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Hyundai Tucson Transmission Problems



  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    edited June 2011
    Hyundai is known for Transmission problems. Just check out the Sante Fe Forum and listen to all the problems with the 2010-2011 models.
    Seems they try to correct them with updates to the vehicles computer.

    Lots a Luck.
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited June 2011
    So just how many vehicles is "known for transmission problems" or "listen to all the problems with 2010-2011 models"?

    A forum of a small group of owners (and many trolls) is hardly a gauge of how many problems there are with a model or manufacturer. One person posts an issue and it's blown into a catastrophe.
    Fact is it's a very small percentage of the total number of owners.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    I have 8000+ miles on my 2010 tucson. It was just towed today to the dealership. The transmission locked up. Couldn't get it out of neutral. Service lights have been going on and off for a while (the skid and the steep grade lights) I scheduled a visit to take care of a recall for the reflector lights but roadside had to tow the car a day early as it wouldn't budge out of neutral so I couldn't even get the key out. The car had been 'racing' since i purchased it as if it was having trouble changing gears...then it self corrected. It would do this on and off. I reported the problem but they dismissed it as 'that's the way the cars are made'. I don't know how long it will take to replace or fix the transmission problem but after reading the other review where his car locked up going 50mph....i am not sure i ever want to drive this :lemon: again!
  • Quote 1
    "Service lights have been going on and off for a while (the skid and the steep grade lights)"
    Quote 2
    "The car had been 'racing' since i purchased it as if it was having trouble changing gears...then it self corrected. It would do this on and off..."

    Hummm..........seems like the owner is part of the problem here!
    You had these issues and you didn't take it to the dealer immediately and demand warranty work? Then your tranny locks up and you wonder why?

    I wouldn't accept the vehicle back from the dealer until these issues are fixed, period. If the dealer won't do anything contact Hyundai and take it to a different dealer.
    To continue to drive a new vehicle like that is ridiculous and something I just don't understand at all.

    Good luck on the repairs.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    I did take it in to the dealer for the 'racing' issue on more than one occasion fyi. Was told that's the way the car is as they show no problem with the computer codes.

    Not an owner problem here. If issues are dismissed because it does not happen when it's in for service what can one do. If a light does not come on when they test drive it...then there's nothing to fix as far as they are concerned.

    I don't think anyone would not take advantage of warranty. No dummy here.
  • broilerbroiler Posts: 1
    i have this same problem and the dealer is unable to identify what is the cause have you been able to get the problem solved? my vehicle is a 2009 diesel 2 liter
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Must not be a major Tuscon issue since the last complaint was almost 6 months ago.
    You might want to check the problem with the Sante Fe's transmisson issues. They keep hoping to solve it with computer updates.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    The issue was not the transmission. They replaced the brake switch as this is what the code showed. The gears are not stuck anymore. I hope it lasts. It was a relief know that it wasn't the transmission
  • sdivine7sdivine7 Posts: 1
    Has anyone other than me had their car transmission go 4 times in 5 years??? That's my story, the latest breakdown was June 25, 2011. I complained to Hyundai consumer affairs and was instructed to have it towed to a dealer for inspection ( which by the way he charged me for even though I already knew what the problem was). They had my car from 6/25 to 7/15 to finally tell me their was nothing they could do for me. I know the car has 100,300 miles but this to me is extreme circumstances. Plus now I am stuck with the cost of a rental for all this time.
    When I called consumer affairs to request a written explanation for why they would not offer assistance I was told it's not their policy to offer explanations in writing. When I asked the representative to tell me the reasons she said she was unfamiliar with the case and would leave a message for the case manager to get back to me, well that was two days ago and I have heard nothing. All this seems suspect to me.
  • ct6559ct6559 Posts: 2
    A small group of owners may not be a good "gauge". However, when it is "you", you'll feel differently. It is not a safe feeling to be going 70mph on the highway and suddenly your 2 mth old HYundai Tucson makes a loud bang with a big jolt. I read post #22 and my experience is identicle only my 2011 has 1,300 miles and is only 2 mths old. I knew something was wrong and immediately turned back to take it to the dealership and it's still there. They said they had to order a part for trans. that broke(some sensor for shifting). If this is an issue with other Tucson's why aren't they recalling the part. Let me say, that it is not a safe feeling to know that could happen again and could cause a wreck.
  • sierra22sierra22 Posts: 2
    Many of us make the decision to purchase a new vehicle so we can safely transport ourselves and our families around without worrying about mechanic failures while we're driving. Unfortunately, I didn't feel that way with my Tucson. (Post #22) Hyundai could not figure out what was wrong with the transmission so they replaced it.
    Just so you know.... they happen to have a policy of replacing parts with RECONDITIONED PARTS! I guess I didn't read the fine print and assumed that warranty items were replaced with new parts!! silly me...
    I decided that this was not a vehicle that I wanted to keep, not knowing when this new reconditioned transmission would fail since Hyundai couldn't even figure out what the problem was with the other one.
    I tried to trade it in at the dealership that I bought it at, and they offered the lowest possible Blue book trade in. After all, "Its a piece of crap, why would we give you more!" was the reply from the dealership.
    Yeah.... great salesmanship and support.
    Obviously I'll never go back there, nor will I ever purchase a Hyundai product again. I am now the proud owner of a Subaru Outback, and love it. I made sure to ask if they replace warranty parts with new Subaru parts and their reply was "of course, why would you even ask a question like that?" ;)
  • I have had both of these problems too. The racing at start up, which they could not explain, and said there was not recall on it. The lights are a new problem. I am going to the dealership again this weekend.
  • This is a very real problem. My wife and I are having the same issue. Lights sporadically come on as you've indicated. Our's has not exhibited the 'racing' feeling as much as it seems to slip. Happened at a stop light yesterday. Went to hit the gas and the tranny slipped. Today, my wife was unable to place the car in park. Had to shut the car off, restart. This is a very serious situation.
  • Just to let you know....the problem where I was unable to place car in park then later reverse escalated to where it was completely stuck. At first, I too turned the car on and off and things would free up but eventually all just siezed up. Car was towed to dealership and they stated it was the BRAKESWITCH. They replaced it and now that particular problem has resolved. Mention this to them...take your car don't want this to get completely stuck in traffic. Good luck
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    Hello everyone,

    My 2010 hyundai did this to me today for the first time. the lights not the racing. at one point when I went to put it in Park it got stuck in neutral then all of a sudden it worked.

    Is the brake switch the problem? is there a recall on this issue?


  • I have been having a problem similar to yours on and off for the past year with my 2010 Tucson. At first, two sensors came on and then I couldn't get my gear shift to go past neutral when I pulled to a stop. The problem is getting worse. Have you called the company and received a response?

    Thanks, Julie
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    Have a call out to my Dealership. Waiting for a call back Tuesday.

    I will keep you posted.

    Danny i
  • The problem is a 'BRAKESWITCH' problem.

    I had a previous post on this. They replaced my brakeswitch and the sensor lights, gear getting stuck in netural, park etc. was resloved. Mention this to them. This is what their computer diagnostic showed. It was a simple fix and was not a transmission problem like I originally thought. However, I still have the racing sounds when the car shifts gears occasionally .... as if it is having a hard time shifting but it's just a sound and that does not seem to be causing a problem...yet.
  • It was the brake switch. They replaced it for free since it was under warranty. I looked at the price, and it would have been under $50 anyway. Good luck with your car.
  • Thank you. You are correct, they replaced it so it should be fine (hopefully).
  • ct6559ct6559 Posts: 2
    Prior problem with transmission never fixed. After 2 wks service decided it needed a new wire harness on entire car. I had already mailed a certified letter to corp. because of lemon law. the dealership offer us to swap for another car but all they had was 2012's and they treated the defective
    car like a trade in. They made it sound like the lemon law was tough to prove and I didn't want to get stuck with the vehicle. They took off a few thousand on the 2011 toward the 2012. We probably didn't loose too much but their attitude was horrible when we brought up the lemon law.
    We still feel stuck with a car probably won't last more than a couple of years.
  • Hello All. My 2005 Tucson was my 2nd Hyundai, after a 2004 Elantra GT. I still have both cars.

    At 17,000 miles, my Tucson shuddered while going up a hill, I took it into the dealership and they repaired it. At 60,000 miles, while on a trip in Mexico it started jumping from Overdrive into 3rd, or 2nd gear. If I turned the car off and on again, it would be okay until I put even the slightest load on it (hill). This was back in 2008 or 2009.

    We called the dealership, they said no service in Mexico, so we just babied the car for the next 4,000 miles and completed our trip......... without turning back.

    When we got back, Hyundai repaired it, and 5,000 miles later it happened again. Instead of turning it off, we went to the dealer, and they were able to download the black box information. I was sure that somehow the main shaft was out of round or something like that.

    1st off, Hyundai said naw, 3 times must be the way I drive. I searched on the internet and found something similar in England for a Tucson transmission, so I printed the email and showed it to them. The gave the repair to some tech from Yugoslavia and he spent two weeks going through the entire computer program and found the glitch and sent in a Service Bulletin (it should have been sent to all Hyundai agencies).

    Now we have 114,000 miles on it, not a single problem since. Besides this tranny problem we have not experienced any problems with the car, and the Elantra, still in the family, hasn't had any problems except the battery (at 80,000 miles) and somehow the carpet locking tab broke off and my daughter called stuck somewhere cause the carpet had gone under the gas pedal and she didn't realize it.

    I think Hyundai's are wonderful, the Elantra kicks butt with the 16 valve and Rack and Pinion, and my Tucson will dust off most Honda's (I have the 2.7) ha ha.......... Both cars have leather, oooh so comfy......... sunroof on the Elantra.

    I now drive a Mustang 2009, wife drive the Tucson, daughter drives the Elantra, and my son a 1967 Mustang.

    best wishes!
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    Hello everyone,

    The brake switch was the culprit. It was replaced and so far so good. The computer should store the codes for the dealership.

  • 00110011 Posts: 1
    We own a 2005 Tuscon and it has had the first transmission resealed three times then replaced, the second transmission had to be resealed, the oxygen sensor replaced, the power steering pump replaced, after the hoses were replaced for it three times, the rear glass struts replaced, the rear shocks replaced, the tires never get the wear they are rated for, the front defrost for the windshield was never connected and was only fixed after an accident with a deer and they they finally the connection cable and fix it. The passenger seat belt belt locks when it should but won't release afterwards.I do not feel it is reliable transportation. The motor cover has five of its six bolts stripped when the dealership worked on it. It has been a very expensive car to maintain. It has only been to the dealership for repairs and scheduled maintenance. It does handle well but the repair costs have been out of control. I will not buy another Hyundai it will be an American brand. :lemon:
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Too bad you never tried a Japanese product. Have only owned Honda, Acura and Toyota since 1981 and even though some came from Ohio or Canada they were all topnotch. Got snookered on the 2010 Sante Fe since the wife liked it's looks and comfort.
    Never thought that basic components like struts, defrosters, transmissions would be a problem in a modern day vehicle.
  • Same here in NY...wasted a day waiting at the dealership for them to say nothing was wrong...i just had to replace fuel injectors....well its still doing it, a few days ago a new problem- when I use the auto start, about 25% of the time it will shut off after a few seconds....I guess I will call the dealership AGAIN!

    I was merging onto a pretty busy highway today when I stepped on the gas and the car wouldn't go...glad there was no one behind me!
  • My car is a 2007 Hyundai Tuscson and I was driving yesterday and when I stepped on the gas teh car wouldn't go... I coasted to the side of the Road and tried to recrank the car and It won't crank... We can't figure out what is wrong with it... Anyone have any ideas???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    How many miles? Did you have your timing belt replaced at 60,000 miles?

    2007 Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule
  • No! Do you think that could be it?
  • My car has 84,000. It is like choking for gas!!! It tries to crank but won't!
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