Lexus LS 460/460L Park Assist

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I have two dealers with car equipped nearly identically. One has most options, but not the Advanced Parking Guidance system.
Any thoughts on whether this is a worthwhile option.
I live in a small town and rarely have occasion to parallel park. But, on the other hand, its only $700 more. Appreciate any input from owners who have chosen a car equipped with this option. Thanks.


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    First off, I'm not a qualified "Advanced Parking Guidance System" person as you requested. However; I have read all the posts on this forum regards the LS460 and have not seen anything positive regards "Advanced Parking Guidance System". One poster was upset because he had dinged his chrome wheel while trying the "Advanced Parking Guidance System" feature. Several reviewers off this forum have had reservations as to the usefulness of the Lexus "Advanced Parking Guidance System". I have a 2006 LS430 with Park Assist sensors, TV (back up camera), and fold down mirrors (during reverse). I use all of the above to frequently back into parking spaces rather than head in. I feel very comfortable with the features on my car. I'm looking forward to trying out the ""Advanced Parking Guidance System" sometime; however, I don't consider it a deal breaker if the car is not so equipped. Good luck.
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    Thanks very much for the reply.
    I didn't realize that elsewhere on the site several people had commented on the Advanced Parking system. Most of the comments were negative, and with your input, I've decided on the car without this feature. Even if it worked great, it would have little utility for me other than as a high-tech toy to amuse friends. I don't think I need it this time around.
    Thanks again.
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    I'll take the car either way, but just like a sunroof - I'm fine with not having Park Assist....
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    Real drivers would not be caught dead with feature, think about it, maybe for Mom or Grandma.
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    I got the Adv. Park Assist since it was basically already included in the option package that I wanted. I've used it a few times and it works well, but the key problem is the time to set it up, and then you have to go so slow once the car is actually backing up. Here in the Boston area someone will steal the space before you can back into it!
    I suppose it would be really handy if you have a bad back and can't turn around easily to look behind you.

    That being said, I am a real driver and I am still very much alive! :D
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    Just don't tell anyone you have it and you should be fine.
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