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Pontiac Torrent Prices Paid and Buying Experience

cateyes99cateyes99 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
A local dealer here says they have a brand new 06'Pontiac Torrent on sale. Standard equipment plus sun roof and 6 disc CD player, cruise control. The tag price is $20,999, there might be $200~300 discount.
I checked Edmunds, invoice price for this car is around $21,000. But the dealer showed me their invoice, which is about $23,000. He said even if we pay $20,999 for it, they're still "losing money". Is it possible?
Is this price reasonable?
Thank you.


  • baizejbaizej Posts: 1
    We just got a 2007 White Torrent with the Preferred Package and 9k miles. Leather, remote start, auto dim mirror, etc. We paid just under $19,000 for it. I would say he's lying. Depending on mileage, $19,000 would be a good starting point since you have some of the extras, the sunroof and stereo. I went at the end of the month and they seemed desperate, although no one but the dealer knows how much they've made. They wouldn't sell it if they were truly losing money.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    I dont know if it too late but I have and 06 FWD sport with sun and sound pkg 17" aluminums, $32000 CDN on the road with some free oil changes
  • they showed u their invoices- they make ones with their fees hidden in it- u can request the true invoice the it comes with- we get gm dicount and i got my awd 07 torrent (leather, preffered, sun and sound, 6 disc, nav, pretty much everything offered) for 25k and my first 6 or so oil changes are included- which isnt much for me really - put alot of milage on a vehicle
  • txtorrenttxtorrent Posts: 1
    Hello, just bought a '06 Torrent with Preferred Pkg, Sun & Sound, Premium Pkg, XM radio, and 17" wheels for $22,600 + TTL. Sticker was $26,290. I think I got a pretty good price but I love to negotiate. ;)
  • mrockmrock Posts: 5
    This was back in April, purchased in CT. Tried 2 dealers (1 NY and 1 in CT). Probably would have tried even another dealer but worn down since I was also negotiating for the RAV4 and a Mistubishi with less than stellar results. Must be the area I live in, too many people.

    Taking days to negotiate but this was the best I could do.

    AWD MSRP $26260
    -$1000 off
    -$2000 rebate
    +$185 Conveyance fee BS (after deal was done this got thrown in at signing, bastards.)
    Final $23445
  • kenyonkenyon Posts: 11
    I bought a GXP Torrent from Faulkner Pontiac in Harrisburg PA. List about 32,500.
    $3000 in rebates. Negotiated another 3000 off. Had about $2000 in GM dollars. Total price 24,500 give or take a dollar or two. No hassles with finance department. I was going to pay cash after making the deal. they offered 4.7% for 66 months which I took though I may pay off early after thinking about it.
    Process took 90 minutes, the Faulkner people were all very pleasant.
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    Picked up new Torrent on 1-19-08
    AWD, Preferred Pkg, sun and sound, side airbags, 17" wheels, heated seats, XM
    Sticker $29285
    Neg. down to $28000
    $2000 Torrent rebate
    $2000 GM card bonus
    $1000 GM loyalty rebate
    Approximate cost was 23k + sales tax and doc fee
    I think it was a pretty good deal. Salesman is good. Second car from same dealer/salesman.

    So far so good on the Torrent. Electronic gadgets are amazing. A geek squad fantasy.
  • I recently went looking for a new vehicle and took my 2007 Pontica Torrent in for trade-in and was totally shocked to find out the car is worth half of its value. The car does not have alot of miles on it and is in great shape. I wanted to purchase a larger vehicle and was informed by the salesman that they would give me $14,000.00 for my torrent. I in addition went of line to check the value and confirmed the car drops in value by half. This sucks.
  • p3001p3001 Posts: 5
    hello all, former GM employee here. my dad is trying to buy a torrent for my mom, and i decided to come online and see if anyone on the boards could provide me with a GM "Friends & Family" coupon code for this purchase. I would greatly appreciate it and he would be buying "American" because I'm almost positive he's gonna go foreign otherwise and I would hate to see that. Well hope someone on the boards can help me out, reply or send me a private message/email ( if you can help, thanks.
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