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Hyundai Tucson Transmission Problems

What is SPIII? The dealer will tell you the only place you can purchase this fluid is at the dealer, at $8 a quart. I've unlocked the mystery of this transmission fluid and found out who manufactures it. The transmission fluid is called COASTAL UNIVERSAL SYNTHETIC BLEND ATF. The Coastal brand is sold at most parts houses at a very resonable price!! For more info, click the below link.


  • kyedselkyedsel Posts: 5
    I have a question how is the transmission filter replaced? It does not come with a gasket. What is used? :confuse:
  • kyedselkyedsel Posts: 5
    Another question. When I had my Transmission fluid changed at 30,000, I was told it was dark and it looked like a car that had 100,000 miles on it. I niece's Tucson fluid looked the same. :confuse:
  • airflyteairflyte Posts: 9
    the sp111 fluid has a red die that will lose it color after a short time ,it will turn brown! this is normal for this fluid. the fluid also smells burnt it smells the same if you open a new quart of oil!
  • wcorgicarwcorgicar Posts: 2
    Hi, glad I found this forum. My 2005 Hyundai Tucson is at the dealership for its 30,000 mile service. The maintenance schedule says to check the automatic transmission and change if needed. You say that the red dye will turn brown after a short time and that this is normal. The maintenance schedule only says to change the fluid if driving under severe conditions, that the normal use cars don't need the transmission services until 60,000. If the dealer calls me back and says that the fluid is brown and needs the service, how do I counter that or should I just take it somewhere else? Do I let the dealer know that I know that the red dye turns brown after a short time and that this is normal?
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    Well Don't that Beat All! I was careful not to use anything but Mitsubishi Diamond III trans oil (Hyundai, Kia exact replacement) in my 05'Tucson, a royal pain to go all the way to the Dealer(stealer), and pay top dollar! Plus I wanted to go synthetic, or synthetic blend, for maybe better durability, & gas milage. I didn't like the look or smell of my trans fluid lately, so I had it changed at 35K miles at the dealer recently. I do suggest a change if you're doubtful.
  • airflyteairflyte Posts: 9
    now the cat is out of the bag! if you look at wal mart for the super tech brand, it is made by warren also! the transmission fluid is sold as ATF+4 look at the lable for the other brands this fluid can be used in. warren lubricants can be idententfied by the bottle, look for a circle on the right side of the bottle with the fluid poring from the bottle image. all of their lubricants are premium quality and will save you money. i hope this information will help you with your 05 tucson. i also have an 05 tucson - good luck!

    the super tech oil filter ST3593A will fit your Tucson V6. It's made in the USA and sold by Champion
  • I said on my last post on the transmission oil that atf +4 was the same as sp111, I was wrong! I went back to the warren oil site and now thay say the multi-vehicle syntetic blend automatic transmission fluid is diamond sp11 or sp111, is sold by warren lubricants. sorry for the mix up on this mystery oil problem!
  • Hi! I have some questions as I am a new owner of a Hyundai Tuscon. I just bought my Hyundai last week 2007 GLS new off the lot. There were less than 100 miles on it. I have had it a week and Sunday it seemed as if the transmission went out in it. I was pulling out of my neighborhood when there was a clanking sound and the check engine light came on and there was no acceleration it was almost as if my transmission was rolling or wouldnt catch. Not only was roadside assistance no help bc it was a Sunday and I was out of town when this happened but my dealership couldnt help me either. I drove 200+ miles to the dealership in 3rd gear (shiftronic) on an automatic car bc it wouldnt shift automatically and we could only go 55 m. The shop said it is only a outake sensor that is bad but I am fearing it is much worse than that.. Any help????? Suggestions?? This is my first car that I have purchased and I wanted a reliable car and now I am worried I got a faulty car.Help pleaseeeeee
  • sonotuhsonotuh Posts: 9
    Hi all

    I have 13,000 miles on my Tucson. Today, tried to put it in reverse while it was parked in my driveway, and it wouldn't go. It got towed to my dealsership - waiting to find out more. Has anyone heard any any transmission failures like this? Thanks.
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    If you still can use the Lemon Law protection try to return the car and buy another one or something else.
  • sonotuhsonotuh Posts: 9
    In regards to my transmission problem:

    I couldn't get it to go into reverse in my driveway. My husband couldn't get it into reverse. It would "go" but nothing would happen. Tow truck came - he couldn't get it in reverse, so it was towed to dealership. Dealership called the next day and said they found nothing wrong and it's worked since it got to them.

    Any ideas what happened? I'm SURE it will happen again.
  • Hey sonotuh. Don't know if you're still having trouble with your transmission...and I don't have any answers for you as yet...but I've experienced exactly the same problem as you. I wasn't able to put my 2006 tucson into reverse. It was like that position was completely blocked by something... All the other gears were fine though...I pushed my car out of the driveway and drove to the Dealership. Unlike you though..they've found a problem...after weeks in the shop. They've told me it's because of a defective part within the transmission. They've ordered parts that are on I'll let you know what happens with my car. Thought I'd let you know what they told me...maybe you can tell your dealership about my experience... I'll keep ya posted.
  • jdoneojdoneo Posts: 1
    Hi, I bought a 4 wheel drive 5 gear diesel model and when ever I am driving under 2000revs there is a very bad rattling noise which has been there from the beginning. I took it to the agent in Malta and it seems that I am not the only one with this problem who has this model.
    They are trying to find the default. Can anybody please help?
  • Hi could someone please advice me i have a 05 tucson with an automatic gearbox just this weekend i have sarted hearing a whining noise coming from the gearbox i topped up the gearbox oil it was low the right level of oil is in the gearbox but the noise is still there please help.
  • kay46kay46 Posts: 3
    I am thinking about checking out the 2010 Tucson any advice. I all ready have a lemon trail blazer sure don't want to go down that road again. Thanks
  • suetalksuetalk Posts: 12
    I have a 2010 Tucson and really like it. I have had two issues though. The first battery was bad so it's been replaced. Three days old and had to be towed. The second is the bluetooth which is horrible. I don't use the bluetooth much so can live with that problem. The ride is okay and it's a fun car to drive.
  • kevmon187kevmon187 Posts: 1
    Hello i seen your thread and was wondering if you ever got any idea what the rattle was in your tucson i have a 05 2.0crdi 4wd manual and it has been rattleing while the engine is labouring for some time but hasnt seemed to get any worse..
  • saney78saney78 Posts: 1
    :( Last year July I became a proud owner of a 2005 Hyundai Tucson. It was a used vehicle and so it has been a year now since I have had it..I love every little thing the car has inside in interms of the sunnies holder, the tray under the passenger seat and the seats are soo comfortable.. I love it.. Just last month however I was driving on night and as I was going around a round about very slowly the whole car just shut down on me and I just lost control of the vehicle. Luckily there were no other cars behind me. Now its been happening more often and I notice it only happens when I am driving slow the car just turns off. Basically the car just turns off and I have to turn the key back on to get it going again... Has there been any other cases like this? I have organised taking the car in to a Hyundai dealership to have a Diagnositc Check Up...I will let you know on what the end result is...
  • Recently, and for the first time, my 2008 Tucson, automatic trans., only 17,000 miles, wouldn't engage in drive. After repeatedly shifting up and down, and turning the car off, it finally did. What can I expect next?! Is this a problem anyone has had in 'drive'? I've read of similar troubles in 'reverse'. Is it the same issue? Thanks
  • kcc2kcc2 Posts: 1
    My 2006 Hyundai Tucson just recently started doing the same thing. When I turn into my driveway slowly it'll just shut down. Saney78, did you find out what was causing this?
  • sierra22sierra22 Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I've had my Tucson for 5 months. At about 6000 miles the transmission locked up at 50 mph. It has since happened twice more. It feels like you hit something in the road, the vehicle lurches and there is a loud noise. Luckily nobody was hurt when this happened but I am afraid of this car now. It is currently having the transmission replaced!!! I can't believe that my transmission failed before my first oil change. Now I'm reading that several others have encountered the same problem. This is absolutely a safety issue and needs to be addressed by Hyundai with a recall. Also, I'm not sure if this is related or just another problem with the car but the indicator lights have stayed on for the duration of a trip twice and didn't go off until the vehicle was turned off and restarted. I don't recommend this car for those of you looking right now! :lemon:
  • We have a 2009 Tuscon and we had the transmission replaced at about 9000 miles. We are now at about 28,000 and the transmission is slipping again. Anyone else having transmission issues like this?
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    "Anyone else having transmission issues like this?"

    Nope. My wife's 2005 V6 has a little over 40k miles and no transmission problems. Only had a leaky oil pan early, and a leaking strut. Both repaired under warranty.
  • Read your owner's manual. My 2010 Sonata manual states specifically that the color of the fluid does not indicate the need for change. Furthermore, my manual also states that SPIII "Diamond" or other brands meeting the SPIII specification may be used. Changing your transmission fluid is one of the best things you can do to insure your transmission lasts the life of the car. Hyundai calls for 30K mile intervals under the severe schedule. Another word for severe is I'm taking care of my car!
  • Our 2006 4 cylinder 2.0 L Tuscon now with 92k miles has recently begun with a jerking/banging or hitting feeling while driving at low speeds. No leaks, no instrument lights flashing, no unusual noises.Vehicle still drives fine except for these intermittent hesitations. You can definitely feel this in the steering wheel and it seems to be coming from more up front of the SUV than in the back end. Would appreciate anyone's experience, suggestions.
    Thank you.
    Anthony G Smith
    [email protected]
  • jme42jme42 Posts: 1
    We purchased a new Tucson in May of 2005. The transmission had to be replaced in July 2006 at 22688 miles. This replacement transmission failed in July 2008 with only 34112 miles on it in exactly the same way as the original. This third transmission is failing in exactly the same way after only 38800 miles.

    The transmission will either shudder or slam into gear. This only happens when the car has been coasting (no acceleration) for a distance and then even slight acceleration is applied. This can occur when you are going down a grade and then need to maintain the speed on a flat section or on an uphill grade.

    This will be the last new transmission I will get under the 100,000 mile warranty. This shows why Hyunadi replacement parts should carry the same warranty as the original part. These parts are after all new.

    Got any suggestions?
  • macysmacys Posts: 2
    I never, ever had a single issue with my 2005 Tuscon. Then, on October 23rd of 2010 I hit a deer and took a big hit to the front. The dealership and body shop made it look 'like it never even happened'. Then on February 25, 2011 I got hit by a semi (terrible, bad, snowy day) and the insurance company completely totaled it :sick:

    I'd get another one but now Hyundai's gettin' so big for their britches I can't even afford a new one off the lot. If I could I definitely would!

    MY personal review - GREAT car, NO problems at all. If you avoid deer and semi-trucks you'll be glad you bought one!
  • haroldwharoldw Posts: 8
    I also own a Tucson GLS, which I purchased new in January 2005.I have only 22,800 miles on it, and last week while coasting to a stop sign, it just died. After the second try I restarted it. The trouble light came on, and I drove it that day about 5 more miles without any problems, except the trouble light remained on.The next day when I started it up in the morning, the trouble light was off. I took it into my local Auto Zone, and they connected the checker and it showed a P0335 trouble code. The printout said the code related to the crankshaft position sensor condition, and gave these probable causes: Crank sensor defective; Check connector and wiring to sensor; and Check trigger wheel for damage.

    I do remember hitting a pothole shortly before the engine died.
    Auto Zone suggested that I disconnect the negative battery cable for about 2 or three minutes to reset the onboard computer, and get rid of the trouble code, which I did. I then had to reset all my radio station pre-sets.
    My local mechanic suggested I just drive it, and if the problem happens again, to have the sensor replaced. Hope this helps someone.
  • We have a Hyundai Tucson 2009 and our transmission went at about 8000 miles. We now have 35000 and we are hearing increasingly loud whining noises from what could be the trans. WHo else hears this? :sick:
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