom cover without breaking the tabs. Maybe that's why they make you buy the whole assembly.

    Hope this helps. As a quick fix so you can drive at night, you should be able to use the high beam relay (if your hi beams work). Remove the hi beam fuses and jumper the the high beam fuse + side to the lo beam fuse + side. Kept left to left and right to right.
  • minivan561minivan561 Posts: 23
    Has anyone taken apart the Relay Control Module in the fuse box? I replaced one because the lo beam relay was not working and want to repair the old one for a spare.

    It looks like the snap tabs will need to be broken or is it better just to use a dremel to cut off the rectangular box above the relays. Any sensitive components to watch out for?
  • ldub1 - I have the EXACT PROBLEM!!! My wife just got home and the dash display will not turn off, clock is frozen and back up camera does not work. I am supposed to take car on trip tomorrow. Did they ever fix your problem?
    I literally purchased this car (EX-L RES) on April 1, 2011. WTF?!?!?!?!
  • There IS a cure for the low battery warning light. I brought my 2011 Honda Odyssey EXL RES to Serramonte Honda for the same problem that everyone is complaining about. DO NOT BRING YOUR ODYSSEY TO GRACE HONDA FOR SERVICE. GRACE HONDA WILL DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE AND NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DAMAGES. LAWSUIT HAD BEEN FILE. Serramonte Honda working with American Honda had came up with a solution to this annoying problem. An updated battery sensor is available through American Honda for warranty work. Old sensor part number is 32600-TK8-A01. New part number is 32600-TK8-A02. The new part number is not in any Honda dealership's inventory yet. American Honda had decided to keep this in house for the time being. You can call American Honda and they will set up an appointment with Serramonte Honda for this issue. Once Serramonte Honda confirms this problem and calls American Honda, American Honda will over-night the new part out for replacement and the problem goes away! Good luck to all the 2011 Honda Odyssey owners. Ask for Alex Lam, service advisor, who is super professional in handling the matter. Request for tech Hao Liang to work on your Odyssey. He is an excellent tech and knows how to do the job right the first time around. I had just pick up my Odyssey with no more problems! Take care.
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