Nissan Pathfinder GPS Navigation System

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Quick funny story:

I had to drive back from a location in Brooklyn to my house in northern Queens, NY. The Nissan GPS Navigation system in my 2007 LE Pathfinder took me on an elaborate tour through the absolutely worst parts of Brooklyn.

Next time, I am going to spend some time adding entire NY neighborhoods to the "avoid areas" function!!


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    I have an 01 Pathy with a CD based nav system. It works great as long as I stay within my region Once I get out of my region it's just a blank screen. Anyone know if I can switch out the CD version and put in a DVD or Satelite system.
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    You can not put in a DVD in your CD Nav. system. In the CD Nav systems too cover the USA you will need 8 or 9 CD's In the DVD systems you only need one DVD.
    I got the same problem with my 2003 nissan.
    Teddy :mad: :cry:
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    I need a few CD's for my 2003 Nissan. I need #3 and #4
    Not DVD's CD's Only.
    Thanks :):blush: :confuse:
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    There are 9 cd's for the United States. Depending on your model year and version you are using you might also need the upgrade cd. The upgrade cd upgrades the navigation unit itself to be able to read the newer disks. If you need more information please email me at [email protected]

  • oubomingouboming Member Posts: 1
    the buttons on the heating and air-conditioning controls are falling off. Please explain the best way to fix them. Are there aftermarket locations for the control panel? Are the buttons replaceable?

    Thanks for your help.

    Bill O.
  • eve6eve6 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Pathfinder LE with the GPS Navigation. Is there any difference in the 2007 Navigation GPS System and the 2009 GPS Navigation System? Are there any updates and is it worth buying 2009 updates?
  • hextreme2000hextreme2000 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, The 2008-2009 GPS on pathfinders is now a more advanced hard-drive based navigation system. I'm not sure as far as updates available yet.
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    Honestly, I preferred the GPS Navigation on my 05 vs the 08
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    One minute it worked, the next it didn't. The navigation display is completely blank. Can't use navigation or the radio. Air conditioning is functional as long as you guess at the settings. One interesting thing is that the backlight is ON all the time, even when the ignition is off. So the display has a greyish color instead of black.

    I've checked all the fuses in the passenger compartment fuse box.

    Any ideas of things to check before I sell my firstborn child and head to the dealer?
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    Hello there, I have a 2006 pathfinder LE with charcoal gray Interior it as a bose radio. I want to install a 2007 sat nav with concole.Can you guys help me find a used one??How much would it come out to?? :confuse:
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    I have Nissan Pathfinder 2008 ,, but the information in the CD is too old ,,, where can I find update for the CD?

    I am from Saudi Arabia
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    Ebay tends to have a lot of updating software for sat nav.I would check there,but im not sure they will have your region.You can ask these guys, just copy and past W0QQitemZ190271089555QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCar_Audio_Video?hash=item2c4d0a6b93&_trk- sid=p3911.c0.m14
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    Having the same problem. Dealer says Audio video control unit bad. Had car on for a couple of hours and NAVI starts working then turn car off and same symptoms.
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    Here's a update... After the main vehicle battery died, I hooked up a new battery and to my surprise, the Navigation Unit worked again. 2 months later, the nav screen goes blank again, I unhook the battery, reconnect the battery, and presto, the Nav Unit comes back up normally. So I've gone about 4 months on 2 "hard reboots" of the system. Don't know if this a workaround for everybody, but give it a try.
  • logan75carslogan75cars Member Posts: 1
    I bought my Pathfinder used and would like to upgrade the software on the GPS. Is this an over the counter product or will Nissan have the upgrade?
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    I have an 08 pathfinder without the navigation built in. I do have the screen with backup camera that was factory. Is there a GPS receiver I can add on so I can have navigation on my factory indash screen? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
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    Did you ever find a nav screen for your 2008 pathfinder? I am in the same boat right now.
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    We have a 2006 Pathfinder LE with navigation. It worked great up to about 6 months ago when the little joystick used to enter data stopped working in the down position. It makes it all but impossible to use the nav system because you can't maneuver around the screen to enter data. I've been looking for a replacement circuit board (used), but so far no luck. The service departments at two Nissan dealerships didn't want to touch it and suggested I'd be better off getting a new aftermarket system ($$). Has anyone had a similar problem that they were able to resolve?
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    You can replace the control unit or if you can use a soldering iron you can replace the joystick for arround $10 theres a how to guide on
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    I know that these joysticks can replaced but does anybody know where i can buy one ?
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    Have a 2014 Pathfinder with DVD Nav system. recently purchased map updates from Nissan for $130 (that's $50 off). Opted to do the upload myself because the dealer wanted another $135 to do the upload. While doing the upload the car shut off due to the Battery saving feature. Bad news. very bad to interrupt the upload. Nissan said I had to go to dealer to get the system rebooted because it was locked up. went to dealer and they were not able to reboot. System was still locked up. Their recommendation was to replace the GPS system module. That's a $500 part plus labor, and they said it was out of warranty since I was doing the update.
    Why is it out of warranty if the module is faulty and cannot be reprogrammed or rebooted? beyond my comprehension. I would think either faulty module or faulty software.
    Went directly to Nissan and they did not want to budge on picking up part of the cost.
    Anyone else have issues uploading updates to the point of having to replace expensive electronic parts?
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    I have a 2006 pathfinder. My navi, radio, dvd player and cd player wont go on. Anyone can tell me what to check or do to get it working again?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Easy thing to rule out first is the fuse. Or fuses.
  • thaipinay2nvthaipinay2nv Member Posts: 3
  • thaipinay2nvthaipinay2nv Member Posts: 3
    Checked both inside and outside fuse boxes
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    Hep! I have a 2010 pathfinder and the nav display turns on and off when car is off and doors are closed. It keeps killing my battery.  Any idea what's wrong with it? He car has 44k miles 
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