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Chevy HHR Interior Problems



  • I have an 06 HHR and I really love my car but when it rain and my car is parked in the driveway there is water on the passenger floorboard. I was told they couldn't find where it was coming from, now my car is at the dealer and they have taken the seats out to dry the floor and looking for the leak. Could someone tell me is the a manufacture problem, right now I'm looking at a bill of approximately $560.00 dollars.
  • prp1prp1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. The dealer wants $355.00 for the part plus about a two hour labor charge! This is one of the worst designs possible!! This is a safety issue and GM should have a recall on this problem. They also need a repair kit instead of having to replace the whole door panel.
    After reading the responses in the forum I think I will try to repair the handle myself.
  • I'm looking at an epoxy compound called PC10 (ACE hardware carries it).
    My break is visible when you open the door and pull the door handle open, so I'm going to mix up some PC10 epoxy and take a small brush and brush it on the break where I can see it, then close the handle, re-open it to make sure it made a connection to the other side. If not, I'll let the initial coating cure, then add another layer and test again. The broken plastic does have a rough texture where broken, so the adhesive should adhere well.

    I just need about 12 hours of 50 + degrees for the epoxy to cure.

  • My wife loved the "Majestic Amethyst" color when the 2006 HHR came onto the market. I bought her a 2006 in 2008 and she has had a great experience with the car up until about three weeks ago when the passenger's side inside door handle "released". I was sure it was some type clip device and that it would just need to be reconnected. My wife usually drives the car back and forth to work and we use a bigger Chevy Uplander to cart around our family of six. (parents, two teenagers, and two small dogs). I have been unable to exit from the passenger side unless I roll down window reach over with arm out the window and open the door with outside handle. Today it was raining here in KS and I had enough with the reach over exit maneuver.

    My wife and I finally have taken the assembly apart and low and behold it was NOT the "released" connection I thought it was. It is hard to describe exactly how we felt when we saw the door handle was actually plastic and that it was fractured. I ran to get online to hopefully try and find a $40 dollar fix with a new handle only to find they were not available unless you buy a whole door panel assembly. Within 5 minutes I found this forum, and one other,where a gentlemen in TN described how he fixed it. After about six bucks at the local hardware store I am about thirty minutes into my repair and have high hopes I can fix this and avoid the $400 RIPOFF that Chevy is charging HHR owners for a fix.

    It floors me that some engineer thought a caste plastic would hold up under a repetitive stress situation such as the door handle of a car. The design has all the torque place on one thin elbow piece that has no structural integrity. What floors me even more is that we have become such a "plastic" culture. It is stupid to be mad at foreign manufacturers because we are the consumers whom continually by these plastic made parts. We continue to think that the cheaper is always the better choice. Thus we have dollar stores every mile through out the city, What do they specialize in selling? PLASTIC! (from over seas) We are the consumers who shape what is sold to us by continually buying this cruddy stuff because it is cheap.

    I have been a loyal Chevy owner for many years and I was seriously surprised by the lack of integrity displayed in their design on this part. I am already thinking about removing the other inside handles and reinforcing those before they break. For the next few days, we will use a piece of nylon rope to release the latch so that the car is still useable. Will try and update as I can. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  • madatgmmadatgm Posts: 4
    I began this thread by recommending a class action suit. However I found away around the entire least for me. Although I fabricated a repair and the door is now better than new...on my side anyway, I relieved myself of any future problems by selling the car. Caveat emptor. :lemon:
  • mrdbrownmrdbrown Posts: 1
    my husband needs to know how you fixed the problem with the door panel / handle.
  • gruffygruffy Posts: 5
    My son did it for me...he is incredibly deft that way. Chevy would have you buy the whole door panel. All he did was remove the panel and pull out the pin that holds the handle in place. GM won't sell you a handle...of he took two small thin rather flexible aluminum strips and sanded them so they were really roughed up. Then he used special plastic epoxy to glue the two strips to the handle where it broke (and where all of them break). The thin strips did not impede the handle in it's recess, and it's worked perfectly ever since. Main thing, though, is to have the strips rough enough to give a firm "purchase" for the glue. Hope that helps. Sorry for the delay...

  • wit2wit2 Posts: 11
    read message 50, 51, 56, by wit2
  • leah5leah5 Posts: 6
    i've had my hhr for about 5.5yrs now. it's the lovely "06" model and i got it in "05"
    well, it seems like everytime i turn around something is going wrong with my car!
    #1. the whole car violently shakes when i apply the brakes (im told that my rotors are wraped from driving threw water puddles)
    #2. i've had to have the radio replaced, because it would just shut off on its own, or never come on.
    #3. the gear shifter knob came off in my hand as i was shifting the gears.
    #4. the check engine light comes on for a day or two and then goes away.
    #5. O...lets not forget the water in the floorboard of the passenger side. (i've had it fixed, but now the whole car smells like mildew.
    #6. seriously bad blind spots! i have hit...2 different telephone poles, a car and a bobcat (the animal) all with the front bumper!
    #7. my side mirrows don't move anymore with the button, or even when a car with bright headlights, like it did when i first got the car.
    #8. the sunroof brackets broke, now that thing leaks and the dealership says they will not fix it, cause of wear and tear.....hello this has all happened to my car in the 1st year of having this car.
    #9...and just tonight, on my way to a friends house, my POWER STEARING goes out. I took it to a 24hr place to have them look at it real quick and they can't figure out where the power stearing thing, i get back in my car to come home and guess what i have? my power stearing is back!
    #10. i have also been told since i bought the car in 05, that i need a new clutch! it only acts up when its cold!!!! the dealership tells me thats wear and tear too, but they also said, its cause someone has been driving my car that doesn't know how to drive a standard....hello....that's what i learned to drive on.
    So, for almost 5.5yrs, i have been driving this car with all of these problems and my car now has 91,000. miles on it.
    plus i forgot to mention, it clicks really loud when i make a hard right hand turn...what's that?
    anyone else?
  • rstruthersrstruthers Posts: 29
    I had the same problem only on the passenger side. The leak was ruining the heater fan and the resistor that controls it. I replaced 3 resistors and one fan motor. Now I have taken the cowl cover off. This entails removing the wiper blades and the cover that extends across the lower part of the windshield. Under that is a flexable cover on the passenger side that has come loose. It is only glued down. I have heard of others that have made a template and cut an aluminum sheet to replace it. I chose to re-seal it with silicone and then use duct tape, (aluminum tape with a really sticky glue that is used on house and commercial air ducts) to tape around the perimeter of the the cover. I made sure I covered the screw holes. Reinstall the large cowl cover and wipers. I think it's fixed.
  • cheif2dogcheif2dog Posts: 3
    MY DRIVERS SIDE DOOR HANDLE HAS BROKEN TWICE!!!!! The first time it was under warranty of it is not! Called chevy to see if this was an on going problem because my husband says I must be "too rough" on it! Rep called me back and told me to fix handle would be 300.00 because the whole panel had to be replaced!!!!! Genius engineer designed this ,huh!!!!? He also investigated and said this did not seem to be a reported problem! What a liar. I am glad I kept looking.
    Where I live our streets flood quite easily...with very little warning and I told him if the handle ever broke off in my hand and I could not get out of my car, I am leaving explicit instructions to sue CHEVROLET!!!! If there is ever a class action lawsuit ...please let me know..this is absurd!!! Should have stuck with a foreign import! In 50 years of driving NEVER HAD A DOOR HANDLE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,379
    I saw replacement handles being sold on eBay or the internet when I searched for one when someone earlier posted about having to replace the whole panel! 010-/320472056948?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4a- 9d9f8474

    is first one I found. I searched for Cobalt door handles.

    You will have to take off your unit and figure out how to replace the handle and surround...

    Good luck with this. That seems a lot more practical than replacing the whole door panel.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • warvinwarvin Posts: 10
    I was having the same problem with my remote and took it back to the dealer. The first time I took it back they put new batteries in both of them. The second time just a few weeks later, they said I would have to pay to get them fixed. I was livid...yelled and screamed that it had to be the remote mechanism and that is covered under my warranty..sure enough it was a mechanical issue with the was something to do with the computer chip...It got fixed free of charge...but that was after yelling and one should have to do that when they are the owners of new cars...again hate dealers...

  • zacatecaszacatecas Posts: 1
    im going to try tired of this freaking water coming in trough the passenger side panel.can even get a freaking car wash without water coming in. For the handle part my wife is tired of rollong down the window and opening the door like that escially when it rains. :mad:
  • dei1dei1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced no display on radio? All other lights work and function properly, just can't see any info on it...
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    This is at night with the dimmer switched all the way up? Or in the daytime?
  • dei1dei1 Posts: 2
    Day or Night,and the dimmer switch doesn't make a difference at all...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Dei1,
    Has anyone looked at the radio to see what is going on? The radio works other than the display correct? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I have the same problem with my HHR purchased new in 2005. The door handle has been broken for 2 or 3 years driver side. Dealer told me about $495.00 as you stated the whole panel has to be replace plus labor. I was letting my window down to get out but now I've did that so much it stopped working. Now I have two problems,my key remotes will not work even with the replacing the batterys. I have to push the botton to lock it so the alarm go off when I use the key get in. I know another lady with that problem. I think there are many more with the door they just was able to pay for the repair. Please let me know about class action. I really need my door fixed.
  • lizziebethlizziebeth Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 23,379
    They sell replacement door handles for Cobalts and G5s. Do HHRs have the same handle.

    Try and search for cobalt interior door handle or inside door handle.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • I have the same problem with the key. Parts, labor and tow come to $510.00. I like the car, but it only has 47,000 on the clock So far I have had to replace one front wheel bearing, the heater blower and blower control and now this. And now the struts are starting to make noise.
    When ,or where, will it end? Is this the quality that made american industry the envy of the world?
    Not that the car is "crap", just getting too costly too soon.
    Anyway, I am glad to get a chance to vent. Has anyone heard of a recall for this problem?
  • My HHR just made 75,000 miles. Thus far it has had a door handle fall off (which my son put back on at the expense of no longer having a working door lock switch). It has also had to have the head replaced because of some kind of leak that was causing #4 cylinder to constantly mis-fire, keeping the engine light on, then off...then on..... It has also had the heater assembly completely replaced because it never worked properly...couldn't get the air flow shudder to actuate to different settings. It has had one of the two transmitter keys quit. It has had an interior dome light crap out. It also has horrible strut noise now in the winter (they attribute to cold shocks...but that has never happened to other cars I've had). Oh, I forgot, I just sold my 92 Subaru with 376,000 miles on it for $400...and it drove away.
  • 58 DOLLARS? And that doesn't include shipping....that piece of crap isn't worth 2 bucks, chrome plating (sic) and all.....then, try installing it...
  • You what something worse than that?
    I closed my door on my safety belt and broke the plastic button (the size of a dime) that passes trough my safety belt.
    Went to buy another one at the dealer....get ready....38.00$
    I said NO WAY!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    If you would like to send me your VIN I would be happy to look into recall information for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Are you still experiencing concerns with your vehicle? Please email me your VIN and situation information. Thank you!
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi
    I read your post that you replaced your wheel bearing. I would like to ask you what kind of noisy was it making???? Mine sounds like the drivers side tire is rubbing. I did take it to A mechanics shop and they have no idea what it is all they could tell me was that they heard the noise and to keep driving it till it gets worse.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    Very good mechanic....the worse it gets...more expensive it will be to repair. Go see someone else before it's to late.
    I'm talking by experience. When I was younger I could hear a weird sound when applying the brakes, went to a mechanic and he told me that he couldn't find anything and to wait till it got worse (exactly like your mechanic did) I waited....It got worse alright, had to change all the front brake system (discs, rotors, hoses) I mean everything, cost me 800$ this was back back in 1979.
    Ya right! Wait until it gets worse he said.
    Who's won in this story.
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