My 2007 Azera rides really rough

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I just bought a 2007 Azera Limited. I did my homework and found it to be all I wanted in a luxery car. However, once I took possession of it I discovered I felt every bump in the road. It did not ride like a luxery car should ride. I understand "stiff suspension" but I am really disappointed in the ride of this car. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but has anyone else been bothered by the rough ride of their Azera?


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    Check your tire pressures. The dealer often times forgets to reduce the pressure the tires have from shipping to the recommended levels. The tires may have in excess of 40 PSI when shipped and that will cause a very rough ride if not reduced. ;)
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    As pointed out above, tire pressures (PSI) play a really big roll. :surprise:

    Get yeh over to Pep Boys or some other source and purchase a good tire gauge.
    Check your tire pressures when the tires are cold, before you have driven, and preferably when the car has been in the garage.
    In other words, not out in the sun.

    You have the factory 17 inch wheels.
    This can and does make a slight difference due to the lower aspect ratio of the factory 17 inch tires.

    I will bet that your tire pressures are far to high. The key here is experimentation!


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    My 07 Azera does seem to have a bumpier ride than my 95 Bonneville did. I adjusted the pressure to 30 PSI but that didn't help much. I don't know if its the suspension, seats or what. But bumps are definitley more pronounced than they were on my old Pontiac. This is my only complaint with the car other than the dark colored oil dip stick is hard to read. It needs some holes to make it easier to guage. I think I can live with a little bit of a bumpy ride as long as the car proves to be reliable which so far it has been with only 1500 miles.
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    You can continue discussing nitrogen in your tires at this link: pahefner01, "Hyundai Azera Tires and Wheels" #87, 31 May 2007 4:04 pm.
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    You may not have known it at the time you wrote it, but you have just started a new topic. ;)

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    Regarding the hard to read oil dip stick, this post will be helpful to you: derrelhgreen, "Hyundai Azera Oil Changes and Other Basic Maintenance" #126, 1 Jun 2007 6:53 pm.
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    :confuse: I just bought an "07 Azera- limited / ultra. The first really nice car I've had in a while. Who could pass up a 10 year warranty and 0% financing? I like everything about the car, but I have noticed that the ride seems too rough for a car of this size / type. Strangely, while having some minor adjustments at the dealer, I was given an '07 Sonata (V6) to use as a loaner, and the Sonata seems to have a less jarring, smoother ride than my Azera. I only have 900 miles on the car, so it's too soon to expect a ride like this. I saw a few other posts refering to this, and someone said something about shocks. Does anyone have any specific info on this problem? Other than the strangely rough ride, this is a great car.
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    Be sure that the dealer has (or you have) reduced the tire pressure to something under 35 psi, as the pressures are typically pumped to 42 psi or higher for shipping, in order to reduce flat-spotting if the car sits for a few weeks...
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    I have a 2007 Limited with 7,500 miles on it. Had the shocks replaced per TSB about 500 miles ago. It is quieter and there is less wallow, but still more than I expected. Biggest problem is that the rough ride over anything less than perfect pavement is only about 25% better. Called Hyundai and they told me to take it to dealer. Service manager drove it and agreed that it has impact harshness that is felt in the seat and steering wheel. Called Hyundai and they called the dealer and they will have a rep call me sometime.
    Problem is that the shocks are too stiff and springs are too soft for this car. Apparently too many Sonata parts used on a heavier vehicle. Go to e_order_int/2/article_id_int/2050. Chrisitan Wardlaw pointed this out in his review of the 2006.
    It is still a very comfortable and enjoyable car over good roads, Unfortunately S.C. does not have many of those.
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    I also had my front struts replaced per the TSB. It made the ride a little bit smoother.
    I then paid to have the rear struts replaced with the 040s. It did not make the near the difference as having the front struts replaced. Only noticeable difference is less wallow only at slow speeds. Doing the TSB is worth it since its free and makes somewhat of an improvement. But paying to have the rear struts replaced is definitely not worth it in my opinion.
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    Just returned from a 600 miles in three days road trip. Drove my wife's base model 2005 Toyota RAV4. Amazing how much more comfortable it is than my Azera. RAV has cloth seats, no heated seats, no lumbar adjustment and base model suspension and tires.
    RAV is much noisier, but felt better at end of trip than taking same trip in my Azera.
    Read an article that criticized GMC adjustable lumbar seats as being uncomfortable.
    Figure in the Azera, it's the seats, the heating elements, the lumbar adjuster, the suspension, the Michelin VR tires or a combination of all. :(
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    The dealer replaced the -041 struts with -040's a few months ago with some improvement. I took the covers off the tops and noticed the below.
    The center post has a nut with a green mark on it.
    The round top plate under the nut has two green lines.
    One of the three posts holding the strut has a green dot in the center>
    Does anyone know what these marks mean?
    Should they all be lined up together or in some fashion? They aren't now.
    If the strut is new, why are the colors all the same lime green?

    Thanks guys. I know some of you are tired of hearing me bring this up, but I really do believe it can be fixed and Hyundai (and we) will be the better for it.
    BTW, got a reply from Consumer Reports re: their ratings in the April 2008 issue. Based on the fact there were few problems reported in 2006, but a lot reported on the 2007, they downgraded the 2007, but kept the high recommendations for the 2008 Hyundai. Weird! Sounds like a sampling problem to me.
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    my azera rides like crap too. i'll take an old camry anyday. wife is making us sell it now. im gonna try yoko avid trz. i did my research on consumer reports and basicly started looking for most comfortable tires, then wet handling characteristics from there. just waiting on a tire sale now. the michelin energy mxv4's that are on it now were rated much poorer in ride quality. however, i've seen a lexus es300 that had these on it and i bet he wasn't complaining about the ride. oh well, im gonna try the tires cause the cars not selling.
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