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widgenwidgen Member Posts: 2
recently I pulled the fuse for the radio in a 95
voltswagon jetta. The radio which worked fine
before, now only says (digital word) SAFE. I have
tryed new fuses and still get no sound and the word
SAFE still appears. Does anyone know what the
problem may be.


  • GATESRGATESR Member Posts: 13
    It sounds like an anti-theft radio. You probably have to punch in a code to reactivate it. The code should have been supplied with the owner's manual.
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    That's what it sounds like, alright. If you don't have the owner's manual, take the car to the dealer, have them check the VIN, and they can enter the code.
  • ogradyogrady Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Toyota Celica gts. The radio has a staccato - dot, dot ,dot background noise. It doesn't seem to matter which station is on. Any ideas?
  • gchernya1gchernya1 Member Posts: 43
    If it is only while engine is runnig my best bet is ignition wires, distributor cap, or coil. Worst case - it is alternator.
    If it does same number with engine off - radio itself may be bad. Check also antenna connection and ground connection on the radio and around.
  • user12345user12345 Member Posts: 2
    The left front channel is intermittant in my '92 Passat. I've switched speakers around and amps around; the problem does not follow. Does anybody know a competant radio repair shop for VW radios?
  • marvrtmarvrt Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 grand prix gtp with premium sound system and rear window antenna. there is a whining noise in the radio on AM on weak local stations and strong ones when I go under a bridge or go to different parts of town. Dealer has reground antenna cable, replaced radio twice and put a filter on the alternator. It seems to go away above 35 mph.
    Does anybody have a clue what is going on? I told the dealership to put a fixed stick antenna on the car but he is hesitant and is saving that as a last resort.
    marv t.
  • johnsgk1johnsgk1 Member Posts: 1
    I need help in removing my radio from a 92 Lexus ES300. How are you suppose to access the screws. The bottom two are easy, the top two seems to be under the dash. Do I have to remove the dash, and if so How?

    Any help would be appreciated
  • jhwillis1jhwillis1 Member Posts: 1
    My 97 Nissan Altima just started producing static with each bump or rough patch of road --Only on AM. Dealer Mechanic can't find problem by checking the ground. I can make this occur by tapping the antenna. Is the antenna likely to be my problem?
  • juzefjuzef Member Posts: 37
    I just bought this car but the JBL stereo and speakers
    project the music as if it were in the background. Music
    that I'm very familiar with does not sound right. It
    sounds distant. I've played with the BASS, TREB,
    MID RANGE, FRONT BACK, and BALANCE for hours with
    no luck. How can I determine if this is a faulty system or just
    the way it is for this automobile?

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks,

    in Vermont
  • cfilkinscfilkins Member Posts: 39
    I just picked up an '89 Jetta GLI Wolfsburg with the AKTIV stereo system. When I use a cassette adapter with my portable cd player, it sounds beautiful. I am distraught, though, by the aparrent inability to receive radio stations very well. In the area where I live, I had to be within 5 miles of a radio tower in order to pick up the signal decently, and outside of 5 miles, it begins to have a phasing sound, until about 10 miles and I have no signal. Any recommendations?

    Also, how easy is it to replace the stereo with a cd receiver? Should the reception problem be intrinsic to that particular receiver, I'd like to put a new one in, with a cd player, but am uncertain to the wiring considering the 6 speaker configuration. Any and all help is appreciated!

  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    If you haven't already, you may also want to check out Audio Needs (Topic #3) in our Aftermarket and Accessories Conference.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • ferg52641ferg52641 Member Posts: 10
    Our '99 Avalon has a rattle in the radio area that
    is apparent only on rough roads. The question is,
    how does one get to the radio to remove and possibly fix the rattle? The radio/tape/cd was
    added in Houston where the car was delivered from
    the factory. The car has the "wood grain" interior.
    How does one get to the radio?
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    It is possible someone here knows how to do this. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the several Avalon topics underway in our Sedans conference. There you will likely find many folks who own 99 Avalons. Just use the Search window at left, keying in Avalon to find them.

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  • bobs5bobs5 Member Posts: 557
    A repair manual should have the specific instructions for radio removal.

    On my car, the dashboard trim panel/s have to be removed first. The radio is mounted in a plastic panel which is removed with two screws, then the assembly slips out.
  • dalem2dalem2 Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know why my 99 passat radio gets lousy reception.
  • bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335
    I think there was a TSB on these radios. Do a search for passat in sedans and dig through the topics there. I used to be the co-host in Sedans and I remember this was discussed there.

    your new host, Bruce
  • edison3edison3 Member Posts: 3
    i bought a 4runner sr5 2000 4wd last nov99.
    the cd player skip. i went to dealer to replace it. until now i have not heard about them. i call them up. they said its back said its a premium sound and it skip ???
  • bbartelbbartel Member Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Eagle Talon which has a CD/cassette radio (this is the original radio that came with the car). I don't get stations in that I should. Most of the time any station that I listen to will contain a lot of static and cut out, but every once in a while as I'm listening to the radio the stations will all of a sudden come in crystal clear. The CD and cassette work perfectly with no problems. I'm not sure what to make of it or what could be a possible problem.
  • sam000sam000 Member Posts: 1
    I need help in removing my Cassette from a 90 toyota corolla DX(4 door sedan). Could anybody please tell me how to access the screws? Any
    help would be appreciated.
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    I just got my 2000 4RUNNER a week ago. It did skip a CD and is a known problem. My dealer ordered me a new unit and will be in this week. Installing it on Thursday.

    Did you get yours replaced? Are you still waiting? If you did get it replaced, DID IT FIX the PROBLEM????

  • divavolvdivavolv Member Posts: 6
    I have a 98 Prism with am/fm/cassette. My daughter wants her cd player installed. The Prism audio system is 'wierd' because it is so vertical. Clearly, we cannot exchange the cd player from one car to another as it is 'very horizontal'. I hate to go back to the dealer to install a cd player on a 2yr old car. How would you handle this?
  • lmc18lmc18 Member Posts: 32
    I have a '91 Talon with the factory radio and a Sony CD changer I installed a couple years ago. Just recently my radio reception has deteriorated. Lately, when I first turn on the radio there was static for a few seconds and then it would clear up. Now it is constant. It was just FM and now it is FM and AM. Several years ago the backlight for the radio display faded on me but that's the only problem I have ever had with it. Any thoughts as to why? Would it be worth repairing?
  • schaffs2schaffs2 Member Posts: 12
    The Factory CD player on my 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage has begun having problems ejecting the CD. The CD kicks up and the motors to push it out run, but it's like the rollers aren't grabbing. I don't have cash for a new system, and I hope to make this head unit last. any ideas?
  • joosaeyojoosaeyo Member Posts: 2
    Hi, all
    I am looking for information about power system, creating high freqency, pitch noise.
    I have ZX3. I noticed this noise from on the drive side, under the hood. When ac is on, I don'r hear that noise. I remember I used to hear hissing noise when I accelerated. But I forgot about it. Or I just didn't hear it any longer. But today, I turned on radio. And here was. I thought I got bad station or something. This wasn't it.

    I don't know how radio/ cd player, not clock; when the radio is off, it shows time, digital; can create this kind of problem.

    Do you think my car wasn't charging the power not enough? If so, then it should make the noise, when ac is on. Do you think it is a bad radio/cd player? Then why does it make noise much worse when I accelerated my car?

    Any idea?
  • dfclbcdfclbc Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Volvo S80 T6, and the AM reception is absolutely horrendous. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to add a small external antenna and bypass the Volvo antenna in the back window. Has anyone heard or had this problem? If so, how do I get it fixed. Thanks
  • cookie22cookie22 Member Posts: 73
    Just purchased a "1999 Mercury Villager Estate" Mini-Van.And would like to know if it is possiable to install a Power Antenna on it.For such a nice Van the Factory antenna looks CHEAP .TIA.
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Looks like we've had several unanswered questions over the last few weeks.

    Some of you can probably find other topics on your specific vehicles in some of our other conferences (Sedans, Vans, etc.) where you are likely to find other owners of your vehicles.

    If you want to pursue this, just use the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page for your vehicle's model name.

    And if you get answers, come on back here and let us know!

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  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Member Posts: 228
    My 2000 Silouhette with about 11k miles has a very intermittent problem with noise interference on the radio. It sort of sounds like ignition noise. If the engine is stopped, the noise stops. I had the dealer check it out at the last oil change, but "could not duplicate" the problem. Anyone else have this problem with their GM van or car?
  • ataieataie Member Posts: 84
    anyone know how to remove the factory stereo out of a 87 300ZX?
  • Marty684Marty684 Member Posts: 17
    I've started to get poor FM reception in my '88 Supra. When I turn the radio on the weak signal indicator light comes on for every station that I try. It will persist for anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 hr. then all of a sudden the signal comes through clear and strong.

    Any ideas on how to rectify the problem?
  • camshaft1camshaft1 Member Posts: 35
    hi, i have a 95 m3 bmw with a factory deck. it controls the factory 6disc changer in the trunk. anyway, the cd works fine but i find that soetimes the radio and tape will flash on and off. i haven't noticed any pattern to when it will do this. but it will not play anything except the cd's when this happens. i thought that it may be a bad ground because i get feed back through AM stations when i shift gears. the antenna is through the rear window defroster. any suggestions?
  • sierrapksierrapk Member Posts: 19
    The "skipping" problem inherent in the in-dash CD player used in 2000 Toyota 4Runners has been widely reported. My dealer says they will just replace it with an identical player and "see if the problem goes away". Has anyone had the CD player replaced on a 2000 4Runner, and did it permanently solve the problem?
  • jjv55jjv55 Member Posts: 20
    I had the stock AM/FM Cassette stereo in my '97 Stratus. The signal would constantly "pop" in and out of stereo mode regardless of the signal strength. When it was under warranty, I took it in to be looked at, they would remove it and send it out (three times), and when it was re-installed, the same problem existed. I broke down and bought a new Pioneer stereo and have not experienced any problems. Just another problem with the Stratus I guess.
  • saravan81saravan81 Member Posts: 1
    Hello All!

    I bought a Honda Civic EX 2001 two weeks Back, and
    the CD Player goes CODE Frequently and my Dealer
    tried to fix it but Still I have this Problem. The
    dealer said he has to talk to honda to find out
    what should be done. I am wondering if anyone has
    or had this Problem. Could you advice what I should
    do incase the dealer takes more time to Fix this
    and I dont get Proper response from him.(I have
    been given a 5-Digit no. to activate the CD When it
    goes CODE)

  • solaramansolaraman Member Posts: 7
    Hi. What kind of problems were you having with your CD player? What kind of player is in the 4 Runner? I've had problems with my player in my Solara. CD's would get scratched!
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Welcome to Town Hall.

    You might want to take a look at our active topic on Honda Civic Problems (Topic #912).

    Town Hall is fortunate to have an experienced Honda tech hanging out in that topic and he may have an answer to your question.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • tjmeyerstjmeyers Member Posts: 6
    I have the factory AM/FM cassette radio with the equalizer built in and recently when I listen to the radio, the radio all of a sudden starts to change stations. The frequency on the radio still says that I am on the same radio station, but the radio starts to scan all the stations. If I "bump" the bottom of the dash with my hand it will stop scanning but if I hit a bump in the road it will start scanning again. I finally turn the radio off. Has anybody had the same problem and does anybody know how to fix it (other than replacing the radio)
  • tjmeyerstjmeyers Member Posts: 6
    I have a 1988 Chewy Suburban with the factory AM/FM digital radio that came with the truck and the radio stopped working. The cassette still works but the yellow digital numbers as well as the clock no longer come on. The radio no longer receives any radio transmissions except for a "keeping" sound that sounds like a mores code on the FM side of the channel. I don't get any AM radio stations either. Does anybody know what the problem might be with this radio. My wife is getting tired of my singing in the car when we drive this truck so I have been told to get this radio fixed or she will get me "fixed" I am hoping to get the radio fixed.
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