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Infiniti G35x



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'll ping the guys in the other forum I frequent and see what's up.
    They're very much on the tech side of things there so maybe I'll get some more info.

    I don't know if it's necessarily sensing slippage.
    I just caulked it up to the tranny knowing more than I do, and maybe it was cutting power to ease on the wear of first to second when under such stress.

    Who knows... :confuse:
  • ripmasterripmaster Posts: 11
    Ah, one more back my car went to the service department today; this time for a loud rattling noise (like a bunch of broken glass or nuts and bolts rattling over metal) coming from the cabin when turning left or right...sigh...

    Anyhoo, this time the Service manager himself took a ride with me to hear the noise and I brought up again the pause when accelerating. He said he hears this 5 times a week, and he guarantees there will be a technical service bulletin within the next 6 months to address this. ;) He said it was worse in the G35 Sport, which contradicts what I was told before but acknowledges that "That isn't right"!

    He said it drives him crazy... :shades:

    It seems that my rattling noise could be broken glass coming from within the space hull beneath the question is: on a supposedly brand new car how is there broken glass already? Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm...

    But enough about the things that need fixin'; I think it's time to bring up something positive :P I just think the sound of that engine is simply sweet music. Anyone else agree?
  • ripmasterripmaster Posts: 11
    Update: Turns out the rattling noise was nothing more than rocks and pebbles caught in some protective plate beneath the gas tank...

    So, all is good!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    So, not only are you flooring it and beatin' on your brand new G, but you're now taking it off road for a little 4-wheelin' as well?
    :P ;)

    Glad to hear it was nothing, and an easy fix!
  • ripmasterripmaster Posts: 11
    Busted! J/K, actually the dealer thought they came from a dirt road, and when I explained that not only do I NOT live on a dirt road but that I had never even driven the car on a dirt road, there was an awkward silence. The car had 92 miles on it when I got it...oh well!

    Got my Nuvi 660 and that's really a nice little unit,. I'm impressed. You can't speak destinations to it like with the Infiniti Nav package but it does just about everything else including Bluetooth, etc.
  • mrnick2mrnick2 Posts: 6
    I hate the manual mode in my xc90, it ultimately shifts when it wants to anyway lol...tried it in our new G, and it did work better, but I doubt i'll ever use it...ultimately, if I'm not pushing in a's not a manual lol.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I hate the manual mode in my xc90, it ultimately shifts when it wants to anyway lol...tried it in our new G, and it did work better, but I doubt i'll ever use it...ultimately, if I'm not pushing in a's not a manual lol.

    True, but since the G35x didn't offer a 6-speed, I have to settle for the Auto.
    Comparing it to the IS and the TL, it's night and day.
    There is no shifting unless I tell it to.
    The others can't say that.
    It holds the gear to red line and never shifts... unless I hit the shift.
    (It will downshift if I forget, but you have to be very low in RPMs for it to happen - Moron Proof Safety Feature)
    It's the next best thing to having a manual.
  • i really just need to know if the the cars are identical in look and shape. To be exact - the windows on both year models are identical. 2007 & 2008 G35 4 door have identical windows.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • Thank you very much!
  • I was about to pick up my new 2008 GS35x AWD, when I notice they have a SPORTS PACKAGE available. I contacted the dealership in NJ and they said that car will not be ready until the End of Dec or beg. of January.

    I think it is well worth the wait. You get all the benefits of the sports model, but with the security of AWD.

    Plus it looks so dam amazing. with the side sills different bumper etc. ANyone have an opionion on this?
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    i agree completely. It's about time Infiniti treats the X as a real sport machine and not the luxury version of the G35.
  • I am choosing a white/wheat G35x with Premium Packagae, Wood, Splash Guards and Sunroof Wind Deflector.

    Put down $3,000, Rolling in $4,700 in lease payments from my current car. Walked out of there with a $599 payment for 39 months.

    I went to 2 other dealers and NJ and they could not match this. Is this a good deal?
  • the dealship has a vehicle that I like with premium but no navigation. Navigation is nice but not a deal breaker with me. They also can get one same with nav. I am casual city type driver and while it may be handy once in a while I'm no techie and don't like to fool around with gadgets. I am thinking most people want it and I might strike a better deal for the car without? Any thoughts? In five years the fact that it does not have it is that going to be a real negative for resale? I am really new at this and appreciate any experienced comments. Thank you.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    I have a G35 w/ navigation. Like you, I pretty much know where I am driving on a day-to-day basis and the navigation part is not very useful. Now having said that, so far (only a month of ownership) I've had to go to a few places where I don't normally drive and the navigation came in handy, especially once I left the location and wanted to head home by the quickest route. It's not very hard to use and can be done through voice commands.

    For me, I had two reasons to get the navigation system. One, obviously the navigation part, but the second was the Music Box and 9.3GB HD space to record CDs. I also have an iPod but I still like recording CDs into the music box so that no matter what happens (iPod at home, CDs at home, etc) I have some good music to listen to (plus I can't stand the radio and XM is just OK). For me it was an option I was willing to purchase.

    Keep in mind the navigation on the '08 also has the rear-view monitor. Again, it's not a deal-breaker item for me, but is a cool feature if you have it.

    As for resale, I doubt it would be a real negative downer in 5 years to not have the navigation system. The navigation system won't get that much of a premium over a non-navi system (depreciation and all) and it might only be a factor if you are selling the car private-party and the buyer definitely wants a navigation system. If you are happy with the car you have in mind - I say go for it :)

  • I find rear-view monitor is more useful than the nav. I might need the nav once or twice a year but I need to back up every day. I wish that they have the rear-view monitor as a separate option (say. $500).

    For resale value, I think all those options are only worth about 50% when you trade in after 5 years.
  • Does anyone know how the AWD feature of the G35x works? The rear/front distribution of power with the SNOW switch to OFF? to ON? Does it switch to AWD if it senses slippage even with the SNOW switch set to OFF? Is it always in AWD mode when the SNOW switch is ON? Does the front/rear distribution change with the SNOW switch ON?? Thanks for any information.
  • For those who think the slip light comes on "excessively" or unnecessarily... My 07 6MT seemed to suffer from this. So much so I kept turning off the VDC. Then I got my ECU flashed for the cruise control surging issue and blamo, VDC issues are gone. The light will still come on, but now it's for real and isn't just cutting in for no reason at all. It's night and day, really.
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    I have an 05X, but would assume that the AWD feature works the same.

    Snow switch off, power is 75%R at start-up, going 100% around 29 MPH. The system can go 50% / 50% anytime it senses slip.

    Snow switch on, power is 50% / 50% at start-up until around 20 MPH. Ater 20 MPH, the system goes to 100% R until it senses slip or another start-up. Throttle response is also reduced to assist with smooth starts.

    The system works very well. We chose the AWD G35 in 2005 because of the way AWD was implemented versus any of the competitors at that time. The car drives like rwd sport sedan most of the time, but can offer "snowmobile" like traction when you need it :shades:
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I've heard slightly different

    The G35x is in AWD when it starts out. (Even when not in Snow Mode)
    At 12 MPH, (I heard 12 :confuse: ) it changes to 100% RWD and only sends power to front wheels if it senses slippage, and once this has been corrected, it's right back to RWD.
    There also an Active Brake Limited Slip which sends power from side to side when necessary.

    When in Snow Mode, the car's throttle response is altered, making it much easier to start out without wheel spin.
    I played with Snow Mode yesterday for the first time, as we got a couple inches of snow and freezing rain.
    Throttle response was perfect, and my new Blizzaks were great :)

    Also note that the ICC Cruise Control cannot be turned on when the car is set to Snow Mode.
  • I think you are pretty close. Found this link of the explanation of the Attesa AWD system -

    That pretty much gives you all the detail you would want.

    Thanks for the help.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Nice find and a good read.
    Makes me want to go drive my G35x again! :P

    The article also confirmed the 12 mph... thanks!
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    The article also confirmed , when not in Snow mode, the car starts out with RWD at 75%....

    I guess we should of looked at the manual. :)
  • Does anyone know the invoice on a g35x with premium and nav? Edmunds no longer posts this when i "built" the car.
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    Hi everybody,

    Sorry for this post since I am sure it is a stupid one but I wanted to get some car enthusiast/expert opinion here.

    I just got a new 08 G35XS and let some of my friends take it out for a spin to see what they think of the ride. So of course they "gunned" the engine hard even though I only had like 60 miles on the engine. They only did it a handful of times but I know you are supposed to wait for the break-in period of 1200 miles before any hard accelerating or breaking.

    So my dumb question is do you think I have anything to be concerned with and if so is there anything I should do about it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    IMHO, you probably have nothing to worry about. My sister did the same thing in my 330Ci when it was brand new (100 miles at most). She was trying to ~impress~ my cousin and was bouncing it off the rev limiter for several seconds (in neutral). I was very concerned. The car now has 140K miles on the odometer and runs great... and my sister's recovered from her injuries, too! :P
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    Ha, I am sure. But needless to say I was certainly pissed at my friends and will be very careful who I let test drive the car for the next 1000 miles or so!

    Thanks for the post and I am sure everything is fine too...
  • I was looking at a turbo 2009 Forester, but I'm not hot on an SUV.

    Mainly, I really want something that is good in snow and rain - although I have no back roads to drive on so ground clearance is not really a factor. I live in Rochester NY and we seem to have slippery roads most of the year!

    Also, I know tires make a huge difference, so let's just hold that constant. (I use Nokia WRT tires now and I love them.)

    That said, I just looked at the G35X this morning and I love it. But I know the AWD technology is substantially different from Subaru's.

    Does anybody know just how good it might be in the snow?

    Thanks for your ideas.
  • Ignoring tires.....I think the ground clearance difference between the 2 is substantial. Also....the price difference is VERY substantial. Have you checked out the rdx?
  • Took delivery on my G35x last night and it is fabulous. I may have been sitting in traffic this morning, but I had the BEST seat in the house.

    Wow -- Opera on that sound system. AMAZING!

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