How much luggage can the Honda Element carry?

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I will be renting a SUV to pick up some friends from the airport.

There will be a total of 4 passengers including me.

They have 3 large suitcases, and three roll on (carry on luggage).

Do you know if the Honda Element can store this much luggage?

My other option is to rent a Chevy Trailblazer or a larger SUV...



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    what i have found is that with the element it will always work, just make it work. meaning you may have one of your carry on providing a nice coffee table for backseat passengers. if your worried about it, i guess i would say go with the bigger car. 6 stuffed bags could be just 1 to many.
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    I've always had a trunk, so am wondering how that works for bags of groceries, etc, to keep them from sliding all over the back?
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    I bought the carpet cargo mat and groceries stay in place.
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    Some people like nets (I have one for my minivan but rarely use it).


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    The max payload capacity of the Element is abut 1000 pounds. That means approximately 7 people (140 each). This means that with four people normally in the car , there is left the equivalent weight of 3 people to carry as luggage.
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