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Volkswagen GTI Lighting & Electrical Problems

moncefmoncef Posts: 1
Hi Guys,
I have a 2000 VW Golf GTI VR6, and the dashboard light is not working so I have hard time at night see how fast I am going, Can someone please tell me how to fix it because I don't know nothing about electrical stuff.


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    Let's use this as the start of a discussion where GTI owners can discuss electrical and lighting issues. I'll rename the discussion to reflect that.
  • vwgolfgldvwgolfgld Posts: 1
    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the letter 'S' means on the ignition switch. Besides there are 'X', '30', '50' & '15'.
    I have a GOLF GLD of 1981. I tired to change the switch but the new switch didn't had a terminal for 'S' but it still works.
  • I can't figure out if my MkV GTI 2007 is equipped or not with an auto-leveling system for the bi-xenon front lights. Does someone know? I thought this is a standard, but seems not working when I try to test that (load the rear seat and check the light on the wall). And my dealer knows nothing...
    This is not clearly written in VW specs, as it is for other models (GLI for example), so I have doubts..
  • I have an '08 and when I first turn the car on in the garage, I can see them do their test. The light pattern on the far wall of my garage goes down and then back up. So I assume this is the auto-leveling "test".
  • sealbeachsealbeach Posts: 9

    I also have a 2007 MkV GTI and I believe it is equipped with auto-leveling system.
  • is it all the lights on the dash? ie the radio lights, ac lights, window lights on the doors? if so, then it sounds like a short and or blow fuse.

    if its just the gauge cluster (speed,gas,rpms) then you can check the fuses for that as well. if it is only the speed display that is out. then that will take a whole new cluster. the lights are LEDs and are made into the board. so if not like a bulbs replacement will help that.

    good luck!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Well, I have my first issue with my '08 GTI.

    The MPG display has gone haywire. Instead of giving me an accurate readout of the mpg's as I'm driving along, it's spitting out random numbers, then it goes blank like it's trying to reset but then it starts to spit out random numbers again.

    Only 2300 miles on it.

    I know this means a trip to the dealer, anyone had a similar experience? :sick:
  • Hi guys,
    I have to turn the light switch twice (almost always) before I can have lights on the dashboard. Is there anyone who experienced this before?
  • My tial lights suddenly went bad. Fuses are good. I don't know where to begin to find the problem. Pleas help.

    1. Key OFF, Lights OFF
    a. Brake lights OK when brake depressed
    2. Key OFF, Lights ON
    a. No low beam
    b. Hi beam OK
    c. Tail lights not working
    d. Brake lights OK
    3. Key ON, Lights OFF
    a. Brake lights OK
    b. Left turn front DIM & FAST
    c. Left turn rear DIM & FAST
    d. Right turn front DIM & FAST
    e. Right turn rear DIM & FAST
    4. Key ON, Lights ON
    a. No tail lights
    b. Brake lights OK
    c. Low beam OK (DIM?)
    d. Hi beam OK
    e. Left turn front DIM & FAST
    f. Left turn rear DIM & FAST
    g. Right turn front DIM & FAST
    h. Right turn rear DIM & FAST
  • I own a 2008 GTI and there are 4 headlights, but the two on the inside do not come on in any configuration. The VW dealership is researching but does not have an answer, although they believe that these are additional lights that were a Canadian spec and a specific code needs to be input for them to work.

    Any ideas?
  • imn3dstooimn3dstoo Posts: 1
    The headlights will come on if you have the headlights off and pull the high switch to the rear.. they are considered parking lights?? for what ever reason they serve no purpose really IMO.. ;p
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