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Toyota Solara Convertible Top Problems



  • Two questions: 1. 208 Toyota Solara: Is it a vynil or cloth top? Looking for a top cleaner and I dont know what is best... so I am inexprienced! and 2: On the same model, when the top is down, there is no cover or anything on it. When it is up, and it rains, rain pours down the top into the space between the top and plastic backing right above the trunk. I couldn't find where it goes after there... Water doesnt get into the trunk, but there is definite droplets falling into the slit behind the top, i can see them when i take the top down to look inside the space for the top when it is down... Any idea where water goes?
  • Wow! I can't believe you're on your second top. I own a 2007 Convertible Solara and I haven't had any trouble. In fact, I joined this forum because I am not sure if I should buy the extended warranty. I am at 34K miles...and the original warranty expires at 36K.

    What was wrong with your top? Why did you have to replace it twice?

    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    I have a 2007 Solara convertible and never had a single problem. I'm at 34K miles and I don't know if I should buy the extended warranty to cover the electronics and the convertible top. I own the car flat out and plan on keeping it for as long as I can. I'm afraid if I fork out the money for the warranty it will be for nothing.

    On the flip side, I'm so frightened that the second the warranty expires my top windows will break.

    Does anyone have any advice?
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    My '06 has just passed 50K Miles. The stitching began to wear out @ 36K+ miles. The parts mgr. @ the dealership that sold me the car (Northridge Toyota in Northridge, CA) took a look at the stitching and made a judgement call to have the dealership send over the car for re-stitching.

    We have the extended warranty and while it doesn't cover the fabric of the top, the stitching was a different story.

    The owner of the top repair place told me I'll need a new top this year. The seams are puckering.

    The car is not garaged. Next top gets a little help. A carport if I can or a car cover if that's the best I can do.

  • Hi,

    That's so weird...yesterday I just noticed that the stitching on my top is coming apart. I am at 34K miles. What did the shop do for you ...just replace the entire stiching? I'm not even sure what the stitching is good for it looks rather flimsy.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2006 SLE bought new and it's out of warranty. Lots of white streaks and dryrot in many places. I have never run car through a carwash. Roof repair guy said it looks like defective material and to check it out online. Anybody else have this problem?

  • You should probably copy this post to another area, since this thread is for convertible tops ~ you may not get an answer to your alignment question!
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Thanks, moms_max! Doode, I've moved your post to the Toyota Solara topic, where you'll probably get an answer more quickly. Just click the link to get there.


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  • I have a 2002 Solara. The canvass is pulling away (shrinking) from the rear window. I took it to Toyota dealership, and they made excuses, that it was weather, humidity, etc. Finally, I agreed that I pay half for a new top. Since the second top was installed, it is doing the same thing as the first top, shrinking up ward, away from the rear window. I have met 17 Solara owners, with different years of cars who are having problems with the top shrinking from the back window. They had the same experience as I did, that it is not a flow in the canvass, but it is the owners problems. Has anyone else had this problem that monitors this web sit?
  • I'll be installing a new top soon. I'd appreciate seeing an image of the shrinking you're describing. Is it possible to post an image on an Edmonds forum? If not, I'll send you my email address.

    Thanks, Meegwell
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    I am surprised to see so many problems with other owners. I do get some water entering when going thru brushless car wash only. Also the top 2 defroster lines are out. I have some noticeable wrinkles on the black canvass where it folds, though no stitching problems.
  • I came on the is board to see if anyone else was having a problem with their "defogging" of their rear windows. I purchased a 2006 convertible and after 24 months I noticed a hole in the top under the metal lip. Toyota replaced the top and from that point on the rear window defogging lines didn't work. The dealership then ordered and put on 6 additional tops before working with us on trading in that car for a new 2008 convertible. Now 26 months later the 2008 rear window defogging isn't working. Today they are putting top number 1 on and I'm not sure if this doesn't work how many I'd be willing to go though. The dealership claims I'm the only one with this problem and the "defogging" is meant for ice and snow not dew. I live in florida and don't see snow or ice, but it should be able handle a little dew on the back window.

    Thanks for listening.

  • mike472mike472 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at buying a used 2005 Toyota Solara convertible (despite all these posts!). Question -- did the original car come with a boot to cover the top when down? Seller said no, and I can't find the answer in an internet search.
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    yes, but I've never used mine! Other then the rear alignment problem I have no complaints about the car. I have and 06 with 144,000 kms on it. I didn't have any problems until about 120k and I believe the dealer who serviced the vehicle created the problem or has been unable to solve it...I havent had any costly repairs yet, only normal wear and tear items...
  • spenser3spenser3 Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm looking at a used Solara convertible. It's in good shape, but when the top is down there is nothing to cover up all the bits and pieces, which are all exposed. Other convertibles have a cover which goes over the fold-down top, is this missing on this car or does it just not have one?
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    If you want to keep your Toyota, just get used to the crummy looking top..

    Your problem isn't normal based on my experience with 9 different GM and Chrysler convertibles over 50 years of owning them (except for a 65 XKE with a mohair top). However, those GM and Chrysler tops used less porous, more durable looking fabrics that physically wore much better..

    In the past 50 years, I only replaced 2 tops, but that won't be true with this Toyota.

    Despite the many assurances and lies the Toyota salesman and one of the owners told me before I bought it, the tan top on my nine month old 2008 SLE is not only streaked, but stained and wrinkled like cheap clothes that have been repeatedly laundered.

    Though I would never go back to the selling dealer, the other Toyota dealers who, over it's 15,300 miles service it, are very pleasant ,personable, and seemingly honest.

    However, they continue to spout the Toyota line and insist that every complaint, shortcoming, and dissatisfaction I have with this car, including the top, is completely normal and that no one else ever complained about any of the issues I'm unhappy with.

    In my experience, Toyota is the most overrated car I've ever owned, and the factory is totallly unresponsive.

    But if you are otherwise happy with your car, just try to get used to the crummy looking top.because that's the only top Toyota makes available...
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    My 2008 does as do all convertibles I'm familiar with. Talk to a Toyota dealer.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    I have a 2008 and one of the good things about it is that it doesn't leak. Nor did any of the GM and Chrysler convertibles I had in the past.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    The dealer and the book claim the radio will adjust the volume to keep it sounding steady as driving conditions change. That doesn't work on my car, but the volume does change when putting the top up after it goes off momentarily.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    Other cars have drains that capture the water and take it to the ground. Look around under the metal that meets the top below the window with the top down to see if you can locate them.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    Before buying the warranty, be sure it will cover the top. I doubt it will. If they say it does, get it in writing. The warranty isn't an extension of the factory warranty as it is on American cars..

    It is actually repair insurance, sold by Toyota Finance, and it has lots of dealer
    as well as insurance policy discretion as to what they will cover. Ask them for a copy of what it covers before you buy it.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    See if you can find an aftermarket top made of a more durable fabric. Toyota uses
    cheap material for it's tops.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    Toyota uses a cheap fabric. Try to find an aftermarket product with a better fabric.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    In my experience, Toyota always denies any responsibility for problems, says you are the only person with such a complaint, and never wants to do anything they can't charge you for again.Their tops are cheap and lousy. look at tops on GM, Ford, and Chrysler cars and the problem becomes obvious.

    Toyota can give Al Gore a run for his money with nonsense and BS.
  • sleconvertsleconvert Posts: 10
    I'd suggest you try to find an aftermarket top from a custom installer. Toyota tops are
    cheap and crappy.
  • I have my car at the dealer again for the 5th time. When it rains, I cannot open the windows without the waterfall entering the car....and when I open the door to get out, I get soaked. I was told in the past that its a design flaw. I was told today that this is expected in a convertible car. Would have been nice if they had told me about all this before I leased the darn thing. Its really nice when you have to pay a toll......its ridiculous!! I am trying to get them to take the car back......anyone else experiencing this same problem???
  • doodedoode Posts: 18
    better get used to that...I have the same problem with my 06
  • I have an 07 I have problems with the top leaking the smell from the vehicle getting wet and also the vehicle is rusting. I wrote a letter to the manufactor they did call make me fill out a claim form, I receive a letter back pretty much saying oh well cause its not a new vehicle they have not offered to fix it, oh an I also bought the extended warranty that dont cover it. I have never been sooooooo mad especially when I had to pay over sticker price and have a 745.00 note a month for me to be miserable. I took the vehicle to a local dealership told them I wanted to trade they were trying to put me in a corolla and still wanted me to put six thousand down and have a 600.00 note a month on a corolla. I am totally sick about this dont know where to go from here.
  • It's been the same on all the convertibles I've owned.

    I took a drive in a friend's Aston Martin DB 9 convertible the other night. New, the car sells for about $203,000. It rained. We got wet when we got out. That tells me it's not Toyota cheaping out to save a few bucks or forgetting a detail.

    Rain gutters, like the ones on hard tops seem to be an engineering/design problem for convertibles.

    It's really an opportunity. Someday an entrepreneur is going to invent a solution to the problem. In the mean time, you can have my solution for free: buy a hat.

  • miliymiliy Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 Solara convertible. I have noticed that the canvas 'flap' below the rear window is not sealed down. Does anyone know if it is suppose to be this way? Thanks in advance.
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