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Kia Sedona Transmission Problems

theyurostheyuros Posts: 5
About 3 weeks ago, while driving out of a parking lot, going maybe 15 MPH, car pulled back suddenly and ck engine light came on. Car was not shifting properly. Drove home (4mi) and left alone until next am. Car drove fine, engine light still on. Drove to my mechanic who pulled a trans code (0200?? Something to do with the Output -or was it input??). He did not clear the code since still under warranty. Made appt next day w/Kia dealer. Next day, ck engine light off. Dealer ck'd and found no problems. Drove fine until last night.

Same problem (and happened at practically same location - will explain later). Drove home, ate dinner. Needed to run errand, so drove it around block (after about an hour of rest) and car drove fine. Ck engine light still on. Drove this morning. Uneventful. Ck engine light finally went off at around 5pm, almost 24 hrs since problem.

I have no clue what the problem is, but I am sure there is one. The 2 times this has happened to me have been after about an hour long drive home from work where I p/u daughter at school and bring to soccer practice. Car sits for about an hour. Both events happened right after soccer practice. The 1st time I was only pulling out, maybe going about 15 mph. Last night, I was cruising down the road for a minute or so, doing about 40-45 mph when car pulled back. The problem with the gears seems like I have no 1st gear (maybe 2nd).

Can anyone shed some light on this?? How can the dearler find NOTHING?? Not even the code, which, as I said, was NOT cleared. Shouldn't they have seen that?

Sorry so long.

Thanks for reading.


  • ullmacullmac Posts: 1
    The same thing happened to my wife's Sedona just a couple of weeks ago. She was on a trip about 100 miles from home and a big "clunk" which sounded like it came from under the car occured. Then the car acted like it was stuck in 3rd gear. She limped in to a transmission shop and turned off the engine. When the mechanic got in to test drive it didn't do the same thing. They kept the car and worked on it, changing an oxygen sensor and tuning things up. They couldn't check the transmission by the computer, because the shop she was at didn't have Kia'a access code. After that it was fine until 1 week later when she was driving on another trip. About 60 miles from home the same thing happened. She had a meeting to attend and when she went to drive home it was fine.

    It is comforting to know that at least one other KIA is acting this way, but would be more comforting to know what the problem is???

  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    the transmission is from MITSUBISHI.
    The model is F51 i think.

    Mine is in a 2002 Sedona LX and I have 98K
    on it with no problems.

    many of these computerized transmissions have a
    INPUT sensor ( which is a speed sensor from the wheels or axles)

    and an OUTPUT sensor which is a device that drives your dashboard speedometer.

    Looking at the DODGE INTERPID Forums ( which I also have ) they talk about losing one or the other sensor and so the computer doesnot know what to do so it limits your forward gears to 1 and 2 or 1-2-3 so you don't overspeed until the car can be fixed.

    The sensors run less than $ 50 each.

    I imagine you may be into this issue.

    A REAL transmission shop may be of service if you are out of warranty. They do still exist.

    I have been very happy with my Sedona.
  • Wish I had seen this earlier. I had the same problem with our (now traded) 02 sedona. The vehicle speed output sensor is bad. Go to KIA spend $200 bucks for it, grab a long extension with a swivel on the end and a 10 mm ( I's been almost a year( the sensor sits on the top of the transmission and is kinda hard to get to. Just a note...when ours did this it would downshift to 3rd gear @ highway speeds...pretty violently and stay there until you truned it off and back on (sometimes). 2 Kia dealers and a MR TRansmission wanted to replace / rebuild the tranny. It took an old timer mom and pop transmission shop to find the problem. Kia wanted $95 to changer the sensor.. my local Potiac dealer did it for $15 in les than 5 minutes. I spent nearly $700 trying to find the problem 9 I knew it was not a mechanical problem)
  • kiagirl29kiagirl29 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Kia van that we brought used less than a year ago. Everything was going fine with it until 4 weeks ago. On our way back home the air conditioning stopped working. Took van to a mechanic and he told us the compressor had gone bad in it. He was unable to fix suggest we take to dealership. Went and picked up van check engine light was on and now van was making a noise. On way to Kia dealership van dies and has to be towed the rest of the way. I received call from dealership that a rod in the motor has broke and now I need a whole new motor $8700.00 I might add. What really upsets me is that the van only has 61,000 miles on it. Kia refuses to cover and we have just came out of warranty at 60,000 miles . Mechanic at dealership has never had a Kia brought in with the motor gone out at 61,000 miles. Mechanic told us that he was going to talk with someone "higher up" with Kia and see if they would "do the right thing" and replace the motor since our van did not have that many miles.
    Has anyone out there ever had this problem? Right now I am not really impressed with Kia and I don't know if I would ever buy another one or not.
  • kistepkistep Posts: 15
    I just purchased a 2007 Sedona LX, and noticed something different about how it drives versus the last car I owned.

    In the Sedona, I've noticed as I take my foot off the gas and try to coast, I can feel the engine slowing the vehicle more rapidly than I thought was normal. Even on slight downhills, the engine starts to slow the Sedona, rather than let it coast and pick up speed on the hill.

    Not sure if this is normal or whether I should be heading back to the dealership ASAP.

    Otherwise, have loved the van.

    Anyone else notice this, or is this unusual? Thanks!
  • mom11mom11 Posts: 1
    My 2 week old Sedona keeps getting stuck in park. I have had it towed to the dealer twice and they can't find anything wrong. Any similar stories?
  • fishbreathfishbreath Posts: 58
    To me it seems like if your not going fast enough the tranny won't into the next higher gear even going down hill. (I don't have a problem with that) Now on the flip side if it was free wheeling you would have to down shift or get on the brakes all the time and we all know you don't want to do that. Unless you have a more of a problem. If you have to be on the gas to go down a hill then you might have a problem.
  • bowtiefan1bowtiefan1 Posts: 25
    My wife and I are considering the purchase of a '07 Kia Sedona and test drove an LX today. I, too, noticed what you described with your transmission on the tester I drove today. When taking my foot off the gas, the van felt like it was in low gear instead of drive, and as if the engine were braking the car to go slower. It was a weird feeling and unlike the feeling I have in my current vehicles, including my Dodge Caravan. The sales person said this was normal and all Sedona's operated this way. To me, it was very annoying and I am second guessing if I want this van for this reason. It just doesn't feel normal. I also drove an '07 Toyota Sienna and did not experience this engine brake feeling (that van was very peppy and powerful). I would be interested to hear if other ownerns have this concern/experience.
  • I just bought an 04 Sedona and was reading the owners manual.Somewhere in there is a section talking about the transmission getting stuck in park. If it won't move with the break pedal depressed It tells how to get it unstuck using a screwdriver behind the gearshift lever. It's on page 4-14 under Driving Your Vehicle. Called Shift-lock override. It says to have it inspected by Kia immediately.
  • We just bought an 07 Oddsey in May. and I've noticed the drag you're talking about. I notice because my 86 Pk. Ave. drives different. I'll have to pay more attention but I think it happens after I come to a stop and make a turn and then go down the hill and I'm already in a lower gear. I may not it at highway speeds when I'm in overdrive.
    I've just bought an 04 Sedonna and haven't driven enough to notice anything yet.
  • Just got a used '07 Kia on Saturday. Noticed the same thing. Thought it might be the stability control feature on these vans. Turned it off but still does the same thing you're talking about. Guess its just the way they're made.
    Thought I'd let you know, you're not the only one who noticed this.

  • I have a 2002 kia sedona with 59,250 miles and have had the van since Jan 2006. I had to have the alternator replaced about 6 weeks ago and today found out that I have a valve that is bad and needs to be repaired. I noticed the valve issue a couple of days ago due to the smell coming thru the vents and today had issues with the engine pinging and being sluggish during exceleration. Was told that I should not drive the van because the issue could cause the whole engine to seize which will require a new engine then. I also have an issue with the AC not putting out cold air. I love the roominess but hate the issues. By the way, do a google search of 2002 kia sedona recalls. There are 3 recalls. :mad:
  • I have a 2002 kia sedona with 59,250 miles and have had the van since Jan 2006. I had to have the alternator replaced about 6 weeks ago (which cost me roughly $325) and after it was replaced, the air bag indicator light remained on. The auto repair shop could not correct this. It has to be reset by the dealership at a cost of approx $49.00. Today I found out that I have a valve that is bad and needs to be repaired. I noticed the valve issue a couple of days ago due to the smell coming thru the vents and today had issues with the engine pinging and being sluggish during exceleration. Was told that I should not drive the van because the issue could cause the whole engine to seize which will require a new engine then. I also have an issue with the AC not putting out cold air. Heaven only knows what this issue is. I will worry about that next spring. I love the roominess but hate the issues. By the way, do a google search of 2002 kia sedona recalls. There are 3 recalls. I also am in need of new brakes. Gotta commend the employees at Autozone who have taken the time to troubleshoot the problems for me so that when I take the van to the repair shop, I'm educated and knowledgeable.
  • Hello all,

    I am new to this forum and thanks for any input. My wife has an 02 kia sedona w/ 95K. When it is driven for a while and she stops, the engine will rev to 3k for no reason. This happen during the summer and i changed out the throttle position sensor, had the fuel injectors cleaned, serviced the transmission and the problem went away, yesterday it was doing it again. The van is placed in park and the rpm is about 3500. Turn off the ignition and restarted with no problems. I was wondering whether anybody has had this issue before and if yes, is there some sort of TSB from Kia since my powertrain warranty is fast approaching. Thanks :confuse:
  • browning4browning4 Posts: 4
    This is not normal. Mine will coast forever/endlessly.
  • browning4browning4 Posts: 4
    That salesman would probably tell you that if you tied double knots in your shoe laces that it would run better. It is not normal. My 2007 will coast forever. I use the manual mode to slow it down it coasts so easily and fast.
  • browning4browning4 Posts: 4
    Dont let KIA BS you. Mine will coast forever fast as hell. I have to use manual to slow it down to stay off the breaks. There is no coast resistance whatsoever.
  • browning4browning4 Posts: 4
    Mine klunks, more like slams/jerks in first gear but does not get stuck. The shop will be looking at it tomorrow. Whatever it is it was loud, very disturbing and makes me regret buying a KIA
  • I am having trouble with my 2002 KIA Sedona locking in park. I have to use the override to release it. Is there an assembly you can purchase for this problem. And what will it damage if I have to keep using the override? Can you disconnect the system from the vehicle?
  • I have a 2001 Kia Sedona and now when the revs get to about 2 1/2 3000 revs it starts to lurch and kangaroo hop i'm guessing its a turbo fault could anyone confirm this if its not the turbo what is it please please help
  • I own a 2002 KIA Sedona. 170,000 miles.
    From a cold start sometimes the forward gears will not
    engage. It seems as if the linkage from the shifter lever is locked out from the transmission. When is dose engage everything runs fine and the transmission shifts as normal. I never know when it is going to happen. One
    day it will connect and run fine, the next it will not.
    No bangs, clangs or slippage just no connection. Reverse always works. I am scared to death of taking it to a transmishion shop when it could be a simple fix. HELP !
  • Is that the orginal trans.? 170,000 I wouldn't take it to a the shop either. Mine from new takes a second to shift from R to D. Sorry I can't help
  • fred121fred121 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I own a 2002 Sedona that is experiencing erratic transmission behavior. I believe that the problem is related to the "input" and "output" speed sensors which are mounted on the automatic transmission, under the air cleaner assembly.
    I have located them, (on the transmission) but I am unsure how to disconnect/separate the electrical connectors that lead to them. I don't want to break them by doing it the wrong way!
    Does anyone know how to separate them on this vehicle?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • i own kia sedona 2007 auto ls problem is when kickdown is used it kicksdown but sticks in lower gear but will not gear back up also warning light on in car two check transmission
  • Hello,

    I have an automatic with 140,000 miles on it. This morning it was almost impossible to shift into any gear. It is so stiff it takes two hands to make the shift. Feels like I'm trying to shift through peanut butter. There was no indication of this problem prior to this morning.

    Any idea what this is all about?


    George Teachman
  • 1moggy11moggy1 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Hi there, I have a 2004 Kia Sedona 2.9 Manual. The gear lever as become floppy as though it as become detached. How can this be fixed? Thanks
  • I have the same problem. I feels like the cable is binding but that is not the cause. When disconnected from the control lever the shifter moves smoothly. Something inside the transmission is binding. Any resolution before I gather bushels of money and go 30 miles to the dreaded dealer?
  • In reply to my own posting. Harms Kia in Janesville told me They said there would be a $80 diagnostic charge. OK, go ahead. Then I learn the powertrain warranty covered only parts inside the transmission. OK. They would not cover any warranty because I did not change the transmission fluid at 30,000 miles. Gimmie a break, transmission fluid should be inspected at 30K but doesn't break down unless you do abusive towing. Their maint schedule is just a way to get people to return to the dealer and drop big bucks. They wanted $240 more to determine if the problem was inside or outside the transmission. I declined, thinking if the outside switch/lever is bad I can easily replace it myself. If internal, I would go to an independent shop that works on Mitusbishi transmissions.

    Well at least they sprayed WD-40 type stuff all around the shift lever on top of the transmission and several weeks later the stiffness is mostly gone. I'm not complaining about the dealer, just telling a story.

    Now the battery light came on and the alternator is not charging. More fun.
  • dennbo49dennbo49 Posts: 1
    2002 sedona with 130k suddenly won't go after loud pop when taking off from stop. No noises or vibration leaks or check engine light before. Now won't go into park. Transmission, axle cv joint or differential?
  • madukes13madukes13 Posts: 1
    My daughter (who is 6 months pregnant) and I were out in my Kia Sedona (2002). It was running just fine and nothing seemed to be wrong. All of a sudden it was like the transmission just wasn't working any more - like it was low on tranny fluid or something. I nursed it into a parking spot where I was going and went in to do what I needed to do. I came out about an hour later and hoping that the vehicle had cooled down and would work enough to get me home, I started the Kia and it starts just fine. I put it in gear and it really didn't want to move, but I got it going and went down the road about 2-3 blocks and the transmission just didn't do another thing. It coasted to the side of the road and that was all the further the transmission would pull the vehicle. AAA came and took us home and my husband thought it might have been a hose to the transmission that might have come loose, so he hooked it up and went to put more fluid in and it was full - didn't take even a half of a quart of fluid. Please, does anyone have any ideas? Someone mentioned a transmission sensor. Does this sound like that is the solution to my problem and if it is your opinion that it is, does anyone have the cost of such an animal. Thanks for your help.
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