Hyundai Accent Transmission Questions

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Recently, my car could not shift into gear when it was turned on, off it shifts fine. The car has a hydraulic clutch. So I thought it might be the clutch master cylinder, and replaced it, and that was not the case, then there was a small leak in the slave cylinder, which I replaced it. I was speed shifting it, then it got stuck in 4th gear. So it is in 4th gear, no matter if the clutch pedal is in or not. The shifter, flops between 3rd and 4th also. The dealer said to bleed the air better out of the clutch system. This problem came on fast, not gradual. What steps should I take, if the bleeding or the clutch hydraulic system, does not work?


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    iwas driving my honda shifted gears i noticed my clutch did not spring back pulled up my foot went to shift my clutch went al the to floor it disconnected from pedal how can i connect it back to pedal
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    Hi I have a 1997 Hyundai Accent with a auntomatic transmission that i am having transmission problems with sometimes it will go into drive and drive forward sometimes it want but every other gear works fine no problems does anyone know what my problem could be or does anyone know if i can take a transmission out of a 1994 hyundai Excel automatic transmission and put it into my 1997 Hyundai Accent?.....Please help anyone Thanks in advance i am needing it fixed
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    Well I had problems with my 96 hyundai accent auto trans too somewhat similar. What happened to me was I was driving about 45mph and all of a sudden in heavy traffic my car downshifted on its own to like 1st gear and basically made me stop the car. I shut it off turned it back on and it was fine. Then also little bit later I was going from a stop and its like it would rev up but not shift up to 2nd. I took it to dealer and was told they have electronic transmissions they the contacts needed cleaning and adjusted 10 degrees. I guess they can only be adjusted so far too..but seemed to work for the next 5 years until I had the problem with it not wanting to shift from first into 2nd from a stop. So I just changed out the trans fluid and filter and its worked fine for last 2 years.
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    I just bought an 01 accent, and I don't have an owner's manual for it. I don't know when I should have the car in overdrive and when I shouldn't. Any advice would help out a lot. Thanks.
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    My car will "get stuck" in low gear when you pull out into traffic, you try and accelerate but the revs go up and you stay doing 20Km/hr. Putting you foot down does nothing except increase the revs, you have to put your foot on the brake and come to a halt and they try accelerating again. As you can imagine this is dangerous if you have pulled out into heavy traffic. It has now also developed a new trick - sometimes it changes gear but around the 3oKm mark you hear a loud bang (like you have hit the car with a hammer) and the whole car jerks (hard enough for you to bang your head on headrest!). There is no particular time it happens (can be first trip of day or after many). Car is great after you get into 3rd and for long trips of accelerating past other cars great.
    I purchased the Hyundi Accent in Dec 05. No problems till begining of 07 then noticed that sometimes had trouble getting into gear. Took to dealer to look at they said nothing wrong. Anyway it is now mid 2008 and problem is getting worse and my car has been in repair shop for 1 week and they say they cant find anything wrong as the on-board computer doesnt throw up a fault code!
    Has anyone else had these type of problems. I am getting frightened to drive car as I am an accident waiting to happen and when someone drives into the back of me it will be my fault as they will not be expecting me to be doing 20Km/hr. I have a 5yr replacement warrenty for all the good its doing me. The repair shop says it could be a few things but refuse to try anything as computer not showing code implying that I am imagining all this. Other people have been in car with me when it gets stuck but as an intermitant fault the repair shop says it doesnt happen for them. As I am female I feel that I am not being taken seriously or they are waiting for my warrenty to expire then they will find problem!
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    just replaced my gear selector cable and now cant select 1st, 3rd or 5th what the hell have i done wrong????
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    My neice has a 2001 hyndai accent she purchased several months ago. The vehical has around 60K miles on it. I noticed the trans fluid had a burned smell to it and was discolored. Had her take it in for new filter and fluid change. After about 3-weeks past that, her over drive quit working. Now its a 3 speed. Any ideas from someone out there would be greatly appreciated.
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    2001 hyndai accent ...has around 60K miles ... the trans fluid had a burned smell to it and was discolored. Had her take it in for new filter and fluid change
    Burnt and discolored fluids are not a good thing. Is it a manual or automatic? Do you have the past service records? Even though it's low mileage I wonder if this is the first time the transmission fluid has been changed. You may need to take it into a transmission shop to get an expert evaluation of the problem.
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    She bought the car used from a dealership. The automatic transmission worked fine up until she had the fluid changed in it. Then the overdrive into 4th gear just stopped working. I am pretty mechanical. Is the overdrive on an automatic Hyndai a simple fix or what ? I have read thats its an electric engagment and might not be to hard to fix. Has anyone out there worked on this type of problem ?
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    Crystoman - I know your post was over a month ago, but I'll bet I know what happened. I'll wager anything that the shop used the wrong ATF. In a Hyundai automatic, you MUST use SPIII ATF. This is available at Hyundai or Kia Parts Departments, or also at Mitsubishi Parts Departments, as the transmission was originally a Mitsubishi design.

    Interestingly, our large Hyundai dealer here uses a synthetic base "so called" equivalent to SPIII ATF. I don't know how they can get away with this, as Hyundai corporate specifically states to use SPIII ATF. And, it also states as such as in the Owner's Manual.

    You can go into any auto parts store, such as Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, etc., and you may find ATF that "claims" to be an equivalent to SPIII ATF. Don't use it, because it's not. Simply stated, if you use anything other than SPIII ATF, the automatic transmission will not work as designed, and its use will cause the transmission to fail.

    Same goes with any of the Quick Lube stations, NONE of them stock or use SPIII ATF, and don't let them tell you otherwise.

    Again, you must use Hyundai/Kia/Mitsubishi SPIII ATF in the transmission. Yes, it's more expensive than other ATF, but you will be rewarded in the long run by a reliable transmission.
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    Better late than never - youre neice has what we in the industry refer to as a hook and stitch. - if you take apart your shift handle I bet you youll find that the wires from the overdrive switch in the shift handle down to the junction connector are broken - I had the same problem with my car, and this is one of those things they love to get you on, they charge you 1500$ say their replacing the trans, and they fix two wires. your overdrive is coming on and off because of whats left of the wires flexing back and fourth.. eventually itl be gone all together... - try this I bet you that fixes the car.. :)

    Also, despite what anyone may tell you the hyundai certified transmission fluid is nothing different than the stuff you buy at the autoparts store, all youre paying for is piece of mind, I've seen the production charts of these chemicals and they use the same exact detergents! I've fixed this problem before, it happens due to cheap wiring in the shift handle... - to have a gear be there and suddenly not be there is unheard of, if it had anything fluid related to do with it youd feel loss of oil pressure in other gears, not just 4th..

    (ASE certified technician)
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    I beg to differ, Ben. I've replaced quite a few transmissions which had "recently" been serviced with Dexron/Mercon ATF instead of SPIII. The one thing they all had in common is that the customer paid for the new transmission, which if had been filled with the correct fluid, would've been covered by warranty.
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    what do you work at a dealership or something? I dont get why everyone is trying to upsell the dealership fluid... no transmission fluid is any different than any other transmission fluid.. yes there are tranny fluids for gm and for ford, and chrysler and honda, but ive seen shops put this in cars... keep in mind these cars are junk to begin with.... their throwaways, did you actually take the trans apart inside to see what failed on it? im a trans tech, I dont just replace transmissions, I fix them. if you had an actual evidence of damage in the transmission I might believe you, but dealership warranties are [non-permissible content removed] to begin with.. I fix all the cars you guys "dont cover under warranty" if these fluids are truly different, Id like some evidence.. send me a copy of an MSDS with the contents of SP3, because until there is evidence, the difference between SP3 and dex merc remains unknown, which doesn't prove either one of us right or wrong... however, in my experience, there isn't any problem using the dex merc fluids on transmissions... just look at what goes into manuals, you can use ATF, diffy fluid, anything you want that is oil, more or less.. its designed to lubricate, and ATF is an ultra thin lubricant, it lubricates everything.. the only differences per GM and ford are the weights of the oil...
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    My hyundai accent's automatic transmission has the following issueS:

    A. When I start the car, it wont pick up easily, it takes a lot of acceleration (feels like i might be picking it up in the second gear), high RPM etc.

    B. When I go past say 70 or 80 KM/HR, the engine makes a lot of noise like its struggling, and the RPM goes above 4000, which never happens!!

    These two things happen most of the time now, although, on some occasions the car runs smoothly, but will start acting up on the trip back, or during the trip. Sometimes it even starts running normally AFTER Ive run it for sometimes.

    Please help!

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    Can you feel it shift at all? If not, it may be in "default mode"--essentially stuck in 2nd gear--which would indicate a problem with the computer.
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    Yes, It shifts. Problem occurs when i pick up initially, or when I go over 80. Feels like its stuck, engine makes a lot of noise and RPM goes up.

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    It also shifts hard into 3rd and shifts hard going down to 1 it is an automatic. Interesting enough it shifts fine into any gear when its cold out around freezing temps. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Is your DTC p0723 (2 to 3rd gear ratio, off top of my head)? If so try the speed sensor, it is about $50US else it is rebuild time is my guess. This what happen to mine. Note the advice is free for what that is worth. On 2nd try with junkyard trannies. Like the guy said they are throw away cars and I have read where rebuilts only last a year ($700us) but there is a place in San Berdo.. (around pick a part) which will give a 3 year for $1800 you install it. But the car does get 45mi/gall, best. I got 150K miles on the tranny and used dextron in the last 30K. I think that is what kill it plus a cartop carrier and moving wood panels. Stick with the factory oil or atf 3, chrysler since it is their tranny.
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    I have 2002 Accent w/AutoTrans. When shifting from 1st gear up to next gear there is decided "jolt". Am beginning to experience some down and up shifting while cruising. For the first time I couldn't shift into reverse to back out of a parking place (let it roll back to get enough clearance to pull forward). After a few blocks I pulled over, put it into reverse and it worked fine. I have a little over 90K mileage. Am I looking at a re conditioning repair, replacement with a re conditioned tran, or a replacement with a low mileage used unit? Any idea of the cost involved?
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    hey.. i read over the problems that you were having with your car and it sounds just like the same problems i am having with my 05 Hyundai accent. i have taken it in 6x now and no one can fix it.. they say it has something to do with the sensors going haywire... im assuming it has something to do with the computer in the transmission.. last time i drove it 3 weeks ago it scared the crap out of me.. i was wondering if u found any helpful information about it.. they say to rebuild the transmission which will cost around 2500 and the car is totally not worth it considering im still paying it off.
  • bigboy11bigboy11 Member Posts: 8
    I have achance to buy a nice accent and it won't go into reverse , I am clueless, and I want the car but I don't want to change the tranny. I guess what i'm asking is is it worth it possibly, how would you knoe you havent seen it , oh it has 180000 on it but runs perfect, but no reverse , it has an inspection and a new one ???????
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    I didn't mention the car is a 1998 in years, just no reverse and it's an automatic...with 180,000...????? very curious , this car could be practically given to me and i really could use it, thank you for anyone's time!!!
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    With no reverse, the car would be difficult to park anywhere. The only way to fix it would be to replace the tranny. I wouldn't pay more then a few hundred bucks for this car if it runs good and be prepared to spend over $1000 to replace the tranny. In all honesty, I'd look elsewhere.
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    Thank you at least I know what to do , not get the car!!!, thanks again!
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    I always had stickshifts,but have a new accent hatchback automatic now.I am use to downshifting before braking.Will this be bad for an automatic transmission?
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    The automatic downshifts... automatically, based on conditions.
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Member Posts: 160
    Manually forcing a downshift won't hurt it, but really, all you need to do for better engine braking is click off the overdrive lockout switch. Please give us a new owner report in the Accent hatchback forum, basically tell us which model you got, how much you paid and what you like and don't like about your new ride. Few owners participate here so it would be nice to hear from a new owner. Hope to see you there!
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    I bought a new 2010 accent hatchback GS package.I paid $13014 before taxes.I bought the smallest car I could find that had the things I wanted. Parking is a problem in my area,but this car fits in spaces big car can't ! It's easy to handle and fun to drive(better than my grandson's remote control toy!),and economical too.As a trout fisherman all my life, the hatchback up serves as a canopy when eating lunch or putting on my hip boots. So far I have no complaints at all and hope it stays that way. p. s.,I bought the car in June 2010.
  • hank1336hank1336 Member Posts: 3
  • 80skeys80skeys Member Posts: 1
    2002 Accent automatic.

    Problem just started today. Does not go into reverse. Hard shift and slipping when shifting into other gears while driving. Check engine light on.

    What are the possible causes?

  • carfreak09carfreak09 Member Posts: 160
    edited January 2011
    These trannys were known to have these kind of issues, especially if the fluid wasn't changed often enough or the wrong fluid was used. The check engine light is on because the tranny computer threw a failure code to the main ecu. It sounds like your tranny is toast. The only way to fix it now is to rebuild or replace it.
  • fredwbenjaminfredwbenjamin Member Posts: 1
    My 1999 Accent has a check engine code stating a low voltage reading of my transmission range sensor. Where exactly is this sensor located?
  • breathingntunebreathingntune Member Posts: 1
    It is a Hyundai accent 1997 automatic

    Every time I step on the breaks it seems as if the car has a stutter problem , at times when i push on the breaks just a little bit to slow down the car will stall out. It turns on just fine. It will also seem to get stuck in a higher gear. Example if I am going 60 mph the rpm will read 3-4 and just sit there, i can feel it in the pedal when it does that.
    to add to that when it is stuck in the high rpm it takes about 10 seconds after a stop to get going up to an actual speed.

    The problem started out with it just stalling out every now and then but ONLY when i push on the breaks to stop or slow down , the rpm will shoot up and then usually stall out unless i push down on the gas a little.

    Email if you have any idea what i should do or why my car does this. I am a single mom and this gets very scary when im driving with my son and it will stall out as i slow down and make a turn or anything like that.

    [email protected]
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    I use to own late 80's and early 90's GM vehicles that had a similar problem with a 3 speed automatic. It was a solenoid switch in the transmission that locked up the torque convertor. It cost like $200 to fix (mostly labor) as the switch was inexpensive. I remember a mechanic telling me it's like riding a bicycle in 10th gear, coming to a stop and then trying to get going again without shifting the gear back to 1st. Good luck.
  • shellybear0925shellybear0925 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Hyundai Accent, Automatic Transmission and it has been bucking a lot, AT fluid checked and it stopped briefly but it is doing it again. I have about 25600 miles on it and the fluid level is fine. Not sure if this is a sign the tranny is starting to go? The other day it would not shift up into the next gear and the RPM's kept revving high.
    I am under warranty but do not trust what the dealership will have to say. Does anyone have any knowledge of this happening to them? Thank you....
  • mooner73mooner73 Member Posts: 3
    i have a 2001 accent which will not let me turn the key back to the lock position unless i disconnect the battery. i think it may be the sensor that tells the compuetr the car is in park? I can shift the car into gear when the key is in the lock position. Am I on the right track and can this be done on my own?
  • hempmaker1hempmaker1 Member Posts: 1
    @ shellybear0925 ...I recently bought a 2009 Hyundai Accent, and it was doing the same thing yours is doing. It would get stuck in 2nd gear. If I was driving, it would clonk, jump, and then not shift. I have had 2 trips to the dealer now, and they just replace a speed sensor on the transmission. I don't know if that is the cause, bc I just picked my car up today, however.....I will definitely let you know...bc it has been a headache for us...hope this helps!!
  • rebeccald1982rebeccald1982 Member Posts: 2
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    ok. The transmission fluid is pooling on top of the transmission. It's having a hard time going into gear and sounds like it will rev up and up and up and not switch gears until there is a really hard shift. Fluid is not burnt. Finally drove it on the highway about 40 miles and it jerked really bad and was making loud noises. I had it towed home. Does anybody know whats wrong? also while driving the rpms will go way to high before the shift. Had a tranny rebuild about 50000 miles ago. i use the hyundai fluid also. was doing the jerking thing off and on then just went to all the time. no trouble codes or check engine light. overdrive stopped working.
  • rebeccald1982rebeccald1982 Member Posts: 2
    also when it gets going faster then 40 or 50 mph it seems to loose speed
  • almcalmc Member Posts: 1
    Did you find out what the problem was as I'm having the same trouble now?
  • hockey18hockey18 Member Posts: 1
    Did replacing the speed sensor work?? I also have a 2009 accent and it's doing the same thing. Thanks!
  • hughes5955hughes5955 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having an intermittent problem with my Hyundai Accent. Usually in the mornings... come to a stop sign. Then when I take off, it feels like it's not getting enough gas. Hyundai dealership has had the car 3 times and no issues found. No engine light comes on. So they can't diagnose
    Can anyone help me out?
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Member Posts: 160
    I would look into the coil packs, which control the spark. There are 4 of them, the small black boxes above each spark plug. These are known to go bad on the Accent and they cause poor acceleration, sputtering, jerkiness, etc. They don't always throw a code when they go bad.
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    its true, but 1st check your grounding connections- all sensors ground to frame or trans body - they must be clean and di electric greased. check battery connections check fuses . throw a meter and check for trouble codes - for 10 bux try seafoam and try and loosen the selenoid. if that works, change filter and fluid
  • motoman04motoman04 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I had the same EXACT problem with my 05 accent, I have been trying to figure it out for almost a year now. I dont know why, but NO hyundai dealer ANYWHERE seems to know the true cause of this problem. However, I for one found the cause of the problem yesterday as i was driving down the interstate. My accent was doing 65 mph when it kicked OUT of overdrive and my rpm's shot up. I pushed the overdrive button on the shifter to off and then back to on as i was driving and the car went back INTO overdrive as it should. That led me to start playing with the overdrive button while i was driving. As i wiggled the button back and forth the car would kick in and out of over drive without actually PUSHING the button. About two hours ago i pulled my car in the garage and took out the screw on the front side of the shifter that hold the overdrive button in and finnagled the overdive button out of the shifter. I found that one of the wires on the overdrive swith was frayed. This is because of the way hyundai runs their wires through the shifter. There is 3 different colored wires. One of them is black. This is a ground wire. The other two are different color. If you touch one of the wires to the black ground wire, the "over drive off" light will illuminate on the dash. If you touch The OTHER colored wire to the black ground wire, the "over drive off" light will NOT illuminate. This means the overdrive is in fact enabled. As i never turn my over drive OFF anyway, I simply cut the wires off of the overdrive button and soldered The ground wire to the colored wire that enables the overdrive. My overdrive is now permanently on and my car does not stick in 3rd gear at stops signs and it now shifts through EVERY gear as it should ALL of the time. I took my time to explain all of this because i know how confusing the situation is and I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is the cause of your problem. I joined this website ONLY to reply to your post. I am giving you my word that if you do what i explained your problem will be solved. I thought it to be highly unlikely but i proved myself wrong. I hope you give it a try. -Joe
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    I have a 2013 Hyundai Accent with a manual tranny. When I am in reverse moving slowly it feels like the gear shift is stuck and the clutch in not engaging but the engine is revving. It is all I can do to brake. I have to turn the car off and then back on and it is ok. Has anyone had this problem? I have taken it to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong.
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    I have a 2010 Hyundai Accent Hatchback with a manual transmission. This last week I parked the car in gear and it started slowly rolling on its own, which made me pull the hand brake to stop it. When driving I have no problem with shifting into any of the gears and have no sounds while shifting. The car has approximately 77k on it. The clutch also seems to work alright, and I have never changed it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 213,662

    I have a 2010 Hyundai Accent Hatchback with a manual transmission. This last week I parked the car in gear and it started slowly rolling on its own, which made me pull the hand brake to stop it. When driving I have no problem with shifting into any of the gears and have no sounds while shifting. The car has approximately 77k on it. The clutch also seems to work alright, and I have never changed it.

    Do you normally apply your handbrake when parked?

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  • PoconobrucePoconobruce Member Posts: 2
    Not normally unless it’s a steep grade.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 213,662

    Not normally unless it’s a steep grade.

    When parking any car, you should always apply the handbrake (parking brake, emergency brake.. whatever you want to call it), every time. Automatic or manual transmission.

    That's the free advice part of the answer.

    The other part? Something is wrong with your transmission. I'm not so good with that. It could be something minor.

    Maybe @thecardoc3 will stop in here with some advice.

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