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Hyundai Santa Fe Electrical Problems

dorvasondorvason Posts: 3
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe, with only 57,000. I bought it 5 months ago, and noticed when I drive at night (mainly) if I press any button in my car, and even the brakes, the car lights with dim, and almost sound like it is going to kill my car. Then a few days ago while idling my RPMs would drop really low, and the radio as well as lights would dim, and the car almost sounded like it was about to stall. Please some one help me.


  • Sounds to me like you probably need a new battery. Could be your alternator is starting to go also but I would have the battery checked first.
  • dorvasondorvason Posts: 3
    Thank you I will get that checked
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    I agree. Have them both checked but your issue sounds like the alt. Once the car is started you can disconnect a battery. The alt. will run the car on its own. If this problem has persisted for some time your battery may be beyond the point of holding a good charge.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    07 Santa Fe Limited FWD 3.3L - after many months it finally rained here in Phoenix (bought the S.F. on 4/30/07 - hasn't rained at all 'til tonight!!!). After going through heavy water, I looked down and noticed the "ESC Off"warning light was on. Went to turn it back on and it wouldn't go off.

    When I got home and turned the engine off, I re-started and everything was fine. Turned the ESC off then back on and it worked normally.

    Assuming it wa a temporary short from high water spraying up, and after I had to have my external Temperature Sensor replaced after going through a car wash when i first got the car, I'm wondering if there is any shielding to the on board computer and wiring.

    Anyone else had similar problems in the wet - i.e. temporary shorts, replaced temp. sensors?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    If the "ESC Off" warning light comes on after being shorted by the rain, how likely is it that it is just the sensor, and how would you really tell if the ESC had turned itself off? 'Cause that's a safety issue. I'll just have to see if it happens again and whether it left an error code on the computer when I next take it to the shop.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Hmmmm - turned out to be a faulty brake light switch at the brake pedal - rain had nothing to do with it- the ESC circuit was detecting a short at the switch breaker and gave the correct code to the computer- switch was replaced under warranty - all is well again. Not too hapyy, though, that I've had it just under 3 months and had a temp. sensor and the brake light switch replaced. Hope that's all to do with electrical stuff.
  • I have a 2001 Santa Fe: I started having a problem with it blowing the 10 amp ECU fuse under hood. It had only done this once before and the fuse was replaced. Now it blows the fuse after I try starting it up. Any suggestion on where to look for the short that could be causing it to short-out?
  • I have an 2004 santa fe. I've had it for 3 months. When I bought it the digital clock in the dash wasn't working. The garage I bought from wasn't hyundai and tried to fix the problem but made it worse, afterwards the radio, interior light, clock, ignition light and remote central locking/alarm didn't work. This garage in turn then sent it to a hyundai garage. The problem was cured... or so I thought, they said it was a fuse behind the dash? Anyway after the repair I only did short runs to and from work without problem. I then went on a long journey lasting 3-4 hours in which the problem returned but reset itself about 30 mins, where the clock, and radio were reset to original settings (Total lose of power to clock and radio)?. Now its happening intermittently, I took it to a hyundai dealer but by the time they got round to looking at it the problem had reset itself and the garage cannot find nothing wrong hence they take no action to fix it. Any ideas?
  • lostvannerlostvanner Posts: 1
    Have a 2005 Santa Fe. Battery-altenator-fuses-starter all check out ok. Wiring appears solid. I'm getting juice to the starter but it won't turn over. Can hear the relay clicking into action but not getting starter; though "sometimes" it will kick in.

    Any ideas for a "shady tree" wrencher to try???

  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    possibly a relay going bad - do you have an aftermarket alarm on the car?
  • My Hundai Sante Fe 2002 has been having strange electrical issues when I am not in the car. Lights flashing, Tom Tom GPS always has fallen off the window when discovered, the emergency flasher is pushed in by itself. The most recent time the GPS was knocked down, and the flasher in but just a blinker was going and not all the lights were flashing. It does not have a remote starter but does have an alarm and electonic key. It has happened three times now when it is parked. Very wierd.
  • I bought my 2003 santa fe last year,*** At the beginning of this year nothing but problems, the clock goes on an off when it wants, anytime it rains the car acts weird. If you go through a little water the car freezes up, steering and brakes, --the latest problem is 1 month ago the car just would not start, i had it towed to the dealer, they had the car for 3 days- couldn't figure out what the electrical problem was, then the car just started. SO LET ME BE CLEAR, they did nothing!!, car started, then they wanted to charge me $300. I talked them down to $215, still they did NOTHING!! It is now 3 weeks later, my wife was driving the car with children in the car. The car completely froze while the car was in motion, the dash lights came on, steering locked, and brakes ENGAGED, --she was almost hit by the car behind her ----and the car still will not start. I would usually ask for advice on how to fix it, in this case, I'm warning others to beware of this vehicle, there must be some type of electrical short that the manufacturer is hiding or unaware of, either case, don't risk your families life. I personally am looking for a new car.
  • I was driving and my abs, batterie, and several other lights came on. I drove it home because it didnt act like anything was wrong. Once i got home i turned it off and then tried to start it again. Nothing happened. We did all the little test to see if it was the alternator and it failed all of them but when we took it off and had it tested it was good. we had the batterie tested to once again it was good. What could be wrong :confuse:
  • I'm so glad i saw your review, I was just about to close a buy on a 2004 Santa fe. I have a daughter i was going to use this santa fe to drive her. Thanks to your warning i won't be purchasing this car.

    Thanks you

  • I also have a 2003 Sante Fe. Bought it brand new in 2002. In 2004, two years later, I started having issues when it rained. When I go through puddles, my steering wheel locks up and the battery and break lights come on. For anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds, I am not able to steer, can only go straight and it's now starting to make a bad squealing sound when this happens. I have taken it to the dealership 3 times in the past few years and even tried a new mechanic. No one seems to know what's wrong. All I know is this issue IS NOT SAFE and I am frustrated that not even the Hyundai dealership has been able to fix this. It's interesting to know that this same exact issue is happening on the same year Sante Fe.
  • Hello,
    Am having similar problem with 2007 Santa Fe. Does anyone know more about this? Dealership says it cannot find cause / problem. I don't think they believe me. Is Hyundai America aware of this issue?
  • I have an 05 Sante Fe and started having this same issue....Lostvanner....did you find anything?
  • pops26pops26 Posts: 1
    I have a 03 Santa Fe and had no problems. The other day the headlight went out and I re-placed it today. I had to disconnect the battey to get to the headlight. No issues replacing the headlight. After words I was driving the car to the store 10 mins away, i was pulling into the parking lot and the car stalled....That was the first time that has happened. Now the car is idling rough everytime i am at a light and is stalling. I put the car in nutural to keep the RMP up, which seems to help. It is running fine when it is moving. Any one have these issues or now whats the problem.
  • im a hyundai line tech 9 out of 10 times its the brake switch causing the issue there is a recall in process but if it annoys you and the esc ligt cam on a 1315 code would store long short take it to hyundai thers a simple fix
  • when you removed the battery the adaptive learn gets erased in order to re zero thethrottle plate you ned to turn ign to on (not start) and within 3 sec or sooner turn it off then waait 3 min the throttle will go to wide open and then to closed resseting the zero point ive seen this before it should take care of your concern
  • im new to this forum and sitting here reading a lot of conditions that should be easy to fix what ive seen on your make / model witj the rain stalling condition is that the crankshaft position sensor rund by front exhaust manifold and when the heat and steam from road water get up there the sensor craps out you loose ckp siginal so the ecm stops driving the injectors and spark sometimes it sets a p0335 code but not always
  • utiuti Posts: 1
    2.4 santa-fe, 2004 model. My inbuilded stereo Cd/radio player failed to come on, no power to the set. I took it to my electronic technician who fixed the problem but now a new problem developed thereafter. The parking light is permanently on even when the ignition is off and key out of ignition. I have to constantly unplug the battery terminal when I park to aviod draining the battery. This is really giving me great concern.

    Is there a connection between car stereo and parking light?

    If not what may be the course of this kind of problem?

    How can I fix this kind problem? I do not want to rush to an electrician again without doing some findings.

    Please, information from any body is appreciated.
  • Just received my new 2009 Santa Fe Limited this evening. Notice that when vehicle is unoccupied and no key or anything in the ignition that the driver side auto light sensor blinks. The passenger side does not. Is this normal? The auto light sensor on the light bar is not engaged.

    Think I found the answer. It appears it has to do with alarming the vehicle. The driver side sensor is the alarm and the passenger side is the automatic light sensor. Anyone wish to confirm my thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Lil Doc,
    I have a 2009 Santa Fe SE and mine does the same thing as yours when the alarm is activated. Only the driver side blinks red. Hope this helps. :)
  • I have a 2004 Santa Fe and I also had a problem when I went through a big puddle.At the time my car had 27,000 miles. I changed the serpentine belt and the problem went away. To make sure I drove through some puddles the next time it rained and it drove perfect.
  • 2008 Santa Fe... tonight the dashboard lights and tail lights would not go on when the headlights turned on until you turned on the left turn signal. Turn off the left turn signal, they turn off with it. Weird. Taking it to the dealer in the morning. The dash lights being off is annoying, but the tail lights being off isn't safe (and will get me a ticket).
  • I have an 06 Santa Fe and this has started happening for me too. Did you find an answer to the starter problem?
  • We haven't found our much...just something is draining the battery...we jump the car and it works fine....can't figure what is drainign it....brought in to get checked and they say they can't mimic the problem and there for can't fix it...the computer shows no problems....something is draining the battery on occasion and we don't know why. I noticed it last night....went into the garage to get something and the vehicle was almost making a humming noise.....started it up and then turned it off and the sound went away. my wife and I are finished with Hyundia...we are in the process of trying to trade it in.
  • I have a 2003 Santa Fe and had the same thing happen. The engine stops running while driving down the road and the car just stops. This is very dangerous! I towed it to a mechanic and they figured out it was the ecu 10 amp fuse, but not why. I got the car back for the holidays knowing it could happen again and it happened 3 more times. Every time you replace the fuse and it starts right up. It's been in the shop again for over a week now and they still don't know what's making it blow.
  • So if you replace the sensor what's to keep it from happening again?
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