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Rondo vs Outlander/Rav4/Santa Fe/Mazda5



  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Since your wife is currently driving an Escort Wagon & does not appear to have any special needs, have you considered replacing it with something smaller than a Rondo? I would suggest a Kia Spectra or Rio wagon or sedan or possibly a Hyundai Elantra. Any of these would be somewhat similar to the Escort in size and ease of driving, but a substancial upgrade in comfort and safety while being economical to purchase (you would same $4-6K depending on equipment)and operate.

    All would represent a good value, have a long warranty... None of the Kias or Hyundias have great resale value(too soon to say for the Rondo), but you make up for that to a degree with low up front costs. Given her how little she drives reliablity should not be an issue. Her car will barely be broken in in 3 years.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the Rondo (or Tuscon)is a great car but it seems like much more car than your wife needs for her short errands, assuming he Escort has been meeting her needs & you just want to update her wheels. The fancy Mitsu sounds with all it's bells & whistles sounds like huge overkill for a retired person who is looking for basic transportation. Also, I suspect it is a long way to a Mitsu dealer from the Olympic Penn. Then again, it may be just as far to a Kia dealer.

    You are probably right on about the Taxi being less expensive for her, but that is no fun unless she likes being chauffered around! :blush:
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    Appreciate your comments. My wife likes a "wagon" of sorts. The Rondo is probably as small as she is comfortable with. While I said I'm a VALUE guy; I don't need to consider every $$$(fortunatly). I must admit, the more I look around, the more choices pop up. Pricewise, the Honda CR-V starts very close to the Rondo. They sure have a great reputation. Anyone have an opinion about Honda?
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    The CR-V felt like the engine was always struggling to get it going. It's forced to rev when you need to get on the freeway and sounds thrashy doing it, and the transmission downshifts frequently when you get on the power. The same engine/tranny is great in my wifes Accord, but the CR-V didn't impress me.

    Best thing to do is go test drive everything a couple of times. Narrow it down yourself, then bring your wife along to drive the final contenders.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    The CR-V VTEC engine is not the most powerful thing around (my other car is a Honda) but it has been there for several years. It is very economical and reliable.

    We tested drove the 2006 CR-V when buying the Mazda5 as it also offered Manual Transmission in the EX trim but it was too much of an SUV for us. Manual is not on your wish list but now, to my point, the 2007 model looks less SUV and more wagon like than its predecessor so a 2FWD may be a good option to look after.

    Also note that, at least for the Rondo, many people like it for its 3rd row seat. While the CR-V does not offer one, it seems that in your case you don't have a real need for one, so this means more "wagon like" space for your wife :shades:.

    I personally like the 3rd row seat on my Mazda5, but to be sincere, it is folded 95% of the time to give way to groceries, stroller, swing sets, mulch... :)
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    We are headed out today to look at a few cars we have been researching. At this stage of life, I guess the important stuff for us is eye appeal, reliability, comfort and price. Yes,all our kids are mature and even some grandchildren are married. We don't need to handle car seats, etc.
    Interesting to hear CR-V has a weak engine. I haven't the patience to drive all we have mentioned. Frankly, once I decide to buy a new car, it doesn't take long to make a decision. I appreciate the input from you all.
  • dnatodaydnatoday Posts: 8
    First of all, I am glad you are not replacing your wife but her CAR. Lucky gal-- she gets you to do the research & then gets the new wheels to boot!

    10 days and counting-- loving my Rondo. I think that it is such a nice smooth ride-- my husband & the boys took it for a ride this weekend (Audi, Saab & BMW drivers) and the LOVED the handling, power and smoothness. 182 HP is quite enough to get a thrill apexing in an offramp apparently. I was riding behind them in a friends mini-van (a behemoth of a vehicle, let me tell you) and the Rondo looked small-- you could see the entire outline of the SUV ahead of it-- but the guys didn't notice that at all-- between the excellent visability and the spacious seats (two guys over 6') they "forgot" they were in my "tall wagon".

    We are getting installed today an Eclipse nav system (AVN6610) & head-set mounted monitors for the back seats. I'm back to driving my old Honda wagon today, & I notice the low to the groundness of the station wagon--I couldn't see around the traffic to make a hairy-ish left turn, & aready I see the benefit of being "up high" when moving through morning traffic. Also, I noticed the gas lever was at 1/2 with 200 miles on the tank. The Rondo is also at 1/2, with 150 miles on it. That is a bit of a bummer, especially driving by the discount gas station where the 87 grade is $3.06. :(

    I hope someone finds this information useful!
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    You bet the info is useful. Nothing like having a new owner comment on a product. You're right...the wife is staying and so will another car (soon).I'm pleased to hear you are happy with the Rondo. We are leaning toward it even without my wife having seen it (yet). Today she will see and drive one. We like the pricepoint, features, and warranty. I also feel the Koreans are trying very hard to produce good quality. My Azera may be the best quality car I've ever owned. Thinking it was a patriotic gesture; I had always bought USA cars prior to the Azera (10/06). Now I see what a difference offshore manufacturers can be. Thanks for input on Rondo.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    It looks like it is getting right around the city mileage for the Rondo (20mpg). I was surprised to find the Rondo has more storage behind the front row than the Outlander even though it is about 4" shorter (74.4 cu ft vs 72.6 cu ft).
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Thanks dnatoday. I should admit that, for what is worth, this thread has made me take a closer look to the Rondo :P. I'm not convinced yet, but to my point in your reply, I was also surprised about the low gas mileage of the V6. Your comment may support it better.

    dnatoday replied:
    Also, I noticed the gas lever was at 1/2 with 200 miles on the tank. The Rondo is also at 1/2, with 150 miles on it. That is a bit of a bummer, especially driving by the discount gas station where the 87 grade is $3.06

    An here is the excerpt from the article read in (the V6 engine). I won't post the link itself as it takes you to a non-Edmunds blog (non-written rule about online forums/blogs, but I can send you a private message if interested). Here we go:
    "On the downside, while driving the Rondo for a couple of days, it only got about 15 mpg. That's not enough for a car this small; perhaps a six-speed transmission down the road could help get that number up"

    Well for the rest, you sound happy about the purchase, so that is the relevant part ;)
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    My wife bought an Optima. If we didn't already have a Malibu Maxx we would have probably bought the Rondo. Very, very pleasant. As an option, the new Elantra wagon will be coming out. Much better than the plug-ugly (IMHO) Elantra sedan.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Hmm....looks a bit like a stretched Honda Fit. :shades:
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    Well, here we go. Today, my wife and I looked at Kia's. I thought she would like the Rondo. INSTEAD she selected the Sportage. Long and short of this story is that as I sit here, waiting for a call from the sales manager we spent 3 hours with this afternoon. He contacted me minutes ago and now has my final offer and will get back to me. We are dealing on a Sportage with 4 WD and V6 and leather. It's more car than we need but it's a 2006 and the price is good. Taxes and all fees included, they will probably settle for my trade (1998 Ford Escort wagon) and $20,000.
    The Sportgage has a list price of $24140. Anybody got an opinion??
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    Not a great deal on a 2006, you lose a full year of depreciation. They should be offering you a few thousand off invoice.

    Invoice for a 2007 appears to be just over $21k, and there is a $1000 incentive right now, so $20k. Sounds to me like you should be able to get a 2007 for roughly the same money. Your Escort wagon isn't going to be worth much.
  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    Did you do any research on the Sportage before-hand? If Consumer Reports means anything to you, they rated the Sportage as the least reliable small SUV in their 2007 automotive issue. That's all I know about the Sportage and I haven't read any reviews or owners' comments.

    Having said that, I personally don't know what to make of reliability reports. I know some people with supposedly unreliable vehicles who've never had problems and I know others with supposedly reliable vehicles who've had problems. :confuse:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    method that they accumulate "bad" quality points up. Some of those things may be really minor issues with the Sportage. I had a 2001 Kia Sportage 4X4 and had good fortune with it and the dealers were fair and helpful. I don't think the $20,000 is too much for the '06 Sportage, you are getting the V6 4WD and leather. Sounds like a decent price to me.

    spoole, what part of the Olympic Pen. do you live in? My wife, son and I lived in Forks, WA, for a year, and also in Port Angeles, WA, for 8 months. It is pretty country and on the Forks side of the Olympics you've got about 150 inches of rainfall per year!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    It's a done deal guys. The 2006 cost me $20000.(net) plus a 1998 Ford Escort wagon. The Sportage ,as mentioned, has a sticker of $24100.+ 8.6% sales tax and a few bucks for lic., etc. It was the best deal I could get locally, and it took just about all day to work out the details.This might be my wife's last car as in a few years we will not need two vehicles. Hell, I'm 70 now.
    When it comes to what a female wants; you better do it if you like peace in your life.
    Thanks everyone for your input.
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    Wow, you lived in Forks. We had lunch there last week. We live in Port Ludlow near the Hood Canel Bridge. Been here 10 years and moved here from Rochester, NY. where we had snow up to our butts 4 months a year. LOVE it on the Peninsula.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Not a great deal on a 2006, you lose a full year of depreciation. They should be offering you a few thousand off invoice.

    Usually a brand new 2006 model still at the dealer in June 2007 is usually yelling outloud to be sold, so I would follow biscuit_xls' advice and make a fair, yet ambitious offer. Keep on mind that the 2008 models should be coming in 2-4 months at some dealers so a low-er inventory and space will be needed very soon. There is nothing wrong with the car itself, it is new after all, but well, the year model matters.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    It's a done deal guys

    Ooops, my message came to late. I may have been writing it while you were hitting reply :D. Well, enjoy your ride Spoole!

    When it comes to what a female wants; you better do it if you like peace in your life.
    You are right on the spot on this one. I agree with you 100% ;) (Oh, Is my wife looking at what I'm writing right now? :surprise: )
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    whoo-hoo! From a former Sportage owner I say have fun! We loved our '01 Sportage 4X4 and the thing did get me out of about a half a dozen slick and icy jams with it's 4WD. Kia's are good cars, you'll love your Sportage '06. Great looking SUV, too, I must add.

    Hood Canal, oh, yeah I remember it well(we're down in SE Arizona now). The wind can get a hollerin' through there..even to the point of picking that expensive bridge apart sometimes! Enjoy your new rig, or, your other half will enjoy her new rig I spose!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Ok, so you've picked up the Sportage... what drove you ultimately to choose it over the Rondo, or any of the other vehicles? My wife and I are looking at a Rondo (but we've looked at things all over the map) to replace our Plymouth Voyage with 182K miles on it... and the Sportage DID peak her interest (though not mine) when we were on the dealer lot, so I'm curious as to what drove you that way.... maybe it will help me figure out why my wife likes the Sportage so much (though she also still really likes the Rondo).
  • spoolespoole Posts: 15
    In a couple of hours we headed out of town but I wanted to answer you. WHY my lady chose the Sportage is beyond me! I thought she would like the Rondo; however she drove both and she preferred the Sportage and even went on to say she wanted the 4WD and V6. The only one on the lot with a camel interior was the 2006. We did NOT like the black interior on about 95% of his vehicles(he had about 13).I realize the Hyundai Tucson is the same vehicle. I simply think a Kia dealer will give a better deal. On that, I could be mistaken. When you figure out why a wife does what a wife does; let me know!! Best of luck with your (her) decision.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Spoole replied:
    When you figure out why a wife does what a wife does; let me know!!

    Oh man, I may not like the Sportage 100% but I do love these very valid questions from Spoole... and I agree, if an answer is found for this, please post it ASAP! :D
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    " Frankly, once I decide to buy a new car, it doesn't take long to make a decision." You were not fooling on this statement! Congrats on the decision. I was going to ask you if you wanted to sell your Escort Wagon privately - my son needs a reliable small wagon. I will be yours is a gem, but too late now! :cry:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think Spoole has left the building!
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    The word "instead" means one but not the other

    :) very old and off-topic but I had the chance to discuss something similar during a Jul 4th cookout...

    "Rondo vs Outlander/Rav4/Santa Fe/Mazda5"
    "Mazda5 vs Outlander/Rav4/Santa Fe/Rondo"

    Oh well... languages and interpretations :). Happy Holiday if located in the US :D
  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    Coolmazda5 wrote:
    Happy Holiday if located in the US :D

    Yes, to all the Yanks out there, happy American version of Canada Day!

    (Just kidding, although it's only amusing to my fellow Canucks--maybe. :))
  • bnkausikbnkausik Posts: 5
    here are the test results for both from EuroNCAP.

    mazda5 scores significantly higher.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, spoole, but shame on your wife! She doesn't appreciate having a car that WORKS, regardless of driving it for ten years, and would rather go back into debt! It'd be different if she'd driven the life out of it after ten years, as I have with my 98 Corolla, but she's only got 26,000 miles on it, it works, and plus, it's a real station wagon that can carry anything back from any garage sale she may come across!

    If you don't mind my asking, what in the world does she think she's going to get that's worth going back in debt for – or if she's paying cash, what does she think is going to be better?
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Ah, well, nevermind - I see she's made her choice. I hope it was the right one for you guys! And I hope you didn't take offense.
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