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Subaru Legacy/Outback Accessories and Modifications

caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
Adding a modification, here's the place to ask.


  • Hello...we have a 2005 Outback wagon...does anyone have any recommendations for which ski/snowboard racks work best? We are mostly thinking about Yakima or the Subaru dealer racks...Thank you.
  • We went to our local dealer to research this subject.
    REI did not have the greatest selection, so we searched online. We ended up going with the Yakima Big Powderhound from ORS racks direct. They had just what we needed, and it arrved early.
  • dmeagherdmeagher Posts: 3
    Has anyone changed out their head unit in their 05 or newer Legacy/Outback without cutting a giant hole in the dash? I’d like to get a Head Unit with GPS, Satellite radio, and IPOD controls. I’ve taken mine to a few audio places who seemed more then happy to get out their Sawzall and cut a giant hole in my center console, but there has to be a better way. Can a unit be installed where the Outback’s factory GPS system is or is there another answer?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Most models have the radio controls integrated with the HVAC, so you're outta luck. No practical way to yank that out.

    You can add anything that uses an FM transmitter, or maybe get one of those in-line plugs that piggy-backs on the antennae. Check the 05+ Legacy/Outback threads, they've discussed the details there.

  • dmeagherdmeagher Posts: 3
    Yeah, I’m familiar with the FM modulators, but that only gets you FM quality. I know at least in ‘05 there where two 6 disc in dash changers available, and my car came with the one that does not play MP3 discs. Does the other model have an aux input? The factory GPS has to plug in somewhere.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Hop over to that thread I mentioned, I'm sure you'll get plenty of answers.

  • lambed3lambed3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed a satelite radio or a Harman Kardon plug and play Ipod connector in their 06 Legacy GT? I am curious to know if there is a way to hardwire an Ipod and not use and FM transmitter.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Unfortunatley, you can not use any aftermarket connector on the 05-06 Legacy GT headunits. Since the unit is self contained (ie. no external CD changer connector in back), there is no way for an aftermarket interface to connect.

    Other than an in-line FM modulator that would hook up to the antenna connector, the only other way is to open up the headunit and tap into the ribbon cable between the internal CD player and headunit.

    A member over at forums has manufactured a small board that will intercept the signal between the CD player and HU to create a kludge AUX-in. I have purchased this board and it works great. The only downside is that one must play a blank CD in order to hear just the iPod.

    Hope that helps.

  • Ken, you suggested what sounds like an excellent soluton for the Ipod audio issue. Could you provide better details on how to contact the person you refer to? I have a Subie Forester XT 2004 and I hope that the same solution would work for the original Tuner/CD changer in my car.

    Thanks, Edward

    Ken wrote: "A member over at forums has manufactured a small board that will intercept the signal between the CD player and HU to create a kludge AUX-in. I have purchased this board and it works great. The only downside is that one must play a blank CD in order to hear just the iPod."
  • dsattlerdsattler Posts: 135
    Go to that site, path after that is forums-Interior/audio-Sticky Plug n Play Aux-in mod.
  • Thanks, unfortunately it does not look like it will work on a Forrester. Here is clip from first post in the above referenced sticky post from the creator of the mod:

    Will this work on other Subaru's? YES. This will work on WRX/Impreza/Outback Sports. As far as I know, it will not work in Bajas, Forester or Tribeca's. It will not work for any years but 2005 & 2006. This mod is only for 05/06 Subaru Legacy's, Outbacks (2.5L & 3.0L), and Outback Sport/Impreza & WRX's with 6CD radios (P-133).

    Will this work on non-US radios? Yes, it will work with Canadian radios. It will not work in the McIntosh radio, and it will not work in the standard radio with single zone metric climate controls (C instead of F) - European, Japanese, Australian, etc...sorry. I wish it did.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869

    Try going to There's a modification shown on integrating an iPod for a Forester XT.

  • Ken thanks so much for the reference to this forum

    the solution for the Forester XT seems similar to the Legacy and uses a blank/silent CD as well. Some cost in parts and a few solders, but seems like it is a fairly easy project. The URL above seems to have good instructions as well as photos.

    Now all I need is for the Ipod (my first)that I just purchased to actually work, but that is a different story.

    Thanks again,
  • aljeealjee Posts: 6
    I have a new 06 OB 2.5I, I'm looking to either get a front hood deflector (plastic shield) or the mini-bra..? What are the pro's and con's..?

    I do 80% local traffic driving & 20% Highway...

    thanks in advance
  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    I also have a new OB 06, but I'm not thinking on putting extras other than the ski rack when season calls, and maybe a hitch for the bikes. Why? Well, I had a Civic with a bra, and was a pain to put on after taking it off. Its not hard to do it, but after 2 or 3 times (that you will, especially when you feel it dirty), you will think you have wasted your money. About the deflector, I would argue against if you have to make a hole in your car. Don't play with corrosion.
    The best investment, if you can afford, is the 3M film. Look at this article:, or just google some info. No bugs anymore. Some years ago, the crazy people of Car and Driver even went to the north pole with something like it (think it was the same), and it was a marvel
  • vpekulasvpekulas Posts: 14
    Is there such a thing as a bull/brush guard for the grill for 01 Outback ? I think it'd look really good if done elegantly ....
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,786

    It just depends how socially responsible you are. Most intelligent life forms consider it undesirable to walk the streets bearing offensive weapons. Regrettably, this does not apply to automotive ornamentation.

    Bull bars are useful if you will genuinely run into a bull, moose or kangaroo. However, this applies for very few citizens of the civilised world, who are dramatically more likely to impact another citizen, probably a child, first. In such an event, the bullbar will inflict grievous injury upon the fellow citizen, with a much higher probability of death than the cars designed crash zones.

    If the struck pedestrian or other driver survives, the loss of crush zones, carefully built into the vehicle, will result in horrific injuries, taking one back fifty years in terms of vehicle safety.

    If you are the sort of person who likes strolling the streets wearing a six gun, go for it! However, do understand the risk you run and think about how you will live with the consequences


  • vpekulasvpekulas Posts: 14
    Hi Graham,

    if you go back to my post and read it again, I said something done elegantly. I'm not looking to mount a fence on my bumper/grill :)

    What I'm after is something like the Forester has, which is relatively low (about the 4rd of the grill is filled) and plastic. Example of what I'd look for:
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    As you might suspect Graham is from Australia, where bull bars are rather common, at least in rural Australia—which is most of the place. :) What you're suggesting is far from what is considered a traditional bull bar.

    Here are some Aussie "Nudge Bars" for Subaru Outbacks. Think of a Nudge Bar as sort of a Bull Bar Lite.

    Here are some true "bull bars," from that same site. These are HD units, which is what Graham was referring to, many of which include winches.

  • vpekulasvpekulas Posts: 14
    Thanks for the link :) I'll contact them to see if they ship to Canada.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    There are a number of other sites too. Just do a Google search for "Bull Bars and Nudge Bars for Subaru."

  • I just purchased a 07 Outback Wagon and would like to add a remote starter. There is a overpriced option from Subaru (not available yet) that has no features. Anyone have a recommendation for a nice install?
  • Why can't you buy OEM remote starter and install it yourself? It is about $270.00 and will be covered by Subaru warranty. If you install aftermarket remote starter and have any electrial problem later, most dealers refuse to fix it under warranty.
  • audioiaudioi Posts: 7
    I had been told they were not available and on delay??
  • gillumgillum Posts: 5
    I just got a 2007 outback as a company car. I ordered the remote start feature which is great (and is available) but I do have a question. I thought the remote start and door locks would be on the same fob; they're not. Can you buy an aftermarket fob and program it for doors and the starter?
  • audioiaudioi Posts: 7
    Great ! Thanks
  • Yes you can do that.
  • My 06 Outback came with a factory installed remote starter for $299. It operates off the key fob. I didn't really want it, was on a demo. Only time I've used it was by accident, I was fiddling with the fob from in the house one night and the running lights came on and the engine was running.
  • gillumgillum Posts: 5
    That's strange... why does mine have two fobs (one for remote start and one for locks)?
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