VIN breakdowns please help

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i am looking at a 1970 cougar XR7 and i cant find a book to break down the vin.i want to find out more about the car i would like to to know what the engine size is and any other info i can get


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    Hi there you can try this tool
    Vin decoder
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    0f93h568o79 thats the vin i got off the dash pad when ever i put it in a vin decoder it tells me it has to be 17 digits
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    O = year (1970)
    F = Dearborn MI
    93 =Cougar HT XR-7 Luxury
    H = 351 2 bbl

    568079 is the production sequence number

    There should also be a Vehicle Certification Label (V.C. Label they call it) attached to the rear face of the driver's door. This will contain body color code, trim code, axle, transmission and DSO codes.
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    thank you very much. where did you get the info there are a couple of other cougars and would like to be able to decode it my self .
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    You can use the internet (just google VIN DECODERS) or there are many publications available on
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    "...when ever i put it in a vin decoder it tells me it has to be 17 digits"

    VIN codes since 1981 have been required to use a standardized 17-digit system. Prior to 1981, each company had their own system. All of the VIN decoders I've seen limit input to 1981 and newer, but as stated above, there are plenty of books (and websites) to help with older VINs.
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    I know that VINnumbers were not 17 characters. What books are available. I'm looking for 1978 Corvette.
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    If you post the VIN I'll give you the breakdown; for security reasons, you can leave off the last 3 or 4 digits since they are only the production sequence numbers.

    There's all kinds of books to decode Corvette VINs or I'm sure you can just google "Vin Decoder Corvette" and find something.

    If you are looking for owner, mileage, title info, like on CARFAX, forget it.
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    l just posted a topic for this, but it's somewhat related to this post, so if anyone could help...

    Please if anyone can help me. I'm trying to locate my wife's, late grandfather's 1979 450SL. The family sold the car several years ago after he passed, and she would be thrilled to get it back. I was hoping I could just do a carfax on the VIN# and find out some info, but apparently carfax (and everywhere else I found) will only take VIN#s for cars from 1981 and newer. Does anyone know of a way I can get some vehicle history info on this car? the VIN# is 10704412057228.

    thank you,

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    Unless you know someone in law enforcement who has the authority to go through your state's DMV (presuming the car is still in state) there's really no way. Sometimes you can get lucky through car clubs if they have "registries", in which they keep track of cars through VIN #s submitted by members, but since this car is quite common and members limited to a few hundred perhaps, you'd have to be lucky to find it this way. You could also advertise in Hemmings Motor News but again, you'd be looking for a needle in a haystack. You could also ask the local Benz dealer if they have any records. If they do, they might call the owner and ask permission to give out the address.

    Are there no records of sale, and to whom the car was sold? The problem is that all state agencies, and most private ones, like club, will guard their client's identities, for fear of legal action.

    Even if the car were on Carfax, it wouldn't show the person's name or address, only that the car might be in operation somewhere.
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    i have a 1987 ford f-250, 2 wheel drive, auto, and need a breakdown of the vin# 2FTEF15H6HCA17186. i need to know what motor this is and which transmission, would appriciate any help at all. the motor is a 4 bbl carb also if this makes a difference. thank you. kevin :confuse:
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    The VIN just indicates things like Canadian truck, F250, 5.8L V8, but doesn't say anything about transmissions, etc.

    For other information about your truck you can read the DOOR STICKER

    Records seem to show your truck as having a Branded Title for some reason.
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