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Subaru Legacy/Outback Accessories and Modifications



  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Yes you will hear reveb, clicks and static type noises if your cellular phone is too close to your speakers. I hear it most often in my PC speakers.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Anyone have one installed on their 05+ LGT? Looking at putting one in the new ride.

  • seabee65seabee65 Posts: 1
    Have any of you put on a larger front & rear sway bar ?
    Which brand & size did you choose & are you happy w/the result ? Thanks for your reply. Val in
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Haven't yet but I will be eventually.

  • w2njsw2njs Posts: 1
    I have an '07 LLB H6 Outback, now with 2000 miles, and I absolutely love the car. It's my third Subaru but my first with the big engine, having done many miles in an '00 I bought used and an '04 I got new. The one thing on the '07 that I'd like to change is the exhaust outlets. It's a shame to have your dual mufflers hidden up, under, and behind the rear bumper, so I'm wondering if the rear mufflers from the H6 sedan (that appear to show under the bumper) can be swapped/put onto the wagon. Since it's not possible to drive with the rear gate open I can't understand why Subaru chose to hide the exhaust outlets, more so since the car has a built-in spoiler. All ideas and thoughts are appreciated.

    Tom, Washington DC
  • dliboirondliboiron Posts: 10
    I have the 1997 legacy outback, the little sticker on top says I can only use Sub' approved cargo container. My max load is 100 Ibs, what kind of aftermarket products can I use for a cargo rack? The closest dealer to me is 150 km away and they are not providing me witht the right info.
    For stores near me, we have Walmart, Canadian Tire, zellers ( I don't think they do car stuff), NAPA, Rona, Peavey Mart..
  • I have a Thule rack for my bikes for my 03 Outback. The cargo carriers (either Thule or Yakima) that I can fit alongside the bike racks are all really long and block the back lift gate. Is anyone aware of some other cargo carrier option that allows me to both use the bike racks but that doesn't block the lift gate? (I've studied the Thule and Yakima catalogs and think I've exhausted my options. Hoping there's something else out there).
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    I was always under the impression that you either had the bike rack or the cargo carrier, not both. One place for both places is Decent prices, and good service.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,865
    Really depends on the type of bike rack and cargo carrier you get. If you put wide cross bars on the car (5-6'?), you can easily fit a rocket box (long, enclosed, hard-side cargo carrier) and a bike or two side by side. Also, if you get a large cargo basket, you can mount bike racks directly on top of it. The basket is not as long as the rocket boxes and is not as restrictive regarding load shapes/sizes. But, it also does not offer the same level of cargo protection.

    Choices choices....
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    That does work. Keep in mind that two identical mountain bikes most likely don't fit between the rails of a Outback. I have a Yakima bars and bike attachments. Width of handle bars + bike attachments will be wider than the subaru rack. This forces one bike to be mounted backwards. In our case my wifes bike is much smaller frame size and the bike handle bars can overlap.

    Hint to Subaru: make the roof rack wider!

    If you want 4 bikes get long bars! I think I have the 60" bars and they don't extend too far beyond the edge of the car and are within the mirrors.
  • nctarheelnctarheel Posts: 1
    I can't take it anymore. I've tried three different models and they're all terrible. The audio is weak, tinny, totally lacking in low-end, and the static is constant and horrible. It makes my iPod sound like an AM radio.

    I have a 2005 Outback 2.5i Ltd with the factory-installed in-dash 6 CD changer. Does anyone know if I can get Subaru or an after-market place to install an aux-in jack? The unit appears to have only three settings (FM, AM and CD) so I'm not sure if it would be possible to patch in an aux-in. Would I have to replace the entire unit? That would cost a lot more than I'm willing to spend.
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    There is a post on here in the Subaru Crew where someone has listed a mod for the ipod. I beleive it is

    A lot of people have used it with great success.

  • Hi, I wanted to buy a softshell luggage carrier for my Outback wagon (with sunroof) but I'm assuming I need to buy at least one additional load bar to prevent the bag from sagging onto the roof.

    Is this the typical approach, or has anyone found a better way to support the softshell? Thanks.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,865
    Most typically, one would support the soft bag with either a cargo basket (which mounts to the factory crossbars) or some other solid-bottomed fabrication. A third bar would likely work if the contents of the bag were either large or the bag was stuffed nearly or completely full.

    I mounted our 7 cubic foot soft bag (I think it is a Yakima) directly on the roof of our '96, but that was before the days of the panoramic sunroof, back when the cargo rack still had the skids mounted every 6" across the top.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • ens1117ens1117 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to get a cargo box or basket/bag for my 2006 Outback wagon. Our vehicle has a factory installed rack, and the use would be to add space for luggage, etc as opposed to sporting equipment like a snowboard.

    Any and all suggestions, recommendations and warnings would be appreciated.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I had a soft carrier on my Forester. In heavy, sustained rain, it was not water tight. They are the cheapest option, and fold away when you don't need it.

    I prefer the new Sears ones, the black aero looking ones.

    Also, Yak racks (Yakima) will bolt on with a clamp you can buy.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I actually rested mine on the roof rails (Foresters back then had them) and put the bars just fore and aft to hold the whole thing in place.

    Nowadays rails are rare, even Subaru dropped them.
  • I have an 07 Legacy sedan that has an XM ready radio. I am a Sirius subscriber and want to install a Sirius receiver in the car. Question is, can I utilize the factory XM-ready radio and integrate Sirius? Is there a Sirius kit that would work? I'd like to be able to do this without using the aux jack.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm fairly sure you can't adapt XM for Sirius. You will probably have to use the Aux in feature.

  • Now I'm ready to see what I can do about making it go faster! I've tried to investigate different mods I can do online but it seems the only Subaru's you can modify is the Impreza, or at least, that's all I'm finding.
    Can you add a Turbo and essentually have yourself a GT? I noticed the engines are the same with the execption that the GT has a dual overhead cam. That and the trannies set up a little different. Any issues? What can I do?
    I'm not looking to build me an STI (though I've seen the STI kit for the Legacy, not bad but, it's a GT mod)
    What about wheels? I have 16" (standard) the GT comes standard w/17", can I get 18" or better without hurting the AWD?
    One other side note: Does anyone else have issues with the strength of the antena for the radio?
    I figured I could ask fellow Subaru owners/drivers for help, since they would be the one's that know!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Ok a few things....

    The non Subaru engines while they may be the same sizewise, they aren't really setup to be turboed. I've done it, but it's not easy or cheap.

    I'd focus on brakes, supsnesion, tires, etc.

    Start with tires and brakes, then move on to suspension.

    Also you may want to get out and do an HPDE at a local race track which essentially is a driving school with your own car and instructor. This will be a great mod, it can be transferred to any car you own.

  • Thanks Mike,
    The 2005 model year includes the 2.5l Subaru Boxer engine with similar displacements as the LGT. The GT has a dual overhead cam while the base & limited's have a single overhead cam. Otherwise, the engines are the same.
    I'd like to start with wheels and tires but I don't know what the limits are for size. When I've done any investigating on the subject I find that 17" wheels can be no problem and, since the GT sits on the same basic body and comes standard with 17" wheels, that's a no brainer. I was wondering if I could and if I should go bigger and if it make any sense or practicality.
    I appreiciate the fact that you also offer up a driving school of sorts. I, however, am not from Washington orginally and have actually learned to drive, even in snow! I also took the Skip Barber school of driving (open wheel racing) and learned to improve my technics. I'm also very framilar with 4wd & awd vehicles. I also grew up with muscle cars (rear wheel drive) and high horsepower. I'm not worried about losing control of my car.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The ones I speak of are similar to Skip Barber, not really a driving school but more a high performance driving experience where you can take your car on-track and really push it to the limits, this is the best improvement you can make on the car.

    As I said the engines are VERY different, even though the displacement is similar. For instance the compression ratio is different, the coolant and oil systems are different, ecu's are different, lots and lots of stuff that is just not worth turboing a non-turbo subaru car.

    We did it on a 2.5RS before there were turbos available in the US. It cost about $2k after it was all done and was a real PITA to do.

    For tires, I'd look at something like either an all-season ultra high performance tire or dedicated summer tires. Next I'd go for Hawk HP+ brake pads and SS Lines.

    After that go for some upgraded springs and bilstien struts/shocks.

  • I didn't realize there was such a difference between the two engines. So, what your saying is; I should trade in my 2.5 for a GT! haha I'd like to get all the performance I can out of my car but without the option of slapping a turbo in, I don't think I'll ever get to where I'd like to. I'm willing to spend some money but when your talking of all the things I'd need to do to get what I want; cost-wise I've moved myself into a GT already. Improving the handling by means of wheels, tires and suspension is one thing, but I'm also looking to improve my take off time. Maybe an exhaust and intake but still, I'm only talking; what?; 10; 15 HP? I feel my car has sufficient power to "get around town" but it lacks in climbing steady grades and a better suspension and tires will not improve that.
    Thanks for all your help Mike!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup, in that case, yeah look for a LGT. I just hate to see someone spend good money after bad, since I've been there and done that (several times over).

    If you want a stick, in a wagon you'll need to look for an 05 LGT Wagon as that's the only year they came in a stick.

    Here is a pic of mine:

  • I am trying to decide between a AT and MT in the 08 Legacy GT. I had an 04 OB 2.5i MT and it was lacking in the performance dept. I do alot of mountain freeway driving. Anyone have feedback on this?
    Also someone in an earlier post mentioned the need for 3,750 mile oil changes now required for the 08 GT's. This is the first I have heard about this. Does the turbo put that much stress on the engine?
    Someone also mentioned using a cat back exhaust and cold air intake. Are these reasonable modifications to wake up the car a little more. Are there other mods to consider? Do they work to really increase performance? What about warranty?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Having driven a lot of the Subies out there, you definitely want an MT with any of the Turbo cars. The AT will be ok, but it won't allow you to keep it in the turbo range when you really want to pull. I have a bone stock 05 LGT w/5MT and it's a great setup. I hold my own on the track with some very very purpose built sports cars. The difference between a GT and a 2.5i is night and day. I've driven my brother in laws 2.5i w/AT v. my LGT w/MT and it's really quite different.

    As for mods I'd do the SPT cat-back exhaust, but if you wait about a month I should have that on my car and can give some real-world feeback on it.

  • Thanks for the input! Has anyone heard anything about the need for 3750 mile oil changes on the 08's? As far as I know the 08 GT motors are basically the same as the 05's. 3750 reminds me of the 911's I owned 20 years ago B4 kids.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    3750 is the recommendation for the 08s. They are the same as the 05-07 however due to owner neglect over the past few years (aka people did 10K+ changes) and then had warranty claims, SOA is protecting themselves by requiring the severe use oil change interval on the 08 turbos. I change mine every 5k +/- with synthetics and don't have a problem. They key to any extended oil change intervale beyond 5k miles is that your filter is really only good for 5k miles, so even though the oil itself may be good, your filter isn't.

  • Any suggestions as to how the turbo lag in the '08 Outback XT with 5spd Auto can be reduced?

    Traffic in my area is too heavy to tolerate a MT, but an earlier post here suggested the AT doesn't work well with the Turbo. I'd consider the H6 but my understanding is its low end torque is worse than the Turbos' !!

    It's a pity the intelligent control I_S_S# includes makeing the throttle hair trigger tip-in instead of just readjusting the trans shift points and engine control remap.
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