Rodeo Bumpy Ride

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I own a 2001 Rodeo. Even on the smoothest surfaces the car feels bumpy. Does anyone share this experience. If so, how did you solve the problem?


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    Is it possible your tires are overinflated?

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    I also own a '01 Rodeo with a rough ride. I read on another blog that new shocks are very helpful. It recommended Monroe SensaTracs.
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    Well it depends on the speed mine was doing it but only at 55+ mph.lightly but the faster I went the worse it got. My mech. always says check the cheapest parts first. Mine was a bent rim now just trying to find another rim. So hard in a small town. Dealer wants $289.00 :surprise: What ever I am a bargain shopper. I know I can find it cheaper. Guees I have to buy off the internet.
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    good day to you all , i have a 2000 isuzu rodeo ls 6 cylinder.the front wheel bearings is bad , is it hard to replace , can i do it my self or do i need to take a shop to press it out and in . im mechanically inclined ,do a lot of work my self ,has any one had this work done before ,thanks for your replies.
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