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Mazda CX-9 GPS and Navigation



  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    At what point would you like it to automatically change? I'd think it'd be more of a pain for it to do so when you didn want it... as opposed to simply pressing one button when you want or dont want it.
  • I have used and loved many a Garmin auto GPS unit. Man that sounds bad.

    But it's true, the interface, the intuitiveness, everything about those little units just screams quality and testing to me. It's like the designers are always one step ahead of you when you are using it, always anticipating your next step.

    Anyway, gushfest behind us, I just test drove a GT Cx-9 last night, with one of my primary goals being to take a look at the nav system which has been much maligned as being out of date, clunky, and generally a lot of confusion or lack of knowledge about it from Mazda in general:

    Updates - how do you get them? When do you get them? How much do they cost? How updated is the map when I buy the car?

    Unfortunately, my salesman did not have a clue how to even use the system, so it went untested by me.

    Can someone with some experience with the excellent Garmin standalone products and the Mazda system please do a comparo for me? Is a really really crappy OEM nav system a deal breaker? I.e. if it is as bad as everyone says, the logical thing seems to be to get a $300 Nuvi 350, and just not get that option on the CX9 (but then you lose a lot of other features, right? Camera, for instance, don't know what else, maybe premium sound?) Since my Mazda salesguy couldn't answer any of my questions, just hoping someone here can.

  • I have a CX-9 GT with Nav and a Nuvi 350. I bought the Nuvi to use in one of our other vehicles. The nav in the 9 works ok, about the same as the one in my previous GM vehicle, but it suffers from all the usual restrictions of built-ins. Unless the manufacturers make some sweeping changes to the way the built-ins work and update, I will never have another. I always have a copilot so the Nuvi can be reprogrammed on the fly easily. If you're always solo, you have to park it to change things anyway. I've never tried a real voice controlled nav. The voice control in the 9 is useless.
  • Excellent! Thanks. So you would recommend NOT getting the Nav in the CX9?

    That is so sad...considering the cost of the vehicle at the GT level, as well as the fact that I don't currently even have a portable GPS - would have to go buy one.

    Let me rephrase, considering what else comes in the package with NAV in the CX9, would you suffer the craptitude that it is to get the other stuff anyway?

    I.e. is the other stuff that comes with the Nav package worth the extra cost (to you - I know that is somewhat subjective)?

    Thanks again...

    So voice interaction does not work at all with the Nav system of the CX-9? I am thinking I will make them show me how it works at the dealer before I buy, and if it really is bad, or they can't get it to work properly, or at all, I will try to use that as a bargaining tool.
  • Update: bought the GT with Nav after all.

    I made them show me that the voice recog works (it did) before I would buy :)

    Also was assured that the map is not more than a year old. Finally got hold of someone that knew what they were talking about. He said the old map versions shipping with new cars was a def problem before, but they are trying to change it.

    I have yet to verify the map version in mine, but will try to get a year to confirm.

    Updates ARE available, on DVD. Did not know how much they would be. I am guessing $200-$300.

    I will say that the graphics are horrible! Compared to the svelte Garmin units, even the last gen Garmins, with their 3D option, this thing looks like it's 20 yrs old!

    I wonder what effect Nokia buying Navteq (announced yesterday I think) will have on this system in the future?
  • Ok I am spoiled I will admit it - we have a Nuvi 360 and love it on trips and around town.

    The lockout while moving on any built-in is frustrating, and in my opinion the voice functions are clunky to useless. Say "go home" and it will tell you "you are not currently under voice navigation." It constantly misunderstands you. Why can't they make a real product? Also POI database is horrendous I mean realllly terrible.

    I was sitting in the parking lot of Kohl's department store and we needed to go to Costco, so type up C..O..S..T search and Costco pizza in MASSACHUSSETS comes up - I am in Jersey, and yes I had the region properly selected the whole time.

    Ok so you don't have my Costco - not a new one, but ok, well guess what? NO Costco's at all. NONE, no SAM'S CLUB. Oh and Kohl's whose parking lot I was sitting in - nope not that either. Suggested that maybe I was really looking for Kohls park - in BOULDER *&(&*ing COLORADO. Give me a break.

    Under POI shopping there are only 2 choices - Shopping malls or grocery stores - and those work poorly (I was next to a pathmark supermarket and the damn nav was telling me the closest supermarket was 2.5 miles away. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    SO we pulled out our internet enabled phone looked up COSTCO and typed in the address - and BAM the navigation took us straight there. The Nav even knew to tell us where the entrance to the parking lot was.

    So if you have every address you will ever need the this nav is for you. I would much rather have skipped BT and NAV and even though I am leasing spent $1,000 on a top notch DVD/NAV/BT/STEREO that actually works and looks awesome - I would still be ahead of the game - instead I am sitting with a nice looking pile of crap.

    Another thing if you are driving somewhere you CAN make some changes while in motion - you can go home, or find a hospital. Once you hit emergency and select a hospital the system doesn't wait for you to hit guide after about 2 seconds it just re-routes. I was just playing around - but we had to pull over to re program our original destination.

    It also tried to send me to a hospital in a different state! granted it might have been marginally closer as we were in Staten Island, but really all in all a pile of crap.

    It is by far the worst part of an otherwise pleasant car, but a huge disappointment for me.

    SKIP IT!

    AND - Don't get me started on the Bluetooth. Apparently in the voice activated phone book "jack"/"mom"/"dad"/"beth" are all too similar sounding to be used so now my whole family is using first AND Middle names. GARBAGE! why couldn't they just pass it through to my own phone's voice recognition like my headset does? also the nav screen would be so nice if it pulled up a numeric keypad?? a visual phone book. the NUVI does, but oh yeah it is fancy - and 1/5th the price! Oh and forget about using nav and phone together - ie to dial a POI to make a reservation? they don't know that the other exists! Horrible execution of technology.

    Tommy D.
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    I can certainly understand your frustration as I am in the exact situation. I have the Nuvi 360 and leased the CX-9 GT-AWD with Navi. For the most part I get the Navi for the power liftgate, which my wife and I enjoy greatly. I find the BT ok and usable. The Navi is absoultely hopeless in terms of POI....and the sad part is there isn't anything we can do.
    On trips, what I'll do is to put the Nuvi in the CX-9, it's silly to have to GPS systems in the car but the CX-9 Navi system isn't going to help when you are in an unfamilar city and need to find restaurants or supermarkets.
  • I bought my 2007 GT AWD on 7/31/07, and I thought I was the only crazy person around thinking how useless these Nav systems are in these cars! I am very good with directions, so the few times I've had to use the thing, I've literally had to return home to go onto mapqest and print out driving directions!!! Subdivisions that were around for 7-10 years still aren't showing up in this system. Also, a simple trip to the nearest Wal-Mart takes me to the East coast! Restaurant don't show up, nor department stores. Voice recognition? Maybe if I had a Japanese accent would it work??? I'd really like to have my $2,500 back, that's for sure! The power liftgate isn't that impressive to me, either. And when I'm going to my car with groceries, I still have to dig out the smartcard to use the liftgate because there isn't a button on the outside that lifts it. I'm really disappointed and frustrated with a lot of things with this car, and would really like to trade it in, but know I would lose lots of money.
  • Try setting the clock in the Navigation system. This may turn the display to night time at the approperate time.
  • I'm disappointed that Mazda uses a Bose surround sound system and DVD player, but the wireless headsets are some cheap no name brand. Does anyone know if there is a better quality replacement that I can get from Best Buy or somewhere else?
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    After reading various discussion forums regarding built-in NAV systems, I've come to realize that they are seldom worth it, for the very reasons you mention. Even on the venerated MDX, which touts its superior technology, owners complain about the NAV not finding proper restaurants, or finding them 500 miles away, or maps being way outdated.

    And add the fact that you have to pay a couple of hundred bucks to get them updated every year, it's ridiculous (and they usually come outdated when you buy the car).

    I'll be buying a portable when I get my car. Yeah, I'll have a cord dangling, but it's much cheaper to buy, and much, much cheaper to upgrade.
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    I have a Garmin Nuvi 360 and bought the 2008 Maps update, to my surprise,
    an old postoffice (must be more than 10 years) is not showing up in its POI database, and it's directing me to somewhere farther away.
    None of the GPS systems on the market is fool proof, the only reason people hate the in-car systems so much is because of their outrageous price. If they were a $300 option, we will still hear complain but at least it's easier to forgive...
  • remmibremmib Posts: 32
    The Navigation System manual comes with the CX-9 does not have a list of acceptable voice commands or what the system is expecting or can accept....
    Does anyone know if is there a voice-command manual of any sort? I have the car for more than a month and still couldn't figure out how to use the voice-command to do stuff successfully (other than to go home).
    The MDX/honda Navi system is definitely way better.....
  • When setting map mode to auto the maual states that when your turn on the headlights the navigation is supposed to go into night mode. This does not work I have to manually place it there.
    I had the car check by a mazda tech he said it should just dim little. How anyone experience this
  • The tech is wrong although I couldn't find a clear statement of the actual behavior in the Nav manual either.

    The Nav display is controlled by the dash illumination knob (Manual page 5-40) + headlights + Nav display mode. If the dash illumination knob is in the cancel position then the Nav display backlight will stay bright and the contrast scheme will stay in day mode even with auto select and the headlights on.

    However; if the dash illumination knob is active (so you can twist it to adjust dash light dimming) then the backlight for the Nav display will dim a little (that's probably what your tech was refering) AND the Nav auto display mode will toggle between the day color screen and the night reverse-contrast colors as you turn your headlights on and off.

    So the final behavior makes sense and is convenient but I didn't see any mention in the manuals of the tie-in with the dash illumination knob.

  • Page 51 of my Nav Manual (2008) has a precise list of accepted voice commands.
  • I noticed when driving you cannot enter a destination address into the GPS as all the options are grayed out. Does anyone know if this is a permanent safety feature? Can this be turned off? What if you want to have the passenger enter the address?
  • I just purchased an 08 AWD GT with NAV and the GPS maps version is 2006. Does anyone know when a new update is going to be released? If you buy an 08 car you should at least get the latest maps for free, which I think are 07. I have seen some people selling these updates maps on EBAY, but the dealership and MazdaUsa are unaware of the update. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • Does anyone know how to edit the home location - I follow the manual and it states you can classify the category as preset destinations or home - unfortunately home is always grayed out. Any suggestions?
  • My dealer told me that Mazda updates their mapping system "about" every three years. I would like to find an outside source so I can get a more up to date mapping system.
  • I am seeing the current version online- Released: 2007 DENSO Mazda Part No.GP9A 66 DZ0 C - (K4238) - Just spoke to Mazda USA and they have no idea.

    It seems as though some people have Part No.GP9A 66 DZ0 C (B) or (A) where B or A are in place of the C
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Look. Denso supplies NAVI to Toyota/Lexus. The systems on Toyota/Lexus have the same grey-out issue that people hate. Solution? sells kits to defeat such issues with NAVI system ("I AGREE", grey-out, etc.). For now, there is no kit for Mazda.
    Essentially what is needed to defeat the grey-out is to install a $2 switch in between the speed senor wire into the NAVI unit. Which wire? You probably need to find a service manual of CX-9 (ask your dealer to buy one) and dig into it. In case you are successful, don't forget to share with us. :blush:

    P.S. the grey-out kicks in when speed >=5mph. Cut the speed sensor wire, and it will NEVER happen. So naturally, the best solution is to install a switch (so hidden that your MAZDA service technician will not find it ;) )
  • I would love to do what ceric is suggesting!! I can't stand the lockout on my Navi. If anyone has a step by step on this I'm sure many people would appreciate it :D
  • sbahrsbahr Posts: 2
    I have a CX-9 and the navigation does have this feature. If you push the compass in the top left corner it will give you this feature. ;)
  • Mazda took the mute button off the steering wheel and put the Nav button in its place. So how can I easily mute the radio? Right now, I have to reach across the console and turn it off.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Yep, it looks like they ran out of space so there is no mute function. I think the easiest thing to do is hold down the volume switch on the steering wheel until it drops to zero. This really doesn't take more than a couple seconds if you hold the button.
  • ejjeejje Posts: 2
    Do you have any idea how to change/delete the address that is set in "Home". My kids set it incorrectly and I cannot find a way to edit it.
  • ejjeejje Posts: 2
    Hi - did you ever figure this out? I am having problems changing my home location also.
  • yipmoyipmo Posts: 3
    I contacted NAVTEQ and this is what they told me:
    Thank you for contacting NAVTEQ. Although Mazda uses our map data we neither produce nor distribute the disks for the CX-9. For information please contact your nearest authorized Mazda dealer.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Delete your current home posstion and re-create the one you wish to be...
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