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Kia Sedona Transmission Problems



  • gmc66gmc66 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Kia Sedona LX, 85,000 miles. The transmission jerked while I was driving then the veh. wouldn't shift into gear. I took it to dealer. They ran the code and stated the Input sensor had to be replaced and was not covered under warranty because it is located outside of the transmission. I took it to a trustworthy transmission shop and they replaced the sensor. The vehicle drove fine and they did not experience what I had. I drove the vehicle home and it worked great for about 3 days. Then it happened again. I took it to another repair place since prior transmission shop where sensor was replaced was too far. He did not experience what I had and told me that it could be a wiring issue, but trying to find the exact problem with the wiring could be costly. It was working fine and I took it home without having him look at wiring. This issued happens on and off and I don't know why Kia would not cover this under the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty since it does affect the driveability of the vehicle, the transmission. I am trying to find if anyone has had this problem and if they fixed it, what the issue was. I can't afford to pay thousands for a diagnostic on wiring.
  • My 2002 was at 158000 and had been to a mechanic because the check engine light was on. it was cylanoid code and I was told to drive it and see what happens..bad stopped moving..nothing..had to get the transmission re-done because it burned up the trani..cost $2100..Wish I went to a mechanic who could give me better advice, found out later he did not work on automatic transmissions. there are several sensors and if one is not working it can possible cause other things to happen. My speed sensor was not working at 100% and it caused all of this..Good luck! It drives like new now!
  • our 2005 kia sedona did the same thing last week and has been at the shop since then. aamco has done all diagnostic work for free. we also replaced a sensor and had all wiring checked only to find out it was the main computer,we are now trying to find out if this will be covered under warranty. will try to keep you posted!
  • peteg527peteg527 Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Kia sedona I just purchased, it ran great the first few days and then all of sudden it starts popping into 3rd gear and wont leave the gear unless I pull over put it in park turn the vehicle off and restart. It has been constantly doing this. Is there an easy way to fix this problem or am I going to have to spend thousands......
  • jcarrerajcarrera Posts: 2
    ignition coils
  • Need your HELP......I just experienced the same problem, what was the outcome on your tranny?
  • hi people can you help me out just bought a kia sedona 0n a 2004 plate.When driveing it there is noisy liks a grinding sort of niose while the car slow's down and once you press the break and put the clutch pedle in it stops. I have put on new breaks and disks yesterday, thinking that was the problem.So as i am not used to a kia i took it to them and they wernt sure but it gould be the gear box and told me to drop the oil and replace it. So two things 1st is has anybody had and solved this problem, and can anybody tell me what type of gear box oil should i put in it and there is a product you can buy that like moly slip can anbody help me. I am new to this site i normaly go for ford's
  • hi people can you help me out just bought a kia sedona 0n a 2004 plate. When driving it there is noisy likes a grinding sort of noise while the car slow's down and once you press the break and put the clutch pedal in it stops. I have put on new breaks and disks yesterday, thinking that was the problem. So as i am not used to a kia i took it to them and they went sure but it could be the gear box and told me to drop the oil and replace it. So two things 1st is has anybody had and solved this problem, and can anybody tell me what type of gear box oil should i put in it and there is a product you can buy that like moly slip can anybody help me. I am new to this site i normal go for ford's
  • I have a 2007 Kia Sedona and had a similar problem that I'm not 100% sure was fixed. On our first long drive after buying it used with about 48k miles, after about 1 hour driving on a freeway with some incline up, it felt like the transmission was slipping. At times it was serious enough that we had to pull over to the side because we slowed down so much, usually on a hill. It also seemed to go away after "resting" for an hour or so, and then the problem would return. Eventually things got so bad that the van "gave out" in an intersection immediately after exiting the freeway and an engine light came on. We managed to coax the van out of the intersection, not until after the light had turned red and cars were swerving around us. We then pulled over and kept the engine running and heard a klunk as we stopped and put it in park. We managed to limp home that evening (a Sunday with shops closed).

    The dealer said the problem was a cracked fuel vacuum tube or something like that.

    However, after it has been fixed, the van feels like 1) there is a lot of engine or transmission drag (my main motivation for being on this site), 2) seems to get poor gas mileage (need to verify with measurements) and 3) sometimes seems to slip or be sluggish when putting the foot on the gas at low speeds.

    I'm just starting my research on this, but wanted to get this down "on the record" for what it might be worth to others.
  • hi i have booked my car in to my local garage to change the gear box oil as my long term frend surgest that it my be gear box oil could be low or none as my car is a manel i post my finding tomrrow kia surgested the gear box noise droping oil to see if there is any filing in it if so i have to change my gear box.
  • hi guys just an update whent to my local garage and they changed the gear box oil and the gear box oil was fine except it was dirty after speaking with the owner and them taking it for a test they thing it could be the clutch plate being weak
  • still trying to sort it out been told so many diffrent things dont know were to start been told its the diff is the problem :mad:
  • Same problem!!!! I replaced both the output and input sensors, but the van still jerks into 3rd gear and stays there until I turn the van off and back on again!!! Please help!!!!!!! :cry:
  • I have a 05 Sedona with 100k on it. The transmission makes a noise almost like a small jackhammer at all different speeds. We are now haveing a problem with what seems like it is slipping in and out of gear. My rpm gauge will drop down to almost 1000 rpm at 70 mph, and the van feels like it has come out of gear. It does this normally at a high speed, but has now started doing it at lower speeds as well. It doesnt seem to be 'sluggish' on take off or while driving. Just at high speeds........ANY HELP WILL BE APPRICIATED
  • I have the same prob, it only has less then 70,000 on it...I just had to replace the Heater Core lines, and when I took it in to have it replaced they said there was a knocking noise and that they thought it was low on oil, well it was not, its a Rod, I think that its broke...What did Kia do for you? They ever fix that for you? They are wanting to charge me 2100 just for the part., Not even for labor..Any advice?
  • I just replaced my Kia's Heater Core lines, that cost over 600 dollars for the repair.Now I have a knocking noise which I think is a rod that is broke..I know that you have had this up for a while, but what did they do for you, as I can not find these parts any where to fix myself..I am stuck..Its still drivable as I have driven many vehicals that have broken Rods, but this one is under 70,000miles on it..They are wanting t2100 for the repair at the dealership..They fix it for you since low miles on it??Thanks for what ever info you have for me..
  • I have the same problem with 2005 Kia Sedona 110,000 miles? I I have a 2005 Kia Sendona. It has 110,00 miles on it. Lately, when on accelerate out of a stop light the engine kicks back lick its going into 3rd gear. Also, it feals like I'm losing power when I accelerate from a stop light, I have to layoff the gas and re-apply gas slowly. I really concerned that the engine will drop into a lower gear at a high rate of speed. I took it into a indeoendant shop they thought it was the Output sensor from the trnasmission, they put diagnostics on it and saw that it was dropping rpms from 4000 down to almost nothing when going about 40. That cost me about $400. Now I have to take it back to them. They also drained the Transmission fuild, NO metal shavings were found in the drain. I'm afrain its the Transmission. What do you think? had the output sensor replaced, still have problem code is PO720.
  • hi is there any sort of noise when relising the clutch pedal as i have the same problem as you described and it is the thrust bearing in the clutch ... it is costing me £420 my car is also at 110,000 miles ...... it might do it when you change gear and then take your foot off clutch pedal ... it might be same problem always when the car slows down by it self it doesn't like 4th , 3rd or2nd ,1st find it hard getting into reverese...OBD Code P0720 refers to
    The speed sensor detects the revolution of the idler gear parking pawl lock gear and emits a pulse signal. The pulse signal is sent to the TCM which converts it into vehicle speed.
    Possible symptoms of OBD code P0720
    - Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) - Speedometer improper reading - Possible shifting problems
    Possible causes of OBD code P0720
    - Speed sensor harness or connectors - Sensor circuit is open or shorted - Speed sensor The Error code is generally activated on detection of the following conditions: Diagnostic trouble code is detected when Transmission Control Module (TCM) does not receive the proper voltage signal from the sensor.

    hope it helps a bit :sick:
  • aneefaneef Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Sedona and it will only work in reverse and neutral. When you shift into any kind of drive it will act like it is in neutral unless you floor it then it will accelerate up to a certain point but not enough to drive it anywhere. Any ideas? :sick:
  • I have a 2004 kia sedona bougt it in oct of last year. Coming up on a year now. In February i was having trouble stearing my van and had check engine light. Took it to Christian Brothers Auto in Tampa asked for inspection of reported problems. Was told o2 sensors for the light. I paid over 2,000$ to have new rack and pinion to discover it was a bolt that was recalled more than once by report e found on kia would not honor the original recall 600$ more..also at original repair no slipping of transmission.mechanic noticed a small oil leak and said i need valve cover gaskets so i had them replaced .now it slips alot..slams into gear..stopped for a bit then while driving home this evening. .at around 35 i lost all acceleration and when i pputmfoot on the gas the van stalle out...i was able to restart the car over and over and it stays running untill you give it gas then stalls again..also experienced all of the above complaints of the van slowing itself down when you let off the gas and hard shifting..this is the first time it has shut off and just would not move fowards..ive yet to try reverse because i dont want to have to push it back into my driveway after having it towed home

  • I hav a 02 sedona 160 miles works great only thing my ac dosent work tried all kinds of [non-permissible content removed] how do u know if d compresser is working ?
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