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Hyundai Santa Fe Electrical Problems



  • teacher447teacher447 Posts: 21
    I have a 2004 SF. Various lights inside the SUV don't work. Interior overhead lights, dashboard door & trunk open , radio cd cassette player, both passenger and driver door opening lights don't work. All other dashboard instrument light work. The fue are ok. Someone suggested that a junction box or relay is defective. I need some suggestions as to what is wrong and if I can repair this myself! Thanks.
  • I have an exactly same problem with 07 limited awd Hyundai Santa Fe.

    It just started right after my full warranty period ended.

    Was told that I have to pay $600. Car is in mechanics right now.

    This appears a manufacturing defect. Horrible... :-(
  • teacher447teacher447 Posts: 21
    Please message if the electrical problem was corrected. If so, what was wrong with the electrical system? How much did it cost for the repair?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    anyone check the ground cables? see if they are tight and not corroded. not just the neg battery cable... Also- any water get into your light lenses?
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    edited July 2013
    Hi all, just want to share an experience that I have had with an 07 Santa Fe (3.3L V6) that might be able to help many others on here. If your 2nd gen Santa Fe have experience the following, this may apply to you:

    *flashing seat belt and batt dashboard warning light for no apparent reason
    *replacement battery does not exactly install properly

    For the flashing light, that indicates that there is a problem with the charging system with the on board computer, whether there is a dying battery or alternator problem (and let's hope it's the battery).

    When you go look for a replacement battery, many auto part stores and even the dealers will tell you, according to the manufacture, that the replacement battery is part number 124R. DO NOT buy/use it. 124R is approximately 1/4" shorter in height than the OEM (Korean made) battery. You will run into a problem connecting the positive terminal cable not being able to secure onto the positive post on the battery properly. It will give a bad fitting and led to a bad connection, and can and will create that flashing warning lights problems. Since basically no one in here will carry the Korean made battery, your likely alternative should be part number 24F with the battery height that is exactly 232mm. Or if you can find a 124R that hasa battery height of 232mm, that would be excellent, but according to all the stores that I have looked, all 124R are 225mm in height.

    After installing the battery, start the car, run on P for 2 mins, run on D (with your foot on the brake) for 2 mins, run on P with max AC for 2 mins, then run on D (with your foot on the brake) with max AC for 2 mins. Turn off engine. Turn on engine, and don't care how you accomplish this, but with the car in D, press and release the brake for approximately 25 to 30 times (drive around town?). The flashing warning light will be magically gone.

    I am not a certified mechanic, so do this at your own risk. Hopefully this will help some of you frustrated Santa Fe owners.
  • jallohjalloh Posts: 1
    hi everyone please help
    2001 santa fe rear driving light do not work on driver side
    license plate ligth do not work either
    no power going to bulb socket
    right side works fine
    all break lights work and reverse ligths also work
    turning signals work
    checked all fuses the are ok
  • Probably a bad ground from a loose wire or rust.
  • serlesserles Posts: 2
    I am having this same problem, did you discover what was the culprit? Thanks!
  • serlesserles Posts: 2
    The vehicle is requiring a jump to start (unless it has sat for several hours, then it will sometimes start on its own) and will run ok for a minute or two, then it will start bogging down and shifting hard into gear. It got to the point where the car would accelerate to 10mph with the pedal to the floor, it would bog some more and then slowly accelerate. The abs, battery, check engine lights are all on and electronic systems seem to dull down (a/c not blowing, lights in display dim) while driving. Anyone have any ideas?
  • i'm having the same issue with my wife's 2002 santa fe. i was hoping you could tell me what you came up with. thanks.
  • bj01bj01 Posts: 1
    I have been having a lot of problems with my 2004 Santa Fe. It started with the car not starting after getting gas. I replaced the purge valve and that fixed the problem. My check engine light came on a few months later and we checked the code and it was P0455. We went and had it checked out and it was the Canister Shut Off Valve which we then replaced. We had the code cleared and it came back on a week later. This time the check engine light will turn on and off randomly. My headlights and the lights on the dash will flicker sometimes if I am using my turn signal. Another thing we have noticed is we get shocked by the car a lot whether we are getting in and out and even when we start it. Now, the battery dies. We will jump it and let it run for a while and after that if we turn it off and try to turn it back on , it will be dead. The battery is about 2 years old. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong or have had any similar issues?
  • I have a 2011 Santa Fe and when I drive the air conditioner radomly comes on. When I try and turn it off it take about 5 tries then in a few minutes it will come back on. Air runs great but it doesn't want to turn off.
  • I HAVE A 2003 HYUNDAI SANTA FA GSL 2.7. my battery (12 VOLT) is showing a 9.86 OUTPUT, UNDER A LOAD. DO I need a new battery? thank you.
  • 9.86 volts under load doesn't sound that bad. Why do you suspect its bad? If you had trouble starting it have you tried a battery charger on it?
  • thanks for your reply. I recently had my vehicle serviced and was told I needeed a battery. I didn't think I did, so I was just checking this site to see if I was right
  • My daughter's 2007 Santa Fe is indicating all the above electrical problems. Most of the controls on the steering wheel don't work and now the rear door window will not rise from it's place inside the door. I checked and there is no power to the motor, but all fuses are OK. She (I) can't afford $600 to fix what appears to be a crappy bit of wiring from the factory. Any suggestions?

  • My daughter's 2007 Santa Fe also makes a strange sound as she pulls away. It sounds like a slipping fan belt but I don't think it can be of the valve timing may also go awry. Again any ideas?

  • I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. Regretably, from a buy here pay here. I had the car for about 2 weeks, when it just died right in the middle of the highway. Thehe car refused stay on, let alone move. After a week of having it back at the dealer, they said it was a crank sensor and my timing belt was off. The day after I got it back, the check engine light came on. Surprise. I took it to Advanced Auto and they said it was either an O2 sensor, or the engine was getting too much gas. I too, notice the weird "clicking" noise, while I'm pressing the gas pedal, when I let off, the sound dies. The transmission takes a while to shift, the rpm will go up to 4 a lot before it shifts, and it started slipping 2 days ago. Tonight, when I parked the car and went to turn it back on, everything would start up like usual, but after about 4 seconds, the engine cut out. Totally.

  • Hi,  I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa fe.  I've already put a new battery and starter in it.  But 9 times out of 10 times I'll have to have someone push down on my fuse box in order for me to start it.  The only time it will crank right up is after I've driven it for awhile.  Has any one else had this problem or know what is wrong and how to go about fixing it?  Thank you. 
  • VC612VC612 NJPosts: 2
    I have read a lot of issues here with different year vehicles as to the same problem I am having with my Santa fe.

    I purchased my Hyundai Santa fe about 7 months ago used.  I am having what appears to be an electrical problem.  Ever since I had it when I go to stop while driving it feels like the truck wants to stall.  If I stop short it does stall.  I replaced the battery.  It continued to still do the same thing.  Then I was told replace the alternator.  I did that.  It stopped for a few weeks.  Now I am back to the same thing.  I was told the battery was bad again.  Changed that again.  Now alternator is bad again.  So apparently something is killing both these things.  I saw here that I may need a brake sensor changed from what I am reading from here from those with the same issue.  I also had lots of different esc off lighting up etc.  I have had a lot of the same electrical issues it seems.  Oh and the main thing is the car not starting as well.  I have to jump start then it works fine for a few days.  Then won't start one day.  I just changed the battery a week ago again.  Now alternator has to get changed again but I just parked it for now until I get an electrical person to check this out bc I do know something keeps killing both these brand new parts.

    I will post here once I find the problem out.  Other than this issue my vehicle has been running fine other than this major problem.  I have had a tune done on it about 4 months ago.  Regular oil changes every 3k miles.  So I will see what is going on here soon hopefully. 
  • VC612VC612 NJPosts: 2
    Oh forgot to say I own a 2002 & 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe that my daughter and husband drives.  We have no issues with these such as what I am experiencing with the newest addition which is my 2007 Santa Fe.  If anyone has a solution please let me know.
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