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Oldsmobile Aurora Engine Problems



  • sclipsonsclipson Posts: 7
    just finished a long trip with my 89 aurora and am happy to report that we did not have any stalling problems since crankshaft and cam sensors were replaced. yahoo!!!!

    happy motoring
  • hannig43hannig43 Posts: 2
    I've read all of these accounts and it sounds like my CRANKSHAFT SENOR(s) need to be replaced too (it stalls at wierd times)....also the tach is shooting up to 8000 even though the engine isn't reving that high. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Are they related?
  • skurz374skurz374 Posts: 1
    How did you get the water pump to break free from the housing?
    I have the special tool but it just will not budge.
  • pfarneypfarney Posts: 3
    My Aurora has less than 10 K since total O'haul. Oil presure reads 48-51 lbs at cold start, but gradually drops to "no" or loe oil pressure at stops/low idle. then the chime starts and won't quit until I begin to increase the rpm's after stop sign or traffic signal. I know that the pressure must be OK. No engine noises, no o'heating, no oil use or discoloration. What to do? The damn chime is driving me CRAZY at stops. Thanks a bunch.
  • Hey everyone. I have a '96 aurora .8 cylinder, 198559 miles. Just replaced oil , oil filter,plugs, transmission fluid and filter. Now we here a grinding or scrubbing sound where the serpinetine belt is at. Friend of mine say its coming from the air conditioner pulley. ??? My biggest problem is that it now I cant get the 'oil change soon' :confuse: :cry: reading off of the DIC and when it warms up the PSI drops from 80 t0 below 30 and it cuts off when idle at stop lights. Could it be that the car is idled too high or the oil sending sensor ?
  • : Well everyone I'm back. In my last post i ask about oil pressure on a '96 aurora. Well my car went to the shop and has been there for two days. Just got her back. I had to have a Idle air control valve, an oil pressure switch, idler pulley,serpentine belt and also idler tension pulley replace the original ones. All in all it ran about $385.My mechanic drove it thru town today and stopped at several red lights he says no problems. placed it on his computer diagnostic and shows all systems normal. I drove it home and my worry wort mind stayed on my computer oil psi read out on the DIC. My readings at stoplights were 14-29 psi and went up at acceleration but I don't believe they ever got above 70 psi. but I also never got above 45 mph because of after work traffic. This time my car did not cut off on me and no alarm went off. I really need someone out there to tell me what is the TRUE oil pressure that a '96 aurora should be. My mechanic says its fine at what it says. Does this seem right to everyone? I can;t afford to blow gaskets or even my motor.
  • This engine should maintain 9 PSI at hot idle, and between 15-30 PSI at crusing speeds. Close tolerances, seemingly low oil pressures are "normal" in this engine. Don't be concerned unless your light & in-dash warnings (audible) go off at idle.
  • Is there anyone out there that can help me with this problem I have a 97 Aurora with a right wrap head ,if I have the heads repair wwould this solve my problem or would i have to continue to search for a another engine...please help me
  • My Aurora had a noise I thought sounded like a jet. It was the freon compressor bearing. They say it's not replaceable although my son is a GM mechanic and called a bearing company to find a replacement. Replacing the bearing saved us a lot of money.
  • hello
    i know questions are to be about repairs and such, but i thought i read up here where i coould go and get a copy of 1997 -1995 manual owners do anyone know about this please help thanks.......
  • Hello ladydelight,
    here again i would like to know now whether or not if anyone knows how I might get a repair manual for 1997 aurora .....thanks again for the previous help found the page for the owner's manual ....
  • Hey guys! My '96 aurora started running above 200 degrees today but my cooling fan didn't cut on. I checked both fuses and they are fine.I have already change idle air control valve and Mass air flow sensor in the last few months. I have changed the serpentine belt along with Idle pulley and also the water pump belt. Oil pressure switch has been changed also. I always watch the temp gauge when driving and it doesn't usually run higher than 200. It ran up to 225 today before the cooling fans cut on. is this normal or is there something i am overlooking.I also can smell antifreeze burning after i parked it. Should the fans engage before it reaches 225-?
  • According to the service manual for my '97 Aurora:

    Low speed operation of both cooling fans occurs when:
    1) coolant temp exceeds 229F or
    2) trans fluid temp exceeds 302F or
    3) a/c operation is requested

    High speed operation occurs when:
    1) coolant temp reaches 234F or
    2) trans fluid temp exceeds 304F or
    3) certain DTCs are set

    Hope this helps.

  • where is the thermostat located on '96 aurora?
  • I have a 2001 Aurora with about 250,000 km on it. Recently we have noticed that when I am driving the car, it will slowly continue to accelerate in spite of reduced pressure on the gas pedal or pressure on the brake. When I put the car in neutral, the RPM continue to climb to approx 4000. I shut the car off and often it resolves the problem, however on occasion it happens again. I have noticed the problem mostly when the vehicle is cold. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  • Is your A/C on when this happens (or anything that causes the AC ON light on the climate control panel)? When my A/C clutch engages, the car can chuggle pretty badly.

    Other first thought is the torque converter lockup clutch -- it locks up somewhere around 35-40MPH in overdrive or 4th gear when you're taking it easy. Try driving 35-40MPH with the brake pedal depressed (enough to turn the brake lights on, no need to drag the pads hard) -- this will disable the TCC.
  • This is probably caused by (but not necessarily the fault of) the Idle Air Control valve. It could be stuck, and they're cheap and easy to replace. Before anything gets replaced, make sure the car warms up fully when you drive it (around 200F). The IAC learn won't complete if the car doesn't warm up -- I've seen uncontrolled acceleration caused by a stuck-open thermostat!
  • The thermostat is in the water pump housing, on the driver's side of the motor.
  • Mine runs at 200 cruising in the winter, and gets up to 240+ idling in the summer heat. This is completely normal for this engine. If the temp gauge doesn't go into the red, don't fix it!
  • I have a 1998 olds. aurora.. I just got it ...and i just filled my tank half way and i was driving all of a sudden my gas hand dropped to empty but it was still alil gas left in there to make it home... when i got home i look up under the hood and i smell strong gas and i saw that it was leaking by the engine... plus i also smelled gas coming out my vents... can anyone tell me the problem...
  • I have a 96 aurora and had many problems with the fuel rail leaking on top of the engine. The nylon lines between the injectors would crack and spray on the engine. The smell would enter the car while driving or idling. There was a recall on this fuel rail on the 96 (had a friend with a 97 also get his fixed under recall), but i dont know what years it all covered. Have a look at your fuel rail if it is plastic lines between the injectors, go to the dealership and tell them about the recall. Mine was replaced with a totally different style. Its a single metal line in the shape of a "U". I had to go to 2 different dealerships because the first place i went to said that there were no recalls still needing to be done on my car. That recall was from back in 2004 i think.
  • cukkiezcukkiez Posts: 6
    I have 03 Aurora with 59667 miles on it and it keeps stalling Today I replaced the plugs and fuel filter took for a ride and it stalled,,does anyone have any idea's .. There are no check engine lights or nothing ,I was at a complete stop gave it the gas and stalled That was a new one!,. or backing up it stalled. , And has anyone had promblems with ther head light switch, my lights shut off by them selfs my name is also AuroraI I just bought the car and I am now having these promblems, can some one help me please! Thankyou.
  • oldwinooldwino Posts: 20
    One likely cause for stalling is a bad fuel pressure regulator. It's located on the fuel rail and fairly easy to change.
  • swendellswendell Posts: 1
    I have a 95 aurora and my instrument panel light won't come on when I turn the key in the ingtion or when I turn the headlamps on everything else works. Did anybody know why. Please Advise the soonest!


  • unbrkablunbrkabl Posts: 1
    hi guys i purchased this car about 8 months ago, when i went to test drive it it started and idled fine but tried to drive it and it wouldnt go over 10 mph the car had been sitting for about a yr owner said .i went i purchased the car next day at much lower price thinking it prob needed a fuel pump and crazy as it seems it ran and drove like a top for seven months no problems but the last month it started to lose power and run rough almost like it would run out of gas took and had it checked they said egr o2 and speed sensor needed replaced but i didnt have money to get all that at time, i cleaned the egr valve yesterday and didnt help went to go to work this morning and car popped and now wont start like backfire turns over very easily so i pulled a couple plugs and it doesnt seem to have any compression just put something over hole dont have a gauge here so now im thinking maybe timing chain i pulled front valve cover and all chains are turning, i love this car but not sure if i want to replace motor in it im hopin u guys can give me some ideas i will check compression and timing tommorow
  • cukkiezcukkiez Posts: 6
    I had this problem fixed!!! When we put it on the computer it said the engine crank sensors were bad. I replaced the two of the for $85.each and now the car runs great!! If the code only say's one is bad replace them both because they are up behind the oil filter housing witch has to be removed to get at them this took only 30 mints to fix!!!
  • Here's one for you guys, i can be traveling at any speed,(15-60+) in any type weather, and my 95 aurora (engine)will shut down(off), my door locks will unlock like i have stopped and put car into park,I don't seem to have lost any other electrical, i'll coast to side of road and put tranny into park, sometimes it'll start right up or wait a few minutes then it'll start. This last time it did'nt and i had it towed to my mechanic,It was a Saturday and had to leave till Mon. He said he got in and it started right up ,He put it onto the diagnostic computer and there were no codes, so he drove all day and had no problems This has happened to me about 6 times over a years time,I've spoke with different people on this problem and they can't figure why either.My mechanic said it might be ignition switch but is'nt sure, but would be glad to replace it ($250.+)Then if that was'nt it he could replace something else etc.etc. ANY IDEAS GUYS,I'm afraid to drive it, it's to nice of a car to just park. 112k mi.
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