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Mazda CX-9 Remote Start Question

baxterdownbaxterdown Posts: 36
Hi everyone,

For those who have remote start. Once you have started the engine from the remote control, do you still have to turn the ignition when you get in the car?




  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Entering the Vehicle While it is Running via Remote Start
    1. Press the START button on the remote start transmitter to unlock all doors.
    2. Enter the vehicle. Do not press the brake pedal.
    3. Insert the key into the ignition (Retractable key only) and turn to the ON position.
    4. Press the brake pedal. The remote start function disengages and the vehicle will operate normally.
  • I thought the remote start would be on the same fob as the keyless remote, does anyone have the remote start integrated into the slim card-like keyless entry?
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    no... cant have it integrated... it comes only with it's own remote... Imagine... by adding it ... would mean changing all of your slim cards... and @200 + each... that would make the remote un sellable..
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Is it the same case when the remote start comes with the car from factory? this situation only when the remote start is installed at the dealer?...thanks
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    I'm gonna say yes... tho i've not seen it either way... as the dealer installed items are the same as what comes from the factory.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Here's a point in the instructions i've just taken note of...:
    Remote Start
    Press TWICE within 3 seconds to activate Remote Start. Press and hold for 2 seconds to deactivate remote start. Press once to unlock all doors.
    Enter vehicle, insert and turn ignition key to run
    position and press brake pedal to deactivate remote start.

    So tho it cant be intergrated into your card remotes.. .it does serve as a remote for doors it'self... ( tho not for assist should you have that ) ...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Thanks very enlightening......I always thought that the factory unit was integrated into one and learn...I wonder if the benfit of remote atart is really our winters (northeat) it will be wonderful but then we will wonder how come that CX9 in only doing 10 mpg......
  • sellstar1sellstar1 Posts: 19
    I finally got the remote start installed on our CX9 today. It took a while to become available from the dealer and I travel frequently for work. The antenna for the RS is mounted near the top of the front windshield, inside the cabin. It's near the tinted portion of the windshield. While it took my wife to notice, now that I know it's there I'm not all that pleased. Anybody else seen where this is mounted on your car?
  • Does anyone know how to stop the horn from beeping when you remote start? Also, can you stop the audible beep to lock/unlock the car as well?
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    Is the remote start on a Veracruz really a remote start. Can you start the vehicle from the outside?
  • baxterdownbaxterdown Posts: 36
    I don't beleive the Veracruz has Remote Start...
  • I bought a 2007 CX9 and it came with the remote start. The problem I am having is that it did not work. I took it in to the dealer and they said that I have to leave the smart key remote inside the car and only use the small remote start remote. That did not sound right but the only way the remote start will start the car is if the smart key is in the car. Does anyone else experienced this or it there a problem with my car?
  • it should not work like that. I have an '08 with the factory remote start and it works with the smart key outside of the car. If the smart key is left in the car, then someone can easily break in and steal the car since they have the smart key.
  • Definitely should not work like that, I just got my 08 CX-9 with factory remote start and I never leave my smart key in the car and it works all the time, sounds like they didn't install something
  • It is in the same place on our GT - I almost don't notice it because of being so close to the top of the windshield. I have started the car from 300 ft away, probably due to the location of that antenna...
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Take it back to the dealer and have them reprogram the remote start. However, when they do it this time make sure they follow the directions and keep the smart keys well away from the vehicle. If the smart key is in the car when they program the remote start, it will always need to be there to function.
  • handiguyhandiguy Posts: 1
    I just had an OEM remote starter installed in my 2007 CX-9 GT. The dealer required both smart keys as the starter comes with a loop of wire & module that surrounds the ignition lock thus fooling the starter system that there is 1) an immobilizer chipped physical key in the ignition or 2) there is a smart key in the vehicle.
  • My optional equipment included (RSE) Remote Engine Start, for $350, but it came with only one remote. We got two smart cards. Wouldn't it make sense to get two remotes, too?
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    The dealer owes you one more remote. The factory remote start set-up comes with two keyfobs, as you surmised, one for each smart key.
  • sliver93sliver93 Posts: 10
    I got two with mine as well - it sounds like they owe you one!
  • Is there any difference between a dealer installed remote start and a factory installed?

    Do both scenarios require a key fob and separate starter device?

    I am looking at 08's and want remote start as a feature, I assumed that if it was factory installed the start would be integrated into the key fob as is the case with Buicks I have seen. If it is not I guess that means I can take any CX-9 and have the dealer add the remote start and thus my pool of available vehicles grows... Thanks.
  • I got two with mine - factory installed. I wish they wewe integrated, but the range is great!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    The so-called "factory installed" is actually installed at the port of entry by a bunch of workers who do many of the same accessories repetitively. When it is installed by the dealer, it is no different from you install it yourself. i.e. follow the instructions that comes with the package step by step. They may have more tools than we do, and probably slightly more experienced.

    Factory does not install add-on accessories so that the production line can be smooth. (factory does options/packages).
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    I own a 2008 GT CX-9 and was wondering how much it would cost to get a Remote Start System installed by the dealer. I was talking to my dealer informally and he mentioned:
    1) I would not get the remote start installed as it involves taking the panels off and their mechanics were not comfortable with the install, the best way would be to purchase the vehicle with remote start installed in the first place
    2) it would be expensive - close to $800

    Any comments on how much you had to pay to get it installed by the dealer?
  • I have an 09 GT CX-9 and am looking to have the dealer install Remote Engine Start as well. Dealer said the kit itself was $300 and then approx 3 1/2 hours of labor at something like $140/hr (I live in the Chicagoland area). I was able to negotiate total cost of kit and labor at $600 excluding tax.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    $600 sounds about right at the dealer. That's what I paid last month on our new CX-7 to have it installed.

    Just make sure they use the Mazda CX-9 Remote Starter and not any other Ford or aftermarket. You may lose some locking/remote functionality if the wrong model is installed.

    Also, make sure your car has the TSB applied for the electrical problem with the remote car starter applied. Otherwise you'll burn out your ignition if you car falls into the serial# list. Only the dealer can perform this TSB so you might as well have them do the remote install.
  • Hi mamkennedy,
    I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago as well, and have a 08 GT AWD CX9.
    Did you get your remote starter installed (including the TSB) for $600?
    Which dealer did you go to and who did you talk to at that dealer?
    Did you have a good experience with them?
    Are you having any problems with your new remote?
  • I have a 2008 Mazda CX-9 GT with Remote Start. My issue is that the Climate Control System needs the ignition on before it can be turned on. Since I live in the snowy north it would be nice if the vehicle could warm up the cabin and defrost the windows via remote start; not just pre-heat the engine. Anybody else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?
  • We have the same vehicle in Colorado, and purchased the remote start because we wanted to have the interior warm/cool when we load our kids. It works just fine with the automatic climate control - once the engine warms up it starts blowing the HVAC until the temperature we have selected is reached. I don't know how they could disable your climate control from working... Works great for us - perhaps a dealer could help...
  • We get ++ snow here, sometimes my wipers blow the fuse should they be accidently left on. My heat does not come on when this fuse blows, anyone know where to find the remote start fuses?
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